Democrats got hit with this big warning that Trey Gowdy is bad news for their coup

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff were stunned.

Former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy signed on as one of Donald Trump’s attorneys to help with the legal and public relations defense as the Democrats push to remove President Trump from office.

And now Pelosi and Schiff just got hit with this big warning that Trey Gowdy is bad news for their coup.

Many on the Left as well as their allies in the Fake News Media snickered at President Trump bringing Trey Gowdy aboard.

Liberals muttered that the President just brought on another Fox News talking head because Trump liked what he saw on television.

But Democrats underestimate Gowdy at their own peril.

On a recent episode of “The View,” Megan McCain warned the Left that Gowdy could spell doom for their attempted coup.

The Daily Caller reports:

As the audience cheered, McCain shook her head. “I think I’m confused why everyone is laughing because my take on it is that they have been having closed hearings, and don’t we want as much transparency as possible?” she asked.

Her co-hosts argued that Gowdy’s move to join the Trump defense team, which has already been accused of stonewalling Congress, was hypocritical.

“You can go on about Trey Gowdy,” McCain dismissed the criticism. “But he’s one of the great congressmen. He’s someone I have respected for years. You can laugh all you want, but the fact he’s joining Trump’s team is good news for Trump, and bad news for Democrats.”hite House for withholding documents that had been subpoenaed.

McCain is exactly right about Gowdy being a highly effective Congressional investigator.

It was under his leadership that the Benghazi Select Committee uncovered Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Gowdy also served as a member of the House Intelligence and Oversight Committees where he shined a bright light on the Obama administration’s crimes of spying on the Trump campaign.

It may well end up that Gowdy and President Trump get the last laugh on this matter.


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41 Responses

  1. Martin Stewart says:

    Coup this! Ain’t gonna happen….

  2. BDnSC says:

    Trey Gowdy is a blow hard that accomplished little to nothing with his committees. He never got anything from Hillary’s email server, Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch uncovered all of that and more. And Gowdy was too busy to even bother to get the emails when JW offered them. Fitton had to take them to him and even then Gowdy just ran his mouth. Any convictions? Nope. The fact that a liberal RINO like McCain loves Gowdy is enough to raise questions. Let’s also remember that Gowdy was front and center about how wonderful a guy Comey was too.Don;t get me wrong, I hope Gowdy smokes the democrats. But Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch will and have done far more for President Trump than Gowdy .

  3. Joe Milek says:

    Awesome !! Trey Gowdy will definitely put the Democrat commie scum in check .

  4. 82nd Airborne vet says:

    OMG Trey Gowdy well game over. This is the beginning of the end of the democratic party. Get them all sent to Guantanamo bay Trey…. wow that has a nice ring to it

  5. Patricia Long says:

    Welcome aboard Mr Gowdy! You bring with you our hopes and prayers for a beginning of the end to the despicable tirade of things being done to our sitting President. I for one am so ashamed that he and his family have had to go through all this but so very proud of them for the manner in which they have been able to manage. Now thank God they will have you, a man of great integrity and loyalty. Go get them Sir!

  6. Jimbosidecar says:

    I didn’t think Gowdy did a good job investigating Benghazi. Hillary is still free.

    • Lu says:

      Trey did his job! It is the goons like Comey that failed on the job!!!

      • BDnSC says:

        Gowdy is on record spouting nothing but love and praise for Comey.
        He didn’t uncover even 1 email, Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch did all of the heavy lifting and even still Gowdy couldn’t get anyone fired or thrown in jail. JW had to file lawsuit after lawsuit while Gowdy sat there telling us all what a fine man Comey is.

  7. Trey you have all the true knowledge of the LAW, and how and where to apply it. I’m sure glad your on the Trump Team. Trump has all the true knowledge of the mind of AMERICAN BUSINESS and how and where to apply it. This combination of intelligent leaders for the American people was truly needed for a long time. Now tell me: Who in the hell in the HODGEPODGE of confused Democrats do really believe any type of intelligence can come out of that group of people to lead the American people of our country for four years after what TRUMP has done already in 3 years ? ?

  8. James McCrea says:

    Mr. Gowdy is a champion in his own right, I certainly wouldn’t to be on the other team!

    • KATHY says:


  9. Tabitha Morris says:

    There is no one better to have on your team than Trey Gowdy! He is a lion, a fighter, and very smart! This news lit up my day!????

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Unless the Judge has been BLACKMAILED or “taken a bribe?|”

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      We need to start seeing some of these treasonous pigs in prison. When, Barr? When?

    • Susan Meyer says:

      Lit up my day as well. Just love Trey Gowdy. He doesn’t pull any punches and tells it like it is. In my opinion, there is no one smarter.

    • Glory says:

      You better believe that the Swamp Witch Pelosi and Drama Queen Shifty Schiff is crapping in their pants.
      Trey Gowdy is extremely sharp and he will destroy the Evil Demorats & the Squad….they better start praying for their lives.

  10. Larry says:

    trey Gowdy had Schiff peeing his pants before and I bet Schiff will be crapping his pants now

  11. Johnny says:

    Trey, rip the Dems a new one!

