Dan Rather made a complete fool of himself for this attack on Trump

President Trump is waging a war on the fake news media.

He tweeted that the fake news media is the “Enemy of the People.”

But Dan Rather just went on the attack and made himself look like a complete fool.

Dan Rather is considered by many as the father of fake news.

In 2004 during the heat of President Bush’s reelection campaign, Rather used his national broadcast to report on memos that called President Bush’s Texas Air National Guard service into question.

The memos were fake and Rather was eventually forced to resign in disgrace.

He is the least-qualified person to attack President Trump for calling out fake news, but he did so anyway, tweeting:

Rather seems to be completely ignorant of the fact that he has been caught red-handed reporting fake news to push his bias on the American people.

Even the late Andy Rooney, former 60 Minutes contributor, called Rather “Transparently liberal.”

Now he is hocking his recently-published memoir, “What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism.”

It’s nothing more than virtue signaling to attack President Trump.

Rather is totally transparent and the embodiment of President Trump’s most recent tweet:


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92 Responses

  1. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Rather is, was, and ever shall be a leftist NWO globalist tool.

  2. Sheila Murrell says:

    The pot talking about the kettle! Sad that we forget so quickly. I won’t be buying nor reading the book!

  3. Ernst says:

    Amazing how the world has changed! Only 14 years ago Dan Rather was forced to leave over this fake report. In today’s world this type thing happens every day and hardly anyone blinks. CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo and others publish and broadcast fake news on a regular basis. Sometimes they print a retraction on page 10, sometimes not.
    Lyin’ Brian Williams is back on the air, even if it is MSNBC (fake news – appropriate).

  4. John Craig says:

    The first amendment ends when people speak, or publish things that would injure someones person or rights or reputation or subvert the government. The MSM all ought to go to jail for doing just that! I just read this online!

  5. JungleCogs says:

    This from the “King” of Fake News… now that’s rich!

  6. Den R Zampieri says:

    So another idiot comes out.

  7. Roy Beman says:

    Dan Rather does not deserve to even have his comments published; his words have been proven to be lies, and his political bias is legendary.

    • Paul says:

      Roy you are correct. Dan has joined the globalist. Just to be popular. True newspeople will tell the truth even if it goes against their own networks policy. Gone are the reporters like Edward R. Murrow who spoke the truth no matter what. We have nazi propogsnda now ruling the networks. How many times in our history have you seen all networks in agreement with exception of Fox News. What is do bad is they support the party trying to destroy our Republic. Remember Richard Nixon who’s crimes seem trivial to what we saw the Democrats leadership and judicial system under the Clintons and Obama. Remember Nixon did not have any respect for Dan Rather. Maybe we should have listened more to him.

  8. Steveur says:

    Not much to say about Blather, he branded himself with the title of “Pure Unadulterated Bullsh*t and like any professional Liberal Liar, he is back with a vengeance to help impeach President Trump. Personally, I judge the Left with their beginnings, when they wore the robes and the business suits came later. Honesty has not been their trademark and never will be. What they stand for, is domination of the classes and now that aim is being reduced, as they fear losing the power of control of those same classes. Eight years of dividing with lies and finally trying to usurp the government by phony Impeachment is their goal. Blather is just a blatant fool and no one can change that it blends in well with Democrat credence.

    • Joan Landreth says:

      Poor Dan, so sad. He should have ended his news reporting long ago while he was still respected. Now, he will be remembered as a confused, ill-informed, has-been.

      • mar says:

        He is correct in stating that freedom of the press is protected by the Constitution. However, freedom of religion is as well and liberals have no problem at all infringing on that and insisting that Christians do things that are contrary to their beliefs.

    • Michael O'Connor says:

      Dan Rather needs to find an elephant and pick up McCain , climb up on its back and ride to the burial ground. Have a good sleep together you two, I am sure you will have lots to talk about on the way.

  9. Jim Knight says:

    I remember many years ago a Russian grad student told me the difference between the Americans and Russia was that the Russians knew the news was fake but the Americans were gullible enough to believe what they read and heard in the news!

