Dan Crenshaw went on Fox News and melted down when he was asked to explain one thing

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw continues to try and position himself as the next version of John McCain and Adam Kinzinger.

This new strategy is not doing Crenshaw’s career any favors.

Now Dan Crenshaw went on Fox News and melted down when he was asked to explain one thing.

57 Republican members of the House of Representatives voted against a $40 billion package to fund Joe Biden’s proxy war in Ukraine against Russia.

A growing number of conservatives oppose handing Joe Biden a blank check to push America closer to an actual war with Russia at a time when inflation is raging, the southern border is a sieve, and over 40 percent of the nation’s share of baby formula is out of stock.

Crenshaw confronted these arguments on Fox News by claiming the $40 billion spent funding Joe Biden’s proxy war against Russia is not preventing anyone from purchasing baby formula.

Crenshaw is intentionally missing the point.

Conservatives who are opposed to Joe Biden’s proxy war in Russia and the speed with which Congress funds this potentially catastrophic adventure note how Congress can move Heaven and Earth in matters of war, yet turns a blind eye to the problems of the American people.

Inflation is at a 40-year high.

Now Congress authorized even more borrowing and printing of new money, which will only serve to devalue the dollar further.

The Biden administration knew for months that there was a shortage of baby formula in America.

There is little urgency on the part of the administration or Congress to tackle this issue.

And yet when Joe Biden demanded $33 billion to fund his proxy war against Russia, Congress upped the amount spent by $7 billion and tried to rush the bill through in just one day.

Dan Crenshaw knows this is indefensible.

That is why he tried to change the point being argued.

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