Crazy Maxine Waters just went off the rails in this anti-Trump rant on the House floor

President Trump has gotten under Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-CA) skin.

She has said that “impeachment is the only option” to stop Trump.

And she just went totally off the rails on the floor of the U.S. House.

In his recent floor speech, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) suggested we should talk about what unites our country instead of what divides us.

Rep. Kelly stated:

“We are trying to make sure we are making America great every day in every way and the best way to do that is to stop stalking about discrimination and start talking about the nation.”

That set Maxine Waters off.

She proceeded to break House decorum by going on a long-winded rant.

Waters had to be reminded several times to respect her office.

In nearly every public appearance she gives, Waters pushes for impeachment of the president under no grounds.

She whines that President Trump is dividing the country, but her calls to remove a duly elected president are truly divisive.

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100 Responses

  1. Timothy k Toroian says:

    Somebody mentioned menopausal, they neglected senility. Humor is NOT intended. If I was trying to be humorous it would be in a comical language. If I say, “remember that John McCain has a brain tumor” I’m NOT trying to be funny, either. I had a very large subdural hematoma, 35 mm by 110 mm. That does weird things to the brain. There are 2 full weeks of 2016 that I have no memory of except for two small isolated incidences.

  2. Lloyd says:

    The black americans should be proud of one of their own. Makes their race look really intelligent. A great spokesperson for the black race.

  3. Jarhead says:

    Her menopausal rants show her to be a Bat-Dung-Crazy radical anti-American Liberal fruitcake who belongs in a straitjacket on a Funny Farm with armed guards & a high wall. OR she is a crack head?

  4. Nick says:

    Is she nuts? You bet your sweet ass she is. She is nutter than a Payday candy bar.
    I don’t think she has an ounce of brains in that head. If you took her brain and rolled
    it down the edge of razor blade, it would be like rolling a bb down a eight lane
    highway. It must be the fog in California in the voters head when they vote. She has
    made a fortune in Congress, I just wonder where it came from. It surely didn’t
    come from her good looks.

  5. Gwyllm says:

    Will someone PLEASE get that old woman a peach 45 so she’ll STHU?!

  6. Warren says:

    It is completely irresponsible for our Congress to allow this Criminal Lunatic Woman Maxine Waters a Platform in the United States Hall of Congress…!!! Get Her Out even if you have to use a Crowbar…!!!

  7. Ernesto says:

    As all Democrats ….. another Mentally ill sewer crap idiot!! blowing her top ….

    • James A. Malick says:

      Too many cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome, the NIMH needs to investigate those affected and probably involuntary commit them for thier own and the public’s safety.

  8. Mad Max’s incessant rants and negative vitriol show little respect both for her office, and that of the President of the United States of America. Max you are mentally unhinged. Time for the rubber room.

  9. Dolores says:

    Whenever Maxine Waters comes up for reelection, hope she gets voted out. Tired of her ranting and raving.

  10. Dale says:

    She’s as delusional as Pelosi, what a dingbat…….

    • Mikey says:

      That is actually an insult to Pelosi…

    • FuzzyLee says:

      Hold on to her,, It is one of the many ‘goofballs’ in Congress that are sooo entertaining, I enjoy reading about their idiotic commentary, leave them there,, we need some daily / weekly laughs ,,, remember , keep your friends close,, but hold your enemies closer ……………

      • Aja says:

        While I like a good laugh, our nation is far more important. We need intelligent, sane, law abiding people who love our country and support the Constitution as it is written to represent the will of we the people. She has no brain, no love of country, and no respect for the office President Trump currently holds. She is obviously deranged and continues to call for a coup. As unpleasant as it may be, there are other deranged people with the brain of a turnip out there who actually believe her. She belongs in an institution, not Congress.

    • jeanne says:

      No! I really think Maxie is worse than Pelosi!
      Pelosi is more sophisticated in her rants and vitriol! Maxine is just an out and out loon!!

  11. Reuben says:

    Maxine Waters is the most hateful person in Washington She should be in a institution for Crazy People. She is dangerous

  12. RB says:

    Every time this Idiot opens her mouth the Republican Party gain members!

