Democrats’ hot rising star just made a career-ending blunder in this interview

The national media is promoting avowed Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the future of the Democrat Party.

Since knocking off a 10-term Democrat incumbent, she’s been hailed as one of the Democrats’ rising stars.

But she just made a career-ending blunder in an interview that may dash socialists’ hopes and dreams.

In an interview with Firing Line, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that Israel was occupying Palestine.

When asked if she could clarify what she meant she threw her hands up and said, “Yeah, I think I’d also just… I am not the expert on geopolitics on this issue.”

Watch the clip below:

Despite (supposedly) graduating from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations, Ocasio-Cortez is simply parroting anti-Israel leftist talking points.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has demonstrated an open hostility to the state of Israel since her election.

It was another embarrassing moment for a newly nominated candidate and soon to be Congresswoman.

Not only is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez willing to throw our great ally under the bus, she is incapable of defending why she believes Israel deserves this treatment. She even admitted that she is uninformed on geopolitics and this issue.

Yet, she is willing to forsake one of our best allies in the region?

Democrats have nominated a candidate with zero knowledge of foreign affairs to be their new torchbearer.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist ideology, ignorance, and inability to answer legitimate questions could torpedo Democrats’ chances of taking back Congress in the November Midterms.

If a Republican candidate were to embarrass themselves this badly in a softball interview, it would be a career-ender.

We would never hear the end of it from MSNBC, CNN, and all the late night talk shows.

Yet Democrats and the mainstream media are still heaping praise on her while she continues to make mistakes and propose dangerous ideas.


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96 Responses

  1. Dick says:

    Now now some rocks may be offended by your comment. I mean at least they know how to sit, stay, and play the silent game most excellent. Something that aoc could learn from.

  2. Albert Witte says:

    There’s a demon in that women. Look at her eyes!

  3. Doris says:

    what did you do with the reply that I wrote?

  4. felice says:

    This silly anti-Israel, clueless young fool will become another morsel for the perverted Hillary Clinton, just you wait and see. That sick Democratic National
    Committee has a load of old witches to corrupt its young dreamers.

  5. Buckwheat says:

    We she might just as well kiss her career in the Democratic party good bye. She does not what she is
    talking about and the people in her district voted for this person. Maybe she better go back to school and learn what is happening in the world, Another liberal jerk.

  6. Steve says:

    She will probably win,because people in that district will never vote for a republican. Another puppet for Nancy and Chucky to pull the strings on and another idiot to obstruct the POTUS. She should read up on Israel, for God said he would bless those who blesses his people and curse those who do not. I for one stand with Gods chosen people and we should back them at all cost. If we do that,then we may find favor with the lord once again and he may heal our great nation.

    • Mary clouse says:

      Thank you Steve for reminding everyone of that ,I tweeted that
      very comment on twitter a minute ago,I stand with God’s chosen
      people to,I belong to> Christians United For Israel [CUFI.


    The only course colleges teach now is protesting. That is why this snow flakes can’t find a job when they get their walking papers [degree}.

  8. Miguel says:

    “… graduating from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations…”
    That was money well spent, NOT!

  9. Mike H says:

    Michael You never fail to show how ignorant you are. It doesn’t matter what’s right or wrong it’s going to be whatever you think it is. Anybody that thinks communism is going to work in this country has got to be a total idiot. So tell me how communism is going to be better than what we have now? Can’t wait to hear your answer. You only come on this site to create chaos anyway.

  10. Gerald Ladd says:

    She’ll fit right into the DemonRAT party like a hand, in a glove, as she’s dumb as a post!

  11. Mare says:

    apparently she is not ready for prime time- “if she only had a brain”

  12. William Collins says:

    Mix affirmative action with left wing indoctrination and out comes garbage.

  13. Capn Jack says:

    ” a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations,”
    A couple of BAs? And parroting all of the lefts talking points?
    Come back when you know something about the real world.

  14. Bob says:

    Rhonda, you are right. hazard has been testing every weapon in their arsenal against Israel fo years. Israel has every right to defend its territory against any form of aggression and this has been going on since te founding of Israel in 1947. Gasser Arafat was the aggressor for years until his very time.y death and his legacy as a terrorist has been continued by his successors.

  15. Rhondar says:

    Apartheid is a better term….more appropriate.
    I don’t like this woman but in the case of Israel anyone with a conscience can’t help being bothered by what is happening. Gaza is a weapons testing ground.

    • John says:

      LOL…Another bumbling idiot Libtard. They are going to be smashed in the midterms and again in 2020

    • William Collins says:

      Many of us do have a conscience and that’s why we are bothered by the left wing press blaming the whole Middle East problem on Israel, while ignoring the murderous Palestinian terrorists that target Israeli children and other civilians.

