Democrats are sweating bullets after William Barr caught them in a Deep State coup

Democrats are working overtime to take down William Barr.

That’s because they know he has the secret to finally take them down.

And now they are sweating bullets after William Barr caught them in a Deep State coup.

Everyone now knows the Russia Investigation is nothing more than a sham.

But not everyone knows the slimy details of how it started.

That’s why William Barr is looking into it.

And Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL-1) says that is why Democrats are nervous and going after Barr.

He claims Barr’s investigation could uncover crimes that could result in those who started the investigation facing prosecution.

Breitbart reports:

The Alabama Republican highlighted Attorney General William Barr’s investigation, which he said had Democrats “nervous” because it could uncover crimes that led to the launch of the investigation initially.

“Now, I do back, as you know, the investigation the attorney general has right now going into how this whole investigation got started to begin with to make sure we know exactly what happened and if there were crimes committed there that we do what we need to do to prosecute those who committed those crimes,” he added. “That has the Democrats very nervous, as it should have them very nervous because there is every reason to believe there very well may have been a crime committed in getting this investigation going in the first place.

Byrne speculated that if Barr can find wrongdoing, it will lead to jail time for the perpetrators.

One thing is abundantly clear, and that is that the Russia Investigation is one of the greatest hoaxes in American history.

And it isn’t an innocent one.

The entire investigation was designed from the start to take down a duly-elected president.

And it has deep ties to the Obama administration, which ultimately put in all the groundwork that was the Mueller Investigation’s basis.

William Barr’s investigation is going to expose exactly who was involved, and what crimes they committed.

That’s why Democrats are working so hard to discredit Barr and ruin his reputation.


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134 Responses

  1. Twykes says:

    I’m so sick of liberals…you go William Barr
    We all know this is a hoax.
    You go Wayfair..protest the sale of beds and furniture
    To illegal detention centers. I can’t afford to shop there.
    I’m sick that we have to pay for illegals personal items.
    Take all the homeless children and send them to orphanages
    In their own countries. Build the wall. Vote out the
    Stupidity in towns cities and states across the nation.
    Give bob mueller a public polygraph test. Vote out Cortez
    Pelosi Schumer and the rest of the ignorant idiots in

  2. John Bazen says:

    WHY? …WHY? why is it, that what the Dem’s have done for for years and are still doing today, yet somehow the mass media always blames the GOP>
    They, the Demon Rats held sway over the south’s slavery, began the Civil War, invented the KKK, and installed all the Jim Crow laws and are still all about segregation of all societal Factions! Yet we keep on supporting them WHY? This will not get past the Liberal censors.

    • Will says:

      The MSM is nothing more than the new Ministry of Culture and Public Enlightenment (the Nazi propaganda wing, headed by Goebbels) for the rise of the fourth reich. The left is following the advice of both Goebbels and Alynsky, blaming everyone else for what they, themselves, are doing.

  3. Grampa says:

    it is long past time that government servants are held accountable. I have seen their goal for decades and at the risk of redundancy, it is all about ruling this nation. they serve poorly they will rule even worse.———Grampa

  4. DON CHARRON says:

    From Obama to h r Clinton and everyone connected to them

  5. arthur says:

    The unctuous elitist academic career political class in this country who believe they are better and smarter than the average Jill and Joe citizen were caught in ,for all intents and purposes, a coup d’etat against a legally elected non-politician, and they did not want that . It disrupts their power plans, and Democrats as well as some Republicans were involved ( yes, Republicans are involved too).
    They all got caught, and they are all scared right now as the investigators and all others are investigated.
    The collective will and intelligence of “We the People” run this country.
    Trump is reminding them of that every day. Trump will never be a member of their “club”, nor does he care.
    Trump is a transformative President in the continuation of our republic.
    Trump is the messenger in this period of our history.
    May he have a successful first and second term working for “We the People”.