  10. Duane Bowen says:

    With so many people attacking President Trump I can only wonder, Who has bought these assorted whores off?

    • Grizz Mann says:

      No need to be bought off, they are great Democrats.

    • jim says:

      The NEWS media is so in love with the power that they have,,,and the average “JOE PUBLIC” reads only the papers, or online news that they find first, and then decide what is acceptable, even if it is not true, cuz that is the only thing that they read. I don’t only watch FOX, tho that is really the one that I BELIEVE, cuz they do their best to only report the truth. I feel, that by watching FOX, I have the truth in reporting, and only respond to the NEGATIVE CRAP in a NEGATIVE WAY!! FOX has done more to report the TRUTH, and anyone that wants to, can look back at the records of any of the different news reports, and address them against what has ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!! DOUBT IT???? I CHALLENGE ANYONE TO RESEARCH AND THEN GET BACK TO ME!!!! THE TRUTH SOMETIMES HURTS< BUT CORRECTS THE LIES!!!

  11. Nancy Anderson says:

    Dan Rather, want to know why the public and President Trump call the press “the enemy of the people”.??? Go look in a mirror. Talk about “FAKE NEWS”.!!!! You should know all about that after the mess you made of the “news” in the past. Remember when you had to resign.??? Did that little number slip your mind when you decided to climb on your pedestal and spew hatred President Trumps direction??!! You and others like you are the reason most people don’t trust the “news”. It should be that you all report “the news that isn’t fit to print”.

  12. N says:

    ‪Expose/boycott,prosecute all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberals demoncrats post-haste ,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump! Vote Republican in November, no RINOs, please!‬

  13. Ron Keeth says:

    Rather reminds us that they have protected speech but, not surprisingly like all liberals, forgets that we and POTUS. also have the right to free speech. The tried and true liberal DOUBLE STANDARD#🇺🇸

  14. Chastran says:

    Little Danny Rather invented fake news…

    • Jan says:

      …and was Fired for it. It’s all about sore loser Libtards. Current landslide of Fake news is the result of the loser demonrat huge loss in the election. Their loss to President Trump has put them in a frenzied and terrified state of mind. They are fragile Snowflakes who have worked themselves into a state perpetual tantrum….. The only cure for this is another total beatdown in November and again in 2020. Get out and VOTE!!! Republican across the board in November and let’s shut these lying cry baby, fake news believing protesters up for GOOD !!! ,,,TRUMP 2020

  15. Dan Rather PROVED himself to be a fool several decades ago, LONG before Donald John Trump even RAN for office. Fortunately for younger Americans, especially Millenials, DAN RATHER is an eternal Jackass, and will make Proving Himself to be a FOOL a Lifetime endeavor, with resounding success at every turn. Look in the ENCYCLOPEDIA IDIOTICA, and under the term “BUFFOON”, there SHOULD be a photograph of Dan Rather.