  13. SFENGR says:

    Mad Max should be thrown in jail, but it may be better to let her be the spokesperson for the Democraps. She is the model for the resistances and it reflects the asinine comments made by the left….Get over it, the election is over and your side lost; and, we have a true president that loves America, not some corrupt politician that wanted to continue the policies of Obama who had questionable allegiance to America….Never Again! DOL,

  14. David Atherton says:

    Mad Max needs to be in the nut house for our safety

    • cliff says:

      I believe you are indeed correct. Who knows what “loose cannon” she could HIRE to “carry out” her corrupt EVIL “intentions” and put “HIT” out on PRESIDENT TRUMP, a member of his administration, or His FAMILY. The time has come to send that loony COMMUNIST TRAITOR to a prison holding cell for her treasonous comments to await a HANGING, and call it good.

    • SGT. Preston says:

      Amen to that, brother.

  15. Douglas Guy says:

    Rep Waters has the decorum and character of a sewer rat, and she does not portray the expected image of Congress. Having said that, we must remember she was elected by her constituants. She is a reflection of HER VOTERS.

  16. Theresa Garber says:

    When we see what’s going on in our country and hear things like what Maxine Waters is saying, we tend to lose sight of our real enemy. Scripture tells us that we aren’t fighting people, but “spiritual wickedness in high places.” Our enemy is not people, it’s Satan. He began his deception on earth by convincing Adam and Eve that God did NOT have their best interests in mind, thus getting them to doubt God. The Devil’s practice is to deceive, then enslave, and that what is happening today. These people are thoroughly deceived, and totally convinced that they are right. We need to stand strong in our faith and in prayer for our nation AND these anti-Trumpers. God is in control, and He is greater than the one who is in the world. We have our confidence in Him and in the finished work of Christ on the cross.

    • Lawrence Vermont says:


    • True Believer says:

      Looks like you and I have everything under control. That is why we can see through all of those charades that liberals pose. Thanks

    • Reggie says:

      Miss Garber, absolutely correct! God Bless You!

    • Christine says:

      Fantastic. Great thoughts.

    • Joeyounger says:

      Hmmm, I won’t argue your scriptural reference is correct, but we must also realize that Satan has his “human operatives” and we must oppose them, not just hide our head in “spiritual dialogue” and pretend that people are inherently good. We have seen beyond a shadow of a doubt that this woman is so anti- God, not only in her rhetoric(disrespecting our duly elected President with Impeachment speeches) but with whom she openly associates herself with(Louis Farrakhan, Obama’s hate-filled anti-American ex-pastor). I’m agreeing with you in “spirit” but in method I believe in fighting wickedness at its source. I was an ex-Marine of 27 years and let me tell you, I was fighting against some of the most evil minded people you ever met. Maxine Waters is just another anti-God mouthpiece of Satan, and is endangering us and herself with Gods ultimate judgement as a nation, and that is His rejection of us as a nation.

      • Theresa Garber says:

        Joeyounger, I’m not saying that people aren’t used by Satan to further his schemes. We need to be wise, and we need to be prepared for his attacks through people and situations. But we have the power of the Holy Spirit both to guide and strengthen us. We need to be informed, we need to pray, and we need to stand against ALL evil. God is shining the light of His Truth on many situations. We need to be ready for whatever He calls us to do.

        • Joeyounger says:

          Forgive the double post there. I’m sure with you on the dire need for prayer, and the need of the Holy Spirit to guide us, but Our Lord has given us very specific, and informed instructions, and we must either meet them “on a human and very real” level or allow people like Maxine Waters to continue to sway peoples minds with her venomous words. Pray certainly for strength, stand, and above all stand, against spiritual wickedness, but be ready to resist with our total selves, and not just with words but with actions. I don’t mean to sound like I’m disagreeing with you, I’m merely acknowledging the need for us to be ready to meet this rhetoric of hers with the truth.

    • Joeyounger says:

      Hmmm, I won’t argue your scriptural reference is correct, but we must also realize that Satan has his “human operatives” and we must oppose them, not just hide our head in “spiritual dialogue” and pretend that people are inherently good. We have seen beyond a shadow of a doubt that this woman is so anti- God, not only in her rhetoric(disrespecting our duly elected President with Impeachment speeches) but with whom she openly associates herself with(Louis Farrakhan, Obama’s hate-filled anti-American ex-pastor). I’m agreeing with you in “spirit” but in method I believe in fighting wickedness at its source. I was an ex-Marine of 27 years and let me tell you, I was fighting against some of the most evil minded people you ever met. Maxine Waters is just another anti-God mouthpiece of Satan, and is endangering us and herself with Gods ultimate judgement as a nation, and that is His rejection of us as a nation. That is the scariest part of what is or could be happening to us.

