Democrats are attempting to save their election chances with this big last-minute gamble

Democrats are seeing their polling lead slip through their fingers.

The so-called “Blue Wave” is crashing and liberals are getting desperate.

And you won’t believe who they’re trotting out to save their election chances.

Hillary Clinton was the least likeable presidential candidate in modern day history.

But that isn’t stopping Democrats from putting her back in the spotlight.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton will now go on the campaign trail to bail out Democrats that are at risk of losing their election.

CNN reports:

Bill and Hillary Clinton are going on tour.

The Clintons announced on Monday that they would headline a series of live events together — billed “An Evening with The Clintons” — across the country in the final weeks of 2018 and into 2019.

The tour will provide the Democratic stalwarts with a notable platform weeks after the consequential 2018 midterm elections and deep into 2019, when a number of Democrats will be jockeying for positions in the fight to be the party’s standard bearer against President Donald Trump in 2020.

The events, which are being produced by tour promoter Live Nation, are being billed as “one-of-a-kind conversation with two individuals who have helped shape our world and had a front seat to some of the most important moments in modern history.”

The Democrats have suffered monumental election losses in the past two years.

Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016 was only the start.

Since his election, Democrats have lost nearly every single special election.

After Hillary Clinton’s humiliating defeat, the Democrats may be making a mistake by bringing her on the campaign trail.

Bill Clinton could also drag down the ticket. Reminding voters of Bill Clinton’s past sexual assaults in the age of the #MeToo movement would likely turn off many voters in key states.

While the Clintons may be able to turn out a crowd to a rally or raise campaign funds, their presence could put nail in the coffin for the “blue wave.”

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89 Responses

  1. Paul956 says:

    Glad I made you laugh. with so much hate being twitted or whatever, I thought a little humor would be refreshing. The only problem with Hillary on a milk carton is that the expiration date was two years ago. She has been spitting sour milk since 2016.

  2. The Real M says:

    Paul956, Your “HRC face on a milk carton” made me laugh out loud. I needed that! Well, maybe not a visual of her face on a milk carton! BLEAH!!!

  3. Paul956 says:

    I’d like to see a picture of Hillary on a milk carton.
    Yeah, I know that’s an old term, but Hillary would get it.

  4. Beverly Brewer says:

    I wish I could post the picture I saw recently of Hillary in blackface at a Halloween party!

  5. Kara Wright says:

    If the DEMS are so in need of help I think there choice of Killary and Billery will be just what the RNC called for. I’m sure we need to watch the death notices as we know Killary does that very well. As for Billery he will need a sitter to keep it in his pants. They are a match made for how to lose a Mid Term campaign. The DEMS should watch the DNC money as Killary will only be to glad to invest it for them as we know Killary and Billary always use other peoples money. They like to cook the books. Time will tell.

  6. Paul956 says:

    Mad Max(ine Waters) that’s good. I didn’t see many photos or watch any speeches by Hillary.
    I honestly couldn’t stand to hear her talk let alone look at her.
    One photo I did see was where she was in front of a large crowd with a barrier n front of het during a speech where she said “we don’t believe in walls”. Still, I fear the 12% new voters who have come of voting age to be an unknown factor. But, at $750.00 a seat, the cost may be prohibitive. Unless of course George Soros hands out free tickets he has paid for.

  7. Native Texan says:

    The democrats are desperate. Some are attempting to soft pedal or even back track on some of their objectives. But it is too late! We have seen them for what they are. Kamala Harris has proclaimed that it all about the power! They want the power to control the government and the American people. They want the power to shut down anyone opposed to their ideology. Their only concern with our Constitution is how it hinders or obstructs their goal to seize power. They are working to ignore, abridge, or otherwise destroy the “Bill of Rights” and our personal freedoms and protections. They want to overthrow the will of the people and the 2016 election. We must get out and vote in this mid – term election for anyone but a democrat.

  8. Patricia says:

    I’m so worried! I hope and pray you’re right. I like to think conservatives are fed up and sick to death of the evil they must combat every day. Democraps will take illegal votes. They solicit them. They lie to get votes. They prey on the ignorant and emotionally unstable people. (Sigh) I want to be optimistic like you! I have hope… But I still worry. God help us if they come into power!!!!!

  9. ab55 says:

    I have read some Polls they R averaging about 69% of Voters will actually show up at the Polls. Republican’s this is not enough. We need Republican Votes, get there & Vote, drive your family, your friends, whatever it takes to get them there to Vote.

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