  6. Steveur says:

    I have to wonder what Federal Prison, the Left will choose for all their traitorous leaders. I think the system will not allow the Pantsuit to design her own gray Pantsuit. For the Kenyan, they might allow silk gray prison suits, just to make him feel at home. Yes Sir, finally the walls will be tuning into cell blocks. One thing the country will have is a Great President for another 4 years. 2020 MAGA 2020

  7. H Lee says:

    American people, with any intelligence, knew before mueller started, that it was a scam, that the FBI had searched every sewer in the world trying to come up with the insurance and could not do so. So, mueller and his prejudiced team of hillary supporters were then going to do what the FBI couldn’t???? All supported by the democrats and the press. 53% of the public works, pays taxes, understands, and are not fooled by the dung flinging of cnn and msnbc, and the diatribe pushing don lemon, jo and mika, ratchitmadcow, and the rest of the sorry democrats. The only thing not understood still, is whether Trump’s administration, can fight their way thru the criminal protecting democrats in congress and courts, and to be able to apply any justice and consequence to these seditious hooligans making up the democrats party, supporters, and the pp, ( prejudiced press )

  8. Gregory Sullivan says:

    And those same “polls” said that Hillary Clinton will walk all over Trump in 2016. We’ve seen how that turned out. I’ve watched videos of both Trump and Biden rallies where Trump got huge crowds while Biden couldn’t even fill up a high school gymnasium (only 85 people showed up).

  9. PhD in Computer Science from MIT says:

    The deep state is worse than you think. It is the Russian operatives that helped elect Trump. Now there are many reports of election hacking with the votes in FL and NC All the machines were vulnerable and still vulnerable and the mobster Trump doesn’t care because he gets his chance to be America’s dictator. The internet is not necessary for hacking for the voting machines but all can be programmed to even being hacked from the internet and even GOP operatives have created the voting irregularities by controlling most state governments and have no accountability. That, and voter suppression are two of the greatest threats to our country’s long term goal of not being conquered by outside and inside influences.

    • Mary says:

      just wait sweetheart, you are So WRONG, the facts will give you a bad case of Heartburn. it is coming, go get your zantac. There was NO voter suppression, but there has been much false news and data from CNN, MSM and all the Trump Haters.

    • Why didn’t you call Bob Mueller? Maybe Mueller read Hillary’s Emails and knew there was nothing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…WTF JAIL TIME FOR THE OBOZO CREW

    • Marcus says:

      @PHD , The only thing You have a PHD in is Liberal Stupidity , I do admit You are fairly good at using the five D`s of Liberalism , Deceive , Distort , Deflect , Destroy and Deny , Voter Suppression ?? Did You vote twice for Stacey Abrams ?

    • You gotta be kidding. MIT? Really? It has been reported to us that the Russians did not pull one lever in an election machine in the country. Nobody, not even the whiny Dems have disputed it. If no machines were tampered with how could the Russians cause Trump to win. He won because people did not like Hillary. Why in the hell would they? She and Obama are the deep state. I thank our Founding Fathers for the wisdom to establish the Electoral College. It was put in place to keep prospective tyrants out of the President’s chair and guess what! It worked.

    • A S K says:

      If you are a PhD our colleges are much worse than reported. You are then proof even morons can have PhDs . Putin nor any communist government would ever prefer having a tough toe the line unpredictable strong leader like President Trump than a space cadet that is easily manipulated, and easily bought for few shekels, like Clinton to deal with.

    • Roy says:

      That PhD didn’t give you any common sense did it. Prob a lie anyways

    • Jim Tierney says:

      Dear doc, your basic premise is wrong. The deep state is NOT Russian operatives. It is a movement, started decades ago, to bring the world into a one world government also called the new world order or a global community. It is the party of death and the alphabet people that are trying to destroy this country and Christianity as they are the two biggest roadblocks to furthering their agenda. If you’re referring to requiring a voter ID, voter suppression then you mightI want to quit advertising your advanced education as PhD, in your case, stands for Piled Higher and Deeper

    • Beverly says:

      I believe the PhD stands for Piled higher & Deeper.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Beverly, that in most cases is the case. It also can mean Pointy headed Dummy. In this case, it is hard to decide which one applies as MIT’s standards must really have dropped. What PhD doesn’t admit to is the outright fraud that occurred in Florida was caused by a Democrat who was an election supervisor. Who since has been fired. Funny that Trump got the blame but what we know is that it was on Obama’s watch and it was our own government that was trying to hack elections computers and machines. False flag operation by the Dems.

    • vince says:

      MIT = Mindless Internet Twit. Keep watching Clinton Network News.