  17. Tim Toroian says:

    This woman is UGLY inside and out!!!!

  18. Ron Fillmore says:

    Actually, I hope Waters and her kind keep this sort of thing up! Maybe at long last the American people will FINALLY awaken to just what the Demorat Party has become! The home of hatred, bigotry, and intolerance. Everything, and more, of what they accuse Conservatives of being!

    • Not gonna happen. Liberals went off the rails years ago. Just a thought, but when you’re dealing with a problem like liberals the best answer might be to eliminate it.

      • Mike says:

        It may come to that. If California continues to pursue secession and it’s not accepted either by many there as well as the rest of the country, we may see another 1861. I know many conservatives would feel happy about seeing them gone, but it’s not the answer. It would destabilize this country extremely where every liberal state would threaten the same every time the majority wins. There would be increased rioting in the streets until someone said ENOUGH! I can’t think of a President in recent memory to handle the situation other than perhaps Harry Truman. He was President after all who told the Japanese ENOUGH before dropping the bomb.

        • Joeyounger says:

          Mike, it is certainly a possibility, but in all actuality, it is not likely going to happen! 1. California knows that its very livelihood depends on its relationship with the other 49 States….2. California is not likely to give up its large and certainly formidable Electoral College voting block, despite its resistance of the President of the US…3. To resist with the other “Blue” States would almost be impossible, seeing as the vast majority of them are separated by to much area…California knows it has to much to loose if it were granted the “right of Succession” and truth to tell, I doubt even the most Liberal members of California don’t want it…When it comes right down to it, California is just butt- hurt again because it didn’t get to control the rest of the USA in the election cycle. In time they will get over it, or NOT!*shrugging* I’m not even sure I care!

  19. Ron Fillmore says:

    Maxine Waters gives all blacks a bad name! She is nor only a disgrace to blacks, she is a disgrace to humanity! Sad!

  20. James Mele Sr. says:

    I think Waters and the rest of the Democrats that think as she does and spout their nonsense with no respect or regard for the facts are actually helping to get a Republican majority in the house and Senate. Now we have to make sure our Republican candidates are not back stabbing RINOs and President Trump will Make America even Greater.
    What ever happened to the Blue Dog Democrats?

  21. ernest says:

    kinda makes you wonder what is wrong with california

    • Ron Fillmore says:

      California has been take over by the radical left! And is a preview of what all of American will become once the radical left, through the Demorat Party, take permanent control of all of America as is their goal. If the American People are stupid enough to return control of Congress to the Demorats this November it won’t take long, and will be deserved!

  22. Margo says:

    The radical/liberals (not just those in office, the voters as well—especially the “intelligentsia”—have become absolutely rabid in their opposition to conservatism and the principles on which this country was founded, and I can’t help but wonder why! Subliminal messages in films, tv, music? They have become absolutely unreasonable—I mean, you can’t reason with them. They become overwhelmed with emotion, and I can’t help but suspect some sort of mind control. Is anyone looking into this?

    • True Believer says:

      Margo, you really gave some food for thought. Never thought about that aspect but the way they act and the stuff they come up with I could never fathom. Maybe we aught to check the drinking water especially in California and DC. I could never understand how any thinking person who understood history could ever be a liberal

      • Ron Fillmore says:

        One reason they don’t understand history is because history is not taught in public schools. By design!

    • Ron Fillmore says:

      The mind control started in our public education system years ago, and is now making it self manifest!

    • william heard says:

      I agree with every reply shown here !

    • Joeyounger says:

      Margo, the Left/Liberal/radical way of thought has always been to keep people in bondage of some kind. Thus the reverting of their thinking to personal abuse(either of language, or personal attacks) against anyone who would dare oppose them on any level. Their agenda, while adhering to the notion of Progression, always seems to require the other person to live in the past. They neither want nor care whether anyone “progresses” as long as they can use them to further their grasp of power. The Liberal don’t give a hoot in hell whether the Illegal, the Black, or any other “minority” progresses as long as they can hold sway over their vote. They keep them in check, with the promise of material goods, the promise of Personal gains, and the promise of a “brighter” future. Trouble is, it never materializes, because they never give them enough. Just enough to make them “content” with their lives, and to keep them voting Democrat.

