Democrats found out some devastating election data that will cost them everything

Over the summer, the media tried to paint the picture of a Democrat Party on the verge of defying history.

That narrative is now collapsing.

And Democrats found out some devastating election data that will cost them everything.

The Pennsylvania Senate race is one of the most important and expensive contests in the country.

It’s pivotal to both Party’s electoral strategy.

Democrat Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman raced out to a massive polling lead over the summer as Republican nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz could not consolidate the conservative base.

Despite having Donald Trump’s endorsement, conservatives looked skeptically at Oz over his past support for gun control, abortion, and transgender surgeries for minor children.

But as the calendar turned to fall, Republicans hit on a winning issue – crime.

Oz slammed Fetterman as the most pro-murderer candidate in America due to his support for ending life in prison for second degree murder convictions.

Fetterman also supports letting one third of prisoners loose on the street.

Exposing Fetterman’s soft-on-crime record shifted the polls dramatically into Dr. Oz’s favor.

The on-the-ground developments in Pennsylvania show numbers that should terrify Democrats.

GOP strategist Athan Koutsiouroumbas wrote a piece for Real Clear Politics about how the voter registration numbers in the Pennsylvania suburbs – where this election will be decided – are shifting dramatically in the Republican Party’s favor.

Koutsiouroumbas wrote:

In the Philadelphia suburb of Bucks County, voters are changing their party affiliation to Republican at a 2:1 margin over Democrats. Change-of-party trends continue to favor Republicans in the remaining three Philadelphia suburban counties. In the City of Philadelphia, Republicans are leading party-switchers by a 10-point margin over Democrats.

The trend is more pronounced in western Pennsylvania’s suburbs. Voters are switching parties to Republican at a greater than 2:1 margin in Butler County, outside of Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, in Allegheny County, which includes Pittsburgh, the trend is 60/40 Republican.

Fetterman’s handlers are scrambling to contain the fallout of the crime issue by deleting a section from his website expressing support for the violent Black Lives Matter movement.

But that could be too little too late as Fetterman’s long record of supporting letting criminals out on the street and going easy on murderers is registering in the polls.

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