David Hogg winning in Florida: Hundreds of gun owners stripped of their rights

After the Parkland High School shooting, Democrats immediately began using the tragedy to push their political agenda.

They refused to blame the mistakes at the Broward County Sheriffs Office and instead targeted gun owners.

Now David Hogg has achieved a quiet victory that should concern every gun owner.

Florida law enforcement has confiscated about 200 firearms and 30,000 rounds of ammunition under a new law.

Fox News reports:

Hundreds of gun owners in Florida have been ordered to give up their guns under a new law that took effect after the deadly Parkland shooting in February, according to a report published Monday.

The Risk Protection Order, signed by Florida Gov. Rick Scott just three weeks after a gunman killed 17 people at Stoneman Douglas, aims to temporarily remove weapons from gun owners who have been deemed by a judge to possibly be a threat to themselves or others.

Roughly 200 firearms have been confiscated in the state since the law was enacted, Sgt. Jason Schmittendorf, of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, told WFTS-TV. “Around 30,000 rounds of ammunition” were also taken, he said.

A five-person team in the county that’s worked solely on the risk protection law reportedly has filed 64 risk protection petitions in court. Broward County, according to the news outlet, has filed 88 risk protection petitions since March.

At the George Soros-backed “March for Our Lives” earlier this year in Washington, D.C., one anti-gun activist announced, “when they give us that inch – that bump stock ban – we will take a mile.”

Democrats know that gun control is a losing issue, so instead of calling for outright confiscation, they do it under the guise of “mental health issues.”

Tucker Carlson recently exposed so-called “Red Flag” laws that pose another very dangerous threat to law-abiding gun owners.

Under these laws, a private citizen can issue a complaint about a law-abiding gun owner that would result in confiscation of their firearms.

The gun owner would then bear the burden of proof to show the court they deserve their Second Amendment rights back. This equates to gun owners are guilty until proven innocent.

You can watch Tucker’s full segment below:


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179 Responses

  1. Sandra Thompson says:

    In that photo, he looks like a young Hitler, doesn’t he? He is definitely working that Heil wave thing.

  2. Eric Hall says:

    The only thing I want to read about David Hogg is his obituary.

    • charles says:

      No, we need to read that he recognizes that he was wrong and the correct manner of doing things in the U.S. Other than that, everytime his name appears in print, it strengthens his position. These stupid writers need to recognize that, and quit writing about him

    • Look on the bright side. With the way this kid is going, America will be supporting him for the rest of his life. The only good thing is that hardly anyone listens to his pre written liberal rhetoric. God bless the USA. RVN 68-69

    • Sandra Thompson says:

      Eric, I thought he died a month or so ago?

  3. Joe says:

    This is a blatant attack on the Second Amendment. When will the police who confiscated citizen’s guns be arrested?

  4. millie says:

    I think he is being groomed to say what the Libs want to hear and being paid by them. He is nothing in
    the scheme of things right now. He hasn’t got the brains to think it thru. Could be Soros playing this game or just some stupid Libs putting him up to this. Little do they know that the more they do and say, the less likely they are going to win anything again or they know they are a dying breed and just want to go out looking stupid. Like I said before, I think there are a lot of democrats that own guns and hardly thing that a lot of them would just hand them over willingly. Hogg is nothing right now, just spouting off, he can’t change a thing. He hasn’t the power to do anything but raise his fist in the air and look like a fool.

  5. Barry says:

    wake up !!!!

  6. K says:

    Hogg, the piglet of the South is a foolish youth. He’s gonna grow up one day and as he gains wisdom through truth, he will surely realize what a horrible choice he made while on his rampage against guns. Especially when & if the libs really are successful at 100% confiscation of our firearms. I’m positive his security carries weapons as he’s hated by many.
    One day, God forbid, when he is face to face with a gun toting thug that has ill intent, I wonder if he will then see the errors of his ways?
    One thing is for sure… Criminals will ALWAYS have guns. What then Hogg? You still gonna be proud of your idiotic propaganda? That is if you live through an attack on your pathetic life!

    • Alan says:

      Hogg’s hand position looks like the NAZI solute.

    • Thomas H Mitchell says:

      Hogg is just an opportunist trying to make a name for himself off of the only opportunity he had come his way.

      I say we send him along with Barack and Kapercorn to save there people they drastically care about in Chicago.

      Anyone agree?

  7. Barry says:

    Look closely at the Pic and see that the only difference between HOGG AND HITLER is his hand is not open !!!!

  8. TONY OWENSBY says:


  9. Mark Sundet says:

    Why do they call this Hogg’s victory. It says he achieved a quiet victory but doesn’t tell us what he did or why it is attributed to him.

  10. Jim says:

    David Hogg is a playing on people’s emotions to help them destroy our second amendment rights. He believes what he is doing is the right thing, and has no idea how wrong he really is in trying to destroy our right to bear arms. I have a better solution to putting a stop to gun violence that is killing our children and innocent citizens while allowing people to keep their weapons. Consider this: Place a device on all guns that has the ability to disable their firing pin and another non-removable tamper-proof device on all criminals and mental ill persons with a propensity towards violence that will electronically send a signal to disable any and all guns they may come into possession of and also transmit a signal and their location to local authorities they are in violation of the law so they may be quickly found, apprehended, and brought to justice. Establish safe zones (schools, churches, airports, bus stations, stadiums, etc.) wherever people are publicly at greatest risk that will use continuous transmitters to disable all guns in their immediate area. Using this type of gun control would enable all law abiding citizens to keep their weapons and use them to protect themselves and their communities, and to help recover their weapons should they be stolen. Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens are an essential and vitally needed asset to any free democratic society, and a safeguard against any evil entity that might threaten our freedom and peace. All law abiding gun toting citizens, including the police, would be equipped with a bio-metric device which would enable themselves and only themselves to fire their guns, and it would prevent anyone else from using them. This would eliminate mass shootings by criminals and mentally ill persons, and protect our children and citizens within all safe zones from senseless and violent mass shootings, while maintaining and securing the People’s second amendment rights by keeping their guns in their hands and out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill and anyone else not authorized to use them. While it would take a massive effort to initiate such a comprehensive plan, if it was employed as planned it would most certainly put an end to mass shootings and better secure our safety and freedom without infringing upon or taking away our second amendment rights… Just thinking…What do you think?

