Democrat Congressman just attacked Trump supporters in the most despicable way

The left has become completely unhinged since Donald Trump’s election victory.

Democrats have made no attempt whatsoever to conceal their contempt for Trump or his supporters.

Now, one Democrat Congressman just crossed the line with a new attack on Trump supporters.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) was giving a speech to the NAACP in Atlanta.

That’s when he painted a hateful picture of Trump supporters:

“Donald Trump supporters are older, less educated, less prosperous, and they are dying early. Their life spans are decreasing, and many are dying from alcoholism, drug overdoses, liver disease, or simply a broken heart.”

To make things worse, he then proceeded to compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Roll Call reports:

Rep. Hank Johnson warned his constituents against creeping authoritarianism in an intense speech peppered with historical references Tuesday, likening the political moment that brought President Donald Trump to power to the rise of Adolf Hitler.

“Our democracy teeters on the brink of failure,” the Georgia Democrat said at an event held by the Atlanta NAACP earlier this week. “Americans elected an authoritarian, racist, anti-immigrant strongman to the nation’s highest office.”

Hitler “rode a wave of nationalism and anti-Semitism to power. Replace anti-Semitism with ‘all Latinos crossing our borders are rapists, drug dealers and murderers.’ Does that sound familiar?” Johnson asked, to a chorus of “yeses” from the crowd.

So far, Rep. Hank Johnson has not apologized for his comments.

Johnson made it very clear for all the world to see that not only is he out of touch with everyday Americans, he outright disdains them.

But he’s far from the only Democrat who hates Trump supporters.

Hillary Clinton coined the phrase “Deplorables” in a 2016 campaign speech.

But many Trump supporters embraced the term because it exposed the bubble that leftwing elites live in.

What do you think about Rep. Hank Johnson’s attack on Trump supporters?

Vote in our poll below and sound off in the comments section!


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276 Responses

  1. Wondering Woman says:

    In answer to the poll question of do we think this democrat should apologize, My answer is no!
    Because of these deep state establishment traitors accepting a 6 figure salary for representing their constituents while actually betraying us working to destroy our nation & us from within. They have lied to us far too often & far too long. Only a total fool was ask one of them to lie to us again with a fake apology!
    Guess that is the way one is forced to live when living a lie.
    Since this ?gentleman seems overly concerned with the illegal immigrants, I do have a few questions for him. Where were you during Obama’s usurpation & he was separating & caging these children ? President Trump is treating these children better than Clinton, Bush & Obama did!
    Major question is how about that trainload of unaccompanied minor children that arrived without parents under Obama, Biden & Hillary. Were these the 4500 or so immigrant children who vanished under Obama & have yet to be accounted for? Were they brought here to be forced into pedophile sex trafficking? Where were your sympathies for these children then & why did none of you so overly sympathetic democratic deep state establishment traitors, so anxious to use them now in your desperate efforts to save your own corrupt criminal adzes from being held accountable by destroying the first PATRIOTIC PRESIDENT we have had in many decades, more concerned about those children. Not a peep out of any of you bleeding hearts for those children! WHY NOT???????????
    Keep on tossing your hypocrisy out in public view, but expect to get it tossed right back to each & every one of you! Your party members earned the logo: “If their lips are moving, they’re lying” because Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Schmer, Schitf, Nadler, the Squad & most of the other democrats have shown us it pretty much tells it the way has been for a long time & still is!

  2. Beach says:

    Being a Trump supporter has nothing to do with it….it is age and lifestyle related…so by the looks of him I guess he should be dropping pretty soon!!

  3. Gregory Rorex says:

    I second that

  4. C. Perry says:

    The Trumps are not the problem. People are believing all of the fake news now that’s the problem. The democrats don’t like President because he is not a politician but a smart businessman and has did more for this great country than any politician has ever did. Mueller himself stated there wasn’t any truth in that there was any collusion by the President and Russia. He also stated there wasn’t any truth that th President told Cohen to lie about a business deal with Russia.

  5. Judy says:

    I voted for Trump! I am nothing of what you describe. I voted for him because I could not bring myself to vote for Clinton or not vote. I’m so very sorry I thought to vote was my responsibility—I so regret my vote! If we could get rid of the Trumps yesterday it would be too soon. On the other hand it’s the responsibility of the parties to give us two candidates who have intelligence and integrity and no lies!

    • mark says:

      Judy, You need to get on the Island of Guam. When it tips over, you can swim around with Hank and the rest of the Never Trumper.
      Hard to believe that there is Such Stupidity in the world.

    • Black Knight says:

      You sound like you are uneducated. Which is typical of never trumpets.

  6. Steff says:

    We should quit commenting on anything Carl T. and Betty writes because both of them are too stupid to try to reason with. The fact of you can’t fix stupid has been proven enough times with their ridiculous comments. Just let them caterwaul like the other snowflakes who scream to the sky!!

  7. jemb says:

    This is a really stupid question …. yes means no … and no means yes
    Of course EVERYONE thinks Hank Johnson should issue an apology to not only President Trump’s supporters, but also to President Trump.

    • Janet says:

      I seem to remember that someone in Congress yelled, “Liar!” to Obama while Obama was making a speech! All Hell broke lose! The person who shouted it was forced to apologize as everyone was horrified at the fact someone would publicly humiliate the (then) president! That was “chump change” compared to what President Donald Trump has to put up with every hour of every day! Disgraceful!

  8. Carl T. says:

    Why should Congressman Johnson apologize for telling the Truth ? Trump is following Hitler’s playbook, with appeals to fear, finding a public scapegoat, ( Hitler used the Jews , Trump the Latinos , African Americans and Immigrants ) Making up stories and statistics , and using his Ministry of Propaganda to trumpet the Big Lie of the Day . Goebbels knew that any lie will be eventually believed by the weaker minds if you say it loud enough and often enough.

    • Caesar Meledandri says:

      Carl, Please get a grip on reality. Just because you watch CNN and fake news does not qualify you as an intelligent person.

    • Meme says:

      WTF are you talking about? You’re a great example of the left. Deny hate blame. And absolutely no logic You just repeated the weirdos MO perfectly. Mental instability runs amok in most of you. Learn your history and shut up. Jackass trick

    • Brian says:

      “…many are dying from alcoholism, drug overdoses, liver disease, or simply a broken heart.” He must be talking about all the Blacks that he and the other Democrats are stepping on

    • stephanie wilson says:

      carl, he was not telling the truth.

    • Gregory Harnett says:

      CHeck your facts. Pelosi even wanted the wall until it was to be championed by a Republican. Democrats say one thing about help ing the American Workers but gacve away the store with the trade deals. Trump goes out, gets better trade deals to loosen tarrifs for American products and Democrats call it anti-american worker. How damn stupid is that if you think Trump is the problem. Wake Up!!
      Trump has done more for for America Workers and country security than Obama and Clintons ever dreamed of. He also calmed the North Koreans and Iran … thank you Trump is what you should say. But you are too hateful with fool politics you have no idea what he really has done.
      A big business lover? Yes, he is an I am ut his efforts have been to givethem more opportunity to export than go over seas to get better treatment. Anyone, anyone who doesn’t consider what I just said as helping USA, helping the business, workers, and our security is a damn fool and should ask forgiveness … oh, and also ope nyour mouth when you can talk intelligently and not like sime dumbass ignorant fool blindly following political nonsense.

    • Charles says:

      Strange you call and compare Trump to Hitler all the time when it is liberal democrats that actually use brown shirts yourself and nothing is too underhand unless it is not in your best interest then it is all hell to pay.

  9. Floyd says:

    These sorryass Representatives always have something to say about anyone because they lost the election! They have to criticize the people that are paying them their enormously huge paycheck’s. Not one, cares about the AMERICAN people !

  10. OLD VET says:

    sorry dinbats did not mean to affend you .

  11. old vet says:

    you stupid dinbat what i forgot about life you have not even learned yet your nothing but a racis ignorant goof ball i know and lived among many people of color that would be a shamed to associate with the likes of you .your so smart you think the island of gaum would turn over if it had to many people on it get a life bobble head learn what the country is about and the people stop being a follower and be a real man .you want to be liked tell the truth stop the BS

  12. mykpyp says:

    Being racist and an IGNORANT racist at that, is no way to go through life…yet there is this liberal MORON, for all to see inside the liberal Democrat Party, Trouble is his ignorant racism runs through the Democrat Party like a vein of pyrite!

    • jeff kendall says:

      hank johnson has got to be one the THE DUMBEST jackassess in congress…course they are many that are a close second including cortez, waters, jackson, fredrickson and then the lying conniving aholes like cummings,grey beaver, ba ba bernie.

