Democrats admitted one thing about Donald Trump that no one ever thought was possible

For five years, Donald Trump functioned as the chief boogeyman for the American Left.

Liberals lied about Trump, smeared Trump with hoaxes, and invented a host of conspiracy theories to try and defeat Trump.

And now Democrats admitted one thing about Donald Trump that no one ever thought was possible.

North Carolina Democrat Governor Roy Cooper is the new chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

Democrats are coming off a brutal 2021 election cycle where Republicans won the governorship in Virginia for the first time since 2009 and Democrat Phil Murphy barely held on in New Jersey after romping to a 14 point victory in 2017.

In both races, the Democrats’ only argument against the Republican candidates was to blast them as Trump clones.

That failed mainly because voters judged Joe Biden as a failure as inflation rose at the highest rate in forty years, twelve Democrat-run cities set murder records, and a record number of illegal aliens invaded America.

Voters didn’t care about Democrats claiming their Republican opponents were mini-Trumps because it was factually untrue and Trump’s agenda of economic prosperity, secure borders, and supporting police looked awfully good in comparison to the fiasco unfolding under Biden.

Nothing fixes a party quite like electoral defeats.

And at the Democratic Governors Association winter meeting, newly-elected chairman Roy Cooper admitted Democrats would dump the Trump-centric focus in the 2022 midterm elections.

“I just don’t think [Trump] needs to be the central focus,” Cooper stated.

“What you can do is continue to focus on your issues and [decide] if it’s worth reminding people how this candidate got elected, and what’s coming,” Cooper added. “Because our democracy is really at stake now.”

Democrats are defending key governorships in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Republicans winning those states could prevent the types of illegal changes to mail-in voting that took place in the 2020 elections.

That terrifies Democrats.

And it helps explain why the Party is abandoning its losing strategy of lying about Donald Trump.

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