  11. Stubby says:

    Anyone who answered yes to the question “Do you believe more gun control would stop murderers like in Parkland Florida” is blaming an inanimate object for what can only be caused by mental instability and/or hatred. Gun control will not fix the problem of murders any more successfully than trying to have a logical conversation with a liberal. How many of those gun grabbing left wing radical geniuses realize that a vehicle can do as much or more damage and killing? Isis, Hamas and other terrorist organizations have figured it out, just look back at what has happened in London, Stockholm and New York City just to name a few. But nobody has suggested we ban vehicles. Guns are an easy target, “no pun intended” for the liberals to use an excuse for violence when the person operating the gun or vehicle is actually to blame. Now that brings me to firearms being confiscated due to “Risk Protection Order”. This new safety measure as I’m sure the left would put it will lead to wholesale gun confiscation if there is one positive sign like murders have gone down .01% anywhere in locations where this is taking place. It is still not only a breech of our second amendment rights, it is hypocritical on the left side to use pure behavior as a reason for taking away a firearm, it’s a breech of first amendment rights as well. The DNC should look within and clean house, Maxine Waters has shown signs of being a psychopath but I would bet she not only has armed body guards, she probably owns a firearm. I can’t say what the answer to stopping mass shootings but the ways being proposed by the left sure as heck won’t work

    • russell says:

      shut up hogg hitlers follower

    • Don says:

      don’t know how to respond , thought I was the only one that feels this way Floridians are no more safe today then yesterday

    • Sheldon Nadler says:

      Here is a truth. Over this past weekend in Chicago which has A Democratic Mayor, there were 75 people shot and 12 of those 75 were killed. Gun control in a Democratic city does not seem to work.

  12. Marlene says:

    I wish someone would break that little twits arm he keeps sticking up. He is so skinny the arm looks like only a jacket sleeve. I notice it’s always the same jacket **** does he have any others? His parents not real parents. How could they be and let him carry on this way. He needs a good spanking.

    • I have a feeling that Hogg has found his only calling in life–joining Pelosi and Shumer and the rest of the libs. This kid will never learn what it means to be an American. He can get on his soap box and collect his freebies with the rest of his ilk. Disgusting RVN 68-69

    • G says:

      Marlene, David Hogg’s mother works for CNN, not sure what dad does but, you can bet they are commie Dem libs!

      • Lucy Loo says:

        Dad is a retired FBI agent. You know the agency to drop the ball after they had numerous complaints regarding the shooter. He has been so oddly quiet this whole time, the dad. Maybe he’s embarrassed that his son is trying to capitalize on the fact that he wasn’t even a victim and that he skipped school that day.

    • russell says:


  13. Arshloch says:

    David the Hog is a silly ole dog, he whines and he whines every darn day. David the Hog should get a new job, so the majority of people could enjoy their own days.

  14. PHIL TRIMMER says:

    There were several screw ups concerning that particular incident and several fell directly on the sheriff himself. Failure to follow the new policy concerning active shooters, etc. A child that approx. two months prior, his age group had to be told, DON’T EAT F-ING DETERGENT, now wants to dictate my gun laws in the United States and my 2nd amendment rights., HOW ABOUT WE TAKE SOME OF HIS RIGHTS AWAY?

  15. Pure patriot says:

    I’m a west coast Florida man. I haven’t heard nor know of anyone losing their guns. I love my state for the fact that it’s a stand your ground state. You ignorant persons should learn to keep your hands to yourself. I really want open carry back. An armed community is a safe community. And to anyone who wants to take my defensive weapons, you will not have an easy task. I’m a combat vet and I amongst so many others are your last defense. I fought for your rights. I’ll be dammed if you think you’re taking mine. Foreign or domestic I will die for my country and those who follow our constitution. It all comes down to, if you want my guns….bullets first. I already committed to dying for my beloved nation. I’m not afraid to do so on my own soil. Be very careful, you liberals are pushing and pretty soon you will pass a point of no return. Your Marxist, commie ways are not this countries way. This is not a democratic republic. To my brothers and sisters, stand fast, stand proud give no quarter. As gen mad dog Mattis said be polite, be professional and always prepared to kill the person in front of you.
    I ask n plead…do not start a fight you can’t win. This is to all you libtards. This is a war you will not win. We are millions strong. Sons, daughters, wife’s, mother’s, grand mother’s. We will bring the fight to you. Real hard. If we have a civil war the first day will be 30 million dead. These are numbers you will never be able to recover from. Think before you destroy yourself.


    • millie says:

      Well said Pure patriot. I live in Michigan and little hitler doesn’t know what he’s doing He’s letting his spoiled big mouth bite off more then he can handle. This protest will be Nation wide, sit down Hogg and read the history books.