    • Edward Beadle says:

      You just offended the moron population. 🙂

      • kathy moon says:

        Amen to that Edward….he always speaks so deliberately as if his words are so brilliant, and they are anything but. He is an idiot…he and Maxine oughta hang out.

    • Don Nauyokas says:

      Hank is right about one thing in saying “Americans elected an authoritarian, racist, anti-immigrant strongman to the nation’s highest office.”, and that is Americans voted for Trump while anti-Americans did not.

    • Jerry Rockwell says:

      Oh No, He can’t be a jerk racist, he is black. Everyone knows that blacks can’t be a racist. Just because he has black skin makes him love all other colors of skin. According to Google Congressman Johnson came into office poor with about an $8000 net worth in 2012. Just 6 years later and poor underprivileged Hank is worth over 4 Million dollars. Not bad he has amassed appr. $667,000 per year in just net worth, on a congressional salary of $174,000. That’s very good. It means he amassed a fortune of 4 times his annual salary every year in office. And none of that considers, mortgages, car payments, housekeeping, clothing, food, or anything else. So he paid no expenses in 6 years and still gained almost 4 times his annual salary each year and he banked every cent. He never once spent a cent over the last 6 years and his income grew fourfold. Sounds like Honest Abe Lincoln to me. Now, that is the product of racism by white people.

    • Michael Dimatteo says:

      Another ignorant racist said he could do that. Her name is mad Max.Two peas in a pod dumbass and dumberass.They should watch some of the progams onAHC network.It shows the dumbocraps playbook.Right from Adolph himself.

  13. arewit says:

    Another DemocRAT proving that their party is comprised of JACKASSES!

  14. Judy Walters says:

    We are Americans and if we would start acting like one instead of trying to destroy someone because they do not think the way we think they should, we would all be better people. We have only one person who we will answer to and that is GOD and so many of you are saying that he isn’t real. Tell me how that ending goes when you stand before him. The Republicans didn’t need service dogs, and therapist when Obama got voted in, we went to work everyday to pay the taxes that the Democrats put on us. We went to Church on Sunday and continue our lives. If the Democrats would start helping the people who they say are poor instead of trying to keep them that way and handing out checks every month telling them to stay home and the government will support them, why so that they will vote for democrats to get more free hand outs. What happens when the middle class is not there anymore, who is going to be paying the taxes that will be used to give free handouts. What happens people when you are told you have no voice anymore and that you will do as told or you will end up in a coffin or a camp like they did to the JEWS, No don’t forget about the Holocaust, it was real and it will happen again but it won’t be Trump or the Republicans doing it, it will be the Left Wing of Democrats that is being put into office now. We fought to be free and I believe if push comes to shove the American people will do it again. It won’t be the South against the North, it will be the American wanting their freedom against the evil people trying to take it away from us. GOD BLESS AMERICA and he will.

  15. Richard R Miller says:

    For lack of a better adjective, what a jerk. This clown is one of the reasons this country is in the state its in. He ought to be either removed or at a minimum censored. What a shame, I wish our people would educated themselves a little more on candidate running for office. Hard to believe in our great democracy people elect idiots like this.

    • tbone188 says:

      Have you noticed the level of talk that has come from these ignoramuses since we started to elect them? The likes of rashad tlaib and the rest of the morons in the black caucus. They actually think they sound intelligent when they stand up and insult Tump and America. If Americans talked about them like they spoke of us we would be condemned around the world and yet they are the most racist of all. I personally think that Muslim asshole from Mich. should be expelled from the Congress for the things she has said and done. Swearing on a Koran and wrapping herself in a Palestine flag is detestable and calling President Trump a MF is beyond contemptible.

  16. john furlong says:

    There are smarter monkeys in the zoo, the libs should just go steal one instead of electing it

    • Terri Newman says:

      at we Trumpers know that you can’t capsize guam with too many people on it, we’re not the ignorant ones!

    • Carl T. says:

      Couldn’t do it. The Radial Right emptied the Zoo, found the dumbest , loudest Monkey in the Cage and got him elected. So now , when Trump throws his Feces around, he just reminds us that he should be back behind bars in the Zoo..

      • Caesar Meledandri says:

        Carl, Once more your ignorance shows with your horrible tweets. I believe that, not only should you go back to school and get a real education, you also need to learn how to use the English language. Also, Carl get the facts before you spew forth your lousy rhetoric.

  17. Don says:

    Johnson is so ignorant, and proves it daily, that, I’d suggest he get some mental help that is if they can find a brain.

  18. Anthony Alfaro says:

    Johnson? isn’t he the A Hole who was deeply concerned that Guam would tip over with the military buildup on the island? He brings stupid to a new level. Really interested in what is on his feeble mind now

  19. Betty says:

    It’s d. trump who is totally Unhinged in the Most Frighting & Insane Way Ever But The only ones who don’t realize it are the Republican Butt Lickers Of That Oval Office Republican Sour Faced, Sick Minded, Selfish, Stubbon, Stupid, Stinking, Son Of A Bitch.

    • Anthony Alfaro says:

      Kicked your ass in November 2016 and you can not recover from TDS

    • stephanie wilson says:

      LMAO thanks for proving you have TDS

    • Mark Hopkins says:

      Ok Betty, you really need to get back on your schizophrenic/bipolar medication, then go to a nice fascist/communist social media post where the delusional morons there will actually believe the vile stupidity coming out of your warped brain.

    • Don says:

      I’d suggest you seek the same mental help Johnson needs. You’ve confused Trump with your hero Obozo.

    • Wendy Leech says:

      How come you democates spew such hate ? And you teach your familys hate ehat is wrong with you. Grow up .you had 8 years your way okay well this time you lost the other team won …suck it up ……God will be here soon , so maybe think twice before spewing such HATE…..we have had many presidents in this FREE country. We have had a republican president impeached and we had democates impeached …however if you had any proof of any thing being wrong you would have already impeached … again stop all the hate and suck it up
      ….Go Trump and yea i am for a WALL

    • mark says:

      Betty is sore because she had her Dick ripped off

    • Philip Neale says:

      Do all democrats believe islands capsize when too many people migrate to one side? Hank the Genius does. Hank’s hate means you’re on the right track. Oh and Betty, for the sake of the children – sit 2020 out.

    • Wanda says:

      Betty you have a filthy mouth

    • Stephen says:

      Betty, get to the bathroom right this minute and put a bar of soap in your mouth; and make it Irish Spring since I hear it tastes the worse.

    • Mark says:

      You probably had wet dreams about Scumbama you moron.

    • Eugenia Nowell says:

      Betty, there’s a special place reserved for all you who think like this. I hope you all are not this bigoted. SHAME, SHAME!! E—-

  20. Leon says:

    Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) must be talking about Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and her DRUG USING, SIDEWALK URINATING, DEFICATING constituents in San Francisco, he definitely is not talking about civilized people in the Republican Party!

    • John Lambert says:

      Yeah…he’s talking about Republicans! Just like Republicans, and their (for the most part) racist-leaning, big biz and wealthiest 1% ass-kissing supporters, talked about President Obama and his wife, Michelle! They can dish the crap out, but they can’t take it in equal amounts..wait! one has, as yet, compared Melania to an ape..but she is still ‘being picked on unjustly?’

      • stephanie wilson says:

        sorry john. but he is the racist. not us

      • RP says:

        John Lambert: You seem to have a bizarre and skewed view of the facts. The Klan was a Democrat established group to attack blacks, after the Civil War. It was the NRA that was established to help blacks defend themselves against the Klan. The Democrat party has always been the party of oppression and control of the population.

        As far as big biz people supporting Trump: Gates, Zuckerberg, the leaders of Tweeter and several other social websites, Wall Street, most doctors and lawyers, 95% of the media, Tom Steyer, Soros, and several other billionaires; have supported the Democrat party. So don’t start that crap about fat cats.

        As far as calling Mooochelle an ape: have you ever seen the pictures of her in one of her yelling rages? She looks like an ape. Melania is a beautiful lady with class; something the Obozo family seems to have missed completely.

      • Esteban Zorro says:

        Hey John…get it right…it’s MOOCHELLE you moron.

      • Rhonda says:

        Hey John… Moochelle is a man!!!

  21. H. Spires says:

    Sounds like Hanky Stanky described Stacey Abrams right down to the last detail instead of President Trump. The people of Georgia sure dodged a bullet with fat Stacey. Any islands in danger of tipping over Hank?