  10. Del Parkerson says:

    I have waited for a very long time hoping to see the time when the justice system in our country was not a two-tiered system: for much too long it has been a system where if you are a Democrat you can get away with almost anything no matter how illegal, but if you are a Republican conservative you are suspected and found guilty of a crime if you cut the tag off your mattress when you were thirteen years old. I keep hearing that AG Barr is investigating how the Russian collusion fairy tale. I hope the result of the investigation by AG Barr before the Second Coming of Christ.

  11. A Seeker says:

    We must teach our people that, if anyone who wants to go into politics as a POLITICIAN, who must learns to be: to honest before God and men! Because our Country was founded upon Judea-Christian Principles! Our Founding parents prayed and worked hard, sacrificed life, wealth d health for the NATION! They put the DREAM to create a Country that is what we now have. We must give our all to help to keep HER continues to be the Land of the FREE and Hone of the BREAVE under heaven! Never to take anything for GRANTED! Our FREEDOM was earned for us by all those who were before us! We must keep ti and pass it down the Future generations! Treasure It with Love and prayers, support Her with Honest Services~ God, Country, Family!

  12. I agree about everything starting with Clinton but the wrong Clinton. I believe it started with Billy Boy. What was he,he was nothing but a male womanizer. I don’t remember him doing anything.

    • Dora says:

      Nancy, he slept evey women that was willing to sleep with him and if they rejected him he actually RAPED THEM. if they go back to Arkansas and investigate their background they will be surprise how many women filed claims against Bill but he was AG and other government position he used the Arkansas State Patrol as his earn boys and know telling who else. Well Hellary was a good student in college of Saul Alinsky the author of THE RULES FOR RADICAL she did her thesis on SA. Demo Craps and our young generation were pretty damn stupid to vote for the Clintons and THE KENYAN.

      • Linda M. says:

        Dora: I have to young adult children( at the time) when Obama was running for president and I actually saw and heard his campaigners and how they manipulated them. We would get phone calls stating things like ” don’t you want to be remembered as the generation that was progressive in their thinking to vote the very first black president into office?”” And garbage like that.So no, they were not stupid. Just naive into believing their propaganda .Did anyone really know back then how deceptive and evil they really were?And how about the Clintons? When the truth FINALLY came out about slick Willie and Monica in the white house.Do you remember how Hillary was playing the sympathy card ? Poor Hillary being put through this. But she’s standing by her man.Yeah right. She was standing by her man because SHE had her eyes on the White house…A total disgrace, the lot of them….

    • pleazzer says:

      His claim of HIS economy was great is bull. It was the TECH BOOM that caused the economy to be that good then. He was to busy getting blow J88s under his desk, in the conference room’S and any other room he could use.

  13. Steve says:

    ALL LIBERALS ARE CRIMINALS , certainly ALL the Dems & rinos too , And ANYBODY that supports them by voting for these crooks are COMPLICIT CRIMINALS themselves . The “leaders” deserve GITMO , Maximum sentences for high treason & sedition , their stolen assets of taxpayer funds – returned to real Americans & infrastructure ,, & the complicit should be thrown OUT of America since they supported the NWO agenda to DESTROY America !

  14. Mike Bryant says:

    I guess we can also blame all those who vote for them and keep them in office. It may take
    American citizens to take their office and teach them what they were voted into office, not for making millions on.8

  15. Vasu Murti says:

    “William Barr’s investigation is going to expose exactly who was involved, and what crimes they committed. That’s why Democrats are working so hard to discredit Barr and ruin his reputation.”

    No, Robert Mueller’s investigation has exposed exactly who was involved, and what crimes they committed. William Barr is preventing the American people from seeing the entire unredacted Mueller report. That’s why Democrats subpoenaed Barr! What is Trump hiding, besides his tax returns?!

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • Will says:

      Does your little fourth reich group you’re spamming for also think we’re actually that stupid? Personal info of those involved in grand jury hearings, by law, can not be made public. The house Dems know this, and are attempting to use it to their own advantage, however, it’s not working for them, and will not work for you. Take your spam, and your ignorance, elsewhere.

    • vincent ballisty says:

      There are Pro-Life Democrats? Where? Certainly not running for President. NY – Not!

  16. CHRIS KELLY says:

    If this country is not right by Thanksgiving— Kiss it Good BYE. The traitors have to be executed at GITMO. Clean house of all the scum and we move on. We are either in or out. NO in BETWEEN !!!!