    • G says:

      Pure Patriot, Thank you for your service and your willingness to fight for our liberty and freedom again. Just so sad the fight could be in the homeland. You definitely would have a large army to fight along side you. I don’t think these altleft liberals realize they don’t really want the fight many of them are spoiling for. The vast majority of vets, old and young, feel exactly like you do. Just because we don’t gather up in riot gangs to trash store fronts and burn cars has nothing to do with what we are willing to do to protect our way of life. No, they don’t know what and who they would be dealing with here. I pray it never comes to that but it could very easily. The liberals are just loud, rude and crude, which has nothing to do with strength and resolve. God bless you and your family.

    • Paulnam67 says:

      With you all the way

  16. Terry says:

    “who have been deemed by a judge to possibly be a threat to themselves or others.”

    The US constitution is clear a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT can only be suspended or revoked upon being FOUND GUILTY of a crime that involved abusing that right NOT ON THE POSSIBILITY YOU MIGHT BREAK A LAW.

    Think about this it is a CRIME to incite violence or call for attacks against others so if this same “logic” is applied to FREE SPEECH in order to PROTECT the lives of those who MIGHT be harmed by such speech you would have

    1) A requirement to get a GOVERNMENT issued permit before you could speak

    2) Have to pass a background check to ensure you are not “THE TYPE” of person who make such a speech.

    3) Take a SPEECH SAFETY COURSE to ensure you will not ACCIDENTALLY say something that might result in violence.

    4) Give up your rights regarding searching you home so they can ensure you have not “MATERIALS” encouraging you to make such speech.

    If you think these sound dumb then look closely to how they are acting when it comes to the second amendment then GET THE FACTS about the number of LEGAL GUN OWNERS vs the ACTUAL NUMBER of LEGAL GUN OWNERS who committed such crimes. You will find there was not 250+ million such crimes yet that is the estimate of the number of LEGALLY OWNED guns they are targeting.

    The fact that criminals can MAKE THEIR OWN as proven by recent arrests and that even in the GUN CONTROL CROWN JEWELS of Canada and England GUN CRIME WAS NOT REDUCED by the same hitler style ban on all those NOT APPROVED of by the government to be able to protect themselves does nothing to reduce crime.

    Recently there was a criminal using an already restricted to the point of banned full auto gun to attack people in ENGLAND and just days ago 2 killed and 13 injured in CANADA despite their most restrictive gun laws.

    Now that the courts ruled that the free speech of printer plans can not be censored they media has begun its BLATANT lies about that as well.

    1) the ITS invisible to security lie. The same one used when the glock came out proven false repeatedly as ANY NORMAL AMMO will set off a metal detector and XRAY machines used at airports DO SEE PLASTIC.

    2) The IT MAKES IT EASIER FOR CRIMINALS simply because they HOMEMADE gun is not registered with the government lie. First for the cost of the printer needed a criminal can make dozens of HOMEMADE metal guns using the same cheap supplies any one of us could buy at the local hardware store. Second REGISTRATION only tells who LAWFULLY purchased a gun not who CURRENTLY has it.

    in nearly every nation such REGISTRATION has been used to TARGET INNOCENT PEOPLE when a tyrannical regime took over and wanted to disarm the people they were going to oppress. Registration of guns has nothing to do with controlling crime.

    For the next several months until someone LEAKS the reports on how many of these PLASTIC guns ahve been taken at airports and other places with security in place (the plans were out long ago) we will continue to hear the media lie that like Hollywood fiction the “printed gun” is invisible to xray and metal detectors , some even giving the false impression that we would be able to just grab it from the printer and start shooting without a metal firing pin, ammunition or any of the other FINISHING parts needed that were explained YEARS AGO when the plans were first released prior to the attempt to CENSOR them.

  17. Nancy Anderson says:

    Someone should have taken that little foul mouthed punk out behind the shed and read to him from the book of the BELT to his hideous little butt. Every other word out of his mouth is the F word and the way he flaunts his ability to spout filth in front of his parents on National tv., is a good indication of his parents failure to teach that little loud mouth any MANNERS !!!!!!!

    • von Potter says:

      Might help if he was gelded………There would be many volunteers that could hold him down & no anesthetic for the right surgeon…..

      • Dora says:

        von Potter, that twig does have any to geld if he does they are probably the size of a pine nut not very noticeable. LOL

    • Sheldon Nadler says:

      David Hogg is a liar and a punk. He was not at school that day. He is NOT a survivor. I am a survivor with 3 tours in Vietnam, but when I came home people spit and through garbage on me. These asshole Americans still walk among us!

      • G says:

        Sheldon Nadler, Thank you for your service to ou great nation. I am sorry you were treated so badly and remember all that contemptable stuff happeniing. Where I grew up we were shocked and could not believe what we were seeing on TV. I was too young to understand liberals and conservatives as I do now.

      • Terry says:

        What I can not understand is when he is so OBVIOUSLY copying hitler right down to his stance even using a only slightly modified version of his salute why ANYONE who know history would ever trust much less listen to him. The only difference between one of hitlers poses and his in the photo is he clenched his fist hitler had an open hand. We all know how many died when people listened to hitler and allowed him to disarm those who were not members or supporters of the nazi party.