  22. Stephen says:

    It sounds like Hank Johnson has his facts mixed-up and describing Democrat Voters and not Republicans. Bill Clinton was the last Democrap I voted for. I saw the light and became an Independent leaning Republican. It all started with Swift Boat Kerry publicly stating that the UN needed to step up and start providing the security of the USA. My Wife and I said No WAY. Every Democrap since then began to really stink. We held our nose voting for Romney who is a really a watered down Democrap pretending to be a liberal Republican. Yea, I am white, 62, self employed with 2 college degrees and I and my Wife pay all of our own continuing education needed in our profession. We employee 3 people and pay for their continuing education in our profession. Hank Johnson, you are full of Manure. Hitler murdered a lot of People. Who has Trump murdered?

    • John Lambert says:

      At least 2 kids in ICE control. And truth is, just bcuz we don’t know whether Trump’s had anyone murdered or not, doesn’t mean he hasn’t. Doesn’t mean he has. Just because YOU heard/think he hasnt, doesn’t mean YOU for sure, KNOW he hasn’t l, either!

      • Wendy Leech says:

        Really you can not be that uneducated the parents or just any one makes a child walks 100s of miles not enough food water there is a lot of sickness and if they die its someone elses fault…stop it put blame where it belongs ……

      • John Flynn says:

        But we know about the Clinton machine and the murders committed by it, don’t we? If it wasn’t for ICE those two dead children would’ve probably died earlier when they were brought all those miles to our border AND children are taken to the hospital by ICE and SURVIVE because of ICE. Wake up, troll!!

  23. snark says:

    To ph.d JD
    A new Harvard study has found that 80% of all voters say we need a secure border, including 86% of Democrats!

    • CECIL SLIGH says:

      I believe that too.Its just common sense.The left take orders from the deep state who could ruin them with one email.

  24. C. Perry says:

    It’s not because he’s black. Its because he’s a democrat. He’s preaching what most democrats believe. By the way the education of the President Trumps supporters higher the democrats in every state. He showed his high education level with his statement that Guam would capsize if more troops were stationed there. This old Marine has more degrees that most of the people in Washington DC. To go along with the degrees it’s a lot of common sense.

  25. Truckman says:

    what does he think of all those blacks that voted for obama even when they did not like him just because he was half black and those that vote for him for the same reason and the black woman that ran in GA. that said it was race related when she lost I have a friend who can not read or write and hardly and is a die hard democrat because that’s what his MaMa was

  26. trapperwv1 says:

    This is coming from the man that thought Guam would flip over if we moved our troops. If I was black he would be an embarrassment to the black race.

    • Carl Smith says:

      What does this mans ignorance show about his voters? 90% of Blacks don’t even know the party they support was the Party of the KKK? LBJ told us that his signature on the “Great Society” would have blacks voting D for a Hundred years? he was 55% right.

  27. Jane Jackson I agree with you. I too clicked NO as to this fella apologizing. This is typical of the the mentality of the left. No matter what they say, Trump is President and doing exactly as I expect of him to do. I shutter to think of “if” Hillary was President today. And finally, they can say how great Obama was, but the reality of the situation is that Mr. Obama is going to go down in history books as the most accomplished nothing important President ever. The Obama’s and the Clinton’s were/are a disgrace to this Great Country. The voice of a member of Nixon’s “Silent Majority”.

  28. Dianna says:

    I’m a 63 year old WHITE WOMAN! I’m PROUD to be a WOMAN, WHITE, CHRISTIAN! I love AMERICA! I’m PROUD to be an AMERICAN! this man is a pure out RACIST! what kind of example is he to America’s young people? seems like all his rants he shouts out maybe he needs to seek some help & get back on right track to represent people who voted for him! time for term limits! God bless America! God bless President Trump!

    • Sgt. Preston says:

      AMEN to that. I’m 69 going on 70. This democrab is so full of it, he thinks he is an expert. Only thing he seems to be expert at is being stupid and ill-informed. He’s a perfect example of “open mouth, insert foot” and his race is the concrete block tied around his neck. He doesn’t accept that it is so easy to blame someone or something else for his own incompetence and bigotry.

    • Diane says:

      Coincidentally, Dianna, I too am a 63 year old white Christian woman!! I am VERY HEALTHY and HAPPILY married and doubt I will die of a broken heart!! I run and work out every day! I do not take drugs and I only drink socially! My husband and I both have MBAs and live very comfortably!!!! WE BOTH ARE VERY PROUD TO SAY THAT WE TRUMPSTERS!!!!! Congressman Johnson is just a big mouth, CORRUPT, SLEAZY POS like the rest of the Looney Leftists!! Yes, God bless President Trump!

    • SLIGH says:

      Well,I,m 63 years old and I have never seen any person turn this country around and scare the crooks so bad,that they paid the main stream media to try to destroy him and multiple assassination attempts on him and one on his wife recently.I have also learned from multiple sources,that when the fed bank finally goes down which is the deep state,that all debt in the United .States will be paid off entirely.There is more but I don’t want to jinx it.Have Faith.There is a plan in the works.Remember what Trump ran on.One thing.MAGA

    • Pam says:

      Diana, I will be 72 years old next month, white married women of 47 yrs and a Christian. I LOVE AMERICA TOO. I worked 47 years and paid payroll taxes in NYS all those years, and have paid NYS taxes on my property for the last 30-years. I don’t know what is happening to this country, but I do not like it. We have become so divided and the Democrats are pure Communist to say the least. My parents were Democrats way back in the 50’s and they explained that the Democratic Party was for the working people. BOY! That sure has changed and so has the party. Their party should now be called THE COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY. All they care for is themselves and do not do anything for the people of the US, except for all the ones that want the freebies that are paid from OUR HARD EARNING TAXES. They care more for the illegals and collecting their own big paychecks and do everything in their power to go against our duly elected POTUS. My parents must be rolling around in their graves. My own father was an immigrant who came to America with his father and 4-other siblings in the early 1900’s from Sterling, Scotland and became legal US citizens, found jobs, bought houses, paid taxes and raised their own families in Upstate NY. They would have never asked for welfare, food stamps, healthcare, living expenses or expected the US to supply them with any of their needs.

  29. Will Brown says:

    The more people like Hank that are elected to high offices, it becomes evident that his race, is far far more racist than whites ever have been. Any thing that doesn’t suit them they will play the race card in a New York min. Get off it.

    • I’m older, think I’m a bit wiser, educated, probably wrong because I have blue eyes, I don’t lie and I really believe in “do unto others. If the only way Johnson can prove himself to his group is to paint false pictures, he and his group are the ones who need to grow up, get educated and realize that color and “party” are the ones guilty of falsehoods.

    • sligh says:

      He got it the same way Occasional Cotex did.

  30. BillBob says:

    Another ngr hater. What else is new? TDS is spreading through the Dims like wildfire! hahahaha

  31. Hey Little Hank, we don’t call you names because we know you’re an “INBRED” Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-NAZI Terrorist Organization. Think about it halfbreed.

  32. Plumlazy says:

    How do these people get in office ? Look at democraps . Maxine Bernie Hank Elizabeth Nancy Chuck Al Green Cory Camela. I could go on ,but don’t have enough time to type all there names . Love you DJT,BUILD YOUR WALL DON’T GIVE IN TO THEM. WE WILL START A GO FUND ME FOR THE GOVERNMENT PEOPLE NOT GETTING PAID

    • These government workers crying poor mouth make 4 times that of a disabled veteran. They live high on the hog, not caring about the little man. Till somebody squeezes the balls on their piggy bank. They should learn to save for a rainy day Now it is raining a Trump thunderstorm. BUILD THE WALL

  33. Hank Johnson is a typical idiot by making unsubstantiated claims out of his empty head. He is typical ultra-liberal Representative, member of the Black caucus who knows nothing about Trump supporters other than mouthing insane rubbish ! He is a prime example of why we need Term LImits.

  34. RTC says:


  35. Bonnie says:

    How can these people even get an votes or attention. Here is a man that gives out all these lies and not statistics to back it up. As an “elderly” person I haven’t seen that with any of the people I am around. I have seen more alcoholic Democrats than Republicans. Most Conservatives have faith and helps them keep going knowing who is in charge and in the end it is not Congress or the President unless they allow Him to work through them! Laws made through Obamacare has certainly helped decrease lives of many elderly people that did not have other insurance because of them thinking they had a right to dictate to the doctors, hospitals and patience what could be done. They wanted to consul people over 70 on dying.
    Praise God I have seen many of my friends that were healed through prayer and their faith and doctors have said I don’t know what happened? We do. Mr. Representative older people and younger people are dying because they are feeling hopeless with what is happening in America and all the evil and hate messages that people like him keep pushing on our nation!! We need messages of hope, love, and kindness and not a racist that is against older people and anyone that is not a Democrat. That is sure racist!! I am racist against people that push evil and hatred to our nation through their power in Congress.

