Democrats are sweating bullets after William Barr caught them in a Deep State coup

Democrats are working overtime to take down William Barr.

That’s because they know he has the secret to finally take them down.

And now they are sweating bullets after William Barr caught them in a Deep State coup.

Everyone now knows the Russia Investigation is nothing more than a sham.

But not everyone knows the slimy details of how it started.

That’s why William Barr is looking into it.

And Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL-1) says that is why Democrats are nervous and going after Barr.

He claims Barr’s investigation could uncover crimes that could result in those who started the investigation facing prosecution.

Breitbart reports:

The Alabama Republican highlighted Attorney General William Barr’s investigation, which he said had Democrats “nervous” because it could uncover crimes that led to the launch of the investigation initially.

“Now, I do back, as you know, the investigation the attorney general has right now going into how this whole investigation got started to begin with to make sure we know exactly what happened and if there were crimes committed there that we do what we need to do to prosecute those who committed those crimes,” he added. “That has the Democrats very nervous, as it should have them very nervous because there is every reason to believe there very well may have been a crime committed in getting this investigation going in the first place.

Byrne speculated that if Barr can find wrongdoing, it will lead to jail time for the perpetrators.

One thing is abundantly clear, and that is that the Russia Investigation is one of the greatest hoaxes in American history.

And it isn’t an innocent one.

The entire investigation was designed from the start to take down a duly-elected president.

And it has deep ties to the Obama administration, which ultimately put in all the groundwork that was the Mueller Investigation’s basis.

William Barr’s investigation is going to expose exactly who was involved, and what crimes they committed.

That’s why Democrats are working so hard to discredit Barr and ruin his reputation.

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134 Responses

  1. Twykes says:

    I’m so sick of liberals…you go William Barr
    We all know this is a hoax.
    You go Wayfair..protest the sale of beds and furniture
    To illegal detention centers. I can’t afford to shop there.
    I’m sick that we have to pay for illegals personal items.
    Take all the homeless children and send them to orphanages
    In their own countries. Build the wall. Vote out the
    Stupidity in towns cities and states across the nation.
    Give bob mueller a public polygraph test. Vote out Cortez
    Pelosi Schumer and the rest of the ignorant idiots in

  2. thomas robinson says:

    oh, don’t forget about hillary selling our Uranium to the russians, and Obammy telling Putin he’d have more flexibility after his re election, of which he new would happen, because it was rigged.

  3. Will says:

    The MSM is nothing more than the new Ministry of Culture and Public Enlightenment (the Nazi propaganda wing, headed by Goebbels) for the rise of the fourth reich. The left is following the advice of both Goebbels and Alynsky, blaming everyone else for what they, themselves, are doing.

  4. John Bazen says:

    WHY? …WHY? why is it, that what the Dem’s have done for for years and are still doing today, yet somehow the mass media always blames the GOP>
    They, the Demon Rats held sway over the south’s slavery, began the Civil War, invented the KKK, and installed all the Jim Crow laws and are still all about segregation of all societal Factions! Yet we keep on supporting them WHY? This will not get past the Liberal censors.

  5. Kukulu says:

    Well said, Arthur. We The People are more numerous than the Demonrats want to believe.

  6. Grampa says:

    it is long past time that government servants are held accountable. I have seen their goal for decades and at the risk of redundancy, it is all about ruling this nation. they serve poorly they will rule even worse.———Grampa

  7. George says:

    Sooner or later Good will be forced to face the DemonRats…..One will have to go..

  8. DON CHARRON says:

    From Obama to h r Clinton and everyone connected to them

  9. Gun Nuts of America says:

    Al Capone wasn’t as evil as Trump.

  10. arthur says:

    The unctuous elitist academic career political class in this country who believe they are better and smarter than the average Jill and Joe citizen were caught in ,for all intents and purposes, a coup d’etat against a legally elected non-politician, and they did not want that . It disrupts their power plans, and Democrats as well as some Republicans were involved ( yes, Republicans are involved too).
    They all got caught, and they are all scared right now as the investigators and all others are investigated.
    The collective will and intelligence of “We the People” run this country.
    Trump is reminding them of that every day. Trump will never be a member of their “club”, nor does he care.
    Trump is a transformative President in the continuation of our republic.
    Trump is the messenger in this period of our history.
    May he have a successful first and second term working for “We the People”.

  11. Steveur says:

    I have to wonder what Federal Prison, the Left will choose for all their traitorous leaders. I think the system will not allow the Pantsuit to design her own gray Pantsuit. For the Kenyan, they might allow silk gray prison suits, just to make him feel at home. Yes Sir, finally the walls will be tuning into cell blocks. One thing the country will have is a Great President for another 4 years. 2020 MAGA 2020

  12. Linda M. says:

    ASK:You are absolutely correct! The Democrats would rather waste our tax dollars and time throwing their temper tantrums than TRYING to work with President Trump. It has been non stop belittling, harassment , deceptiveness and out and out lies coming from the Dems against Trump. I have never NEVER seen since contempt exhibited against any sitting president before, and President Trump does not deserve this !
    I’ve said it before and I will repeat it again;I feel they opened the doors of every mental hospital , released the patients and they are now the Democrats in our government ! God help AG Barr…..

  13. Jim Tierney says:

    That’s like Christian Democrat, there is no such thing

  14. H Lee says:

    American people, with any intelligence, knew before mueller started, that it was a scam, that the FBI had searched every sewer in the world trying to come up with the insurance and could not do so. So, mueller and his prejudiced team of hillary supporters were then going to do what the FBI couldn’t???? All supported by the democrats and the press. 53% of the public works, pays taxes, understands, and are not fooled by the dung flinging of cnn and msnbc, and the diatribe pushing don lemon, jo and mika, ratchitmadcow, and the rest of the sorry democrats. The only thing not understood still, is whether Trump’s administration, can fight their way thru the criminal protecting democrats in congress and courts, and to be able to apply any justice and consequence to these seditious hooligans making up the democrats party, supporters, and the pp, ( prejudiced press )

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