      • Nancy Anderson says:

        Sheldon, I was a teenager during that “conflict” as the politicians called it. I lost family and friends in Nam. I and a girlfriend of mine, did volunteer work at the Naval Hospital in San Diego. We read to the blind, brought cookies and soft drinks and helped the ones who lost limbs to enjoy a little of “home”. We came out from doing that to a crowd of protesters across the road from the hospital, yelling baby killers, and monsters. I wanted to cry for the soldiers. I know they could hear them. One of the “protesters” came at me with a sign on a wooden slat. Little did he know, that I was a military brat, and I took his sign away from him and hit him over the head with it. They called the police. When the police heard what happened, they wrote tickets to the protesters for trespassing, because the land across from the hospital is or was Balboa park, city owned. Then the cops gave me and my girlfriend a ride home. We did that all summer, and on weekends while going to school. By the way. Thank YOU for your service to. I married a service man later in life. We retired after 20 years in the Navy. I LOVE my country.

      • Charles says:

        SHeldon, I wish all the returning soldiers would have beat the snot out of the people spitting on you. I remember all this well, just like I remember that POS Jane Fonda and her antics. We condemned all of that then, and still do.

      • Mott says:

        Thank you and WELCOME HOME!

      • Thanks for your service also Sheldon. You hit the nail on the head. Some of those same dirtbags are college professors, ex. Obama’s buddy in Chicago. This little punk will go through life on the dole without ever earning his stripes. I am no hero, one tour in Lai Khe with the First, but did my duty. Thanks again for your service. 68-69

    • Carl Tidwell says:

      Thank you!

  18. William Schlumpf says:

    Looking at it in another way. If the 911 highjacker idiots had used firearms instead of airliners they would have killed possibly dozens rather than the thousands they did kill without firearms.

  19. Victor Chamoun says:

    This article doesn’t show this little prick winning anything. I live in Florida and haven’t heard of 200 guns getting confiscated! The number I’ve heard on the FAKE NEWS outlets said there were only 22. I’m quite sure if they had confiscated 200 guns it would be daily bragging on every news channel. We may be in a fight down here, but we still have a large percentage of conservatives that are sticking to our guns, pun intended!! Where did this 200 guns come from, or is this just another attempt to scare us into giving more money for the cause??

    • von Potter says:

      Thank GOD that you in Florida keep us posted to the lying liberal media….

    • Terry says:

      Perhaps they looked at the paperwork and that was the number they TRIED to take.

      There have been reports of failed attempts.

      Or that may be the number taken among all the states with such guilty by accusation until you prove you are innocent laws.

      Or it could just be a typo with an extra 0 on the end of 20.

      Then again it cited FOX NEWS as the source so we should be able to just go to their web page and see if that is what they actually said.

      The fact is it does not matter if its 1 or 1 million they have violated the constitution and its requirement that one be CONVICTED of a crime before any right is infringed as part of the punishment for that crime.

      Now it just takes an ACCUSATION and like the days of England’s rule we must then prove our innocence in court to have our rights and property restored.

      And hope our property is properly stored unlike they did the guns they illegally took from people during the recent hurricanes most were allowed to rust to the point of useless before the courts finally ordered them to be returned.

      Even then only those with RECENT purchased guns that could PROVE they owned them got anything back 100+ year old family heirlooms with no paperwork were not as few had PROOF of history or ownership on guns that old.

      The ones in the government who took them had NO intention of returning them and it took a lawsuit to get that much.

  20. William Schlumpf says:

    Banning the gun will only make the populace less safe. Evil demented people have always been around and always will be. Deal with the problem – the demented moron not the tool the use. The worst school massacre in us history was not committed with firearms. The sicko used explosives. Bath School Disaster – 45 killed. Ban firearms the dementos will use bombs or vehicles or whatever and kill even more people. Without access to a firearm won’t make the demented sicko sane.

    • Sydney Haase says:

      Absolutely. People will not believe the fact that guns aren’t the problem. People are. We won’t learn until it is too late. There are many places in the world where terrorist and thugs rule because of gun control.

    • Sheldon Nadler says:

      I just finished reading an article published by the FBI that said there were 145 school shootings in the US last year and all were carried out by children 12 yo to 19 yo and all had taken their parents guns without permission. Only 4 adults were arrested for not locking up their guns. You can have all the gun laws you want and it will not stop the killing of innocents!

  21. Who is hiding behind David Hogg?

  22. David Hogg is an palestinian troublemaker hiding quietly behind everything and everyone to enjoy his predatory tribe

  23. Mott says:

    Banning the gun will not stop anyone that WANTS to do this, Ban the TOOL holding it! As fore “Red Flag” the way I take it I can say “Joe Blow”is a risk and his guns will be taken even if he is not…..Please correct me if wrong..

    • Robert Messmer says:

      Depends on exactly how the law was written. Some states specify only family and/or police may make such a claim other states don’t specify any limits.

  24. Cathylovesyou says:

    Hogg — Shows the ignorance of the Dems in Florida, paying any attention to Hogg as he craves for attention. The Head is what kills people not guns. I haven’t owned a Gun (shot gun for trap shooting) in 27 years. My head told me to shoot clay pigeons not people, however if your head does than I want you put in confined care at once. If your silly and using politics for some results, Fagitaboutit.

    • von Potter says:

      His name really does describe him……..Bet in a few years he will try to be a politician……..He would fit right in as a DEM/RINO…………

      I started shooting at 11 yrs old……….Am now a senior citizen & have never killed anyone , however let that “RICHARD” HOGG walk in my door without an invite, and my dogs will make mincemeat out of him…..

    • He will be the perfect replacement for Chuckie Shumer–except for the glasses hanging over his nose. Another lib who cannot serve his country, but can only criticize it. He needs to sit in a room and study the Constitution and Bill of Rights–only if he learned to read. He gives new meaning to the word snowflake. Protest all you want, but as they say do not tread on me. RVN 68-69

  25. john says:

    The libs and the media keep putting the little fag in the spotlight; so he keeps sucking it up!