  16. FRENCHIE says:

    O.K. , Serious question here….Why is it that the Demon-rats constantly dog & demonize Israel, the Republicans fully support them, but yet come election time, (almost) every single Jew votes for Demon-rats ? I can’t for the life of me wrap my head around this !!! Wouldn’t one think that American Jews would vote for those who vehemently support the Jewish State ? Why does the exact opposite happen ? Talk about self damaging conflicts of interest…can somebody PLEASE explain this ? I’ve never been able to understand it. If you’re a Jew, why would you support a party that hates your Ancestral Homeland & isn’t the least bit shy about showing it , or dogs them every chance it gets…OBVIOUSLY, WITH THE FULL BLESSING OF THE MAJORITY OF AMERICAN JEWS ??? It just doesn’t make sense at all to me…but then, neither do Demon-rats………….

    • Ladypyro1 says:

      I’m right there with you. It is confusing at best and hypocritical at worse. I would also love to hear an explanation.

  17. Mikey says:

    I just hope the Jewish voters in her district remember this when they pull the lever.

    • Rhondar says:

      Actually a lot of Jewish people in America don’t approve of Israel’s govt.
      Jews, Christians and Muslims all lived in peace in Palestine before 1948. Now it’s constant war. Youtube has videos. Check them out.

  18. Miss Mellie says:

    This little Pourto Rican had better read the book of GENESIS. God gave the land to Abraham and his descendants FOREVER. And her smirky little ignorance is showing.

    • Rhondar says:

      DNA proves those aren’t Abraham’s descendants….most are not. Jew is a religion not a race. You can become a Jew by practicing Judaism. Like Sammy Davis Jr.
      God did promise to Abraham….God also cast them all out when they wouldn’t stop idol worshipping.

    • Rhondar says:

      If you recall —God told Abraham he would make great nations out of both Isaac and Ishmael.

      • Doris says:

        Gen 16:11The Angel of the LORD proceeded: “Behold, you have conceived and will bear a son. And you shall name him Ishmael, for the LORD has heard your cry of affliction. 12He will be a wild donkey of a man, and his hand will be against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him; he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.” 13So Hagar gave this name to the LORD who had spoken to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “Here I have seen the One who sees me!”…

  19. Sue says:

    Simply because someone has gone to college, and even graduated, is no guarantee that they learned anything! Too many colleges nowadays focus on social issues, i.e., how to protest, riot, etc., instead of teaching history…REAL history, of our country, of the world, of international relations, etc. etc. Attending college is schooling; LEARNING about history in college is education….there’s a big difference between schooling and education. For the past 4-5 decades, American schools and colleges, unfortunately, have been emphasizing schooling, i.e., getting good grades, getting into college, etc., but have neglected the meat of education. Is it any wonder why America has fallen even below 3rd world countries in educational standards which measure literacy, as well as science, math, history, etc., achievements?

  20. Steveur says:

    Mike.. don’t know about the rising star, but she mirrors Palosi and seems to have that DUH, IQ, just like Bernie Sanders. All the prerequisites of a Left Winger, going somewhere to happen.

    • Felipe Gomez Jr. says:

      As far as I’m concerned? Pretty much all the technical people to teach and train professionalism are gone! What’s left is the cream of the crap to train or they are experimenting to see how it goes? If it doesn’t work? Hopefully they’ll do better on the next batch? But. In the mean time. These under educated incompetent people are kicked around. Paid cheap and put in critical job’s to make extremely important decision’s. Then the crap hit’s the fan! Oops! We are lucky to have a guy like Trump! He’s out smarting these same type of loser’s I’m talking about!

  21. Sparrowsong says:

    Its too bad really students are not very educated in this way but then again I’m sure she didn’t pick classes on the assumption she would be running for office someday. She seems like a very nice young lady who just needs more political education. Unfortunately she just enrolled in a crash coarse of political hatred coming from both sides judging by some of the comments here. Lets try to be bigger than the left shall we.

  22. Ron says:

    Actually, she IS the Demorat Party! Fits right in! The Demorat Party IS the home of the American Communist Party! Remember how the ACP used to field a presidential candidate each 4 years? Fellow named Gus Hall! The candidate former CIA director Brennan voted for. Every 4 years until 2008! When asked why the ACP didn’t field a candidate that year the answer was “There was no longer any need to do so, the Demorat Party had adopted the ACP platform”! True story!

  23. Yadja says:

    She is an nothing more than a New Age imbecile. She knows nothing, has never done anything, she is like Chelsea Clinton a nothing who has pull due to parents or thoughts.

  24. Michael says:

    She isn’t any less ignorant than our so-called self serving president who just betrayed all Americans by his treacherous meeting with Putin.

    • Gail says:

      Spare me, did you even bother to listen and understand what was said or did you just listen to CNN and other left leaning mainstream media opinions

      • tgw says:

        Obvious , Michael listens to CNN and opinion’s that are not facts.