  16. MSPS says:

    As an older person I have sat through many reporters and anchors. They were like movie stars and their voices
    mesmerized me as they brought the truth to the masses! Then I began to lose interest and faith in them when during the Bush two campaign they did everything they could to paint him yellow. When obama was elected it was obvious to a great majority of people that he was an illegally seated alien, a fake president, and the press was complicit in the cover up as they sat at his feet waiting for a pat like attention starved lap dogs. Obama lied out both sides of his mouth, he is not acquainted with the truth in any form but he seduced the press and they willing followed the Pied Piper. He deliberately tried to stir up a race war and nearly returned us back to a country on the verge of civil war. He embraced the greatest enemies of our country and established them in his so-called administration. obama’s grievous acts against America continue to this day and are so massive they can hardly be catalogued and yet the press laps at his feet and the people are steadily losing faith in the MSM.
    But I did not really understand the term “Fake News” completely until nearly six months after Trump was elected and I would pull up news sites after new’s sites or read their leads about something Trump had done and I was shocked to realize that no matter what Trump did the media was rabidly reporting the opposite. I suppose I believed that as time went on, the media would become so outraged (think of how they raged at Bush two for the so called scandal about ducking military service) at the uranium deal, spying on Trump, Hillary Clinton’s treasonous email debacle that she deliberately engaged in after being warned of numerous times, and on and on. Yet nothing President Trump accomplishedever got a break from the news, never; Fox News excluded!
    That readers is when I realized that with few exceptions the press had sold their souls to their master – obama and clinton whose vile actions while in office ought to be cause for arrest for high treason and the most extreme penalty.
    Having said that, the press isn’t my enemy, they are their own worst enemy. They have sacrificed their personal and journalistic integrity so the FBI or other sources will throw them some rotten meat for a “story” that is a lie. Consequently, they are going to continue to risk their existence because Trump will be re-elected and and it will be a very long time before the dims will rise to power again and all the while the public who are “walking away” from their party will also continue to turn away from the MSM by the droves. Who will listen to their lies then? They are dying a slow death, the water is heating up and they have no idea they are commiting suicide by lying. No, not my enemy, they sicken and amuse me, but they are their own best enemy!
    As a point of interest and I am sure this is not unique to me, but many of my posts are pulled because somebody has detected them as spam. To me spam used to be canned lunch meat so I have no idea what they mean. I do not curse, lie, or say vulgar, inciting things but yet they pull my posts! And they don’t bother to inform me or give me a reason for pulling them. Nope, that comes from Discus, the site I post from and Discus works to reinstate my posts. Censorship at it’s finest from guess who? Ah shucks, was it that easy to guess? MAGA

    • American Patriot says:

      Very well said MSPS! I am wondering if Jimmy Kimmel could be a bastard son of Dan Rather? They both make me sick and will turn the channel as soon as I see either one or some of there other liberal moron pals

    • David D. says:

      Loved your post! It was well thought out and well put. I too, am an older person and remember Cronkite, Huntley & Brinkley, etc. They reported the news, not opinion. I agree with all you stated however, while the press is their own worst enemy, they are also the enemy of the people. I say this because of their lies and omission of facts. People can’t make intelligent decisions about issues without all the facts.
      KUDOS to you, keep up your diligence and MAGA!!

    • Rhona H. Summerford says:

      This piece is right on!!!!!!!!!

    • James P. Olstein says:


    • ILENE says:

      Thank you for all the truth you have said to us . I find it so upsetting . The media makes my BLOOD BOIL because of the constant lying and trying to DRIVE TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE The people have spoken dont these idiots get it . People struggled witj LIA OBAMA AND HIS DESTRUCTION OF THE COUN AND ITS STILL GOING ON. PEOPLE ARE JUST SICK . WHATS UP DO THEY WANT A COMMUNIST RUN COUTRY . THANK YOU MSPS

  17. Stanley says:

    Can’t handle the truth? Yeah you moron, real news IS protected by the Constitution, but guess what stupid, so is freedom of speech. Lord these leftist freaks ain’t got a lick of sense.

    • Ellen says:

      You must have been raised in a barn according to your stupid comment. MAGA GO TRUMP👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • Kerry says:

      I think calling him a moron is being nice, as well as respectful of old Blather Rather. I remember him, and his “reporting” during Viet Nam. As usual, these things called humans, I guess they are that close to the rest of us, to be called human, always tried to tell us what to think, and how to respond to what was going on in Viet Nam. Their job is supposed to be, report the news, and allow the readers to draw their own conclusions. Oh no, not Blather Rather and the rest of his ilk. They had to be sure we knew what they thought about it, and that we were to agree with them. After all, they were also college educated, so were ‘supposed to be’ smarter than the average American citizen. I doubted it then, and I am sure of it now. The press did our efforts in Viet Nam more harm than good. While I am not sure about causing war, they sure can do their best to be sure we lose one. As regards reporting about “war’, I remember their ranting about how ill prepared we were for a conflict with Iraq, and how badly we would lose in such a conflict. Blather and his cohorts did their best to get America to try to force the government to not engage Iraq. We were told daily how many we would lose, how devastating our loss would be to Iraq. When it was all over, these liars and cowards were praising our military for the great job we had done. Praising our military for the overall ease with which the Iraqi forces were subdued. We don’t need their fake news. If they can’t tell the truth, go find something else to do where your lying, news media, hurts no one but hopefully yourself. The only way to really get GOOD information, listen to foreign outlets, and ignore our own.