  26. Rick says:

    I fully supportthe 2ed. That said this law would allow law enforcement to take away the gun from people who a court deems unstable until a hearing is held. We have to have some kind of option in place when someone goes off the rails

    • Bret Golke says:

      This is just the beginning..they will start taking VETS rights because of ptsd, then battered women because of domestic violence they have suffered…a piece of dust will grow into an anthill quickly, then a mountain and legal gun ownership will fade away. We have had laws..dems are trying very hard to nullify the 2nd Amendment, they only wish to keep parts of the constitution that are beneficial to them..thry add to it things like abortion and gay marriage…its all bs..they are trying to destroy our country..

      • G says:

        Bret Golke, The Dem libs want to chip away at the second ammendment until it is meaningless. A little ammendment to it here and there (small bites at a time so everyone thinks it’s no big deal) and one day it is a “dead” ammendment. Then the Dem libs will murder the first ammendment. It is a known they feel the Constitution is obsolete and want it to be a living document that can be changed or amended as they see fit. Well, our Country was founded on it and I say Hades No to changing it!

    • James D Burroughs says:

      Also their should be laws that enforce the punishment for people who make false statements about a person who owns firearms. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Terry says:

      This is not needed as LAWS already exist to disarm and HOLD people who are unstable.

      In fact they can hold them for EVALUATION if they appear so.

      Prior to several of these incidents INCLUDING the one being used by this hitler wannabe their intent was reported and EXISTING laws allowed for them to be held for evaluation that would determine CONSTITUTIONALLY if they were a danger and allow their being disarmed.

      In fact that shooting would not have happened had they FOLLOWED existing laws because he would still have been LOCKED UP while being evaluated by mental health professionals had they used those existing laws when his plans were reported to the authorities.

      These laws REVERSE the burden of proof from the state to the accused anyone who says we NEED this to save lives is LYING because we already put in place laws that do so constitutionally.

      1) the time limit one can be held without charges.

      2) The ability to hold someone for mental evaluation if they appear to be a danger to themselves or others.

      3) the ability to commit individuals who are thus proven in that evaluation to actually be a danger.

      4) The laws that allow the prosecution and jailing of people who make direct threats to an individual or group.

      The fact the GOVERNMENT representatives tasked with enforcing these laws chose NOT TO USE THEM is no excuse to give the government more authority by removing or delaying DUE PROCESS but allowing the accused to be treated as if proven GUILTY until they prove they are not.

      One of the things that so outraged the founders of this nation it lead to the removal of our ENGLISH government and the creation of this nation was the holding of innocent people based on mere accusation sometimes for decades until they have a trial and prove they are innocent. IT was right up there with trying them repeatedly for the same crime over and over again even after they proved their innocence.

      Which is something else our politicians have been working on for example one case were the accused was found innocent in county court but they chose to charge them again claiming that the STATE LAW was separate and thus a different charge even though it was for the SAME violation.

      In fact in one case years ago they tried the man for the same crime in the county, state, and federal courts one after the other on the grounds that they were SEPARATE laws even though they covered the same crime even after PROVING they were innocent of the crime THREE TIMES the state still looked for more ways to try and prosecute him over the SAME CRIME he had been found innocent of not just once but three times all because the POLITICIANS could not stand the fact their PUBLICITY EVENT of using him to promote their personal agenda flopped because he was innocent. This of course did not make the MAINSTREAM media or was just a quick blip rushed through so no one had time to say “hey wait a second three trials for the same crime?”

    • Robert Messmer says:

      Would you support a law that would put you in jail because someone thought you might rob a bank? Or would you demand a trial BEFORE any punishment? How about if they only suspected that you might rob yourself and not others?

  27. Ernst says:

    Danid Hogg is an attention-hungry, ignorant, little fool. He says what the leftist media want to broadcast but has no idea of the expected results. He has achieved some notoriety, and Americans have lost a little more of their freedom and independence.

  28. Charles says:

    Why do I thin Nazi, when I see this punk’s picture? And who pissed in his Cheerios, to give him such a frown to wear all the time?

  29. This guy makes me think of the indoctrinated kids of the Hitler youth. He is a woose who knows nothing about adult issues. I cannot believe any grown adult would even listen or give him any attention.

  30. Randy L Cox says:

    Didn’t get enough attention at home. KARMA will give the little cockroach ALL the attention he can wants!

  31. Ralph Thomas Howarth says:

    Unconstitutional to strip a citizen of any rights without the consent of a jury.

  32. wise owl says:

    I would laugh if Hogg would get drug behind the barn and whipped until he was almost dead, then tell the idiot he could have avoided all the torture if he had only had a gun to scare of the attackers.

  33. Mary Allen says:

    Hitler and Hogg are amazingly alike. History remake.

  34. No says:

    This little punk should have his Citizenship revoked an dhis sorry butt shipped to the EU or Russia so he won’t have to put up with Law Abiding Gun Owners who value their Rights without imposing their opinions on anyone else.

  35. michael friend says:

    Somebody should knock that little punk down and BITCH SLAP him a couple dozen times then let him go and cry to mommy.

  36. David Miksad says:

    David Hogg is just a little girly boy cockroach that needs to be stepped on and squished.

  37. David says:

    The feral hog won’t be around long when soros is gone , and your lying ass will be gone for good too..
    feral why lie and say you were at school when you weren’t ? You knew from seeing what he said on his computer that he was gonna target the school , that’s why you didn’t show that day.. You should be ashamed of lying while your fellow classmates were shot for no reason at all .. It will come back to you with a vengeance , wait and see .. A haunting will come upon you !