  23. Bob Hunt says:

    I’m afraid old Maxine has been off the rails for a looooong time!!

  24. Jan13 says:

    Perfect candidate for argument for term limits.

  25. James P Hutchins says:

    Waters needs to be censored for corruption and being a racist.

  26. CaptTurbo says:

    When looking up “Ignorant swine” you should come to a photo of this steaming pile of human waste.

  27. Mo says:

    Old Maxine belongs in a rubber room to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself or anyone else. Every time she opens her mouth she shows just how STUPID the People of California are for electing such an IDIOT.

  28. Joanna says:

    Maxine needs to be voted OUT.. Are you people nuts in Calif. you keep voting in the nut cases!!!

  29. GySgt Lew says:

    Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-CA) is a typical Asshole Democrat running off of the mouth – No one listens to her….she is like Pelosi – both should be voted out….

  30. Earl says:

    ” Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!” I get this message about 50% of the time, is this censorship?

    “President Trump has gotten under Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-CA) skin.” That is a terrible idea, we have Republican/Dumbocrats (RINOS), what would a DumboRAT/Republican (DINO) be like. Second thought it would not live long, it would split right down the middle.

    • RandyR says:

      yes it is they done this to me several times…..Earl

       May 14, 2018 at 10:56 am

      ” Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

  31. Earl says:

    I get this message about 50% of the time, is this censorship?

    “President Trump has gotten under Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-CA) skin.” That is a terrible idea, we have Republican/Dumbocrats (RINOS), what would a DumboRAT/Republican (DINO) be like. Second thought it would not live long, it would split right down the middle.

  32. Buck says:

    Waters, inept, incompetent, nut case that needs to be put in the nut house for insanity

  33. Edd Bellett says:

    Water is a racist of the first order. I really liked it when the released prisoners got off the aircraft. They Had been described as Americans ! No racial background given ! YES they were American, NO HYPHEN !! But Waters and her party are a dividing party. She is a Hyphened person !! If she has issues with the United States, the go the hell where she feeling like she belongs. PS And don’t ask for US Solders to save her butt some day !!

  34. Earl says:

    “President Trump has gotten under Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-CA) skin.” That is a terrible idea, we have Republican/Dumbocrats (RINOS), what would a DumboRAT/Republican (DINO) be like. Second thought it would not live long, it would split right down the middle.


  36. Mike Baumgartner says:

    Mad Max needs a little grey matter in her thunder dome.

  37. Joe says:

    She’s so stupid she thought you checked your IQ with a urine sample

  38. She and Rep Nancy Pelosi must be “twins for they spout the same claims over and over again without one once of proof for impeachment for Presdient Trump and they think that is a winning policy for 2018 election”!! They are creating Republican voters and not attracting Democrat Party voters !!! Hell, their own Democrat voters are turning against them in favor of President Trump and the Republican Party in the 2018 election!!Landslide RED WAVE coming in 2018 and not the BLUE WAVE, for the American voters are “fed up with all of the crap the Democrat Party is pushing”!! That truth is going to bury the Democrat Party and the far left wing in the 2018 election and make them go “nuts, crazy, insane and unhinged once again”, can’t wait to see it!!……

    • Lawrence Vermont says:

      You are right on with your comments. I cannot wait either to see the Demoncrats go nuts again as they did in 2016!

  39. Louise says:

    I think she needs to be voted out of office.
    I believe she is a racist for sure. When she speaks,she sounds like a lunatic, completely
    out of her mind. She is hurting her own party
    Schummer,Pelosi, Maxine Waters abd the rest of them need to tetire. They have no vision for America or the people of the good old USA. It’s really sad that the Democratic Party has lost it’s way,all the preach is HATE

  40. Tim_62 says:

    She is a waste of human flesh! There is no brain or consciences inside her.

    • Tim_62 says:

      She has NO moral compass at all.

    • TooLateNow says:

      Maxine may be a “total waste of Human flesh, oxygen, and space; however, she is the Demokratik gift that keeps on giving. She is the voice, and face, of the Demokratik Party. If it weren’t for Maxine, Nancy, Chucky, and others, the Republican’s may have a tough time in the fall. Who can forget Nancy’s, “When we take Congress, we will repeal the tax cuts and raise your taxes?”

  41. jerryw.hart says:

    maxine waters you are losing it big time.or you have already you cant take the fact that trump is doing better than you want him and hillary need help

  42. Joyce says:

    This woman is a hater of conservatives, and has never like whites. It is obvious if you have followed her career. She is the devils adovocate.