  17. Gayle Clay says:

    How long did we wait for miller?

  18. No one person has a right to hate than the next. Hatred of oppression can be a good emotional display, but not toward people who are innocent of the act of oppression. Hatred of deception can be a good display of ones emotion for people who have been entrusted with heavy leadership responsibilities and instead used their leadership privileges for their personal gain. That has been going on in our political and governmental circles for over a century. It needs to stop. For that to happen those who have permeated the stinch of hatred by foul deeds, false promises and treasonous acts against this nation need be held responsible for such deeds. To not bring such individuals to justice would only fuel more stronger hatred. This just didn’t happen over just one President’s term of office this plan to take this nation down has been many decades in the making. It almost culminated in the 2016 election. Almost. One person prevented it and he needs to remain where he is act to finish to job for all the world to see that we are indeed the United States of America. One nation, one people, one government for all of the citizens there of.

  19. Mike from midwest says:

    How many of you have actually READ The Mueller Report? I have read part of it, not all of it. One thing you will discover is the TRUTH about the origin of the investigation, the clear EVIDENCE the Russia Probe was NOT A HOAX, and, in part 2, clear evidence of a president who took over 11 critical acts to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE. Anyone can believe any theory they desire, but when it comes to evidence, this president would be under indictment if he was not president, and will, most likely, be convicted of crimes as soon as he is out of office. That is just the facts, and while many of your flat-earthers have drank the propaganda kool-aid, the reality, including Putin’s admission, is that Russia interfered to help Trump get elected in 2016. He is not a legitimate president.

    • Lesa Russell says:

      You read nothing. You like all the other demonrats are a liar. Oh you may have read something but it wasn’t the Mueller report.

    • Where did you find the part about the truth about the origin of the investigation? i hope it wasn’t the part that Mike Flynn sat by a Russian at a dinner party.

      • Mike from midwest says:

        Absolutely not, Norman. No the investigation began long before that, and had to do with Papadopoulis shooting his mouth off. In addition, the FBI monitors communication with Russia, and intercepts showed people like Manafort working with people with Russian ties.

        Speaking of Russia, the evidence also indicates that the Trump campaign had numerous communications with Russia, and this would have set off alarm bells in the CIA.

        • Bruno Pursche says:

          Maybe, but instead following the accusations this time; they are actually following the money and steels dossier through fusion GPS; the money goes directly to Hillary and the DNC (by the way that is your corrupt demonic rat party); By the way don’t comment on my thought process I used to be a dem.

        • Beverly T says:

          Papadapa was set up. It was a set up. The entire thing was a set up. You need to try and keep up with real events. There are too many people involved for the coup gang to get their arms around. The one who squeaks first gets the best deal. You are going to be surprised when you see the coup cabal held accountable. But it’s coming. You hang on to your little fantasy as long as possible.

        • thomas robinson says:

          oh, don’t forget about hillary selling our Uranium to the russians, and Obammy telling Putin he’d have more flexibility after his re election, of which he new would happen, because it was rigged.

    • Gayle Clay says:

      Trump did not conspire with putin or Russia to get elected. Miller himself came to that conclusion. Better re-read the miller report as your conlusions differ. Differ from a highly educated, prosecutor, who would have loved to be able to have found something o, trump.

    • pleazzer says:

      I have read it all. Like most dems you bask in a pool of ignorance because it is easier for you to believe what you what to believe. Well here is a question, DID Hillary and odumbo commit TREASON when they sold uranium to RUSSIA who they sold to IRAN?? Tell the truth now, don’t be like other dems or Nancy Poloser claiming there is NO CRISIS ON THE SOUTHERN BORDER.

      • Mike from midwest says:

        The Uranium One was a HOAX and even Fox News people have debunked it. I would say you are clearly believing what YOuUwant to believe, just like Trump said his followers would still support him even if he murdered someone on the street.

        Just take Trump’s conspiracy with Cohen at Trump’s direction. Cohen was convicted and Trump would have been indicted and convicted if he had not been president.

        • pleazzer says:

          AAAAAAAAHHHHHH as you live in the land of IGNORANCE did your Mom and Dad have any kids that were not BRAIN DEAD???????

    • pleazzer says:

      AND by the way, suspicion IS NOT evidence of GUILT in this Country. SO if you are in CHINA, Russia, or North Korea or IRAN you should try to come to the USA the LEGAL WAY and you would see we have our share of numb skulls too.