  38. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    In order for Hogg to “win” in FL; AMERICA must LOSE in FL! He can only “win” by stripping American citizens of their rights to self -defense! That’s not a win; it’s a pathetic effort to stop something the WRONG way again! HE, and all his compatriots with like beliefs, are in fact the PROBLEM, not the solution; FL should be listening to KYLE KUSHEV, another survivor of Parkland who actually had the sense to see the actual problem and offer truly sensible solutions and actions!

  39. K says:

    Another example of a youngster, seeking his 15 mins of fame but who is completely misguided in his efforts. I’ve no doubt Hogg has been molded by the MSM to uphold their ludacris beliefs… Hogg prob feels really empowered right now but I can’t wait until he realizes how wrong he is. Didn’t I recently see him in NYC with armed body guards? Sure I did, such a hypocrit. It’s unfortunate that he and his school had to endure such a horrid attack but I’ve got sad news, his outspoken youthful ignorance will never stop a mad man who wishes to cause harm. Since Hogg is still young, I hope he has time to come to his senses. What he won’t do tho is strip me of my gun rights granted to all of us by the 2nd amendment. I really wish he would agree to a debate with DANA Loesch… she would chew him up & spew him out!

  40. Bender says:

    Your pres. Suggested just taking them without due process. They are just following Trumps orders like good servants.

  41. Audie Jordan says:

    I negotiated w/ FL Development Authority to move my plant to FL years ago. I had a boatyard in the Keys for years, always wanted to go back. We got hurt pretty badly in 2008-9 so all I could do was keep the business alive, could not think about moving. We are healthy than ever now, could move, can afford to move 100 of our key employees & need 200 more over the course of the move.

    I cannot believe the people of FL let this pissant, who was not a survivor accomplish this.

    I reckon we will move to AL, I want a warmer climate but I am not about to move my family & 100 others to FL.

    Broward County law enforcement failed, because the school system adopted Obama’s money for no arrest records, the FBI failed because it is a dysfunctional agency & the Governor, Representatives, Senators all suffer from knee jerk save my ass syndrome.

    FL will be dark blue by 2020, Miami, Tampa, Tallahassee will be mini Chicago, Detroit, Phidelphia, not places tourists want to go on vacation.

    So sad.

    • Ken says:

      Bankrupt Florida. Teach them a hard lesson. Vacation in Alabama. .

    • Shannon Blackwell says:

      I agree, Florida is going bankrupt…but if FL goes blue, the Red loses a KEY swing state. It is touch & go there, but I still want to know…where are all the parents of these kids? The only parents I’ve seen have been parents who DO NOT believe in gun control. Where are Emma & David’s parents? The other kids’ parents, that stood with Emma & David &were interviewed? If they are as easily, willing pushed around as all the Libtards, we are going to lose FL. We need some adults with brains & gutsto go in & shake things up! What’s wrong with these adults, cops included that can’t use their brains or common sense, if they have any, to do their jobs?!

      • Audie Jordan says:

        You are right, lose FL, lose election. NC is done, already blue. AR is blue thanks to McCain, WS, MI, are iffy.

        I don’t believe in polls. I believe in what I see in my daily life. The idea to have the RNC convention is Charlotte will be the end of the RNC. Charlotte, Asheville, the Research
        Triangle, coast of NC are already deep dark blue.

        It is 50/50 on GA right now in midterms, I am betting on first female governor, who just happens to be black, to win, House to go 60-40 Democrat, Senate, 49/51 so GA will be blue in 2020.

        Lose NC, FL, GA, does not matter what else happens, Democrats win, can’t get enough votes in Midwest to make up the loss. Democrats will have both coasts.

  42. Joseph G Hunt says:

    Florida Governor should be recalled. He has become a brain dead liberal.

    • Ken says:

      Stop all trading , buying, vacationing in Florida. Show these states to mess with the 2nd amendment Bill of Rights or Constituion will cost you heavily in $$$$$ loss. Stand up Patriots. This is our Tea Party of “ dumping tea in the harbor”. Cut off ALL $$$$ to Florida. It will bankrupt them in 30 days.

  43. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Disarm ALL leftists and registered Democrats.

  44. Daniel Mount says:

    This kid should go to school like a good little boy and stay out of the grown-ups business. He is too young and stupid to understand how important it is that the American citizens be armed. Because the very reason that we are all free is that we are all armed. Take away the peoples rights to keep and bear arms then we will no longer be a free people. That is what Adolf Hitler did right before he started killing off the Jews.

  45. Barb says:

    The writer of this article is as big an idiot as Hogg. To say that Hogg is responsible for this is asinine. This snot-nosed kid is doing absolutely no good. He needs to go find a college that will accept him because he is definitely not ready for the real adult world! What really amazes me is how many on the left are even listening to this KID.

  46. Marlene says:

    The arrogant little twerp does look like Hitler, all he needs is a cheezey little mustache and voila Adolph Hitler. He seems to be running out of steam though. I guess even the left is losing their enchantment with him. Every time this tantrum throwing brat opens his mouth it is a big score for conservatives.

