David Hogg just made a threat that Nancy Pelosi won’t like

The Democrat Party is unraveling.

Radical activists such as David Hogg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are pushing the party even further left.

And now David Hogg just made a big threat that Nancy Pelosi won’t like.

Hogg has made national headlines as the left’s new champion for gun control.

Now he’s turning on the Democrat Party bigwigs and he just went on a profanity-laced tirade against “old” Democrat leadership.

The Daily Wire reports:

Leftist activist David Hogg attacked “old” Nancy Pelosi in an interview published on Monday in NYMag where he was described as being “a spokesperson for radicalized young America.”

Hogg claimed that Republicans are effective in politics because “they’re empowering young people,” specifically pointing to Paul Ryan’s age when he became Speaker of the House — 45 — as being what makes Republicans successful.

“Nancy Pelosi is old,” Hogg said in the interview. “Older Democrats just won’t move the f*** off the plate and let us take control.”

In a profanity-laced interview earlier this year, Hogg said that his parent’s generation was not competent enough to solve problem’s in today’s world, saying, “our parents don’t know how to use a f***ing democracy, so we have to.”

Anointing David Hogg as a leader within the “progressive” ranks was a huge mistake for Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will soon be kicked to the curb by a new breed of “democratic socialists.”

And if you thought Pelosi and Schumer were radical, you haven’t seen anything yet.


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131 Responses

  1. Cookie says:

    this little MOMMIES boy needs a rod shoved up his A$$.. He has a big mouth and I am sure can;t back it up. He thinks he’s smart but someone is going to knock that empty head off his shoulders one of these days. Another liberal JAG@ff that opens his mouth and shoves both feet down his throat

  2. Nunyer Binnis says:

    The little commie prick still breathes? Unfortunate.

    • cookie says:

      yeah, and it’s a shame he is allowed to considering he is stepping on a lot of toes that don;t like to get stepped on

  3. Daniel Mount says:

    I would like to thank David Hoggs for helping the Republican Party. Oh and don’t give up your day job kid. Haa! Haa! Haa!

  4. Hogg’s speech is irritating but at least he makes you laugh Let Hogg to go back in Gaza Strip!

  5. Jerry says:

    He’s just a little melenial asshole without a clue living in his parents basement.get a job so your parents won’t have to pay your way

  6. Mo says:

    David Hogg, just your typical programmed useful IDIOT. He is the perfect example of what is wrong with our education systems today. Our children are no longer educated but being programmed as Soicalists by the radical college professors and the union teachers in our school systems. These radical professors are committing SEDITION AND THE UNION TEACHERS ARE DOING THE SAME THING. Our children re being dumbed down so much that they are nothing but useful IDIOTS who think that everything is owed to them and that they don’t have to earn anything.

    • marshmil1789 says:

      Higher education today, with very few exceptions, is ruled by faculty who grew up in an anti-America drug culture and who subscribe to the ideas of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. They have no interest in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. So what can we expect of the students in this literally God-forsaken agenda?

    • Oscar Lopez says:

      He is such a P O S. He is a nobody wanting to be something. Grow up butthole

  7. Ellen says:

    This bastard DAVID HOGG is nothing but a attention/publicity seeking imbecile. He’s not even gone to college and he’s interested in running fir Congress? What a tall dream he’s got. He think so high of himself…what a hypocrite and unintelectual liar… you’re such a pain in the %# of all Americans. Why don’t you concentrate first on gettinghigher education? Maybe, youll start to act like a mature hog.not a dumpy oink oink oink.

  8. K says:

    Hogg is a useless pig. Like every indecent DEMWIT, he hasn’t let a tragedy go to waste. I wish he would just go away, his 15 mins of fame is long finished & quite boring.
    Didn’t I read of his security carrying firearms? What a ridiculous hypocrit. Go away HOGG, you’re an unwise & indoctrinated tool.

  9. Warren Marshall says:

    We do not need some pipsqueak no nothing that can’t speak without using profanity. It would not help this Great Country to have some one like him talking to a leader of another country using language like he just used about people that far his superiors, although I don’t care much about them myself, they are far above those words words from the like s of The Hogg. I know I misspelled his name.

  10. Walter Deveau says:

    Hogg boy needs to STFU & get back under his rock!

