Democrats are launching a horrible plan to stop Donald Trump

Democrats are looking to deal Donald Trump a deadly blow before the midterm elections.

Led by Chuck Schumer, the left is scouring Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s record in order to dig up dirt they can use to derail his confirmation.

And liberals settled on one horrible idea to defeat Trump.

Democrats are going to try and tar Kavanaugh with #MeToo allegations that were leveled against Judge Alex Kozinski.

Kavanaugh clerked for Kozinski in the 1990s and the left is trying to paint him with guilt by association.

Politico reports:

Senate Democrats are gearing up to press Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on his decades-long relationship with former Judge Alex Kozinski, who was forced into retirement last year by a mounting sexual harassment scandal.

It’s not just what, if anything, Kavanaugh saw during his time as a Kozinski clerk in the early 1990s that’s on Democratic minds. They also want to know how President Donald Trump’s high court pick would address the judiciary’s ongoing internal reckoning with sexual misconduct that was sparked by Kozinski — one of Kavanaugh’s early mentors who introduced the younger appellate court judge at his Senate confirmation hearing in 2006.

“Sexual harassment and workplace misconduct in the federal judiciary is a matter of concern to all of us, including Chief Justice [John] Roberts, who convened a Judicial Conference working group to assess the problem and propose solutions,” Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) said through a spokesman.

“Given Judge Kavanaugh’s close relationship with former Judge Alex Kozinski, the subject of numerous harassment complaints, we need to know what Judge Kavanaugh knew and his views on this serious problem,” added Hirono, who sits on the Judiciary Committee and will have a chance to directly question Kavanaugh at hearings planned for next month.”

There has never been a hint or whisper that Kavanaugh was complicit in Kozinski’s predatory behavior.

But that doesn’t matter. Liberals will grasp at any straw knowing their allies in the so-called “mainstream” media will amplify their allegations.


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68 Responses

  1. Lucy Joyner says:

    Let’s hope that after President Trump is reelected, all these sore losers will stop the nonsense and get down to doing some worthwhile for the country.

  2. Lucy says:

    Let’s hope that after President Trump is reelected, all these sore losers will stop the nonsense and get down to doing some worthwhile for the country.

  3. Sue Jackson says:

    Does anyone else think it odd that every time the Demonic-rats need to reject the nomination/approval of any person, no matter the circumstances, their go to reason for objection has to do with finding some type of sexual offense? Whether it is personal involvement or just guilt by association, that is their choice of the day. I have, throughout my working career worked with some really wonderful people as well as a few skanks/fiends that I wouldn’t to take out my garbage, but that does not mean that I was guilty of what they did or how they lived their private life. Frankly, if it was something I thought was harmful to job I had and the work place, then I would have said something to let them know that I felt their behavior to be unacceptable. Then I would have made it public if the behavior continued in or around my workplace. It seems to me that the Democrats must have a whole lot of knowledge of or participation with this kind of immoral activities that they never saw fit to mention until it could be used to make implied accusations against an opponent or nominee for appointment to a specified government position. Wonder why we never hear of the cases of cheating in elections, embezzlement of funds, nefarious affairs or accusations of sexual misconduct by Democrats that get nominated for a higher level of service? I certainly am glad that I do not have to be held accountable for those around me, say a politician that is nothing but a sleazy lime ball. I would be in a heap of trouble since I live in a state that is primarily run by sleazy slime ball politicians. Maybe the Democrats just have a limited view of other people because of the old adage, you are what you live.

  4. Kadok says:

    screw these azzholes and that putz shummer, NUKE IT!

  5. Den R Zampieri says:

    Never thought a whole group (dems) could be complete assholes and losers.

    • Ken says:

      If Chuck thought of the plan, then it’s sure to fail

    • Rose says:

      Haven’t you ever realized that the Democrats always accuse others of what they themselves are doing? I noticed that a long time ago! Check their backgrounds every time they accuse others of wrong doing and I bet you would be surprised!! They are all crooks, and have warped minds, so what surprises you about them, Den R?

  6. Jon says:

    no body likes Chuck Schumer he is a total ass hole no respect at all.

  7. Mike H says:

    Vote these basters out.I will fight to the end against these commies.My parents are rolling in there graves to see what has been taking place.This is not the first time that have tried a takeover. The real Americans need to stand up before it’s to late.

  8. Ernst says:

    Dig up something on Judge John D. Bates. The idea that an executive order develops into a “law” and remains such instead of being removed by executive order is an extremely dangerous precedent. This is a horrible and stupid ruling. Find something to remove this stupid judge.

  9. Somebody should dig up all the dirt that there is about these big mouthed demonrats and publicize it all and see how many of them should be complaining about someone else.