  47. Vickie says:

    He looks like a Hitler

    • Gretchen Smith says:

      Thst punk Hogg is trying to look like Hitler.
      He needs to go to the communist country he belongs in. What a snot nosed kid

    • carol says:

      yes he does look like Hitler..even the raised fist…change the hair, add a mustache and its hitler

    • Teresa says:

      The snot nosed hogg is a completely dangerous animal. He more then any gun owning NRA member is unstable and puffed up on a mad power grab… He is the true definition of who to watch in the future because he is seriously a danger..
      He is the next Hitler, if he can increase his power and someone calls him on it, like Laura Ingram did he showed his true childish colors.. Look to him to be a future shooter…

  48. millie says:

    They just don’t understand that there are not just Republicans but a lot of hard working, Law abiding democrats that will not give up their guns either. They value being able to protect their families just
    like the rest of us do. None of us are going to let a kid tell us what to do. He doesn’t really look trustworthy, has he ever been thru a mental evaluation.

  49. Shelba J. Holmes says:

    If the people in question here feel that theyhave been wronged then a lawsuit is needed ASAP to brng this practice to a halt. Unless there is truly a proper reason that these people should not have their guns then the state is going to lose in court. The second amendment will guarantee that. I am confident the state is hoping people will not bring suit.

  50. Satindoll says:

    Too bad his parents didn’t parent him when he was young. If anyone cares to notice, those places that are gun free zones are the worse places for crime and murders. Bad guys are not going to get a permit or register guns. They are going to procure firearms and murder. So this puts a burden on law abiding citizens who want to protect themselves and perhaps others. Perhaps when these young people grow up and experience terror they will change their minds. What would Hogg say if a concealed carry NRA member saved his life in a mall shooting. Oh, that’s right he is against the NRA and guns. In that case, rest in peace…..and then we will have some as well.

    • betty says:

      From what I’ve read, his parents, who are former FBI agents, did influence him and his sister.

      • Teresa says:

        Yrs and look at what is going on in DC our FBI and DOJ are against the constitution they swore to defend and supported an illegal alien as President. (ref british certificate of live birth..) Then tried to put a Traitorous Witch in office, ignoring her crimes and money laundering.. We have Much to fix in out upper law enforcement..

  51. My biggest concern is why law enforcement were not pro-active when they arrived on the scene at Parkland ? Why did the deputy sheriff from the Broward County Sheriffs Office upon arriving, hide and wait till backup arrived, instead of immediately engaging? Why is the Sheriff of Broward County still in his job? Why is he not under investigation?

    • Shelba J. Holmes says:

      They were cowards. Bottom line.

    • Carlos says:

      Because the district that school is in is full of liberal NY Jews who elected, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to Congress and another NY Jew, Scott Israel, as Sheriff. As for the GOP’s spinelessness, there’s an NRA lawsuit which will take time but much of that law will be found unconstitutional. Iy may reach the SOTUS, which will be even better for us.

  52. Stephen says:

    What about those prescription drugs that make people do crazy stuff? The common thread in many of these mass shooting cases are those drugs. It’s odd that the Left won’t talk about the commonality of prescription drugs and shootings as it doesn’t fit their false narrative. Every Lefty wants “Common Sense Solutions” so let’s start with the drug connection. Confiscation is not the first option and should be the very last option.

  53. Larry says:

    Did Hogg get a new boyfriend???

  54. Connie says:

    Why are the people in Florida allowing this teenager brat that thinks he has power to control the state of Florida. Spank him, change his diaper and put him in his playpen.

    • Carlos says:

      It was a panicked, knee jerk bitchathon for out pathetic lawmakers and imbecile Gov. Once we get a Gov. like Desantis or Putnam in there, that law will be gone via Const. challenge and they’ll have to pass something more sensible the new Gov. will sign.

  55. Merlin Wood says:

    stand bye for the minute men

  56. Bob Hunt says:

    I am anti abortion but this kids parents sure missed a good opportunity when they did not abort him!

  57. George says:

    The fact of the matter is this. I will always carry a weapon to protect my family and I regardless of what any worthless 2 bit law says. End of damn story.

  58. Tom says:

    All this crap is never going to fly, for the lawsuits are going to be coming at these Democratic and Republican politicians in every state that tries this BS and could cost these states a fortune plus these politicians that imposed these gun confiscation policies have put their political career at an end!!! The most dangerous part of this is it could start a revolution for you can bet that the majority of the citizens are never going to allow the government to take their right to bear arms away and I for one wouldn’t allow it either, for it would be over my dead body and that is the only way that they get my gun!!!

    • Carlos says:

      I’d love to say you’re right but we have too many stupid Floridians who are easy to manipulate and will worry more about medicaid and Rx drugs.

  59. Shirley Ann says:

    Governor Scott lost my support the day that he allowed a foul mouth Brat to force him to
    spit on the Constitution & sign Legislation to confiscate guns after one complaint. This is a Gun Grab, &
    Governor Scott put himself in front of the Anti-Second Amendment Mob. The Mob, led by Hogg, will not be satisfied until all owners of a gun will be Criminalized.

    • Carlos says:

      I also hate Scott but he only signed what the lawmakers hastily passed. Worst of all, he’s gonna probably go to the US Sen., which isn’t so bad cuz he’ll back trump 100% and not mess up FL any more. We’ll also get that old yahoo, Bill Nelson out for good!!

  60. Ole hoggy was not where near the school until he heard that some thing was going on. Now tell me how fast would it take him to get the school after he hear any thing about it? He had “NO IDEA ” what the problem was??????? He was on a bicycle and was over 3 miles away and got there to “Know ALL ABOUT WHAT WAS HAPPENING?”” sounds like he knew something was going to happen. I still say he knew that that boy was going to take a gun to school and would bet ODE HOGG bet he did not have the nerves or brains to do it. OLE HOGGY don’t like guns and wants them all removed from the people but, have you ever seen all the guns that are protecting him every time he opens his big mouth??????