  12. Cabin 1954 says:

    Thank you Mr. Gowdy. You left Congress because you could get nothing done. Now you are in a position to right a lot of wrongs. You have my prayers. Go for it. Just stay out of the Clinton’s line of fire and not get Arkanicided!!!!!

  13. renato says:


  14. GIBSON says:

    What more can one say?

  15. Fred Zehend says:

    It’s time for payback. What you give.always comes back to you. All of these cowards and back stabbers, are going to be running scared. This is better than a featured movie about the goings on in DC.. I wish that I owned a % of the take in profits. Gruess Gott

  16. robert johnson says:

    Finally, a great American with the brains. guts, ability, insight, foresight, and the desire to do whatever it takes to make America the greatest country in the world again. Thank you for stepping up again.

  17. shirley griffin says:

    I have always been inspired with his knowledge…He will be a straight shooter giving the truth in face of all the lies. He knows how to read their motives and very intelligently diagnosis and present so all Americans can understand. We are proud of you and will be praying for continued knowledge…Put on your thick skin because they will come for you but you will cut them down to size.

  18. Doug H says:

    Thank you, Rep Trey Gowdy, for defending the POTUS. Thank you for understanding that the latest political impeachment coup is just that. A big nothing burger. The O admin, the HRC campaign, the DNC, and every other liberal politician in DC should be ashamed of themselves. The O admin illegally spied on a political opponents presidential campaign with corrupt FISA warrants, HRC and company bought and played a file folder full of uncorroborated made up stories (aka dossier), loony liberal politicians kept a smoke screen investigation going for 2+ years all based upon the same file folder full of uncorroborated made up stories. What a fiasco. Here we go again with another tax dollar wasting political coup attempt all choreographed by corrupt Democrat politicians. Good grief. Hopeful that Gowdy can do what he does best and shed some of that truth and facts light on the Democrat’s latest silly impeachment move.

  19. Timothy Toroian says:

    Remember, Nance, he’s no longer in the House so you threaten him with censure or any other B.S. And he’s coming after you, Schiffty, and that bullet-shaped head from NY. You know, the one with the early 50s haircut.

  20. Jay Erwin says:

    Trey Gowdy a truly gifted individual with the utmost integrity, he will be extremely helpful to our president. GOD bless Mr Gowdy.

  21. T. Bell says:


  22. Will Penny says:

    The firing squad is at the ready for all of these liberal traitors . It’s time the Witch Hunt is put to a end , enough is enough !!

  23. DC says:

    My apologies.. DC comments supposed to say:
    MR. GOWDY….

    • Lindy Lou says:

      Trey Gowdy has a brilliant mind. I am so excited that he will be helping our great President. Watch out Dems, Trey Gowdy knows who you all are and he will mop the floor with every one of you.

  24. FedUp says:

    Our Great President has out foxed the dirty, evil, corrupt & NO moral dem party. Thank you Mr. President for being the street fighter we have needed forever. I will stand with you FOREVER!!!!!

    • Kim says:

      How President Trump deals with these continued attacks and still focuses on serving the issues, and having little bugs running around analyzing everything he says and does is beyond me!!! The threat to our constitution is holding impeachment inquiry!!!
      And when people realize the crimes that they are committing, it might be too late to stop the damage they’ve done for greed!!! But all the money in the world isn’t going to save your soul, ask Soros, he turned in friends, neighbors, maybe loved ones!!! Schiff just thinks he’s too important not to be a casualty and disposable to Soros!!! Nancy bought schiffs spill about the whistleblower and looked silly not even knowing the content, but they had to do what Mueller couldn’t give them!!! I think the Democratic Party should pick up the tab on this circus, Nancy and schiff should resign immediately following this charade!!!

    • The Real M says:

      FedUp, And so will I! President Trump is far from being perfect and that is between him and God! There was only one perfect person, Jesus Christ, and he now sits at the right hand of God the Father!
      The only thing that should concern any of us is that President Trump is doing the job we elected him to do and doing it much better than we thought he would!

  25. DC says:

    Me. Goody, I believe that every single PATRIOTIC AMERICAN CITIZEN is behind YOU and OUR PRESIDENT 100%. All this Democratic corruption, the lies, the fabricated untrue stories, the deceit, and the constant attempt to DISTRACT AND CONFUSE the AMERICAN PEOPLE, must be stopped, and as soon as humanly possible, before we don’t have a country. All of these PERPETRATORS of fraud and corruption must be held accountable so this attempt and taking over our government just because you can’t accept the results of OUR ELECTION PROCESS, OUR ELECTORAL COLLEGE, never, ever happens again. The Democrat Party, with the help of the most corrupt, unethical, irresponsible, deceitful, despicable, ignorant, 100% biased fake news media in history, and the gullible, misled, apparently brainwashed, blindly loyal Hollywood actors and actresses, etc., that think it’s a good thing to disrespect our Commander and Chief… all these actions, this truly UN-AMERICAN BEHAVIOR has done more harm and created more divide in our country, and has fractured us potentially beyond repair if this is allowed to go unaccounted for… Please do your job Mr. Gowdy, do it WELL.. Thank you.

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