  36. Steve says:

    He’s black what can you expect. Enough said.

  37. Bobbie says:

    The ignorant people that voted these idiots in are the ones responsible for them being in office even if he apologized he would not mean it so why bother he is a democrap piece of s–t.

  38. ARJAY says:

    I thought ALL the vitriol came from the RIGHT/CONSERVATIVE/CHRISTIAN!!


    I guess I must be missing something!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Banshee 803 says:

    Is this the SAME slithering , stupid and incompetent venomous reptile who several years back actually opined in Congress that he was appalled at the possibility of moving USAF personnel
    from one side of the island of Guam to the other for fear that doing so would cause the Island to Capsize? If, so, he has no room whatsoever to speak of poor education or other conditions and, if he is as demented as he appears to be, like all in his ATROCIOUSLY Anti-Amercan citizen Party, he and they Belong in rubber rooms under close RESTRAINT for their own protection and more importantly; the protection of all those REAL American Citizens he and they so despise for being in opposition to the utterly DICTATORIAL demands that we live every aspect of our lives as they deem correct and who violate every founding principle they are SWORN to defend and uphold , prior to taking office. And Johnson , you braying Jackass as depicted by your party’s symbol; I am a74 year old 100% disabled by Agent Orange Vietnam Vet who SERVED this country far more HONORABLY then any of your ilk and had a degree in Government THEN, at the height of the 1968 Tet Offensive. You and all like you are a personal AFFRONT to me and make me ashamed to have ever served so honorably then, for so many Dishonorable utterly vicious, incompetent and irresponsible and unaccountable derelicts in duty and Obligation CAREER PARASITES and prevaricating pundits! God Almighty in whom NONE of you believe; YOU MAKE ME SICK!

  40. Judy Stinger says:

    Another elitist Democrat who feels he superior to the American people who he was elected to serve. He so superior to Trump supporters but he has no problem taking taxpayers money, including the majority of Trump supporters, or his salary and you said his exorbitant expense account. Another damn who needs to get his narcissistic head out of his own butt and get a reality check that he was elected to serve and not stand in judgment of anyone.

  41. Tim says:

    Dem’s has always fell back on personal attacks when they can’t argue on truthful points, or they lie about the numbers or out right lie about the person they don’t like, while at that very point they are guilty for the very acts they are fulsomely accusing the person they are attacking, we can not trust the FBI,CIA, HOMELAND, or 70% of the CONGRESS/SEN…… they all lie, cheat, steal from us tax payers and citizens of now and future, even 70% my be to low of a number on the BAD ones
    even at 70% that number maybe too low….

  42. bagster53 says:

    these n’ers are all the same , it’s not because they hate trump , it’s because he ain’t black , and the rest of the democrats just hate america , and want a man like oboma , who’s mission was to destroy america

  43. Rick says:


    • David Anthony Lelli says:

      I think you are making his case a little more valid with comments like that. Stop it.

      • Jackie says:

        I agree, who cares what they say. IGNORE comments like his. You can’t say anything back because they will continue to argue no matter what you say. They are furious and unable to have a civil conversation with valid observations, or opinions.

      • James M says:


  44. Helen says:

    I am 98, I do not smoke, not an acholic and I think Hank Johnson’s comments are bigoted and racist. I have heard this crap from a congressman in the 50″s. Who was a total jerk senator who nearly brought down the government. Since I have seen a lot more than most. I think America is degrading fast because the lazy want everything and the workers are getting fed up paying for the loafers. Trump has been the best president since Eisenhower. I have a very hard time thinking that people are that stupid to vote an ass hole like him into office. He needs to be recalled as soon as possible. As for the two Congresspersons who changed affiliation from Republican to Democrat when they were sworn in they should be recalled as well and the governor of those states should appoint appropriate representatives of the party who they ran as and the Republican Party should sew them for all their appropriated and donated campaign funds as frauds.

    • ROY S. MALLMANN says:

      Helen, I am 73, don’t smoke, hardly drink at all, and I totally agree with you on everything you say. People nowadays have not seen the things that we have seen. I am so sad to see the Democrat Party sink to the low that they are now exhibiting. They are becoming the source of gutter politics and corruption and the sad part is those normal Democrats say nothing to stop it. I have never seen the leaders of a political party refuse to negotiate. Ah, The times we live in.

      • Leslie says:

        Roy, I am 66 and my husband is 79. We used to smoke but quit many years ago. He likes his beer and I like my wine but I don’t consider us alcoholics. The actual alcoholics are the Dems such as Pelosi, Waters, Hillary and many more. We are in good health besides the predictable aches and pains ailments for seniors. I was not delusional when I voted for Pres. Trump. He is what America has needed for a long, long time – someone that loves America and it’s people. He loves our military and he has very good reasons for his staff changes. It’s not for the public to know just yet. This a$$hole, Hank Johnson has no idea what he’s talking about. The left has a very bad habit of accusing the Reps of the things that they themselves have been doing all along. The people in the #walkaway movement have awoken. They will no longer be taken advantage by those that wanted to them keep them subdued and in poverty. They have jobs now and can hold their heads up. They see what the elite have been doing to them for decades. This is Bob’s wife.

    • Middy says:

      I agree with Helen, age 98. I resent being called the things that this man has called me; I am neither ignorant or uneducated. I, too, am not an alcoholic. I am not a racist, a bigot. I just have enough sense to vote for a person (man or woman) who is honest and fair-minded.

    • al schoessow says:

      this is got to be thrown around in big time. these two assholes need to be censured anf thrown out of office. why do the rebublicans put up with this?

  45. Marcia says:

    The old hags and bags are the ones calling the kettle black, old Nancy speaks like a kindergartner and they all act like toddlers with their let’s pretend we’re the boss, Won’t be long before their gone, It’s obvious their suffering from withdraws.

  46. New Mexico Boarder Resident says:

    Hope you are ready for the upcoming civil war. I thought that when I left Vietnam, that would be the last time I saw armed conflict. Now every time I look out the door I see armed conflict on our south boarder. Hopefully we wake up before another plague is introduced into our country( concerned sources attribute the two illegal alien children that died to a new strain of Yersinia pestis). Of course this fact was withheld by the CDC for fear of creating a panic.
    As for the congressperson, he needs to be removed from office, investigated by the fbi and charged with a racial hate crime.

    • Leslie says:

      New Mexico Boarder Resident – Thank you for the info about the children who died. I totally feel that the parents are mostly responsible for their children that they dragged across at least 2 countries. They put their own children in danger. The bigger responsibility falls on the liberal organizations, advocates, attorneys that are encouraging them to make the dangerous journey to begin with. The blood is on their hands. Also the Dem party that refuses to admit that we have a border crisis also has the blood on their hands. This is Bob’s wife.

    • Arthur says:

      …a Wall ought to be built on the Canadian border… Malcolm X’s said, “he was tied of people talking about the South, being so bad given, America itself, is South of the Canadian border…the question is, how many European’s white people without legal paperwork are crossing intoxicated with drugs from Canada’s border into the United States? MAKE CANADA BUILD A WALL!

  47. Jimbo says:

    I’ve seen Mr. Johnson comment on TV many times. Every time he speaks I shake my head and wonder how this jackass keeps getting elected.

    • Rick says:

      He is not the jackass, It’s the people who have voted for him and it appears more jackasses are voting for jackasses. What a disgrace to this country!

      • Leslie says:

        Rick – That’s what the millennials are taught by the extreme liberal “educators”. This kind of education has to be stopped. Educators should only be allowed to teach the basic education without bias. Political bias, sex education, religion should be left to the parents to teach their children. This is Bob’s wife.

  48. Billy says:

    Hank ain’t right, he must be off his Guam med’s again. Does his mother know he is saying this c-r-a-z-y stuff. Hanging out with old Shelia Lee has him talking nuts…

  49. Wendell Fountain says:

    Hank Johnson is among the most stupid of the members of Congress. This moronic fool actually said a few years back that if we put too many soldiers on Guam, it would topple over. This guy has no business in the House of We the People. He should be in a mental institution.

