Democrats are freaking out after one state proved them dead wrong on the coronavirus response

Democrats are doing everything they can to keep the U.S. economy shut down over coronavirus.

They desperately want the economy to tank in order to help them defeat President Trump in November.

But now they are freaking out after one state proved them dead wrong on the coronavirus response.

Democrats truly believe that forcing the economy to a screeching halt will stop coronavirus.

They believe that efforts to re-open the economy will cause millions of people to die from the virus, and that every death is President Trump’s fault.

They are predicting massive amounts of death following a decision from Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to re-open their state’s economy.

The Left painted Kemp as an evil man who cares more about the state’s economy than the lives of its citizens.

Even President Trump had his doubts, stating that he was moving too quickly with his plan to re-open.

But all of those concerns have been proven to be unfounded as the newest numbers relating to the virus were released in the state.

Georgia revealed that they have the lowest number of hospitalized coronavirus cases in more than a month despite having no stay at home order.

“Today marks the lowest number of COVID-19 positive patients currently hospitalized statewide (1,203) since hospitals began reporting this data on April 8th,” Governor Brian Kemp Tweeted. “Today also marks the lowest total of ventilators in use (897 with 1,945 available). We will win this fight together!”

Kemp also touted the state’s increase in coronavirus testing, writing in a statement:

“Thanks to Georgia’s partnership with Augusta University, our university system, the private sector, and local public health officials, we’ve doubled our daily testing capacity and now have over 217,000 total tests reported to the state’s website. A few weeks ago, Georgia ranked 43rd out of 54 states and territories in testing per capita. Today, we are 29th according to the COVID-19 Mapping Project. Out of twenty-three states with more than five million people, we are now 12th in per capita testing.”

When Kemp lifted the stay at home order, he had it remain in place for those who are elderly or “medically fragile.”

In making the decision, he touted the necessity of protecting both the lives and livelihoods of those in his state.

“As I have said many times before: We must protect both the lives and livelihoods of all Georgians. There are many people today who literally cannot afford to put food on the table. We must fight for both the public – and economic – health of our state,” he said.

And the numbers prove he made the right decision, regardless of what the mainstream media’s fear-mongering.

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31 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    I am a Georgia resident. I supported Governor Kemp’s campaign with the funds I could afford and voted for him in the primary and general elections. I am damned glad I did.

  2. Alan Friedman says:

    Funny the mainstream media never says anything about the thousands of people that have recovered from the virus. One person who recovered from the corona virus was a 106 year old veteran. This means he also lived through the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 – 1920. Every time someone dies from Corona or, if there is a new case: it is all over the media, More people have recovered from COVID-19 then have died from it.

  3. Alan Friedman says:

    If the economy remains shut down until we get a vaccine (if ever) we will go back to the middle ages, which is more dangerous and deadly than Corona.

  4. Jimmie Chesser says:

    Theocrats in government are crOOks . But everyone of them are brain wasted..

  5. Ed says:

    Sick is sick. Us old folks may die if we don’t take care and become sick. You youngsters and will get sick when you don’t have a job, an income, and enough of us left to pay for your care.

  6. Dr. J.D. says:

    I personally agree with Bill Maher. If we have to go into a recession or even a depression to get Trump out of office then so be it. Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to bake a cake. Trump is so bad that it justifies doing some things that otherwise would be frowned upon, or unethical, or even immoral.
    The Trump presidency is a national crisis in and of itself.

  7. Ron says:

    Quarantine of the sick is necessary but to keep the remainder of the population under lock down only prolongs the life of the pandemic. Certain people will get the virus no matter how long the country remains in isolation! It is better for the economy of the country and the population as a whole to be open and moving for the virus to run its course! If people stay isolated the virus will be around for a longer period of time causing more isolation, boredom and mental illness! It is best to get the crises over and move on!

  8. Soupy says:

    A government Quarantines the sick, but imprisons the healthy! It all depends on the Agenda

  9. George says:

    Again and again DemonRat strategy to deface Trump fails. Along with the failures a steady decline of votes. Of course the DemonRats still retain the Hacked votes, illegal votes , the Stupid votes, and of course the dead votes.

  10. Don Juan says:

    The Democrats have a warped way of thinking. They’re thinking it is better to keep the economy down so the American people will vote for them in the upcoming election. This type of stupidity will only backfire on them. If the Democrats do do this kind of stupidity and prolong the suffering, the American people will vote these ingrates out of office faster than their heads skin spin. The people of the United States want to go back to work. Period, end of discussion. Donald Trump has a unique way of conveying this to the American people and plus we are not stupid. The Democrats are stupid but we, the American people, are not. With that being said, please don’t get me started on Joe Biden now. That is for a different discussion.

  11. Bill says:

    I am a Georgia resident and thank Governor Kemp for using common sense in his approach to handling the coronavirus epidemic both from a medical and economic standpoint. Even though I knew there was a risk in what he did I trusted my fellow citizens to act responsibly. By that I mean that just because some business and activities were allowed to open and/or take place people still should observe standard precautions such as social distancing, wearing a face mask in crowded venues, practicing good hygiene, etc. Things seem to be working but now isn’t the time to ignore the lessons we have learned. I am one of the at risk people in the state (over 70 and diabetic) and I avoid crowds, wash my hands often, use hand sanitizer, etc. and stay at home alone to the extent possible.

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