Democrat lawmakers are helping teachers unions cover their tracks on what they’re doing to your kids

Like a rudely awakened sleeping giant, parents in America are rising up and demanding transparency in the classroom.

The days of school administrators and teachers being trusted to properly educate children in an unbiased way are over.

Now Democrat lawmakers are helping teachers unions cover their tracks on what they’re doing to your kids.

Parents have had it.

Last November, the statewide elections in Virginia proved that Americans are sick and tired of teachers and administrators brainwashing their children and hiding what’s being taught in the classroom.

Countless state-level lawmakers have been elected because they promised to revamp the school systems and provide transparency to parents.

However, the lawmakers fighting for parents’ rights are being met with fierce resistance from the Left.

Bills that would require curriculum transparency in at least a dozen states are being blocked by Democrats and teachers unions.

The Left says that giving parents access to their children’s curriculum could cause undue censorship and backlash against educators.

The Party of censorship is now crying censorship.

Of course, if teachers aren’t teaching children leftist propaganda, they shouldn’t be worried about backlash.

But Americans know that children are no longer being taught just reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Even though teachers unions have been in the back pocket of the Democrat Party for decades, never before has it been so clear that they are indeed an extension of the Biden regime.

Under federal law, parents have the right to request their children’s curriculum for review if the child attends a government school.

But schools are not required to post the materials online.

In at least 12 states, lawmakers are fighting to change that by introducing legislation requiring schools to post lists of all teaching materials online, including articles, videos, and books.

In Missouri, State Representative Doug Richey put forth a bill that does just that.

But Democrat State Representative Paula Brown is fighting back, claiming that Richey’s legislation is “setting people up just to be in court.”

“Make no mistake: these bills are an attack on Missouri students,” Brown wrote in a statement after the Committee hearing. “They have the right to learn in classrooms free from censorship.”

The obvious gorilla in the room is that the Left and Democrat lawmakers like Paula Brown only believe it’s censorship when their Marxist curriculums like Critical Race Theory are attacked.

Democrats like Brown ignore the fact that history books are being removed from library shelves and science is being labeled “misinformation” simply because it doesn’t line up with the leftist viewpoint.

This is just one more way the Biden regime plans to brainwash America’s youth and turn this once free and prosperous nation into a socialist pit.

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