    • mike whitty says:

      What were you reading, Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen?

      • pleazzer says:

        IGNORANCE IS BLISS and I can see your one happy camper.
        Just like Fast N Furious GUN SALES TO CARTELS IN MEXICO NEVER TOOK PLACE EITHER??? All a Hoax? Bleach bit 33,000 e-mails after being told to preserve them, a hoax??? Clinton Foundation is off shore banks SO USA can not audit them even thou they are a NON PROFIT, oh ya that is a hoax tooooooooooo. Mike you are a real legion. Yep, you convinced me alright Mike, legion IN YOUR OWN MIND.

    • Sy says:

      And as Joe Biden said “the Obama admin. Was scandal free”…My question..would you like
      To buy the Brooklyn Bridge or invest in Solyndra or believe Loretta Lynch and her meetings with Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix were to discuss family..

      • Mike from midwest says:

        That is the rationalization of “Blaming others” – – no one talks about Biden in the Mueller Report.

      • pleazzer says:

        Great points also SY. To many of these cool-aid drinking brain dead dweebs what to say they have the facts BUT they can not back that up.

    • Marcus says:

      @Mike from Russia , Nice try , The Jedi Mind Trick only works on weak minded Liberal Democrats , Numerous People have already come out and exposed Robert Mueller for being the lying Political Whore that He is and always has been , So it is not likely that much of the ( Mueller Report ) that You did not read can be taken seriously , By the way ? are You suggesting that the illegal alien Marxist / Muslim Homosexual Narcissistic Pathological Lying Weasel Barry and His Boyfriend Michael are Legitimate ?

    • Will says:

      I have actually read the report. You, very obviously, have not.

    • A S K says:

      Midwest people are usually pretty smart and truthful. You obviously lie and you are not very bright. If you read the Mueller report, you wouldn’t have read what you said you read. You give the good people of the Midwest a bad name STOP!

  20. yehuda shain says:

    Just need a couple of the deep state fellas to start singin like canaries.

  21. D J Hans says:

    The illiteracy of these comments is shocking. If I want intelligent and rational discourse I will have to look elsewhere. Shame on you for fostering this hatred and division.

    • 2004done says:

      DJ Hans (Shame on us) I HOPE you aren’t suggesting we visit CNN or politico to air our views, or ARE those your suggestions for “intelligent and rational discourse” without hatred and division?

    • pleazzer says:

      OK, here is a intelligent comment and rational question. When there was a fake Bengize investigation, when Hillary and odumbo sold uranium to Russia and the Clinton Foundation (off shore banking even thought it is a non profit) got 150 MILLION donation from Russia, When odumbo gave IRAN 180 BILLION OR when odumbo let millions of Muslims into USA WITHOUT ANY VETTING, or the fact that SOLINDRA scam was almost as bad as 1 TRILLION IN SHOVEL READY JOBS SCAM, which is worst AND TREASONIS and which is just standard political crap they all play???

    • Will says:

      Good, take it back to Vox with the other whiny pseudo-intellectual snowflakes.

    • A S K says:

      DJ Hans shocked? Illiteracy? That means the ability to read and write? Do you think you are a rational balanced individual ? Obama is the divider. President Trump works on bringing the country together, evidenced by the rally’s and the diversity of peoples, and the support of minorities. A back man at an anti Trump rally up from the rally at Orlando was told by liberals to go pick cotton. How disgusting is that? He was warmly welcomed and accepted at the Trump Keep America Great rally. That’s why there were upwards of 100,000 people in Orlando cheering president Trump. Do you speak and comprehend English DJ Hans? Do you understand what I just wrote?

  22. stephen waterhouse says:

    hang their dirty asses

  23. Ellie says:

    TAKE THEM DOWN TAKE ALL demoRATS and others that are behind them

  24. Garry says:

    Vote Blue!

    • A S K says:

      Vote blue down! Voted red for the blood shed to protect and defend America. Remember these colors don’t run……, the red white and the blue.

      • R.C. says:

        Trump has turned the Republican Red into Putin’s Russian Red as Trump has lied continuously about his Russian connections and deals. No American banks would lend Trump money, so the Russian mob leaders sought to control him by backed loans through Deutsche Bank. Why do you think Trump is working so hard to suppress Congress from getting the data?

