The Deep State is preparing to get revenge on Trump with one awful scheme

Donald Trump sent shockwaves through the Deep State when he declassified the Nunes memo.

That document exposed the conspiracy hatched at the highest levels of the FBI and Obama administration to try and destroy his campaign and then his Presidency.

The Deep State is about to strike back with one terrible plan for revenge.

Intelligence agencies are making noise that they are going to withhold information from Congress after Chairman Nunes and the rest of the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee exposed the FBI spying on Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The Associated Press reports:

“Top intelligence and law enforcement officials warn that last week’s release of a congressional memo alleging FBI surveillance abuse could have wide-ranging repercussions: Spy agencies could start sharing less information with Congress, weakening oversight. Lawmakers will try to declassify more intelligence for political gain. Confidential informants will worry about being outed on Capitol Hill.

The GOP-produced memo released last week contends that when the FBI asked a secret court for a warrant to do surveillance on a former associate in then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign, the bureau relied too heavily on a dossier compiled by an ex-British spy whose opposition research was funded by Democrats.

Critics accuse Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., of abusing his power as chairman of the House intelligence committee to do the president’s bidding and undermine the investigation into whether any Trump campaign associates colluded with Russian during the 2016 election. His office rebuts that claim, saying the real abuse of power was using unverified information bought and paid for by one political campaign to justify government surveillance of former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page.”

This is an outrageous threat that strikes at the heart of the Republic.

Congress is a Constitutionally superior body to the agencies that make up the intelligence community.

Article I vests the power to create and fund the FBI, CIA, NSA and other agencies that make up the intelligence community.

They report to Congress, not the other way around.

If they are threatening to withhold information from Congress to get revenge for being outed as abusing the civil liberties of an American citizen to sway a Presidential election then America will enter a Constitutional crisis.

It looks like the intelligence community is making good on Chuck Schumer’s threats.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


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28 Responses

  1. Bob Hunt says:

    I don’t believe that Schumer is intelligent enough to bother the President!

  2. Jim Eggers says:

    Rather than just bitch and mone, remember that this is an election year. A rally cry should be “If they are in and have not supported Trump, then vote them out and put in someone that will!!! They need to hear this, not me.

  3. M Green says:

    I think some big guys from the US government with sledge hammers should be able to dismantle Deep State is a short time, while the perps are apprehended and slammed into the Gitmo Hotel until their trials can be arranged! ASAP

  4. karen zawack says:

    The so called “Remaking of America” by the DNC, Rhino sympathizers and their foreign supporters must be stopped. There is no “starting over”. We must STAND for our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. And those who don’t, and feel illegals who break our laws are more important than Real American citizens, must be brought to OUR Justice. Time to make examples. Time to be TOUGH. Of the People, By the People, For the People. Not for Plantation Owners and their foreign contributors who feel that this Great Country needs to fade away.

    Time to rid OUR GREAT COUNTRY of the Cancer called the DNC Terrorist, and their wimpy Rhinos and the illegals they call their new voting base. If the Government won’t, then WE MUST!

  5. sylvester says:

    That’s why the left want’s our guns , that’s how it starts Obummer tried didn’t work , won’t ever work

  6. CaptTurbo says:

    In this case it is clear that our intelligence agencies are so completely compromised that they must be disbanded and dissolved to purge the corruption. President Trump needs to reform them with trustworthy people who will put the welfare of America first. The traitors caught in the purge should be convicted and hanged for their treason.

