Democrats admitted a major defeat that stopped Joe Biden dead in his tracks

Joe Biden is claiming to be the President-elect despite not all the results being official.

But Biden just encountered a major setback.

And Democrats were forced to admit a major defeat that stopped Joe Biden dead in his tracks.

Democrats’ bid to win outright control of the Senate officially ended on Monday when Democrat Cal Cunningham conceded defeat in his race to unseat North Carolina Republican Senator Thom Tillis.

Heading into the election, Cunningham held a 2.6% lead in the polls according to the RealClearPolitics polling average and Tillis ended up winning by 1.7%.

The North Carolina race was one of many massive polling misses where Democrats thought they were a lock to win the Senate only to see Republicans win easily in Maine and Iowa and emerge victorious in North Carolina.

Democrats thought Senate races in Iowa, North Carolina, and Maine all leaned in their direction and that a suburban revolt against Donald Trump would propel Democrats into a Senate Majority.

Those hopes turned out to be fantasies built on flawed and fake polls that did not accurately measure the level of support for Donald Trump and down ballot Republicans.
At best, the Senate will be 50-50.

And without a Democrat majority, a President Joe Biden cannot pass his radical socialist agenda through Congress.

Biden needs a solid Democrat majority to eliminate the filibuster, pack the courts, add news states, impose a government takeover of healthcare, and pass the Marxist Green New Deal.

Defeats in Iowa, North Carolina, and Maine effectively neuter a Joe Biden Presidency by blocking his agenda and rendering him as a lame duck President should Donald Trump’s legal challenges fail.

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