    • Bill Rehs says:

      Reality. Freedom of Speech is Protected, News, whether factual or not falls under this protection. Unfortunately the integrity of News reporting no longer is a virtue emulated by all..

  18. Cathylovesyou says:

    Dan Rather is a complete fool, so it is easy to show it. How can this Bum include himself as part of any News Fake or the few real News outlets.

  19. Harry Katz says:

    Dan Rather made a fool of himself years ago. This latest moronic outburst just adds another candle to the cake.

  20. Jerry Skinner says:

    I was once on the N.Y. Washington Acela train, Dan Rather sat right in front of me. He treated the train staff and those around him with the utmost of disdain. He acted like a spoiled child. His arrogance was unbearable. You can tell a lot about a man’s character by how he treats the everyday workers around him. My point is that the news is not the only thing fake about Dan Rather

  21. I was a Dem but not any moore,

  22. K says:

    Thou does protest too much! That’s to the lying MSM that no longer has an ounce of credibility! Just look at the ratings of the once popular CNN… they’re down like another 16% & they would be down even more if they weren’t on every TV in about every public venue like airports. Personally I don’t waste my time with them. I dare say that some people tune in to see what an ass ACOSTA has made of himself. Good riddance CNN.
    Next, the comical MSNBC is a channel I will check out when I need some comic relief – that channel is so pathetic & are amazing liars, walking a line that barely makes it inside the legal zone. 5 mins ago I read a story that Rachel Madcows show was being cancelled because she lost weight. If that story is true, the part about canceling her show, you really believe it has a thing to do with weight loss? Ha, how pathetic. The real truth probably has more to do with her tinfoil hat and the joy she gets when acting like she has some bombshell news to prove our Great President is guilty of anything & everything. (Remember the flop of showing Trumps 05 tax returns)? How many news programs do you see with overweight females? Next to none or none, right. I do hope it’s true that her show has been cancelled. Her TDS has led her down a path in which she’s in great need of respite, a good shrink and meds. None of those things will cure what ails her but at least she can’t lie to what viewers she does have.

  23. Ernest George says:

    Dan may have a great voice and great poise but maybe not such a great mind. Could he not hear himself when he said the letter was fake but that what it said was true?
    I like what Trump is doing regarding restrictions on immigration from Muslim countries. Why do we want to bring people into the country that hate us and want to kill us?
    I like what he is doing relative to tariffs on Chinese goods. Pay no attention to the doomsayers. No one really knows how it’s going to play out until it has been in effect for a good while. One result may be bringing manufacturing back to the USA. I’d rather pay a little more to an American than a little less to the Chinese who use it’s profits to build up it’s military. China is using it’s new found wealth to build up it’s military and when countries do that it’s because they intend to use their military. Australia and New Zealand are very concerned (research it). When we go to war with China, all the made in China goods are going to stop coming in and we cannot just snap our fingers and have production set up in the US. Property and facilities have to be built and purchased, They need to be modified and they need to tool up. People have to be hired and trained. All that takes time. The war with China may be over by then and don’t think we are guaranteed a victory. As an old geezer I probably will not be around to see the worst of it but I have great concerns for my children and future generations. What I don’t like about Trump is that foreign leaders cannot take him seriously. His credibility is weak and he behaves like a CEO who surrendered himself with “yes men.” Some of my friends say “Well, we survived eight years of Obama.” but did we? He let China grow too strong and now they are a threat.