  7. alan says:

    u demos could all — my —–

  8. Audrey Haymond says:

    Let’s be clear, the Intelligence Community is now exposed to the American People. They tried a KGB, third world Coup to rig our elections. The real issue here is that an opposition opponent, Hillary Clinton, the Obama Administration, the FBI, CIA, NSA, State Department are all guilty of spying on President Trump & his transition team. This is totally illegal violating the 4th Amendment rights of American citizens. If people think that’s ok, then go and live in Russia where the Putin & KGB do this all the time to their opponents, only they kill their opponents. The American people spoke, the American people prayed to end the direction our country was headed and voted what they felt was best for America. It’s obvious today that we were right and definitely knew the truth. We have an opportunity to turn things around, one last time for our Republic. There were several words of Prophecy about a President Trump’s election. No matter what the Intelligence Community did they failed. You can’t fight Almighty God and win. For now, America has a reprieve, but it sure hasn’t been easy. The Father of Lies the devil is displayed daily with the Obama Administration Personnel, Democrats and Main Stream Media. The good American people saw through these lies. This fight goes on every day!!!. We all need to keep praying for the Lord to win back America..

    • Thomas Hindley says:

      Well said ! Thank you !

    • Paul McCarthy says:


    • Mary says:

      Yes, Almighty God placed President Trump in office and his election was the result of Christians holding him up in prayer. It is amazing what he has accomplished despite daily insults and cries for impeachment. He looked really tired the other day and I suspect all the stress is finally wearing him down. We must pray that Republicans will take a stand against the evil Congress has brought upon our nation. And, most importantly our Nation needs to repent of the evil of abortions and turn to God and, maybe he will be merciful and heal our land.

  9. Al says:

    How did we let this country get into this much mess? The entire Democratic Party has become subversive and now is in control of our nations investigative and protection agencies. This should be the last threat these agencies ever make and there should be a complete investigation into all agencies and the DNC!

    • Frank says:

      We the people allowed this mess because we had no politician to stand up for the people until Donald Trump. We all need to talk notice and stay involved in what our individual politicians are doing and what they stand for. WE ALL NEED TO GET INVOLVED AND STAY CONNECTED IN WHAT IS GOING ON IN D>C>

    • David in MA says:

      Read the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO and the UN AGENDA 21, to make the connection, they both are online.

  10. DonRS says:

    However, Congress MUST regain control of the OUT-OF-CONTROL “Intelligence Community”. Fund a NEW agency and squeeze the funding of the existing disgraced DOJ, FBI and the ENTIRE ARROGANT Intelligence Community!

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Might want to leave DoJ funded; they are at least trying to do their job just now. But the rest, I agree, and no “floaters” from those to the new agency; start with a whole new crop.

    • Patriot says:

      Do you really think congress will control or squeeze the FBI? On Fox News Dowdy just said all those hearings his done is all show, they can not put anyone in jail for anything! It’s to bring to light. If the doj wants to get involved ( roll eyes here) like Eric holder who did fast and furious or obama IRS? They just keep breaking the law and constitution and none are held to account! IMO I think it’s time to throw them all out or hang them for treason! Just waiting for the leader that can get the people and military on board or just a really smart leader asks us to come protect him and fight for our republics life!

    • Terry Bement says:

      We HAVE an agency already in place, the US marshals service. It WAS the only government police before the FBI was created, not very big any more, but it is a start.

  11. Cp123 says:

    We elected Trump because of the deep state suspicions and will stand behind him with law enforcement by our side.

  12. Cp123 says:

    Aside from the verbal assignation of Trump we are learning the American population is now in serious jeopardy by the very institutions that must protect them under the constitution. They will cooperate or WE THE PEOPLE WILL.

  13. Patriot says:

    If anything happens to President Trump there will be a rise of We the People descending down on D.C. And remove the cancer ourselves. It will be time for the second amendment to go into affect without prejudice in every government building. So no I don’t think or hope they don’t. For one it’ll weaken our government and that is when other states could use it to attack us. If we the people have to take back the government, we should split forces to protect our borders at the same time. That would be a need for the military to be on our side, which I believe they will. God help us save America and Israel, for they to would be in imminent danger as well.

  14. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Being as they are internationally backed by big money who want globalism, I honestly don’t know, but I hope not; I hope America will stand against this and stop it, at least for now. I know God intends that 1 world gov’t to come about in due course, prior to the return of Jesus to assume His rightful rule over the entire world, I’d just really rather not be alive to see that chaos occur. Already the hate and violence are beyond insane.

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