Democrats are sweating bullets after William Barr caught them in a Deep State coup

Democrats are working overtime to take down William Barr.

That’s because they know he has the secret to finally take them down.

And now they are sweating bullets after William Barr caught them in a Deep State coup.

Everyone now knows the Russia Investigation is nothing more than a sham.

But not everyone knows the slimy details of how it started.

That’s why William Barr is looking into it.

And Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL-1) says that is why Democrats are nervous and going after Barr.

He claims Barr’s investigation could uncover crimes that could result in those who started the investigation facing prosecution.

Breitbart reports:

The Alabama Republican highlighted Attorney General William Barr’s investigation, which he said had Democrats “nervous” because it could uncover crimes that led to the launch of the investigation initially.

“Now, I do back, as you know, the investigation the attorney general has right now going into how this whole investigation got started to begin with to make sure we know exactly what happened and if there were crimes committed there that we do what we need to do to prosecute those who committed those crimes,” he added. “That has the Democrats very nervous, as it should have them very nervous because there is every reason to believe there very well may have been a crime committed in getting this investigation going in the first place.

Byrne speculated that if Barr can find wrongdoing, it will lead to jail time for the perpetrators.

One thing is abundantly clear, and that is that the Russia Investigation is one of the greatest hoaxes in American history.

And it isn’t an innocent one.

The entire investigation was designed from the start to take down a duly-elected president.

And it has deep ties to the Obama administration, which ultimately put in all the groundwork that was the Mueller Investigation’s basis.

William Barr’s investigation is going to expose exactly who was involved, and what crimes they committed.

That’s why Democrats are working so hard to discredit Barr and ruin his reputation.

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