        • Lesa Russell says:

          You know this for certain? Demonrats will be going down next election. Vote Trump 2020. Hell yeah.

        • david James allen says:

          are you part of the Pulaski propaganda team, title this 1000 more ways to beat a dead horse, and hes got brown streeks in his underwear that wont wash out na na nana na I guess there is there is still 3/4 of the congress doing their job so Pulaski can devote her full attention to her priorities, only there for the inside trader tips anyways

        • pleazzer says:

          No one can top the LIES HILLARY AND OLE BILLY BOY told and TOUGHT ODUMBO in his skill. I suggest you get on amazon and buy a brain before you do anything else you cool-aid drinking numb skull.

        • A S K says:

          Absolute lies you are spreading about President Trump. A multi billionaire doesn’t need banks — banks need him. President Yrump wall away from hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts to serve our country. He gives his salary, as does IVANKA and Jared to charity. How dare you lie and smear smut you evil doer. Hillary and Obama were paupers until entering government. President Trump was already a billionaire and set aside a billionaires life style to serve the country he loves. People like you should pack up and leave. Low life trailer trash is all you are.

  25. Colleen La Rose says:

    Of corse the slimey Alaska hoe can’t pass up running her stupid mouth! She is useless & needs to check herself into a mental facility . But anyhow…I am so happy AG Barr is hot on their heels! They can run but they can’t hide!

    • Linda M. says:

      Colleen La Rose: She IS in a mental facility. They allow her computer time to take her hostility out on these sites so she calms down and won’t hurt a nurse or a doctor!!Same goes for a few more we know…
      I see more new haters showing up as well. More for you to chew up and spit out, right? Well,God bless AG Barr and I hope we will see justice done.

      • Joe the Plumber says:

        It is a toss up who is more foul mouthed, you or Colleen L. You both be proud of being word sluts.

        • Linda M. says:

          Joe the Plumber: You better watch who you call a slut, you ignorant , foul mouth fool!! Why don’t you post something rational and coherent FOR A CHANGE!! I have more class in my little finger( and that goes for your wife, if someone was desperate enough to marry someone like you) and more brains than you could ever HOPE to obtain in two live times!!Now go away and grow up you ass!!!And by the way, learn how to read. WHERE did I call that Alaska person a name?? I was just pointing out she in a mental facility. Which ,by the way , you belong!!!!

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            I did call that Alaskan witch a hoe…..does that count as an insult? Oh me, oh my I hope she didn’t take it personal. But thankfully for her she has Joe blow to protect her non existing pride.

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Hi there little boy
          I see your back for your daily spanking joey….well I’m not in the mood to spank you now, so pull up your panties. So I’m a slut now? Well that will be news to my husband. I’ll be sure to let him know though. Oh please let me win the toss up! I want to be the more foul mouthed.

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Good morning my darling friend Linda
        Ya I saw more newbie loudmouths ranting & raving. I tell you these lunatics are breeding like rabid rabbits. You notice all they do is parrot their liberal masters, but when asked to give any proof of their lies, they move on to another rant, & resort to the same fallback…we are all racist, homophobic, blah, blah, blah. Oh well as someone said….you can’t fix stupid. I hope you have a wonderful/blessed day Linda

    • Linda M. says:

      Good morning Collen! On my way to the drs. But I wanted to point out ” joe the plumber ” crawled out the sewers and called us sluts.He’s really classy guy isn’t he? Doesn’t have one active brain cell…..I think he’s Alaska woman’s husband…

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        I hope all goes well at your Dr appointment. I am praying for you my dear. Yes I saw little joey called us sluts…I guess he has us confussed with the women in his life. I did let him know that this tidbit of information will be a surprise to my husband…..😄

      • A S K says:

        Joe the Plumber is AK Lady’s wife. They are back hoes. AK sent a reply that she works in ER (now an ER nurse/plumber). One can never believe anything these low life comment. Like congress if they would work to unify Americans rather than divide we with President Trump as our leader could accomplish so much in addressing the real and dire needs of we, the American people. Instead they continue like Hillary and Obama work to divide destroy and tear down our nation.

