Democrats got hit with this big warning that Trey Gowdy is bad news for their coup

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff were stunned.

Former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy signed on as one of Donald Trump’s attorneys to help with the legal and public relations defense as the Democrats push to remove President Trump from office.

And now Pelosi and Schiff just got hit with this big warning that Trey Gowdy is bad news for their coup.

Many on the Left as well as their allies in the Fake News Media snickered at President Trump bringing Trey Gowdy aboard.

Liberals muttered that the President just brought on another Fox News talking head because Trump liked what he saw on television.

But Democrats underestimate Gowdy at their own peril.

On a recent episode of “The View,” Megan McCain warned the Left that Gowdy could spell doom for their attempted coup.

The Daily Caller reports:

As the audience cheered, McCain shook her head. “I think I’m confused why everyone is laughing because my take on it is that they have been having closed hearings, and don’t we want as much transparency as possible?” she asked.

Her co-hosts argued that Gowdy’s move to join the Trump defense team, which has already been accused of stonewalling Congress, was hypocritical.

“You can go on about Trey Gowdy,” McCain dismissed the criticism. “But he’s one of the great congressmen. He’s someone I have respected for years. You can laugh all you want, but the fact he’s joining Trump’s team is good news for Trump, and bad news for Democrats.”hite House for withholding documents that had been subpoenaed.

McCain is exactly right about Gowdy being a highly effective Congressional investigator.

It was under his leadership that the Benghazi Select Committee uncovered Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Gowdy also served as a member of the House Intelligence and Oversight Committees where he shined a bright light on the Obama administration’s crimes of spying on the Trump campaign.

It may well end up that Gowdy and President Trump get the last laugh on this matter.

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