  11. Robert Butt says:


    • Bill says:

      Robert, where do you think he learned such verbal filth? At his mother’s knee, of
      course. This little twit doesn’t realize his foul mouth reveals his “raising” as well as his negative IQ. Like paents, like son!

    • dandy says:

      maybe the best of him RAN DOWN HIS FATHERS LEG
      I think that the florida sun has baked his brains

  12. Stan Lee says:

    I have never agreed with Mrs. Pelosi, but she has fought like the dickens for her party…for that devotion I must respect her. This kid-punk who lucked out by not being present during all that shooting at the Florida school which was a most unfortunate ordeal for those who were there. Hogg is obviously being groomed for politics, and what he has learned thus far is not to be considerate for those politicos preceding him. Also, he has not learned that he, himself, does not present an impressionable figure. He is learning that anything goes, which will expose him from more potent and aspiring politicians who’d cut his throat to advance, the same as he’s trying to do with Nancy Pelosi. Somewhere along his perceived path, is the “moment of truth” which will teach him a bitter lesson…just as he would do for Nancy Pelosi.

    • Betty says:

      The radicals who actually only want destruction of anyone but themselves are using him and he is so full of himself he is clueless. They ill use him and then throw him away when he I no longer of any value to them.

      • Dawn says:

        You are so right,he thinks he’s got the bull by the horn. He’s so nieve,excause the spelling. The so called old elite will use him and turn him into butt wipe. He hasn’t a clue. Hoggs and those like him are being used for the old. Better be careful you may disappear like meany before you.

    • dandy says:

      A COUPLE OF killary thugs should take care of him

  13. N says:

    Hogg is the devil child of the Deep State!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs their just as bad! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump ASAP! Vote Republican if you want America to continue to prosper under President Trump!

  14. Cactus Cleve says:

    Huck Fogg.

  15. Carlos says:

    Sorry but Camera Hogg’s will not end until the left has any reason to conclude the useful idiot is no longer useful. That won’t be until they lose in a Nov. landslide. Then his funding and armed security will dry up. That’s why we need to turn out HUGE and vote, otherwise the little turd will never flush!

    • russell remmert says:

      the punk is and always a coward and a liar

    • dandy says:


  16. Kadok says:

    daivid hogg doesn’t know he lives in a republic, the kid is a blatant disrespectful spoiled punk, he talks about his parents as if they are trash and he acts like he knows it all. He should be taken to the wood shed for a more profound conversation that will teach him respect and discipline.

  17. jjammin says:

    David Hog(g) is not a mental midget, he . . . is a she! Yes, David has nothing between those legs! David is also an imbecile . . . an ignorant imbecile! And, yes, David is also a LIAR!!!

  18. Joe says:

    David Hoff wants to punish decent, honest for the actions of the criminals and crazies. The decent, honest citizens will be unable to defend themselves. The criminals will still have their guns. Crime will skyrocket. David Hogg is pro-criminal.

  19. Gene says:

    Hogg’s old man must have been tripping on ‘LSD’, to spawn a ‘Mental Midget Like His Dumb A@@ Son’.

    • Ken of mo. says:

      Man you got that right. Much of this and know one on msm will touch this moron. And the dems will black list him. He has ambitions of becoming a congressman that would be hard to do without party support.

  20. Robert Higginbotham says:

    I hope Hogg continues to go hog wild blasting everything the buffoon thinks is wrong with the democrat party. Couple his rants with the completely asinine and ludicrous statements by Cortez and they couldn’t help the republicans any more than they are.

    • Glenn Trail says:

      Hogg has a medical problem that most folks do not know about. What he needs is an Optirectomy . That will sever the nerve from his eyes to his ass and clear up his shii**y out look on life.

  21. Jim says:

    David Hog- Wart on America’s ass, needs some kind of medical treatment to take care of his insanity. Maybe a frontal lobotomy might straighten him out.

    • Rodney Orr says:

      No Jim, Little Tiny David needs a good old a$$ whipping and sent into the MILITARY, where he just may learn, and I did say “MAY LEARN” something about this wonderful COUNTRY that we live in and learn what it is to live FREE, but I even doubt that it will help him at all!!!!!!

      • M says:

        Rodney Orr, Nope, too late for Hogg! He is a product of bad parenting and is now practically an adult. Bad parenting going on in today’s society is producing these little arrogant know it all’s who in reality know absolutely nothing about the REAL world. Children get no guidance and supervision from parents and the education system is far left liberal. So, this David Hogg’s by the millions is what America will be getting in the future. Some people desperately need to be working on this problem!