        • Linda M. says:

          ASK:You are absolutely correct! The Democrats would rather waste our tax dollars and time throwing their temper tantrums than TRYING to work with President Trump. It has been non stop belittling, harassment , deceptiveness and out and out lies coming from the Dems against Trump. I have never NEVER seen since contempt exhibited against any sitting president before, and President Trump does not deserve this !
          I’ve said it before and I will repeat it again;I feel they opened the doors of every mental hospital , released the patients and they are now the Democrats in our government ! God help AG Barr…..

  26. Mike says:

    Whom ever believes that Obama the Clinton’s and the rest of the Deep State crowd are even close to being touchable is just fooling them selves. They are all professional crooks with a get out of jail free card or two.

    • mrp says:

      All roads lead to Hillary as the instigator of the coup because she is a sore loser. If everyone involved receives immunity to tell the truth about her, maybe, just maybe she will finally get what she deserves. The other culprit is Obama because he did not want President Trump to expose his corrupt legacy, and he knew with Hillary he was safe. On an unrelated matter, as for the other kook, AOC, comparing the southern border to the Holocaust, who would climb walls to gain illegal entry to a country where they would be executed and put in concentration camps? She’s a nut and should go back to bartending because she is unfit for congress.

    • david James allen says:

      Al Capone though he was bigger then America too, but I have to agree with you, somehow Hillary would have to be cast back to hell before she would allow any of her minions to ,live through a investigation besides the next chapter of: Presidents Trumps travels, the Lilliputians still want him gone for pissing on queen Hillary’s White House dreams, The Pulaski and her propaganda networks covering the media , Warren did a double vitamin B shot giving 1000 homes away to any Black and Brown cash prizes up to 70 mil. give a way she is going to being unemployment done to 1% if your Black or Brown come on down Biden is offering free hair plugs

  27. Dale says:

    Myth? Sister where have you been? More to come!

  28. Robert powell says:

    it is well past neck-streaching time , all of these communist /marxists/demonrats need a round-up started and FINISHED. HANG THEM, BURY THEM, OR JAIL THEM FOR LIFE. BUT DO SOMETHING..

    • D J Hans says:

      In other words, anyone who dares disagree with you should be murdered. Perhaps you would be happier in a dictatorship like Russia. Maybe freedom of speech should be banned if it hurts your feelings. This kind of sick hatred is destroying our nation.

      • 2004done says:

        DJHans: NO, of course not, but suicide has been known to frequently occur around clinton enemies and former friends that are no longer convenient, yes?

        • Linda M. says:

          2004done: So tragically true.I really believe the average Democratic has been so brainwashed by the propaganda broadcasted every day on TV by their Democratic party,they can’t face the real truth about the Clintons and Obama. Hopefully the truth will surface soon.

  29. Bryce Thompson says:

    The only thing that will bring us out of this depression is free energy, hydrogen from water, you can make all the hydrogen, as you drive from a tank of water, you know our space shuttles,are powered by hydrogen / oxygen made from water, and home power plants run from water. There’s a 200 mpg carburetor sitting in the patient office collecting dust, called the Porge vapor carburetor, liquid gas does not burn, only the vapor, look at the gas wast that our cars, and truck get 20, 30 ,40 mile to the gallon, boycott the auto company’s owned by the oil company’s don’t buy a new vehicle, and demand water to hydrogen kits to change all autos to water power with 2 switches to shut off the fuel pump, and fuel injectors, and fill your tank up with water, free energy

  30. Medic RN says:

    Nahhhh……Barr, Graham, Gowdy, Jordon,
    entire RNC…Anyone serious about MAGA would have already formed a GRAND JURY cranking out indictments, arrests.
    Why didn’t George Bush, Obama, Paul Ryan build the wall??? The entire bunch is in it together. They’re all the same version of each other.

    • Linda says:

      Not just anyone can convene a Grand Jury. A process must be followed and all documents have to be verified and in order.

    • A S K says:

      AKLady still at it. Trolling. Now you’re not s nurse but a medic. How original. Your lies never change but stay the same. Your posting names change like underwear, however.

      • 2004done says:

        A S K No, she has multiple personalities that just REALLY happen to get along with each other. Poor psychotics just can’t get enough Li to meet their needs, but misery loves company, so she’ll make us suffer. I remember when she was a “combat” EMS, wouldn’t surprise me if it’ll claim Ben Carson had to worry about her putting him to shame in HUD.