  10. Audie Jordan says:

    Schumer is Harry Reid’s twin. They both have gotten filthy rich in Congress, both whine, don’t give a hoot in Hell about the “people”, just want to keep poor people voting Democrat while they make lying speeches about, just vote us in again & things will get better. You don’t need vouchers so your kids had a chance of a better education, we just make the schools better, don’t worry about having a job, we are going to see to it you have a subsistence living & it will get better if you vote for us again………. Promises for as far back as I can remember & I am seventy. I remember That Great Democrat from Texas stealing the SS Trust Fund for his War on Poverty, his excuse for doing it in his own words,”We will take this money spread it around to “Ns” & they will vote Democrat forever.” He did not say anything about trying to eliminate poverty, in the end made it worse.

    Now that black people have started asking questions like how much longer is it going to take for the Democrats to make things better, the Democrats are throwing them under the bus, concentrating more on illegal immigrants to vote for them so they have a fresh group yo lie to.

  11. walter says:

    wood chipper would take care of the offensive dems and would be eco. sound.

  12. zee says:

    Schumer ‘partakes’ Too Much’ on the ‘other side’. Capish
    Look at photos – All photos of this ‘person’. & V. 0bvious,
    (not going to verbalize, his ‘nasty in ‘partake’ ) hope
    y’all understand. __

  13. Joe says:

    Chuck Schumer is an anti-Catholic bigot!

  14. Kara Wright says:

    Chuck please meet the DEVIL as you an he have everything in common. You and you party are EVIL to the core and we all know what your fate is so just sit down and shut up. We all know your party is the laziest of all human beings. The DEMS don’t work for anybody but themselves so they keep the bench warm instead of doing what their voters pay them to do. I ask that Democratic Voters look at what there party is doing to make them have better lives. After the Mid Terms they want to take everything President Trump has done to make our lives better and go back to the way if was when they took us all to a worst life. This is your time to check how President Trump has made times better for all. Just really think before you cast your votes. Thank you. God Bless this Country.

  15. Richard Magnano says:

    In these past few years I have learned if Schumer is for it I’m against it, flat out.

  16. Original Anna says:

    These democrats have nothing but sex on their minds. Is that why so many of them are caught in sexual misconduct. They need to get out of the gutter and the first thing they can do is stop homosexuals teaching five year olds how to do homosexual sex in schools and keep boys and men out of girls and women’s bathrooms. These democrat sexual dreams and actions should not be dragging normal people into their dirtiness. They need to stop going to the dorms with young men in them after Congress is done for the day to pick up young men. These young men are supposed to be there to learn how Congress works and run errands for congressmen not to be servicing their sexual needs.

  17. These damn Democrats are a real blight on decent society. Their morals have dropped below those of a $20 prostitute and they continue to get lower.

  18. William J Vital says:

    Obummer started trying to destroy America and the old-time Demorats are trying to continue where he left off. I just pray that the Republican and Independent voters come out and vote all the Demorats out of office.

    • Virgil says:

      Obama was nothing but an anti-American Muslim born in Kenya. The Democrats portrayed the biggest scam on Americans than anyone ever has. Now these Democrats want to carry on their attacks on the American People.

  19. Ken says:

    Schumer and the demo(RATS) are as nasty as they come. Disgusting disgraceful and shameful and LIE all the time. They never tell the truth.

  20. RightWriter says:

    If the Dems (especially idiots like Mazie Hirono of Hawaii , who does in fact sit on the Judiciary Committee but only JUST LEARNED LAST WEEK that the law against illegal immigration goes back to 1965 — IT WAS NOT INITIATED BY PRESIDENT TRUMP (she said she was “confused”: yeah, right, Mazie: IGNORANCE would be more accurate) try to tie Judge Kavanaugh to former District Court Judge Alex Kozinski, they’ll be opening a HUGE can of worms.
    Kozinski was FALSELY ACCUSED of mistreating women on his staff and FORCED to resign, even though he had NEVER done anything wrong. He decided NOT TO FIGHT (I think that was a mistake). But if the anti-Kavanaugh people go after him NOW, it’ll reopen the WHOLE SORDID STORY and make the Dems and feminazis look just AWFUL. If they DO this to smear Kavanaugh, they’ll be making a HUGE mistake!

  21. Bill says:

    Our tax dollars are paying for this so far 2 year witch hunt. Starting investigations only on a possibilities. With that logic those Congress persons that were long time good friends with those Congress persons convicted of sexual would also be convected by Association. Just because you are a long term friend with someone doesn’t mean you are aware of there deepest secrets. I am sick and tired of the Democratic Party wasting our tax dollars on all of these bogus witch hunts. Until the Democratic Party can provide any evidence to back up any of these fabricated witch hunts they should be paying the bill out of there budget from there donors not tax dollars since there donors strongly support them. Only if they win there case with facts and only then then the Party would then be embarrassed with our tax dollars. If any Citizen were to take someone you court taxpayers don’t pay there tab. Why do politicians get to take a President to court or anyone else for that matter and there Party has no financial risks to take. If they were required to pay they would then make sure that they would have solid facts.

  22. Bob Hunt says:

    With the number three buffoon Schumer on the trail I don’t expect anything to come of it!

  23. Thomas says:

    Why is the Democrats Plan a surprise because it is bad? We Know that All Democrat plans are bad. If they want a good plan they should all retire and help drain thew Swamp.