        • Linda says:

          I have ideas to work on this problem and many others in my books! However, if they sit “in the cloud” unread and unmoved upon, they won’t do any good. Try, “Rain’s Realm: The Future In Bloom” authored by RainBlue 🙂

  22. john says:

    I’m tired of hearing about this phony punk, his 15 minutes have expired!

  23. Larry , RN, says:

    This puck should have paid attention in 9th grade civics class, We are not a democracy, the majority does not always win, we are a REPUBLIC. He is not too bright, guess that is why he was so old when he graduated, if he even did graduate.

  24. OMEGA 2 says:

    This is a hot one, the DIAPER KID telling the DEPEND BROAD to get the hell off of the plate and let him POOP on it as she has POOPED on it long enough! This is really going to get interesting with BABY telling GRANDMA where the BEAR WALKED THROUGH THE BUCKWHEAT!

  25. Ernst says:

    I find it somewhere between idiotic and absurd that this little twit is still gleaning ink (or electrons) in wasting the time of news people and followers. Why give this creep the time of day?

  26. Earl Webb says:

    Little Davy Hogg needs to leave running the United States to grown ups that are FOR THE CONSTITUTION AND FOR THE FREE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! EVERY OTHER politician that speaks against it is a ENEMY OF FREEDOM AND A TRAITOR AND DESERVES TO BE HUNG ON A GALLOWS ON THE COURTHOUSE SQUARE FOR EVERY WOULD BE ENEMY OF THE REPUBLIC AND OUR CONSTITUTION TO SEE! LITTLE DAVY would be the first to try out the new rope and gallows! WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER HITLER OR STALIN! SEMPER FI! From an old Marine Corp vet that is true to the oath I swore to uphold!

  27. Frank says:

    Give that boy a square little black mustache! Heil Hog!

  28. Timothy k Toroian says:

    Yo, “Radicalized” David, do you know happens to radicals? They sure as hell don’t get elected to office. You really should follow my advice and study the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as well as some political philosophy. If you can’t give me a philosophical reason why we should surrender a right on your say so, then you aren’t worth listening to, you just become a pouty little kid throwing a tantrum.

  29. Joe says:

    David Pig is a Bill of Rights trashing freedom hater!

  30. M says:

    David Hogg is a product of bad parenting. I am sorry to step on toes and apologize in advance. More than one half of parents today, from the time their children are toddlers, buy
    them “things” to play with. When they
    are older parents buy the children
    more expensive “things” to play with.
    This requires less time, interaction,
    guidance, teaching, training, etc. from
    parents so they are free to be self
    indulgent and play with their own toys. Children, with their educational toys,
    almost raise themselves with practically no guidance from adults.
    Programming on TV is produced by
    liberals, the school system is liberal,
    you see where I’m going with this?

    Providing expensive toys, lack of discipline, not teaching children what “no” really means, giving them too
    much unsupervised time and space
    does NOT good parents make.

    Many of today’s parents were not raised in church so, children are not growing up with any spiritual guidanceat all. I am sure many homes
    don’t have a Bible, at all.

    You can call this old fashioned but, we
    didn’t have all the problems with
    children and young people that society
    has today. I have spent all this time
    writing this now, would you parents
    with children spend a little time thinking about it?

  31. Oscar Pearson says:

    Hog(g) is messing with people that can make him disappear!

    • Charles says:

      POP! Now you see him now you won’t. he has offended the Democratic old girl is this not an act of TREASON? Three years an a pound of K-Y Jelly will bring him out!

  32. Pete Dosado says:

    David Hogg is so full of himself and needs an enema!

  33. James England says:

    I bet you he well no come to Southwest Texas, because he might wind being feeds to the HOGS

  34. Frank Roza III says:

    Let Hogg and the Dems implode!

  35. Thomas Goss says:

    Hogg is the only one who should have die that day of the school shooting, this loud mouth asshole should just shut up and DROP DEAD. aS FOR THE DEMOCRATS THEY CAN drop dead TOO.

  36. James Earp says:

    Hogg is only about 20 years old but older enough to execute.