      • Marcus says:

        That is the AK Creature ?? I blocked that Deranged Anti American Disease Brained Liberal Lefty Lunatic years ago on other sites , How does One block a Disease Brained Liberal Lefty Lunatic on this site ?


    Barr is about to open a can of whipass on the democrats! God blesshim

  32. Alaska Woman says:

    OMG, here we go the Deep State myth,.
    So impressive …

    • Ross says:

      If you think it is a myth you are a fool.
      The cold must have damaged your brain
      cells…if DemonRATS and RINOS have any.

      • truthistruth says:

        The “Deep State” conspiracy is for SHALLOW minds. Even Corsi’s books provide NO evidence for it, and he is a sell-out to infoWars!

    • Dale says:

      Myth? Sister where have you been? More to come

      • A S K says:

        Alaska lady has been posting lies from the emergency room as she is an RN, a nurse, a medic and she knows everything about everything, she wants us to think. She repeats lies. The human brain after repeating a lie three times believes the lie as truth. She probably believes her own lies. TRUMP LANDSLIDE VICTORY 2020

        • Williamsburg says:

          But A S K, even Trump’s pools and Fox polls show the top 5 Democrats would beat him in an elections, and that means Biden by 13%. While weak minds claim polls don’t matter, then why did Trump get so upset and fire them – – Trump never takes responsibility, only the credit.

        • 2004done says:

          ASK: 1. I like AK Lady, 2. I like AK Lady, 3. I like AK Lady … Damn 3X isn’t anywhere near enough, but I couldn’t imagine saying that enough to believe her BS.

        • Gregory Sullivan says:

          I got to hand it to “Alaska Woman” who is an expert champion into turning black into white and vice versa . A S K.

    • A S K says:

      Here’s the nurse — medic — RN — always from Alaska has another trolling name to comment under. Lies her specialty. Just the names change, just to really fool us with her stupid lies . We aren’t fooled by this idiot.

    • A S K says:

      //REPEAT// Here’s the nurse — medic — RN — always from Alaska has another trolling name to comment under. Lies her specialty. Just the names change, just to really fool us with her stupid lies . We aren’t fooled by this idiot.

      • Linda M. says:

        ASK: There are several trolls like her. Change their name, but their rants are always the same.”Usually” we just ignore these very disturbed people. But sometimes it just makes us feel better to try and put them in their place. Doesn’t help. But it is fun to watch them make fools out of themselves.

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          These trolls are breeding so rapidly, they have run out of names, so they are resorting to just letters now…ASK made a mistake….I’m sure the letters are A S S ….silly trolls they can’t get nothing right.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Totally true, Alaska Woman! EVEN FOX News has debunked this along with the Uranium One HOAX.
      Shep Shepard of Fox Debunking Uranium One BS

      • A S K says:

        URANIUM ONE has not been debunked. It is very real. Shepherd Smith is not believable. He’s always chewing on a wad of gum or something and day dreaming like out to lunch and never returns. He’s like the guy that approaches you in the grocery store parking lot and begs you to fix your ding in the door. He plays with your ding but it is never fixed. It’s worse than when he started. Cover up, smoke screen redirect many have tried to debunk Uranium one and cover up Benghazi and those 33,000
        e mails — which reports are surfacing have been found, even after that expensive bleach bit process, and the hammering of blueberries by Clinton’s state department. It will all surface again, shortly between August and October. Uranium One is alive and well. Hillary? Not so much.

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Good morning ASK
          I misunderstood one of your posts, & jumped the gun. I made a statement to Linda concerning your name you use, I thought you were one of the trolls that come in here just to sprew their hatred for our President. So please accept my apology. & I have learned my lesson….to read posts carefully before I respond.
          Have a great day & once again I sincerely apologize.

    • Jim Tierney says:

      Dear Alaska Woman, your ignorance is showing you would be well advised to remain silent

    • pleazzer says:

      Your living in the LAND OF IGNORANCE if you think the Dems did not try to do this. But you will see some real evidence when Barr is done I am sure. Only Hillary and bleach 33,000 e-mails AFTER SHE WAS TOLD TO PRESERVE THEM and get away with it. OPEN YOUR EYES and stop listening to main lame stream media who can not even get facts straight.

  33. Unicorn76 says:

    Still waiting for the promised IG report!
    What’s the holdup?

  34. James Howard says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

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