Democrats are gambling on this key issue to take control of Congress

Democrats are fuming with anger after their repeated special election losses since President Trump’s election.

The so-called “experts’” prediction of a “blue wave” is failing.

Now Democrats are making a gamble on one key issue that could backfire on them in a big way.

Americans have proven time and time again that running on gun control is a losing issue.

Even Democrats used to at least pay lip service to the Second Amendment.

In 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama said he “believed in the Second Amendment” when he first ran for president. Whether or not that was true is another story.

But now Democrats have ripped the veil off and they’re going all in to campaign for gun control.

Fox News reports:

As the Democrats shift to the left on a number of issues from health care to immigration, they’ve already gone all in on one of the most contentious issues around — gun control

A study by The Wall Street Journal found that of the 63 candidates on the House Democrats’ campaign arm’s list of seats to flip in November, 62 support expanded background checks for gun purchases.

While Dems have long pushed for gun control, there was a time when some candidates ignored the issue, included gun rights as part of their platform or even allied with the National Rifle Association. But support for gun control among candidates has hardened in recent years after a rash of high-profile mass shootings including at schools — most recently in Parkland, Florida in February and Santa Fe, Texas in May.

That shift is being reflected in activity on the campaign trail, with more Democrats being more vocal on gun control and their advocacy of proposals such as background checks.

While it’s well known that Democrats favor gun control, many rural and southern Democrats sought support from the pro-Second Amendment groups.

Now Michael Bloomberg has eradicated any pro-gun Democrat from the party.

Karen Mallard, who lost her Democrat Congressional primary in Virginia, even sawed an AR-15 in half in a campaign video.

Democrats are even hitting the campaign trail with anti-gun activist David Hogg.

Their goal is to mobilize the radical left-wing base by demonizing Second Amendment supporters.


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26 Responses

  1. Daniela says:

    It’d be better in the event you might manage your urges at least before complete of the game.

  2. Ella Donahue says:

    It is ironic that cities and locations with the strictest gun control laws are also the places that have the highest incidences of violence with the use of guns.

  3. Luther W. says:

    For most Americans gun control is not an issue. We control our guns very well thank you very much. We firmly stand by our constitutional right to bear arms. My guns have from time to time put a little extra wild game on the table. But they have never been pointed at another human being. Though I am prepared to use them if necessary to defend my family and home. What must be address is the cause of violence no matter what tool is used to commit that violence.

  4. Beth Carter says:

    The democrats will take away our 2nd amendment, if they ever get their power! The media are their biggest propaganda for democrats! Where are the media’s, when they caught those Muslims, with bunch of guns, Ak 15 and they are training their kids to kill children’s in school!!! They are the radical Muslims terrorist! The liberals judge gave them bail for $20,000 each and they don’t have to pay it until their court date!!! I couldn’t believe it ! This judge let them out ! Also found the body of a 3 yrs old boy buried in their property ! This judge is pathetic! Where is the media’s ? Manafort is in jail in solitary, no TV No books !!! He is not a threat to our society but this terrorist are running free out of bail ! Can you believe this judge ! This should been in the news like Breaking the News ! Why ? Because they are Muslims!!! We must go out and Vote Red ! We have to get rid of every democrat politicians! They are ruining America! They defend criminals, open border, anti America!!! They want our guns !! We have to protect our home and our family and our 2nd amendment must not be infringed! Protect us to keep our freedom! Hitler took every citizen guns first , then he started killing all the Jews! Remember that my friends !!! Vote Red !

  5. GUNS DON’T KILL, it’s the “scum bags” and perverts holding the weapon that does the killing. Just like your motor vehicle doesn’t kill anyone, it’s the idiot in control or out of control of the vehicle who does the killing

  6. Al Pambuena says:

    The Democrats usually pull out the race card when nothing else works ..notice how the left does not talk about the Economy..taxes…or failing cities like the black on black shootings in Chicago.