    • Charles says:

      Wake UP Erest George ! barack hussein obama was a fraud and usurper and the US Congress knew it from the get go 2008 .

  24. Al says:

    What the FAKE news is saying is 1/2 truths and 1/2 lies. That is the enemy to ALL people throughout the world. When the news is reported with no opinions or no bias then the news is no longer an enemy. I personally watch FOX news which to reports fake news from time to time, not nearly as much as CNN, CNBC, or the other liberal stations. No one can tell me that someone is not my enemy when they are not reporting the facts to the listeners. I am an adult, served 4 years in the military, one years in Vietnam, 25 years as a police officer, held many offices within the church, and am now retired serving those who are less fortunate that I am. I give you my history to let ALL know that as a mature adult I can come to MY own conclusion and make up MY own mind and make my own decisions. I do not need to be lied to so that my opinion or mind might be changed. Until the media can police their own actions then I too agree with President DONALD TRUMP, the media when reporting fake news is in FACT our enemy…

  25. “Transparently liberal.”…it certainly is not “Fake News” that Dan Rather lied, fabricated a story was deliberately political, that he became the story and like Acosta is a hypocrite or worse a moron and he was fire over his misplaced integrity. Rather is rather coy with the facts and he just got caught with his foot in his mouth…give up the ghost Mr. Rather you are making a fool of yourself…but then again, we already know you are a fool.

  26. Gerry says:

    rather has been a leader in fake news and a phony for many many years. He just keep his foolish mouth shut and stop proving what a fool he is.

  27. Don says:

    The biggest problem I see with people like Rather, CNN, Liberal Dems in Congress, certain Rhino Republicans, Soros, the Clintons and a number of other left-wing nuts, is that they are jealous because President Trump is having a lot of success whereas his predecessor was a complete failure and a now proven to be an illegal president as well! Besides that, they still are sore because their candidate, crooked Hillary lost this past presidential election when they were absolutely sure she would win and they thought that right up to the end. There is verse in the bible that explains the Democrats and its found in Ecclesiastes Chap. 10:2, A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left. That says it very clearly about the left in this country, wouldn’t you say? Now I must say there are some very sensible and honest Democrats, it’s just the top crust that is the problem in our countr.

  28. FIREBALL XR5 says:

    The left liberal progressive Democrats are really sweating bullets . They are bringing in the has been’s to try to help.

  29. W FLATT says:

    LIFE LONG DEM. We now have the only honest President that I have ever seen in my 87 years. He is not obligated to anyone, is in no ones pocket book and tells us like it is, all the crooks in Washington are scaird to death of him and so is the media. He is bringing out all the dirt on the media and they should be worried that he will bring out all the dirt on them. He has already brought out a lot on my party, (rotten to the core), and the Republicans had better get their act straight and the new members in my party and help this man get our country out of the mess that Obama got us in. I feel like we now have a new party, THE AMERICAN PARTY.

  30. Fay Tompkins says:

    I agree with our President Donald Trump! The only news agency we watch is FOX NEWS!
    Dan Rather and all the other Fake News announcers should be banned from all News
    Reports at the White House ! They are just so rude. My parents taught me to never be rude!
    Really, to be rude is just plain bad manners.

  31. Mike says:

    All these so called Photo Journalist are so full of it they are rabid with the Idea hat Trump is President and beat the Lier they would know te truth if i hit them in the ASS.

  32. Rosemarie Douglass says:

    I think he lied about Koseva he and HILLY bost run for cover sure you old TROLL go to the cave were you crawled out so you can make a bigger fool out your self then you already have your old JACKASS

  33. Army Brat says:

    Rather is DONE, he has NO business commenting on any news, his fake news days are flushed, move on Rather, yes move on to the nursing home, where you belong, you should be seen and NOT hear.

  34. Mike says:

    An enemy is defined as anyone or group that endangers your way of life or being! I think that pretty much describes the democrats, RINOS and most of the media in today’s world.
    These people are not my enemies because President Trump says they are, their my enemy because I say they are my enemies!