  43. J Stubbs says:

    Off the rails? When has she ever been on the rails? What has she ever done for her constituents? Why do they keep voting for her?

  44. Mike H says:

    If there’s anybody that needs to be removed from office it is this woman without doubt. She is destroying California. California people are finally seeing what’s going on with this type of action.And they don’t come any more races than her.

  45. Bill says:

    They’re coming to take you away Maxine. He He Ho Ho Ha Ha! The funny farm awaits you with a nice tight jacket.

  46. Mike says:

    Crackhead crazy bigot!! She won’t be happy until Jackson, Sharptongue, Farrakhan or she is president!
    Don’t you love how Trump can get under the liberals skin? He really knows how to tweak them.

  47. Jim says:

    Maxine is a genuine racist that hates Caucasians and wants to divide our nation. That is a segregationist even though she will never admit to that. She has completely lost any respect or use as a Representative of her area. She needs to resign or even be removed for cause from her position.

  48. MARK says:


    • Jan says:

      I believe GOD will take care of these hateful unamerican POS. I don’t understand why they allow her to get ignorant and won’t shut up when they tell her to. If it is a rule why don’t they shut that boring disgusting mouth. I’m waiting for someone who hates these mouthy demonRATS WHO HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE FOR TO GUN EM DOWN LIKE THE FOOL WHO GUNNED DOWN THE REPUBLICANS ON A BALL FIELD…BUT AS I SAID GOD WILL INTERVENE AND WHEN HE DOES THEIR KARMA IS GOING TO GET THEM GOOD. WHY ISNT MAXIPAD IN JAIL FOR HER AND HER HUSBANDS ILLEGAL DOINGS. SHE HAD SOME DOINGS WITH RUSSIA WHERE IS HER SUBPOENA.

      • Joeyounger says:

        *Smiling”….I don’t think the Good Lord really cares, to tell you the truth, what this lady spews from her mouth…As for her ranting and raving on the floor of the House, they can indeed “censure” her for using abusive language, much like the did in the Senate to Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren when she was disrespecting her fellow Senator (I believe it was Jeff Sessions)…my guess is that the House members are as amused with her vitriolic rhetoric as much as everybody else is. I would caution you to tone down the “call for someone to gun down the fools” even though they have done it to the Republicans…not only is that illegal, its stooping to their level. God will certainly have the last say in all matters, and he usually makes His will known! Again, I don’t think it really matters what happens to her, because her foolishness, and uncharacteristic talk is nothing but a joke to most people. She is just a reflection of her constituents who continue to keep her in office. No one gives much credence to anything she has to say. As for her collusion with the Russians, hmmm, I’ve never heard anything about that.

  49. JLM says:

    Maxine Waters= maximum watt racist with a strident voice that sounds like a cracked hi-fi speaker–a truly disgusting individual.

  50. ronald fischer says:

    This RACIST belongs in a MENTAL INSTITUTION along with those other two brainless Morons like Pelosi and that nut case SCHUMMA ,and had the balls to tell Kelly your President i thought he was the President of everyone but it seems like the SS Democrat Nazi Party are our real enemies in our Government. Just like they have done for 8 freaking years of destroying our country piece by piece with that so called Kenyan Immigrant that was never a American Citizen and the proof is that this Immigrant received Foreign Aid to go to law school in Chicago you can not receive Foreign Aid if you are a American Citizen therefore this Traitor has commented Treason upon our country for 8 years by working with our enemies. He had not done one thing for OUR country but use us has Bait to drain our country of our money that he paid IRAN 1,8 Billion Dollars of our tax money which he was in cahoots with them all the while.And that Billions of our money went to supporting the Terrorist Groups that this lowlife Kenyan Immigrant knew where that money was going too,WE THE PEOPLE must get rid of these Gestapos they are doing the same thing that Hitler had done to his own people in Germany in the 1930s by taking there Guns away so they couldn’t fight back against the Nazi Party of Hitler. And now history is respecting it self right here in our country that the SS Democrats are trying to do to our country for the 8 years of commenting Tyranny upon our country and if that women i call TOP SECRET(Killary) would have became the President of our country they would have succeeded what they where doing to our country.And i believe there wound have been chaos against her party within WE THE PEOPLE against the Treason that they would start all over once again against our country like they did to our country and destroyed us within,never again should a corrupt SS Democrat ever get back into power of our Government or it will be the worst thing to happen to the United States Of America under the SS Democrats that will be the new Dictators which they are already.I am a Vietnam Combat Veteran and i was wounded along with thousands of my fellow soldiers that where only in there TEENS and we lost over 60,000 young soldiers under the SS Democrat Presidents like JFK and that other KKK President that was a member of the KKK in the 1950s that couldn’t fight themselves out of a paper bag that war should have been won in least then a month by bombing the hell our of the North Vietnam by bombing there Electric power plants then bombing there Water supply’s and there Factory’s that there Food supply’s were,and we would have won and saved those 60,000 young soldiers that where killed by the SS Democrats that never tried to win that war and it took a Republican President named Nixon to get our soldiers out of that war that the SS Democrats started and killed those 60,000 young soldiers for no damn reason.