      • thoughtful one says:

        I listened to the news conference live, and saw that Trump refused to stand up to Putin about cyber attack of America, then BETRAYED our intelligence communities and the Senate Intelligence’s unanimous conclusion that Russia interfered in the election and yet Trump criticized THEM and sided with our worst adversary. He has continually sided with Putin and all his actions show he is COMPROMISED and while he starts fights with our allies, will not stand up to the world’s worst dictators. Most of the money Trump has made is due to the money from the Russian mafia.

        • Randall Hart says:

          He is only human and mispronounced a word, he’s already done more for America in past 1.5 years than a has been done in past 20. He has done very little with Russia. Unlike Clinton’s and others who have taken more than 150 million from Russia, those are real facts that you should be very concerned about.

    • Bill Matthes says:

      Can’t recall Trump EVER trading 5 terrorist leaders for 1 treasonous deserter. Can’t recall Trump EVER sending billions of our tax-dollars in the dead of night (without Congressional approval) to Iran (the biggest terrorist supporting country in the world). Can’t recall Trump EVER wanting our borders open so anyone including gang-members, drug cartel members, murderers, thieves, rapists, terrorists, ect. Oh yeah, that was Obama, wasn’t it? You liberals obviously have saw-dust for brains and very, very short-term memories!

    • Nancy Anderson says:

      Michael, that’s what they said about his meeting with the little round dictator from N. Korea. I’m just waiting to see how this turns out, before putting him down for it. I don’t believe that he was fooled by Putin. He may be just playing his hand close to his chest.

      • thoughtful one says:

        Geez, Nancy, Trump is not the kind that keeps his cards close to his chest. He is the type that tweets out any thought or feeling that crosses that little, ignorant mind of his at any given time, even if it is totally wrong. I don’t think he was fooled by Putin, he is compromised. it was Putin that suggested earlier that we end the joint military exercises with South Korea. Trump betrayed South Korea, another ally he treats badly.

        • Sid Abma says:

          thoughtful one. Everything with President Trump is planned. Every tweet has a planned response. He is 4 steps ahead of Putin and Kim and senses the next step.

        • Grampa says:

          well thoughtless one for being so ignorant he is so much richer than you are. the exercises were to show the rotund dictator the barrels of our guns. with the north moving as the president wants why waste the money? this president knows how to save the citizen money and form the deals that will end this dictator. no other president has come close.

    • Merv Cloe says:

      Count me with Gail! Michael, do not practice the Politics of Envy. Those with challenged understanding on both sides of the aisle are guilty of this. Maybe you did not vote for Trump, but he is our President and should not be second guessed. Some think this is their job and they do get paid for fake news.

    • charlie says:

      You should just let people think you are a complete fool rather then opening your mouth and removing all doubt your the type of people that we are going to gettingrout of our country very soon so put ok n your big girl panties its gonna get really ruff just shortly SEMPIR FI

  25. Richard Hennessy says:

    Not misogynistic,, just realistic about New York voters.

  26. john says:

    Why would you think this is “career ending?” The MSM will spin it any way they want ans he’ll come out smelling like a rose…

  27. Jose Cuervo says:

    Wasn’t that only a primary….that wasn’t an election that comes later. She is her parties nominee.. Correct?

  28. Richard Hennessy says:

    There is nothing unusual about democrats nominating grossly unqualified candidates. Obama comes to mind.

  29. Another one that has no clue about anything. When she burst out and won that election I knew she was to good to be true. Thought she knew it all and now she knows nothing boot he out.

  30. Carlos says:

    No surprise Alex the Waitress doesn’t know $h1t about anything of consequence. I’m not sure about this flub being career ending most Jews are libs and don’t give a f**k about Israel. She’ll just be a local and never go beyond that, hopefully in the permanent minority party, LOL. Hate to say it but the bitch is young & attractive and that’ll also help her get elected.

  31. CaptTurbo says:

    Snowflakes are too stupid to even recognize her screw-up.

  32. Facebook has shut down my account for 30 days for the 4th time in a year. I posted an image of Hillary Clinton being kissed by the late Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, the “Grand Cyclops” of the KKK for ten years who she called her “mentor.” The adjoining image was Byrd in his KKK outfit. Facebook said the image was “offensive”. Offensive to whom? Byrd is dead and the image is a legitimate photograph taken by the media and used on numerous websites over the past decade since his death. In great Zuckburgler style, trying to communicate with FACEBOOK proves difficult if not impossible and one is left with such a limited appeal that contending with the jail sentence is impossible to defend against. The media reports that FACEBOOK persecutes conservative views is alive and well and muzzling opposing views is part of their ugly agenda. It’s time the Congress and Senate break up FACEBOOK as it has become a corrupt monopoly in much the same way that AT&T was broken up…Zuckburgler can make decision against himself as the largest shareholder and who is in total control…its like Putin running the company…those in disfavor are done away with silently…

    • von Potter says:

      Zuckerberg is a DEM……Having donated to the Hillary campaign…..So my firm belief is that Facebook, (yahoo too) only hire liberals and illegals…….

