Democrats are launching a horrible plan to stop Donald Trump

Democrats are looking to deal Donald Trump a deadly blow before the midterm elections.

Led by Chuck Schumer, the left is scouring Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s record in order to dig up dirt they can use to derail his confirmation.

And liberals settled on one horrible idea to defeat Trump.

Democrats are going to try and tar Kavanaugh with #MeToo allegations that were leveled against Judge Alex Kozinski.

Kavanaugh clerked for Kozinski in the 1990s and the left is trying to paint him with guilt by association.

Politico reports:

Senate Democrats are gearing up to press Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on his decades-long relationship with former Judge Alex Kozinski, who was forced into retirement last year by a mounting sexual harassment scandal.

It’s not just what, if anything, Kavanaugh saw during his time as a Kozinski clerk in the early 1990s that’s on Democratic minds. They also want to know how President Donald Trump’s high court pick would address the judiciary’s ongoing internal reckoning with sexual misconduct that was sparked by Kozinski — one of Kavanaugh’s early mentors who introduced the younger appellate court judge at his Senate confirmation hearing in 2006.

“Sexual harassment and workplace misconduct in the federal judiciary is a matter of concern to all of us, including Chief Justice [John] Roberts, who convened a Judicial Conference working group to assess the problem and propose solutions,” Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) said through a spokesman.

“Given Judge Kavanaugh’s close relationship with former Judge Alex Kozinski, the subject of numerous harassment complaints, we need to know what Judge Kavanaugh knew and his views on this serious problem,” added Hirono, who sits on the Judiciary Committee and will have a chance to directly question Kavanaugh at hearings planned for next month.”

There has never been a hint or whisper that Kavanaugh was complicit in Kozinski’s predatory behavior.

But that doesn’t matter. Liberals will grasp at any straw knowing their allies in the so-called “mainstream” media will amplify their allegations.

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68 Responses

  1. Lucy Joyner says:

    Let’s hope that after President Trump is reelected, all these sore losers will stop the nonsense and get down to doing some worthwhile for the country.

  2. Lucy says:

    Let’s hope that after President Trump is reelected, all these sore losers will stop the nonsense and get down to doing some worthwhile for the country.

  3. Rose says:

    And Finestein and every Democrat in the Government, ……. oh wait…….lets just get out the vote for the Republicans!! Talk to your friends, family, what ever, just get out the big RED VOTE.

  4. Rose says:

    Haven’t you ever realized that the Democrats always accuse others of what they themselves are doing? I noticed that a long time ago! Check their backgrounds every time they accuse others of wrong doing and I bet you would be surprised!! They are all crooks, and have warped minds, so what surprises you about them, Den R?

  5. Sue Jackson says:

    Does anyone else think it odd that every time the Demonic-rats need to reject the nomination/approval of any person, no matter the circumstances, their go to reason for objection has to do with finding some type of sexual offense? Whether it is personal involvement or just guilt by association, that is their choice of the day. I have, throughout my working career worked with some really wonderful people as well as a few skanks/fiends that I wouldn’t to take out my garbage, but that does not mean that I was guilty of what they did or how they lived their private life. Frankly, if it was something I thought was harmful to job I had and the work place, then I would have said something to let them know that I felt their behavior to be unacceptable. Then I would have made it public if the behavior continued in or around my workplace. It seems to me that the Democrats must have a whole lot of knowledge of or participation with this kind of immoral activities that they never saw fit to mention until it could be used to make implied accusations against an opponent or nominee for appointment to a specified government position. Wonder why we never hear of the cases of cheating in elections, embezzlement of funds, nefarious affairs or accusations of sexual misconduct by Democrats that get nominated for a higher level of service? I certainly am glad that I do not have to be held accountable for those around me, say a politician that is nothing but a sleazy lime ball. I would be in a heap of trouble since I live in a state that is primarily run by sleazy slime ball politicians. Maybe the Democrats just have a limited view of other people because of the old adage, you are what you live.

  6. von Potter says:

    Chuckie boy was hatched himself……….He was an embryo that should have been thrown in the garbage……

  7. Kadok says:

    screw these azzholes and that putz shummer, NUKE IT!

  8. zee says:

    Awww gee – hey i like that “Steel Magnolia” hmm.

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