Democrats are furious at what this black football star said about Trump

The Democrat Party thinks they own black voters.

Despite screwing them over for decades, they think their votes are guaranteed for them.

That’s why Democrats are furious at what this black football star said about Trump.

No President in modern history has done more for the black community than President Donald Trump.

Prior to coronavirus, he presided over the lowest black unemployment rate in history.

President Trump has also passed historic criminal justice reform that has given thousands of first-time drug offenders, who are disproportionately black a second chance.

These wins have scored him unexpected support.

Among them are rapper Kanye West, who has been spotted sporting a Make America Great Again hat and rapper 50 Cent, who encouraged his followers to vote Trump over Joe Biden’s insane tax plan, which includes over 60 percent tax rates.

Of course, after 50 Cent was attacked by his Hollywood and entertainment peers, the rapper lashed out at Trump on Twitter claiming he never liked him.

But the Trump administration also worked with rapper Ice Cube, who has been a major critic of Trump.

The support from these figures has been tacit at best, especially with Kanye West choosing to run his own presidential campaign against Trump.

That is at least what the Fake News Media will say about them anyway.

But one figure they can’t find a way to talk around is Herschel Walker.

Walker is black, and a college and pro football legend.

He has come out as one of Trump’s biggest supporters, and just came out with a full statement of support that the Democrat Party is sure to hate.

“It’s sad, and that’s the reason why I got involved. I want America to know the truth. Donald Trump is not a racist,” Walker said. “It’s tough because we have become so political today, and the worst thing that you can say to someone today is that ‘he’s a racist.’ They take bits and parts of a speech and they try to make him a racist, and that’s what’s very, very sad to me and the reason I got involved.”

Walker went on to not only defend Trump as being not racist, but to show his support for him being the best candidate in his eyes.

“He’s the best guy to be the leader for this country, and I wanted people to know the truth,” he said. “I’m not getting paid, and I’m not getting anything from it, I just love America and want America to know the truth.”

Walker is far from alone in the black community.

Many believe that black voters will come out big for President Trump compared to other Republicans.

Those voters are realizing that Trump isn’t racist, and that Joe Biden’s record is full of racist acts.

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