  7. John Craig says:

    Just part of the communist way of thinking, especially if you are a Cortez/Bernie Sanders supporter. He and she are both Communist!

  8. Sheldon Nadler says:

    When will moron Democrats learn that the gun is not the problem, but the assholes who use them. Gun control makes no sense unless you use a vetting process that eliminates the problem of who can own one and who can not. The vetting processes in America is terrible. Whether it is illegal immigrants, driver’s license’s, or gun’s, the vetting processes in the US stink.

  9. Lucy More says:

    It is sickening that some Americans are so focus on making the Republican Party the cause of their ill mentality. Why can we get along let the ruling party do their mandate that we elected them for. Of course wait for democrat turn in next election. See what you can do if you can beat them!.. Stop the nonsense people are sick of it.

  10. Ron says:

    The Demorats have been at the forefront of gun control since shortly after the Civil War. That is when the entrenched southern Demorat politicians came up with the Jim Crow Laws, which included gun control aimed at blacks, and the KKK to protect themselves from potential political threats of recently freed slaves. Since that time gun control laws have been implemented to suppress one segment of society or another. Now that the far left, which owns the Demorat Party, is so close to their goal of permanent single party rule like we see in “republics” like China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and other such places it becomes mandatory to disarm the public! Gun control laws are not and never have been about public safety. They are are always have been about the safety of those who are determined to rule the masses! Think about this: When guns are outlawed, only outlaws and GOVERNMENT will have guns! History shows what happens then! In just the past century millions of peoples around the world were murdered by their own governments after being disarmed! Anyone who clings to the naive notion OUR government would never do that is worse than a fool!

  11. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Their campaigning for gun control & many other corrupt liberal issues have already

    cost Democrats all US Election successes in both 2018 & 2020

    Whereas on the better successful US Election front:

    TRUMPence US Presidency successfully 2018 & 2020
    Amen & Amen!!!

  12. Ann says:

    The only way DemRatz get in is by fraud and illegal votes…that’s their history

  13. reasonable says:

    Many of you make very good points about how we don’t want to be like the Nazis and Adolph Hitler times, where so many lost their lives. Adolph started out by attacking the press and shutting down free speech, and then white supremacy right-wing policies like happened last year in Charlottesville. Then came gun control. So we need to watch out for dictators who do not follow the established law and act like emperors.

  14. N says:

    The liberal NAZI demoncrat commie party don’t give a crap about you! just want to take away your guns! Wake up patriots before it’s too late! Don’t vote demoncrat this Nov!

  15. bagster53 says:

    democrats still haven’t figured out why hillary lost, we don’t want to be like russia or china , where government controls every thing you do or say

  16. Ken Grigas says:

    Learn from the past , gun control and Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler, along with many others killed how many ! Don’t ever think it can’t happen again, because it can.

  17. Michael Hughes says:

    I do not wish to be among millions of disarmed citizens when the government succeeds in taking over everything. That’s what the second amendment was put into the Constitution to prevent.

  18. Chann says:

    It’s not about guns it’s about freedom and the crisis actors can all go to hell

    • If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  19. Carol says:

    So will there be another pre-planned shooting of some magnitude before Nov. so their gun control agenda can be accented.

    • OLD VET says:

      thats how it started in germany take there guns now take there belongings . now get rid of them .OLD VET

      • Sharon says:

        Sad but true. Pay attention America.

      • Francisco Machado says:

        The NAZI party also artificially created crisis situations to justify actions taken, e.g. invasion of Poland. As said by Rahm Emmanuel, “never let a serious crisis go to waste” – Even if you have to create the crisis.

  20. Donald C Kilb says:

    Got to hand it to them for handing a red wave to us!

  21. cathyloveyou says:

    Heads, upbringing, kill people, guns protect people,demolish clay pigeons and kill deer as do cars.. Stop using this to get votes while it turns most of us off, Americans that is.

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