  37. Den R Zampieri says:

    And another radical idiot emerges….David Hogg

  38. Kenneth Farley says:

    MR Hogg o did I say MR he isn’t old enough to be called Mr. this is what happiness when you put kids in charge. Hogg go home and eat your Brockley and grow up and come back in about 20 years. then we will talk..makes no sense to talk to someone that doesn’t have common sense.

  39. James P Hutchins says:

    hogg is a punk kid who needs to shut his mouth and study because this idiot kid knows nothing about life or politics shut your mouth punk kid.

  40. BwaHa says:


    Term limits cures career politicos. Top the combined political “service” to twelve years maximum. Any combination, any position combined or singular… twelve years. Once they hit year twelve they’re done at the end of that year. No lifetime health insurance, no lifetime retirement benefits, a one time separation check of $250.00 maximum and a nice trophy or plaque for their mantle. Oh, and a letter of thanks and a handshake if it’s deserving. Serving our country is and should always remain an honor, not a get rich quick scheme. IMHO

    • William Strossman says:

      Problem is that term limits also create “Lame Ducks.” In fact, Obummer was a “Lame Duck” as soon as he got re-elected.

  41. arschloch says:

    The ‘Hog’ seems to have one thing correct, an old battle axe is always an old battle axe.

  42. If English would be the official language in US, leftist would learned more

  43. He might be safe until he steps on the clintons toes! Then he will be found deceased.He is a little dumbass POS!

    • Dennis LeRoy Williamson says:

      Let’s home ge crosses the Clinton’s. He is one dumb ass that is asking for it. He will become another dead casualty for bucking the Clintons.

      • Marina says:

        I don’t think there would be anyone who missed him, either – ‘cept mebbe mummy & dada. This would be one more notch in the clintons’ belt – and one society would cheer!

    • BwaHa says:

      That couldn’t happen to soon. IMHO

  44. Keith D says:

    I believe this child really is the future of the Demon Rats!!! Just watch them push these new age idiots to the front over the next 15 years!!! Ocasio and Hogg are what happens when they start eating their own they produce TURDS!!!

  45. Tom says:

    Can you believe this little fart has the audacity to say old people don’t listen to the young? Just look at all these comments and see how well old farts listen to young people. It is no wonder the millenials are strongly not voting Republican.

  46. The best way to handle the tribe is to let them fight one another and not get involved They will argue and fight each-other like this

    • Marina says:

      ‘zactly! I’m a retired firefighter/EMT, and we got so tired of fixing up the gang-bangers’ booboos we said we oughta encourage them to have out “up in them thar hills” and we couldn’t bother them at all…

  47. Ron says:

    This little dweeb is a classic example of juvenile “I know it all, you can’t tell me anything” stupidity! If he ever got in my face I would kick his sorry ass all the way home!

  48. John says:

    Hogg another loser like all the other DemoCraps!

  49. Fred Hinkle says:

    Hoogie can kiss my tooshie

  50. Duane Bowen says:

    As young as Mr. Hogg is there is no way he has any valid ideas of what America needs. He has never experienced the real world nor does he know how hostile it really is. To modify an old saying, “Out of the mouths of babes comes ignorance!”

  51. Curtis says:

    Does Hog even shave yet?
    Bet he doesn’t!

  52. Trevorlogic says:

    Just an actor taking the piss for attention. Nobody listens anyways. Nothing to see here

  53. Cyn says:

    This punk kid doesn’t even know that the U.S. is not a democracy but a Constitutional Republic. He is completely off the rails and acts like a dictator would. Narcissism to the umpteenth degree. Mentall unstable to be precise.

    • George says:

      Need to put the draft back in and let him serve 2 years in the Military maybe in Iraq or Iran
      Bet his tune would change Same all those NFL players Then I bet they would not kneel

      • Larry says:

        I have also said the same. Like some other countries, every male and female (and those in between) should serve two years in a section of the military. There is where they will be taught respect and patriotism.

  54. Jon says:

    David has made a good point about Career Politicians. However, he must not have paid attention in Government class since he keeps calling the USA a Democracy.
    The USA is a Republic, David.
    We retain our rights and wish to hold our Officials accountable.


    • Jeff Weber says:

      Government class? We used to call it Civics class. And they haven’t been teaching it in the public schools for decades. That’s the problem. These little punks like Hogg, who think they know it all couldn’t name the three branches of government without Googling it first.