    We as a people can’t afford to believe the LSM, Democrat Party or the RINOS. So who do we trust? We trust ourselves and each other.
    It’s past time for all of these fake news people to be put in their place. Which is in a soup line.

    • ltrail says:

      When it became unpopular to be found out as a member of the Communist Party of America, members joined the rank and file of the Democrat Party. There lies the reason for thuggery, lies, name-calling, voter-fraud, and violence coming from the Democrat Party liberals. And most of the MSM is an arm of the Democrat Party. Communists love to control the media and spew their propaganda.

    • James D Burroughs says:

      Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotism.—Aristotle

  35. Just1Saddletramp says:

    The First Amendment does not give any person or agency the authority to create or report an issue that DOESN’T exist

    • W FLATT says:

      Life long Democrat. Rather is a complete fool and has lied ever since I have first heard him on TV. It really came out during Bushes time and not idiots like this should not be allowed to try and stir up the people, there are too many hate groups now. Just as I was told by an professor one time, that any secret given to the USA by Israel, the world would know it in 24 hours and only because of the news now spill their guts. Trump was right the can cause war, and it seems they want one now between Russia, or China, or North Korea. They don’t care how many die, they will do anything for a story. My party and most of the Media has turn ROTTEN.

  36. B Taylor says:

    Rather is and always has been a liar. He was a flack for LBJ, enough said.

  37. Pam Johnson says:

    Hasn’t changed in years. Lies all the time. Once a fool always a fool. Really can’t do anything else. So he lies.

  38. When 90% of the “Main Stream Media” is “anti-Trump” what else can be said — “It’s ‘fake news’ designed to bring down the “best President” the USA has had in decades!! Only One America News (OAN) and most of Fox News tells the truth to the American citizens. Don’t listen to CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS or ABC — they’re only out to hurt America and our Great President Trump and his administration.

  39. combatvet52 says:

    Dan Rather is the real big AH he didn’t learn when he chopped on GBW so goes ahead and makes a bigger AH of himself when will these airhead LIBERALS going to face up that they are losers.

  40. Robert Bechtel says:

    What’s the frequency Kenneth?

    • Peggy Lawrence says:

      Robert. glad you brought this up. I was going to ask whether or not he ever found the frequency. We oldsters (at least, I am) ) remember these idiots who used to spew this stuff and expected us to believe it. Bah Humbug.

  41. david says:

    THIS stupid elitist old phuck never seems to learn anything.

  42. Michael says:

    Never did like the SOB…he thinks he a big shot news man…I think not…he is just like CNN…get the people all worked up…When it comes back to bite them in the buttttttt…they say “what did I do”…the American people can only take so much BS…Nobody…and I mean NOBODY can be as bad as they make Trump out to be…Trump cares about making America great…they tear him down, very American if you Acosta and that RachelMadcow over at MSNBC…I got asked to leave a bar because Madcow was on the TV…I kept flipping her off and calling her liar..the Libs are killing me…LOL

    • Tim says:

      You’re brave. If the manager had Rachel Maddow on, you were in a nest of liberals.

      • James D Burroughs says:

        “Intelligent individuals learn from everything and everyone; average people, from their experiences. The stupid already have all the answers.” ― Socrates

  43. Tom Martin says:

    He also announced Kennedy was dead before officially declared dead. Lucky for him Kennedy died within minutes of the fools broadcast

  44. M says:

    Dan Rather is the epitome of what fake news embodies! He learned nothing (or maybe he is suffering from advanced dementia) from his fake news on “W” Bush back in 2004 that cost him his job, disgraced himself and
    MSM. Oh silly me, he is another Dem lib hawking his new book. Step back into the shadows Dan R. Democrats guts and gall is astounding. They think we are all stupid with short memories. I think they forget everything is on video and printed in black and white. Should we forget something, we can search for it in a couple of minutes. Fake News has always been around and always will be. “Fake News” is most certainly an enemy of the people.

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