Dan Crenshaw is going to instantly regret picking this fight with Tucker Carlson

Establishment Republicans look at Texas RINO Congressman Dan Crenshaw as the future of the GOP.

That looks like a bad bet.

And Dan Crenshaw is going to instantly regret picking this fight with Tucker Carlson.

Dan Crenshaw hates conservatives.

Crenshaw smeared members of the House Freedom Caucus as grifters, defended the FBI from criticism after the Bureau raided Mar-a-Lago, and attacks anyone who disagrees with the Liz Cheney/Hillary Clinton foreign policy of supporting endless wars around the globe.

On a recent episode of his podcast, We Hold These Truths, Crenshaw tore into Tucker Carlson over him criticizing the manner in which Biden withdrew from Afghanistan.

After Crenshaw falsely claimed Carlson was an isolationist, he said the Fox News host had no right to criticize Biden’s disastrously executed withdrawal from Afghanistan because he opposed America fighting a two-decades long war.

“Nothing made me angrier than watching Tucker Carlson have the nerve to even criticize Joe Biden because Joe Biden did exactly what Tucker Carlson wanted him to do exactly to the T. Pull out everybody right now, you know, no ifs, ands, or buts, no middle ground whatsoever. Not even Trump was, I think, thinking of doing that, you know, we would’ve at least left people in Bagram,” Crenshaw ranted.

Crenshaw – who supported the disastrous wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukraine – had the nerve to claim that the critics who correctly predicted nation building would lead to America getting stuck in a quagmire were actually the ones who were wrong about everything.

“They’ve been wrong on every front and it’s getting dangerous. You start to lose people in this kind of situation and you, you can’t have this naïve outlook of the world,” Crenshaw added.

Carlson is a longtime critic of Crenshaw, often mocking him as “eye- patch McCain” for his support for neoconservative foreign policy.

Establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney hope that Dan Crenshaw will be the future of the Republican Party.

But someone like Crenshaw leading the Party means the GOP would return to the Mitt Romney/John McCain style of “honorable losers” who support modified versions of the Democrat agenda.

Tucker Carlson and the America First conservative movement displaced the Romney/McCain/Bush RINOs who led the GOP for decades.

And now the establishment wants Dan Crenshaw to carry their torch in a fight to seize back control of the Republican Party.

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