    • Bobi says:

      How STUPID would his followers have to be?! Trump did not say ALL people coming across our southern border were rapists and murders or anything thing else. He simply would like to be able to screen those coming across to keep rapists, gang members and child molesters from entering. Not too much to ask IMO. The Dems on the other hand would invite all of these into our country and immediately award them citizenship! That’s the only votes they can count on, those and these people who are so dumb they can’t think for themselves but only repeat “Groupthink” messaging. What does any of this have to do with Hitler? . . .and we’re the “deploribles”?!!!

      • Leslie says:

        Bobi – Let’s not forget the diseases that they are bringing in. There have been cases of head lice, HIV, TB, STD’s, even polio, etc. It used to be that people immigrating to the U.S. had to be quarantined until they were checked out. That part hasn’t even been addressed totally.

    • I have returned back to the top of these responses to ask, this congressman has been elected by whom? I believe I am correct that 97-98% of us responders are against his sorry self. Apparently, there is something wrong. Stacey Adams; demo gov. recently lost in, Georgia. (1st. race)There was a re-call count. She mint to win that election. She would not concede. Not even when her own party told her ,”she could not win.”Thar woman had ideas of her own. Her eyes told me the story. I could see much. So, look at this nut named hank. Who i ask again, voted for this monster? Why is a black person allowed to get by with such behavior? I believe he most certainly be removed from office. Demos do not yield to manners, behavior or rules. They are what is wrong with America. They just act crazy and, wild and,lawless. I do not live in, Georgia.

  50. lisalles says:

    We need to prepare for a civil war…it is coming for sure.

    • Arthur says:

      … this time will be different…we have guns too…so bring a civil war… come on with it ! NO APOLOGIES needed by Hank Johnson…he is right…”trump” is not American…he is a German who behaves like Adolf Hitler…the mother “fuc$#@” ought to be impeached…TODAY

      • Wendell Fountain says:

        You are a complete fool!

      • Charles says:

        arthur you may have guns and may be able to hit a target but things get real when targets shoot back. Never met a liberal such as yourself to stand in face of adversity. Your intelligence is lacking when you continue to compare Trump to Hitler. Two different men and beliefs. First is Hitler hated Capitalism and hated blacks in those who were not of the Arian race. He wanted the government to own businesses and to have final say on who lives and dies. Much like what liberals are demanding today. Trump wants Capitalism where you work for what you get and he isn’t racist nor sexist either. Bet ol’ slick willie clinton cannot say the same about either one…

        • Arthur says:

          … your earlyish statement did introduced the notion of civil war…we will not allow you to bring back slavery without a fight…”trump” didn’t pay his contractors for work completed, lies about the Central Park’s black men claiming they raped a whitegirl, he and father not renting apartments to black families, one black man in his cabinet, calling black football players “sons of betches”, in other words Cows… no relationship with the black business communities… no funding for HBCUs…these are a few facts; l conclude that he is a liar and, racist too. “SEMPLEY PUT”!

          • Rhonda says:

            Arthur…I think you’re talking about the illegal Muslim you Demonrats had in office….he was a Hitler wanna be…. Treasonous Tyrant…

          • Charles says:

            arthur I believe slavery that you’re so against is what you’re actually for. I know it sounds crazy but the more you allow the government to control your life the less freedom you have. Trump had to pay his workers or he would have been sued. Simply put you need to check facts before telling stories about what a friend of a friend of a friend’s second cousin heard on the subway coming home after the party…

          • Freddie says:

            Hey,arthur,you need to learn how to spell,Dumbass!

      • Breaker 19 says:

        I’m 88 years old. I remember Hitler quite well and what he did. You apparently do not. It is stupid to call someone names when you don’t even know who the person was.
        Trump has done nothing that even resembles anything that Hitler did. Hitler thought he was building a super race by what he did. Killing people he thought that the Nazi’s were superior to like the Jews, was going to make them a super race.
        It was wrong, it didn’t work and spelled the end to the Nazi’s.
        The stupidity of the Democrat party is not going to make the Democrats a superior party either and may be the end of the Democrat party, If anyone resembles Hitler, it’s some of the people in the Democrat party, who think they are superior to everyone else.

      • Gen says:

        Arthur, you must live in
        Johnsons district! I would like to know how old this friend of your is, and exactly why you voted for him! Now, I voted for President Trump, because I’m tired of all these demos acting like they own we the people, you need to get a life. Why does Johnson need NAACP to back him up? Not man enough?

  51. Clarissa Voth says:

    he is the enemy of our country. how ignorant he is, a typical Democrat all mouth mo action! they spend more time hating trump than getting any work done. I frankly am so sick of this ideology. I will never vote for a Democrat! ever

    • Dude says:

      Old Hank can go F himself. Along with Schumer and polosi

    • Kendall Bryan says:

      What Hank Johnson said is typical. He is Cynthia McKinney’s replacement. This is the racist district he represents, and of course, he is giving a speech to the racist NAACP.

  52. Carla Larson-Tucke says:

    His apology is meaningless. Our revenge and justification is voting him out of office. Responding to his stupid remarks only validate them. We know who we are and we know what we believe. He is the one who thought Guam would tip over if you moved all our bases to the same side, that should tell you all you need to know about this “distinguished” person.

  53. Estell says:

    I don’t know where he got his statistics from but it’s not the older supporters who are alcoholics and druggies. The younger generation cna’t even hold down jobs because of drugs and alcohol. You democrats really need to stop giving others the names that you yourselves are. Democrats can’t even t hink for themselves. All they can do is follow the crowd and state that if the democrats want everything free they go along with the idea. Even though there is no logical way to pay for it. Nothing in life is free. There is always a price. And for what the democrats want the price is freedom.

    • Alan says:

      Correct. I am white, 71 Medical Doctor, Masters degree in Medical Management, worked 100 hour weeks, in good health, retired with money in the bank, drink two shots of vodka a day without liver disease and the only thing that breaks my heart is how this country has gone to the dogs, like Hank Johnson, Ocasio-Cortez, Shumer and Pelosi.

      • Dude says:

        Amen. Pure truth

      • VP says:

        How correct, i also am a 70 yrs young white male who is a LEGAL (52 yrs) US citizen, who speaks 7 languages, I am one of the proud deplorable, who will again for Trump, you liberals (not you doctor) can dish out all the insults and spew out racism hatred want, GOD is with me and loves me just as he love all the hatting democrats. God bnless us ALL

      • Leslie says:

        Alan – Thank you for your words of wisdom although it will go over the heads of most of the sleeping Dems.

  54. Marsha says:

    This guy needs to stop with these statements unless he’s going to do a poll. He needs to use some logic and research. ASYLUM IS FOR POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS REFUGEES-NOT ILLEGAL ALIENS. ALL COUNTRIES HAVE BORDERS. DOESN’T HIS PARTY WANT TO INTRODUCE SHARIA LAW? MANY OF US HAVE DAUGHTERS TO PROTECT FROM THAT TYPE OF THING. Why do Muslims want to pray on an 8-hour job five or six times a day at Amazon? One of the Muslim congress-person is protecting this. The company needs production. If they’re terminated does that mean they’re racist? It’s a workplace not a temple or mosque. Isn’t he interested in the African American college graduates they have been warned the system is rigged against them and employment? Why do the Democrats want to send funding to Central America to develop and grow their countries and create jobs then have them all jump the border and come here to be taken care of? This cost America billions of dollars a year. DOUBLE JEOPARDY! Why do they come in the country and began to file frivolous lawsuits-one because there was no Spanish sign on an amusement ride. They’re about 6,000 languages-what company can afford to put in that many signs when people know they’re in an English-speaking country and don’t bother to learn to speak English or bring their interpreter? Why are Americans dying because they can’t afford health care and medication yet the illegals are given healthcare, medication, housing, Social Services and food free of charge. They’re depleting the system and need to come in with something to offer. Are we aliens in our own countries? Why are Americans required to speak Spanish to get jobs now? Remember all the jobs are not menial but it’s a salary break for the employer. Some restaurants here in the US refuse service if the patrons don’t speak English. Spanish should only be required if it is an interpreter job. GERMANY SWEDEN AND THE UK ARE GOING THROUGH THE SAME THING RIGHT NOW! This illegal immigration is going to turn the US into a third world country-soon! Instead of blasting Trump supporters maybe he should begin to look at the world around him and Democrats and how they are slowly eliminating be working class/middle class. He could spend some time productively instead of being petty an uninformed. It’s time for integrity! PS-I have an education along with my friends and family. We just want protection and rights and some Americans.

    • Verna Hutter says:

      So very well stated. Thank you!!