      Don’t get upset, just remember when we vote and Congress will be GOP, that will make all those DEM & liberals have heart attacks………….

      • tgw says:

        Yes von, come nov. the tears will never stop.

      • christine says:

        Yes, puh-leez! All conservatives, leaning conservatives and GOP registered voter – this November , 2018 midterms is the time to get out to vote in vast numbers.

        It is not just a mid-term vote, but the most important one we have ever had.

    • Steveur says:

      Facebook is going through its demise.

  33. Navy Vet 67 says:

    Term limits to keep people like her not in government for long. Term limits to get rid of the old political elite…..Time for a full governmental makeover. Term limits might be the total solution but it would be a great start

  34. Steven says:

    Degree, or not. This is an idiot.

    • Bud says:

      Wonder what her Major in College was? She could have earned one in Stupidity.

      • thoughtful one says:

        You mean like Trump? His professor at Wharton said, and I quote “the dumbest G.D. student he ever had in 30 years.” And the reason Trump was so bad, said his professor, is that he was lazy and arrogant. Those traits have remained.

  35. NORM OFSTAD says:

    being an airhead makes her a viable candidate

  36. You mean miss crazy eyes is the Dummicrats new star!!! They are in trouble, sinking ship!!!

  37. Terre says:

    Oh Nancy, how right you are! You think people would keep their mouths shut when they’re so obviously ignorant, but, no, the flood gates open. The Big Instruction Book for Living Excellently (BIBLE) tells us this’s going to happen – also tells us that wrong’ll be regarded as right & right as wrong. Yep, we’re there! It’s an amazing thing to see redemptive history being played out, but also very sad. God appoints leaders, therefore, He’s appointed Trump; this’s for several reasons, one of which’s to give America one last chance to turn our hearts back to Him & get rid of our false gods & godless lifestyles. When a country despises any of God’s moral absolutes AND makes it law, that country has literally turned its back on the God of all creation. And America did just that when it recognized queer marriage & made it law. I say queer because gay’s absolutely incorrect & inaccurate – they’ve twisted the meaning of a beautiful word into something unnatural & ungodly. God calls their behavior an unnatural affection & an abomination – look up that word people, it’s a really strong one. We’re not learning from history – we’re repeating it. Of course, that’s what happens when accurate history’s no longer taught in schools; & this’s part of the leftist agenda. It’s sad when you do the research & discover what’s been going on behind our backs for many, many years. The Industrial Complex, Global Elite – whatever you wish to call them – has been & is still being successful in fulfilling each count on that list. And if the people of this country don’t start understanding what’s going on, grow backbones & stand up for what’s right, we won’t exist as free people. Stop accepting the ‘we’re doing this for your safety’ speech from our government when they remove another one of our rights! Start getting angry & start saying ‘NO! You’re NOT going to do this to us!” Let’s look past the flowery speeches & understand what the politicians’re really doing to us! Gun control? Who do they want to control? Themselves? Of course not – they want to – and ARE – controlling US- & they’ll continue to do so till we say NO! Nancy’s right – we NEED to vote all of them out of office & we need to write letters, emails, etc. to our various representatives to let them know we’re no longer going to allow them to bulldoze us.

    • tgw says:

      I agree Terre.
      Just follow GOD instructions from the bible and never be wrong. It is just our lack of following Gods word that we screw up. We , try to make his words fit our narrative.

  38. Nancy Anderson says:

    ANOTHER Demoncrap air-head. !!! Where are they finding these un-educated dust brains.??!!! I watched the clip with her, and she is so D U M B !!!! I can’t believe that anyone would take her seriously. And YET, there she is. They voted for her without knowing a damn thing about her. Satan, the “father of lies” has another one on his string, and she is dancing to his tune. It’s mind boggling that so many are as dumb as her to vote for her. This great plan of the Demoncraps is making me sick to my stomach. When I was in High School over 50 years ago, anyone THIS dumb was held back a year. Now, they pass them on and even put them in College.!!!! This is mind blowing to anyone with more than two teeny, tiny little brain cells to work with. We need to get the vote out and vote every single one of the dinosaur Demoncraps OUT of office.

  39. christine says:

    I was flabbergasted by the ignorance at the time I heard it. No wonder public education is floundering if this is the “knowledge” of history it is “graduating”.

  40. Mike H says:

    So we have a new communist rising star. Does anybody see anything wrong with that? The greatest generation are all rolling in their graves right now. How many people died in wars to stop this kind of crap. But yet here we are. Vote these bastards out now.

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