    • Edd Bellett says:

      LBJ got Rich off of Vietnam. Lost some good friends, one was like my little brother. I was a tail gunner on a B-52F and we should have bombed Hanoi back to the stone age. We did lose some B-52s on the trail. China would not have screwed with us. We had more nuc’s . I flew during Cuba and I know ( I was in the air that mission) that was how we bluffed the Russians.

      • True Believer says:

        Have you as a tried and true Vet ever wondered when we want to win a war like WWII, we have good rules of engagement. When we don’t and just want to profit like all the rest after WWII, the rules of engagement are stupid. I never understood in Afghanistan why we couldn’t fire until fired upon but what can I say when the demoncraps are in power.

    • Sheri Lyn says:

      I absolutely agree with You! Waters is a demented old hag and extremely racist! I have come to the conclusion that 95% of ÀLL “as you call them ss democrats” are actually (DEMONIC DEMOCRATS )! They are Evil, disrespectful, dishonest, delusional, hateful, psychotic, racist, demonic thinking freeks.
      They are not capable of positive thinking. They are decisive and selfish scumbags! They lie, they cheat, they steal, they will kill you if you get in their way.
      Waters, Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton, Scumbama, Brennan, Clapper & Kerry ALL SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED !
      We have the most amazing President in HISTORY in Donald Trump, he is an incredibly smart and genuinely cares about WE THE PEOPLE & THE USA!
      We should be protesting the President from the DEMONICRATS!!!!
      I would live to make a CITIZENS ARREST for all of them, won’t happen but nice thought.
      These are my feelings and I am sure many people probably have similar feelings, not as strong as mine but the world we lived in prior to SCUMBAMA has hope now snd we iwe that to our current President Donald Trump!🕊

  51. stephen gale says:

    its too bad that blacks still vote for these idiots and still live in poverty.look at all the big cities in the us where blacks are the majority.they are the most crime ridden and poverty stricken in thhe country.and all run by democrats who have the black community right where they want them and the blacks are too ignorant to under stand that.they deserve what they get!

    • Jim says:

      You forgot to mention that the Mayors’ and Police Chiefs and the majority of the Councilmen are also all Black Americans in those cities as well. They are simply racially dividing those cities and raping them financially.

  52. True Believer says:

    Hopefully she will go in the mid terms and we can then clean up her neighborhood. I just don’t know how some people live in those districts and I really feel bad for them, just like what happened in Detroit. They vote black people into power thinking they will really do some good and the only good most do is steal from the Treasury and do nothing for anyone else but themselves. Don’t get me wrong, there are many good blacks but for some reason they don’t seem to run for government probably because they are busy making a living.

  53. Joyce says:

    She is out of control. She doesn’t want a debate, she wants a waters flood or divide and conquer. If she gets reelected, it will prove only once again how crooked and crazy her out of control state is.

  54. Cliff says:

    The RABID RACIST LOUDMOUTH HYPOCRITE needs to be booted out of “government” completely. Her “comments” are borderline, if not completely along the lines of TREASON. It is one thing to have an “opinion” but her EVIL rhetoric will bring the mentally-ill creeps out of the woodwork and they will attempt to do her “bidding”. She needs to tone it down, or RESIGN if she cannot keep it “civil”. This is NOT “passion” . She sounds like a HITLER wanna-be and on the verge of COMPLETE INSANITY.

  55. Marla MacDougall says:

    Maxine Waters needs to go the way the Dodo bird. Actually the Dodo Bird was a lot smarter than Maxine is.

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