    • Phyllis says:

      He just proved that it is the Dems who are racist, and no one resembled Hitler, more than his friend Obama. No one said all the illegals coming over the border were criminals. What was said was that, there were criminals and gang members among them. That was originally said by some members of the caravan, during an interview, at the border. Americans, including the President have the right to expect proper and thorough vetting of anyone entering our country. We want our children and grand children to have a safe place to grow up. Why should the American people be forced to spend billions of dollars annually to care for illegal invaders, many of whom admit to coming here, for all the freebies they feel entitled to. Liberals don’t like facts either, but when Obama was in office, illegals were considered to be 5% of the population and were responsible for 30% of all crimes committed. Perhaps Mr. Johnson should think, before spouting off such garbage and insulting Trump supporters. Oops, my mistake, liberals don’t think, they scheme, manipulate, lie and make promises to voters, that they have no intention of keeping. That being the case, I would rather be a deplorable, than a despicable, back stabbing, liberal, who will promise voters anything for their vote, when they clearly have no intention of keeping any of those promises.

    • Leslie says:

      Marsha – I think he looks at himself as one of the elite who will soon be in control over ‘we the people’ subjects. The racism is clearly not on the side of the Reps.

  55. Richard Cunningham says:

    When it comes to that black assed Johnson, I’m an old man almost 94 and disabled because of an old injury. When it comes to insulting me because I voted for PRESIDENT Trump and will do so again, If snowball has the guts to drop by, it would obviously be a fair fight when I knock him on his dirty black ass/

  56. O Olon says:


  57. Tom says:

    And Johnson got into his current job how? I sure hope he wasn’t legitimately voted in because if so then we MUST stop illegitimate alien voting.

    • Judi McCoy says:

      Any comments from Mr. Johnson should also be connected to his remarks before that if we put too many troops on Guam, it might tip the island over. What a brilliant mind!

  58. Carlos says:

    The characterization this dumb ni**er gave about Trump voters is precisely true of black voters. They have higher poverty, illiteracy, illness and drug abuse than whites, as well as shorter life spans. He’s one dumb MFer elected by even stupider MFers via identity politics, which is how all blacks get elected!

    • Leslie says:

      Carlos – Except that a lot of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. are doing way better thanks to Pres. Trump. A lot of them are rising out of their poverty and become becoming skilled workers. They can now be proud family providers. They are no longer being held back by the Dems, telling them that that’s all they can ever be. What a bunch of BS they were fed by the Dems. The jobs are out there for the asking along with on-the-job training in many companies. There is hope for those that were held back for so long. The minority votes is all the Dems cared about, not the betterment of America and its citizens.

  59. Donald C jackson says:

    So ! this is the national association for the ADVANCEMENT of colored people. If this is all you can put forth, then you wonder why there will always be prejudice and/or discrimination in our great nation.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree with you. At least one thing we can say is that Congressman Johnson spoke the words that he believes in his bigoted heart. I don’t want an apology from such a person and I’m sure that many others don’t either.

      • Harold says:

        With his total lack of intelligence it would mean nothing, what a dumb duffas! Dumb in capital letters!

        • Leslie says:

          Harold – It also wouldn’t come from the heart so it would be meaningless for that reason. The only way that bigot would ever apologize is if his own party turned on him. That would be a cold day in Hell.

  60. Len says:

    When will the Conservatives in our great Nation display the fortitude of our forebarers and stop the sliming of our Country, its President, rational Congressman of both parties. Neither display the intestinal fortitude to hold their positions.
    I suppose when the cess pool scum level reaches a near total loss point, we’ll have no choice but armed resistance. Not ever an answer, but radiation can destroy cancer. The sooner applied, the better the result.

  61. Mary says:

    I believe Hank Johnson has described himself to a tee. If we talk about egocentric he sure fills the bill.

  62. SW Dozier says:

    He should be removed from office and his pay should be stopped and no retirement. Send him down the road.

  63. jim says:

    This black racist SOB needs to be put out of congress, commie A hole!!!

  64. Gunsmoke says:

    I think this rather obnoxious hypocrite has his wires crossed. The low intelligence factor is displayed on this shoulders. He must not recognize that his color homicide rate is substantially higher and the drug use is rampant among his brudders, I have forgotten more than he’d ever want to know. Do you think he ate some diseased ‘Jimmy’s peanuts’?

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      I believe you meant his and not this.

      My younger sister by 18 mos. has 3 boys ranging from the ages of 24 to 30 and they are a Republican voting family, so where does that vine swinging lower primates get his statistics from?

  65. Patricia says:

    This clown is crazy! I am a college grad with honors! Iam not old neither are my friends, and I am smart enough to see the blatant hypocracy of these NAZI democrats! He apparantly doesn’t know his history! Hitler’s policies were for disarming the people in order to conquer them, Trump is against this! Also Hitler wanted to take waey free speech, control our healthcare, Trump is against this! Hitler hated jews, Trump lives and protects them! So this proves this old chap is an ignorant low info moron!

    • Patricia says:

      Sorry for the typos! But I think I made my point!

      • Leslie says:

        Patricia – I want to add that all of the Hitler references applies to most of the Dems and not the Reps. You state that Trump doesn’t want or is against this, but you need to add that the Dems are for this – that is their total goal. They want total control – the elites vs. the subjects.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Patricia, if you used your college education, you would understand he was speaking of trends, which, according to the bell-shaped curve, only includes to plus or minus one standard deviation – -not to everyone as a whole! And if you look at trend lines, you do see that liberals in general have more education, which does not mean some GOPers are not better educated than some liberals.

      And looking at the different averages, you see that GOp members are older – – in fact the ONLY age and gender group that supports Trump is men over 45. Therefore, they are more prone to age related problems than people much younger. The younger voters do NOT support Trump, by a wide margin.
      And, this congressman did allude to something else that was correct, that Trumpers score high on indices for both authoritarianism AND fascism, scoring higher on many of these signs:
      Holocaust Museum: Early Warning Signs of Fascism
      This sign is posted inside the Holocaust MJuseum: Early Warning Sings of Fascism

      1. powerful and continuing Nationalism
      2. disdain for human rights
      3. identification of enemies as a unifying cause
      4. supremacy of the military
      5. rampant sexism
      6. controlled mass media
      7. obsession with National Security
      8. religion and government intertwined
      9. corporate power protected
      10. labor power suppressed
      11. disdain for intellectuals and the Arts
      12. obsession with crime and punishment
      13. rampant cronyism and corruption
      14. fraudulent elections

      • Robert Smith says:

        First off , Hitler loved islam not Christians.. the one thing the only thing he got right was national security.. islam is a curse to the world .. democrats are the only ones who cheat .. just like communists and Nazis.. liberals love Islam and communism.. you all are the Nazis and communists..

        • Robert Smith says:

          Every country in the world has a right to protect and defend itself against foreign invaders and have done so for centuries..

        • Harold says:

          You have that correct, Johnson is a poster child of the N———, after all Guam hasn’t turnover yet! What a total arrogant brainless idiot. The only this individual could have been elected in the first place, would have the fact that those who voted for him are absolutely the most ignorant people in the USA!

          • Carl Smith says:

            NO! NYC holds the Title for MOST Ignorant Voters, AOC and Cuomo are leading examples. When the Voter roles are cleared to having close to parity of Qualified, Live Voters vs. votes cast elections Might become believable again.

      • Rhonda says:

        I think you morons are talking about Obama…this POS is definitely talking about Obama when he talks about Hitler….. Obama tried to be dictator in Chief…

      • Ben says:

        Whatever “doc.” Blow your own horn and state your manipulated data elsewhere. Do you also believe in climate change and global warming?

      • rafael says:

        oh you are so out of touch, you ought to buy some of the President rallies and see for yourself, I know you watched him and how all his rallies are full of young people, black, women, but Dr. J.D., maybe you are a Dr. in stupidity, jealous, envy, and by the way you speak you must be black too, that congressman must resign, he is not fit to be in congress, likewise that m.fkr woman who used vulgar language which that Dr. J.D. shows the highly educated person you, and both congress persons, that fact of the matter JD, republican are more intellectual than democrats, just take a look down the road of all democrats

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        Dr. J. D., you are a somewhat educated moron. What you described is the demonRAT party of fascist/communists to a tee. Your “statistics” are totally skewed in favor of the leftist/communists. Statistics put out by communists that know nothing but hatred for conservatives and President Trump. I’ve seen far, far more fascism from the left than I ever did or will from the right. I’ve also seen far more utterly stupid comments from the leftists/communists than I ever have from the right. The conservatives want to protect our freedom and the the true American way of life. The leftist/communists want to take away ALL freedom and install dictators. You sir, know nothing about the Right, and if you are a doctor, at the very least you’re a really narrow minded, biased and ignorant one.