  55. NavyVet67 says:

    Hogg is right about one thing. To many old politicians way past their prime. They are doing nothing but milking the system and lining their pockets. As far as Hogg the individual…he just needs a real good ass whoopin’…..I’ll ask any of the girls in my office if they’re available

  56. Hogg is still a child and has no idea what he is doing or trying to do. His parents should be ashamed of the way he talk and acts. Plain awful, and not helping his silly cause. Part of the problem with him is his parents lack of parental control, they have no control with this baby. He will probably end up in prison for misdeeds.

  57. Maggietish says:

    Hogg is the poster child for sociopaths. What has he ever done in his life except live off of his parents and for all we know the taxpayers. He doesn’t want to listen to the older generation so therefore he shouldn’t get any of our money either. Text reform where people over 45 keep their money and just deal with that age group and hogs age group are use their own money and deals with his age group. I’m not a fan of Pelosi by any means and totally believe that she’s, along with other career Dem’s, have put this country on a disastrous course. The only thing you’re good at is between the United States and the American people all the time making sure that they will become millionaires while office all the taxpayer’s backs. As hard even ever earned one penny in his entire life. He needs to take the time to get a reality check and get his head out of his own butT.

  58. Lawrence Klataske says:

    Nice name, ‘HOGG’!!!!! And who died, went to Heaven, and made you ‘KING’?? You and your girl friend, Alexandria, can just stuff it!!

  59. Dee Servoss says:

    His name says it all hogg aka a huge swine.
    Flake will get some karma…hes a kid stfu.

  60. FRENCHIE says:

    Gee, I’ll bet when he gets old enough to grow a mustache, it’ll look just like Hitler’s !!!

  61. David D. says:

    I think David Hogg wants to sleep with Nancy Pelosi. Or Chuck Schumer.

    • NoeNameson says:

      I disagree. He will go for one of three. Michael Moore, because he is older,fat, has money. Or, he will opt for Bernie Sanders because he is old , fat , has money and power., or 3] he will go for Soros , because he is old ,fat and has all the money and power. Note the similarities?
      Old FAT Money , and yes, they are all WHITE men
      Hogg is a flaming queen with a flair for drama, and his intellect is right up there with 3 day old road kill.

  62. Mike says:

    As much as I don’t like Nancy Pelosi I find it funny that this “tough guy” punk is fighting a woman – especially of her age. If he was a conservative the lame stream media would be screaming he is misogynistic- but be that as it may – I would love nothing better than to see these two idiots square off in the ring and the “Undertaker” gets the winner.

  63. Dan says:

    Someone should take him out back and show him what a punk he is. ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT.
    I am Republican but I don’t talk about a person in that manner.
    He needs to be put on a leash..

  64. Shelba J. Holmes says:

    I hope the ignorant little boy keeps talking. He thinks he is God’s gift to humanity and the Democrats are the ones who have encouraged his nonsense. Let them suffer for it.

  65. Jimmy Johnson says:

    Hogg needs to get in the pen with the rest of his kind! Swine!!!!!!!!!

  66. Timothy k Toroian says:

    Dave, I have winter socks I bought in 1986, one pair of which is still in its wrapper. Pompous bastard, BITES the hand that might help him. He’d get eaten by the frigging lion. He either hasn’t worked or worked a minimum wage job so he has absolutely NO idea how the real world works and obviously wasn’t taught much about the constitution because he wants pols to act unconstitutionally and may not realize he can’t run for national office for another 6 or 7 years. I have discovered, in 71 years, that it is hard to argue with, debate or discuss with true simpletons.

  67. Joanna says:

    This guy belongs in a padded room ..!!! What a damn joke he is!!

  68. Mike H says:

    If the Democrats keep allowing this little puke to talk for them ,they are going to be in big trouble. I can’t imagine anybody with any kind of brain left ,would allow communism in this country. Well on the bright side nobody in communist countries would come here because they already have that crap where …they are.

  69. David Rose says:

    I have socks older than David Hogg. He can’t be a hoggy he is just a little piggy. This little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home.

    • Patrick White says:

      He is a punk who isn’t even close to being green behind the ears, he is even too early for that. Anyone who takes this child and that is an accurate description seriously is a fool.

  70. John Hickman says:

    You writers keep writing his junk so you helping putting the democrap party out keep the good work out

    • Elly says:

      Yes, I wonder why anyone in media would give this moron air time. If I was his parent I would be totally embarrassed by his crude language. But then again, they must have raised him that way. He is given too much air time.

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