The Deep State is preparing to get revenge on Trump with one awful scheme

Donald Trump sent shockwaves through the Deep State when he declassified the Nunes memo.

That document exposed the conspiracy hatched at the highest levels of the FBI and Obama administration to try and destroy his campaign and then his Presidency.

The Deep State is about to strike back with one terrible plan for revenge.

Intelligence agencies are making noise that they are going to withhold information from Congress after Chairman Nunes and the rest of the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee exposed the FBI spying on Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The Associated Press reports:

“Top intelligence and law enforcement officials warn that last week’s release of a congressional memo alleging FBI surveillance abuse could have wide-ranging repercussions: Spy agencies could start sharing less information with Congress, weakening oversight. Lawmakers will try to declassify more intelligence for political gain. Confidential informants will worry about being outed on Capitol Hill.

The GOP-produced memo released last week contends that when the FBI asked a secret court for a warrant to do surveillance on a former associate in then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign, the bureau relied too heavily on a dossier compiled by an ex-British spy whose opposition research was funded by Democrats.

Critics accuse Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., of abusing his power as chairman of the House intelligence committee to do the president’s bidding and undermine the investigation into whether any Trump campaign associates colluded with Russian during the 2016 election. His office rebuts that claim, saying the real abuse of power was using unverified information bought and paid for by one political campaign to justify government surveillance of former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page.”

This is an outrageous threat that strikes at the heart of the Republic.

Congress is a Constitutionally superior body to the agencies that make up the intelligence community.

Article I vests the power to create and fund the FBI, CIA, NSA and other agencies that make up the intelligence community.

They report to Congress, not the other way around.

If they are threatening to withhold information from Congress to get revenge for being outed as abusing the civil liberties of an American citizen to sway a Presidential election then America will enter a Constitutional crisis.

It looks like the intelligence community is making good on Chuck Schumer’s threats.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.

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