        • Jack Handy says:

          jd. Is a NON-PATRIOT. a BS (behavioral scientist).
          Can 0nly dig-up poll # ‘s. This person cannot/does not support or criticize his own Dem Party, just constantly rags on POTUS /Patriots,
          & drags down 0ur Country.
          ” Statistics Are the Dirty little Secrets of Pure Mathematics”

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Absolutely true Jack Handy. Statistics never work when skewed to the left, and most of the time they are, thanks to the fake news media and the raging communists in our country. The communist morons will be the annihilation of freedom if we don’t stop them. Those of us that truely value freedom and the autonomy of our nation have an obligation to do so.

      • I am younger, very educated and, read this, j.d. I AM A HUGE TRUMP SUPPORTER ! I have been to his ralys. They are very organized, the people have class, we have good jobs and we support living with dignity. Some people are so ignorant they are stumbling on their own stupidity they aren’t smart enough to know what educated, class and dignity is. I see a lot of that going on and it is “not “from the ,REPUBLICAN PARTY. We. stay peaceful. We, do not tear things up and burn things down. You are a looser. You have convinced me with your 14 gathered .infractions of demo ways. People as yourself have no integrity to move oneself to a better life. You simply stay jealous because WE MADE IT! And I will bet you are a doctor of, NOTHING ! I am in the medical field and you are a
        phony mc-dodo. GET OFF WELFARE> WE are tired of keeping your ass up. By the way President Donald J. Trump is not a nationalist. He is for MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. It is quite clear who wants AMERICA GREAT. Look at the lunatics that don’t. OH! they may have to go to work. They may have to keep their own self and their own families up. I am so sick and tired of the , “wants everything free”. Yes that is the demo way. What you need to do is spend your time in a more constructive world of ethics.

      • Linda says:

        Doc, you are dumber than a box of rock’s first off. I am not going to stoop to your levels of believing your always going to think you are better than most. God forgive these dumb controlling, ignorant Demonic entities who no no better. Plz. Dr. Look at who you praise. The majority of you Demoncraps want nothing but ONE world order, no borders, plagues, and whater floats your boats. The newer generations don’t know how to be self sufficient by no means. All those coming into the United States of America illegally want to be given everything for free for nothing .

      • stephanie wilson says:

        jd, keep smoking that crack. you are dead wrong!!!

      • Shannon says:

        Why is it so many people are blind this is so true and what the guy said about trump supporters so true I could prove it

      • dr jd I don’t know where came up with liberals have more education than President Trump supporters. By the way the younger educated support their President. Only the idiots that are being paid to cause division and creat havoc don’t support the President. To include the idiots that were elected by States that really don’t live in the real world. It was the younger generation that helped get Him elected. So you need look at facts other than the fake news by the media.k

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Freedom of the press should have been revoked decades ago when Jews seized control of it just as they determine what viewpoints are expressed through the story lines of motion pictures and television, consider that the New “Dummy” Murphy Brown has already been cancelled, all I had to listen to was the 1st 2 minutes of the premiere to realize exactly how insane the opinions of the screen writers were, if there is any truly law abiding patriotic Screen Writers they need to team up with the few Directors and Actors there are of the same mindset and start their own Production company and the same holds true for true Network news, no Jews allowed.

      • Ric B says:

        Sounds like what some people have said about Trumpers – – they have a LOT of racists, and act like Nazis!

        • Robert Smith says:

          Rather see Jews and Christians rise up against you stupid Islamic child molesters supporters but you probably rape little boys and girls too.. you people are what is wrong with this nation.. Islamic doctors cutting off little girls clits but you all don’t see anything wrong with it .. or the be heading they do ! It’s the only religion that does it ! Go to hell !

    • Where is your proof? I believe you are placing the wrong person with the wrong crime. Now spend some positive time and do not forget to look at , CROOKED, hillary. You know ; the one that set all of this in motion along with other cronies. Then we will listen to your truth.

  66. It’s libel to call someone a racist without proof. Hank Johnson did not prove the allegation. I support Trump. I am in support of the wall; I don’t want democrats to be able to import an electoral majority of gullible, uneducated folks who often are not well educated, much like Johnson apparently, and will vote for food or $20 or whatever at my expense. Screw you Johnson, I am not a democratic dummy and do not want to help you succeed in helping democrats “fundamentally” change America .

  67. Sherry L Chase says:

    Must be Maxie pads buddy! Explains a lot. Corrupt as hell…

  68. Francisco Rodriguez says:

    some people in USA has lost their mind electing congresspeople that does’t bahave like professionals and look more like traublemakers than anything else i don’t trust people like that because when someone is elected for a position should be neutral on his or she political differences and work for all because we all belong to the same territory and we all pay taxes to pay to them i guess any body that doesn’t keep a discipline concerning our country safety and interests should be recall by the citizens

  69. Bradley Hannah says:

    This man is a racist democrat, most are. I am not dieing from alcoholism or drugs, I have been to college, have more skills than this guy ever could have. I firmly believe these folks have become brainwashed some how, they sure cant think for themselves. The country is a mess because of democrat policy and fako laws. Every district run by the democrats have become ghettos.

  70. Craig Murphy says:

    Hey Hank, how are things on Guam or has it capsized by now?

  71. Tom Powell says:

    TREASON: the crime of helping your country’s enemies or attempting to illegally remove its government:

    • Lola says:

      That must be referring with TRUMP and his campaign, because Trump’s campaign did collude or conspire with Russia, and Trump has helped Putin, defending him and trying to remove Russian sanctions over and over. If it can be proved that Trump campaign had an illegal back channel of communication with Russia agents or their government, one would have to agree with you Tom, that would be TREASON.

      • Ben says:

        What an idiot you are, Lola. Get your ‘facts’ straight, snowflake.

        • Leslie says:

          Ben – What a moron she is. She’s either a paid troll or a complete idiot, or perhaps both. Totally uneducated in the world as the rest of us know it. If there were ANY collusion with Russia, it would have been leaked more than 2 years ago by Schiff-ty. No one that has been charged, indicted, convicted to date has anything to do with Russia – a BIG ZERO. The Russian collusion was set up by the corrupt Dem party and financial backers. The ONLY collusion with Russia was by Hillary and fellow criminals.

      • Rhonda says:

        All you Demonrats have lost your minds…. Where was all the crying when that Illegal Muslim was in office???
        He was a treasonous tyrant and still is!!!! ignorant can you all be??? That brain eating disorder called Liberalism….we need a cure….
        Better watch out for what you ask for.. cause you may just get it.

      • Where is your proof? I believe you are placing the wrong person with the wrong crime. Now spend some positive time and do not forget to look at , CROOKED, hillary. You know ; the one that set all of this in motion along with other cronies. Then we will listen to your truth.

  72. Edwin says:

    A true Trump supporter would not even bat an eye at what someone talking to the NAACP would say in a speech as he already distorted the facts to please his BLACK BROTHERS & SISTERS. Whites are there just to gain there approval.

  73. Norman says:

    How long has this man been in the House? Whatever it is, he has learned nothing. He calls our government a democracy that is totally false. He needs to study the founders of the constitution as they flatly stated, we have a Republic. If he looks in the constitution, Article IV, section 4, he’ll find it guarantees every state “a Republican Form of Government”.
    Benjamin Franklin answered a woman’s question about they type of government they formed by bluntly stating, “a Republic, if you can keep it”.

    • James Lancaster says:

      He’s just reflecting on himself in the people that are around him just like a mirror, it all speaks for itself.

  74. Charlie says:

    I am a 73 year old college educated, financially secure white male, veteran in good health who voted for Donald Trump. Hank is a racist, bigoted pawn of the Democrat Party who is out of touch with reality. Thank God I don’t live in his district. Keep America Great ! Vote Republican! TRUMP 2020 !

    • Jackalyn Morrison says:

      I am with you one hundred percent!! MAGA

      • reality check says:

        WHEN did America STOP being great that Trump is going to make it great AGAIN? Seems it has always been great, at least the GOP leaders have always said so.