  24. Raymond says:

    What we need is to
    Impeach. Schumer and pelosi

  25. Charles says:

    The finger pointing Democrat’s do not under the simple truth, when you are pointing fingers at people you will always have 3 pointing back at yourself. The true definition of insanity, is when you keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Democrat -101!!

  26. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Should the Senate confirm Judge Kavanaugh??

    Our TRUMPing US Scotus Judge Brett Kavanaugh needs to be confirmed just because

    he was/is US Presidentially Nominated by our/his President TRUMP

    needs to be good enough for every patriotic US voting citizen all 326,700,283 of Us
    Amen & Amen!!!

  27. Phil Shapiro says:

    Chuck Shumer is an anti-American schmuck.

  28. Rick says:

    The “Enola Gay” flies one more time out of mothballs this November. Only
    this time it will not be a high level bombing mission. It’s going to be a ground
    attack to bury the Dems nationwide. The real America will speak again !!!

    • Charles says:

      I can see the Mushroom, from the pile of burning BS!!

    • James Gerhardson says:


  29. James Kuhlenschmidt says:

    Hope it works as well as all their other plans.

  30. Jerry says:

    So tired of these morons not doing the job they were elected for, to uphold the constitution & to serve the people who elected them. Half of them are pervets tax cheats, and just all around scumbags! November is coming you bunch of low life’s.

  31. Helga Miller says:

    Sick of seeing these dumb a$$holes commented on every day! We’ll be rolling on the floor laughing our heads off when they lose big time in November!!

  32. S says:

    Supposedly, Republicans are in charge. There’s no reason they can’t hold a vote next week. Demoncraps keep saying they’re not going to meet with him, so go ahead and vote and teach the scum a lesson.

  33. Ron says:

    The Demorats are becoming more desperate by the hour! For 2 years now they have been trying to destroy Trump because he is a threat to their goal of transforming America from a representative republic where the people have a little say in their government into a permanent single party government unaccountable to the people. The kind of permanent single party governments like we see in China, Cuba, Venezuela, and other such nations! The Demorats, aka the radical left, are counting heavily on regaining control of Congress in the midterm elections. As those election get closer the left will be ramping up anything and everything they can to diminish Trump and what he has been able to accomplish, and to fire up the left’s base., and to discourage and intimidate Trump supporters from voting. However, should the left fail to regain control, they will do whatever it takes to bring down this President. Even calling for all out anarchy! The left MUST destroy this president because any successes he has improving America is a disaster for the left. It is going to get messier! Question is, do enough Americans understand what is at stake, and have what it takes to stand up to the left. Or will too many just roll over and accept the kind of America the left intends to develop?

  34. Richard says:

    The snakes keep coming from under the rocks in D.C. These snakes took a oath of office to uphold our Constitution, how quickly they forget who they work for, THE PEOPLE REMEMBER SNAKES !

  35. Tony says:

    The holes these IDIOTS keep digging for President Trump’s downfall are the very same holes they’re winding up in. Keep digging ASSHOLES, you can’t get out of what you dug already.

    • President Trump was duly elected to this office by the will of the people. The Democrats will discover what happens when they try to subvert the people will!

    • J Burroughs says:

      guilt by association. This is an identical situation as is Feinstein’s 20 year association OF THE Chinese SPY. You are right. I agree. My grandfather always said “When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging for Gods sake”.

  36. CaptTurbo says:

    Democrats are the masters of Stupid.

    • Shelba J. Holmes says:

      They really are. You would think there would be some Dems somewhere that acted like they have a decent IQ but all we see are the ones who are sick and just plain evil in their approach to life and politics, etc. They don’t appear to be able to think logically.

  37. Believer says:

    Schumer and the dirty Democrats are going to be pushing up Daisy’s. there action call for Treason , TREASON CALLS FOR HANGING.. THERE REALLY OVER STEPPING THERE THREATS>>>

  38. Carlos says:

    Let them try that tactic, every time the Dems do it they find out more $h1t on themselves than their target. Whether it’s Hollywood sexual predators, Russian meddling or supposed collusion, there’s always more scandal and wrongdoing on the part of liberals.

    • Ed says:

      Schumer and the Democrat Nazis hate the fact they lost the election to Trump. All they are doing now is showing their real life of Communism and Nazism. These types use to go to Jail in the 50’s because, our FBI would nab them while they were recruiting more Communists in America. Then, the Democrats who had been infiltrated with the Russian Communists started calling people who saw a Commie, a nut job because they were seeing Commies on every street corner. Hollywood was filled with these Commies and their money bought the Democrats off from prosecuting Commies in America

  39. The republicans should start digging dirt on Schumer and clan to offset their plans

  40. Joanna says:

    The beat of the Democrats ignorance still marches on,on,on…. The Dumbass”s will never learn!!!!

    • James D Burroughs says:

      A donkey is stubborn and hard to train. As Marcus Aurelius said “There is no glory in outstripping donkeys” — Marcus Aurelius

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