Democrats are afraid you will ask this simple question about Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s Presidency and poll numbers are in a free fall.

There is no turnaround in sight.

And now Democrats are afraid you will ask this simple question about Joe Biden.

After Joe Biden tested positive for the coronavirus, the White House scrambled into damage control mode.

Even though Joe Biden received two vaccine shots and two boosters, he still contracted the virus, showing that this so-called “vaccine” is not actually a vaccine, as it does not stop transmission and infection.

At 79 years-old – the oldest President in American history – Biden is in a high-risk group for a bad outcome from COVID.

That’s why the White House put out a photo of Joe Biden supposedly hard at work.

The White House then posted another video to social media of Joe Biden “updating” the nation on the status of his health.

In both cases, although Joe Biden was still contagious from coronavirus, he was unmasked in the presence of others.

Had Donald Trump pulled a similar stunt, the media would have pitched a fit and accused him of trying to murder his staff.

But a 79 year-old Joe Biden unmasked telling Americans that his testing positive for COVID was no big deal, led to another question the White House wanted to avoid.

And that is if COVID is no big deal for a 79 year-old man – who is in a high risk group – then is it time to finally drop the COVID hysterics and move on with life?

Democrats won’t acknowledge this reality because for a portion of their base – the people who still wear masks out in public and dutifully inject whatever booster shot Dr. Fauci tells them to – COVID is now a lifestyle.

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