        • April says:

          Even xpresident Bill Clinton used the words make America great when he was running for office and according to homo Cuomo America was never great

        • walkedaway liberal says:

          America Stopped being Great during
          your man obama’s watch. 8 Long yrs.
          ” We Are No Longer a Christian Nation”
          ” Fundamentally Change this Country”
          Want more? Short memory, dude. That is when
          i became a #WalkAway liberal. Am thankful i
          Woke Up. & Totally SUPPORT POTUS DJT.
          Thanks, Mr. President___

  75. Jay says:

    It’s very sad that Hank Johnson makes these outrageous remarks without ever studying history or the life of Adolph Hitler. Or WWII. How did he ever get elected?
    And apparently he doesn’t realize he’s insulting half of America’s voting citizens!
    Those that do not study history are bound to repeat it. Mr Johnson needs help as he is suffering from acute TDS . Or …….. he has had a lobotomy and no one told him.
    MAGA. Trump 2020 ????????????????????????????????

    • Escha LaJo says:

      You are so right. This and I’ll of the non educated blacks white purple or green and yellow went through down graded education because the Democrats took reading writing arithmetic history penmanship and good old English and pronunciations out of school. Teach only English and all of the above from kindergarten to twelfth grade then teach the arts of science and progress. Take their phones away and computers and Teach Teach Teach old then new. LaJo

  76. If Trump was the new Hitler that would make his followers the Nazis and your front door would have already been kicked in and your senseless form of humanity would have been hanging from the nearest tree. I think by now you should understand that we are a society of freedom and we would prefer to allow everyone to live in a non-aggressive community, but since Hank Johnson was the first to throw this stone, consequences of his racist bias will make him understand things don’t come easy to those who don’t know how to mold consensus !!

  77. James Bentley says:

    Never under estimate the ability of unharnessed ignorance to take complete control of anyone’s mind and convince them that they are wise when they are stupid.

  78. Harold says:

    Just another big mouth

  79. Catherine says:

    I am a healthy 90 year old. Never smokrd, never drank, never used. Drugs so please don’t belittle Trump supporters. I am truly offended by your accusations because you don’t like the President. You should be ashamed of yourself to speak the way you did to your Black friends. Who is a Racist?I believe it is YOU.

  80. Jonny says:

    Isn’t he the congressman who was questioning an admiral about Guam tipping over if too many people were on one side of the island?

  81. Tom says:

    Who is this guy, who thinks what he says matters to anyone. Ignorance & ineptness does not make this idiot credible.

  82. Herman says:

    Who would even listen to words that come out of the fool who thought that adding people to “Guam” would cause it to tip over. When I first heard this idiot make this statement I thought he was joking, but later I heard him speak several times on the House floor, and then soon saw that either he’s on drugs, or just a fool. How he has been relected is really beyond comprehension, but maybe it reflects the same mentality of his constituents. God protect us!!

  83. ray says:

    trump supporters are less educated???? isn’t he the one who was afraid that the island of guam would tip over because of the number of people there???

  84. Pat says:

    There has always been at least 2 parties that’s a democracy one party is dictatorship. Many didn’t like Obama but you didn’t hear all this hate and he wasn’t harassed like Trump. Trump is not a politician and I guess that is a threat to them. Wake up D.C. Americans want change.This country will get no where with name calling. We either need to work together or this nation we know now will crumble.

  85. Wyatt says:

    This is what happens when you have idiots elected to office and they feel they have to play to only one part of their constituency . Racist politics . No matter who tries to play it it plays badly and only serves to make those of the group referenced more antagonistic . Until the election of one Barack Obama , racism for a large part had begun to go by the wayside . Since then and helped by Obama and his hate filled mate racism has exploded again and to levels matching the late fifties early sixties . And not just racism but reverse racism . For this man an elected official to make such a statement is disgraceful and calls into question his ability to serve .

  86. Larry says:

    Congressman Hank Johnson from GA. is a Racists ignorant Democrat SOB

  87. Navy PO2 says:

    Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) is a Constitution trashing freedom hater. Other than running his crap filled mouth, what has he ever done for America?

  88. STEVE FLOWERS says:


  89. clifford M phoenix says:

    he is a racist

    • William Tye says:

      Hank, is the “Guam Sinker” remember? Pretty soon the people are going to get tired of these “Half Ass” Politicians shooting off their mouth.

  90. NCBigmouth says:

    Impeach the racist bastard!

  91. Leeann Springer says:

    Cranky Hanky needs to suck it up buttercup!! Go away.

  92. thomas goss says:


  93. He calls us dumb well I know I am as smart or smarter the him. Martin is mad at you and I know I only live 3 to 4 hours from you and I would like to meet you out behind your local high school. Oh beside my wife who was black I never met a smart ni–er yet/ T.J Gi;dea

  94. Bruce Pestell says:

    Trump should not ask for an apology from this low-life. He is only looking for attention and stature in the leftist, hyphenated fan club. He should be ignored as well as the others of his ilk.

  95. Creola says:

    I guess I do no fit his profile of a Trump supporter. I am an avid supporter and am 85 years old, only have an occasional glass of wine. Have never smoked anything but a turkey. Am very comfortable financially and live in a upper middle class neighborhood and do not have a mental disease as he appears to have when he throws out those unfounded disgusting comments.

  96. Lola Collins says:

    Johnson is only a sheeple, who isn’t mentally capable of any thoughts of his own. What were the voters thinking when they elected him?

    • LB says:

      Is there a box to check for Democrats seeking any office that asks “Are you a ding bat?” . California must have because they seem to elect more than their fair share of ding bats. Pelosi, Waters, Harris. Now NY with Ocasio-Cortez and Michigan with a Muslim. What the hell is going on in the minds of those places? And Hank Johnson, a box of rocks has more intelligence.

  97. Howard Ingle says:

    Hank’s island may tip over and sink.

    • Robert says:

      First off Hank might just need to go back and review the comments he claimed president Trump said. Then Hank should step out into the public and repeat those remarks he made. Funny how when blacks get into black groups how anti white they become. maybe they should put on the hoods and robes and claim themselves to be the new black KKK

    • vicky Huss says:

      YES, Howard, I agree! I would ‘rent a rowboat’ (as I obviously am not intelligent enough to use a motor according to ‘hank’), just to watch him ‘tip over’, with his island! I STILL, remember, when that IDIOT, made that statement! And, yet, ‘IT’, is still talking!

  98. jim says:

    This guy is nothing more than a BLACK racist SOB.

    • Caesar Meledandri says:

      I’d go a step further and call him a complete an utter ass whose whole concept of America is seen through the eyes of a black bigot. Vote him out of office.

  99. rick says:

    Hank I’m going to remind you of what Dr. King taught me. I only judge you by
    “the content of your character” and you sir are as empty as that other fraud
    Obama. Don’t apologize to me. I’m happy just being deplorable.

  100. JAMES G. MOTHES says:

    Just another racist black who thinks he is somebody because he got elected. These liberals are so out of touch with the real world!!! I firmly believe they have set back race relations probably at least 60 years. They keep it up and there will be a reckoning and it will not be very pretty. I really do not want to see a race war or a war between liberal and conservatives, but I believe it is coming to that. Johnsons remarks are proof that they regard everyone that is not thinking like them are beneath them. They always amuse me when they run their mouths where they are safe!!

  101. OLD VET says:

    just a trash has no brains just mouth another commie OLD VET

  102. Sheldon Nadler says:

    He is just another black Democratic moron and the American voters who put him in office are also Democratic morons and probably black, lazy, welfare idiots!

  103. Rodney says:

    It is this type of hyperbole and false accusations that are causing the divide in our country. It is also the very tactics used under Joseph Stalin to seize absolute power and eventually starve or murder 60 million citizens. This idiot and the newly minted representative who’s first words after a swearing in was the call our president a MF’er and call to impeach. It is this type of rhetoric that will lead us to a real crisis or civil war.

  104. Steff says:

    Hate speech sanctioned by the democommies. Johnson has never kept a promise that he made to support his constituents. He like all the lying Black democommie politicians continue to lie to them and rob them from their opportunities. It won’t be long before the poor Black totally #walkaway from these crooks. They truly have nothing to lose.

    • Rodney says:

      Let’s not forget, it was Hank Johnson who was worried that Guam would capsize is more military troops were stationed there.
      Addressing Adm. Robert Willard, who commands the Navy’s Pacific Fleet, Johnson made a tippy motion with his hands and said sternly, “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”

  105. Jane Jackson says:

    I clicked no. His apology wouldn’t mean a thing. It shows what the left has going for them. Rabble rousing, hate , and lying, vote stealing. Above all else , I stand for honesty, integrity, and action behind their promises. That is why I support President Trump and my love for God and American Flag.

  106. jimbob says:

    Old Hank needs a 3am wake up call.

  107. RON YOUNGBLOOD says:


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