  61. DENNIS says:

    somebody should take that fist that little skinny dork david hogg is extending straight up and shove it straight up his ass !

  62. Thomas says:

    This guy lives up to his name. When his mother call him to dinner she yells “Sooey, Sooey.

  63. JOHN says:


  64. charlene says:

    Florida, figures there all illegal, Mexican , etc etc, but they do not control OUR America, and they will not get our guns, time to fight, there will be a cicil war. Looks like this kid I still at his mothers breast.

  65. John F Grychak says:

    Put a Hitler mustache on this little twerp, and guess who you have?

  66. Tommie Walker says:

    What a loser!! This will be overturned!!!!

  67. Michael Hanks says:

    David Hogg is a perfect example of why we need 2×4s, shovels, bats, bricks and other inanimate object LIKE GUNS.
    They are necessary to remove idiots like him from the earth to protect the gene pool. Too much safety, laws and dumbasses like him are the reason the Earth has gone to hell.
    He cannot disappear soon enough.

  68. Sharon says:

    Never was comfortable with Gov. Scott. Hogg is a twitt, Gov Scott should know better! Doesn’t this infringe on 2nd amendment rights? Doesn’t that make it illegal?

  69. Richard C says:

    Just make sure Hoggggggg, does not ever get a gun and I will be happy

  70. Thomas Mitchell says:

    He will try to get as much mileage out of this for notariety and opportunity, same for the Democrats, this is there chance to chock up votes for something other than trade EBT, Welfare Checks and resiting for votes.

  71. Michael says:

    The supprem court will overrule this illegal law as any admenment to violate anyone’s Constitutional rights.

  72. Peter says:

    If this little snowflake is all the democrats can do they are in trouble

  73. Danny Noble says:

    If Hogg has succeeded in taking guns and ammo from FL citizens then he is extremely dangerous and must be stopped.

  74. Little Davie Hogg the gay boy who thinks he is a man, not that there’s anything wrong with being gay.

  75. Debbie says:

    The hogg is a fake….never was a student at Parkland, and is in his 20’s. The less we see and hear of hogg, the better. A faked event to further the liberal agenda of gun confiscation. Where were the grieving families? Where was coverage of the funerals? Nowhere! The liberal insanity must be stopped. We have had more than enough of their crap!

  76. Helen Haslam says:

    He needs to be gaged. He is definetly a trouble maker

  77. Raymond Martucci says:

    David hoggs father should be giving his guns up and so should the FBI and police who sat there and watched them get killed

  78. Sherry F Sun says:

    Where’s this punks parents somebody needs to kick their ass.

  79. Clyde Randolph says:

    How can a state and its Gov, Scott, over ride the 2nd amended of our const…please tell me,

  80. Fr Tom Martin says:

    I think there should be a law to confiscate guns from people who are a threat to themselves, family or community. But, how and who determines who is and is not a threat

    • Raymond Martucci says:

      This David hoggs is going around telling we should give up guns and the laws listens then his father who sure has some to give his up and all the police officers that are taken them since it was the FBI and the police who stood there and did nothing and watched.

  81. Michael says:

    David Hogg can go F**k himself….id like to that little prima donna try to pull that s**t in Montana, where I come from…I watched a bunch of sherriffs get together in television…sherriffs said no guns will ever be confiscated from Montana citizens…Hogg your not evan smart enough to get into a good college you POS

  82. Cherel Justice says:

    His stance and attitude in the picture reminds one of other times. It is time to consider whether some of these shootings are “allowed” to happen to bring pressure against gun owners. The lack of intervention in Las Vegas and the lack of prevention and intervention in Parkland indicate an underlying agenda. Corrupt and tragic.

    • G says:

      Cherel Justice, You mean D. Hogg’s black power “sign”? That’s what it reminds me of.

      • Bandit says:

        Think again; think about hitlet, hitler used almost the same salute, they claim that conservatives are mostlikely like hitler but look who uses the hitler salute.

      • Bandit says:

        It is closer to that of hitler, at one time that little hoggy even wore a black band around his right arm just like hitler.

  83. john says:

    Hogg is a little pansy that I hope is a victim of some pscho.looks too weak to even hold a gun!why doesnt the media ever cover pro gun people?

  84. G says:

    David Hogg is nothing more than a tool used by the commie Dem liberals. With a mother working for CNN he has been administered a high dose of “far leftwing” propaganda all his young
    life. He is a spoiled immature child. I knew nothing about him, his family or their politics but realized the first time he was on camera, he was going to be a problem for second ammendment supporters. I am a firm believer in the old saying “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Leave our guns alone! We must be armed in order to protect ourselves, family, our Country, and ready to defend our freedom. There are many things we can do to stop deranged people from using guns (and other weapons including vehicles) to murder and maime. Also, children are being desensitized to violence by video games and.movies. Too many things to list here. Adults and children should not have “knee jerk” reaction to ANYTHING.

  85. James P Hutchins says:

    hogg is a punk who needs to shut his mouth.

  86. Navy Vet 67 says:

    Not for long..this governor on the way out.

  87. Sheldon Nadler says:

    David Hogg is NOT a survivor because he was NOT even on campus that day. I am a survivor! I did 3 tours in Vietnam and 4 Purple Hearts. I had a 6 way heart bypass in 1998. I had my left lung removed in 2007 because of lung cancer. I am a survivor and not this immature punk!

  88. Nena van Horn says:

    Hogg ain’t nothing but wimp and birch some one needs to super glue his mouth

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