Colin Kaepernick made one stunning announcement about his football comeback

Colin Kaepernick has been out of the NFL for two years.

Since then, the question of if he will return to the league hovers over the game like a toxic cloud.

But now everyone will have their answer as Kaepernick made one stunning announcement about his future.

The brand new Alliance of American Football league kicked off its season last Saturday.

And they were looking to make a splash.

They tried to pull off the biggest coup they could by offering Kaepernick a chance to play.

But Kaepernick turned them down by demanding an insane 20 million dollar contract.

CBS Sports reports:

Colin Kaepernick still hasn’t gotten an offer to play football in the NFL despite his ability to be a starting-caliber quarterback in a 32-team league that often lacks 32 starting-caliber quarterbacks, but he did receive interest from the Alliance of American Football, which kicked off its inaugural season this past weekend without Kaepernick’s involvement.

On Thursday, AAF co-founder Bill Polian told Lindsay Jones of The Athletic that CEO Charlie Ebersol spoke with Kaepernick to gauge his interest in playing in the eight-team spring league.

On the one hand, playing in the AAF would be an opportunity for Kaepernick to prove that he’s still good at playing quarterback. On the other hand, it’d be understandable if Kaepernick feels as if he doesn’t need to prove he’s still good at playing quarterback considering his credentials.

Kaepernick’s decision takes the air out of the idea that he wants to play football again.

The AAF offered him a chance to prove to all his critics that he could still play quarterback at a high level.

If he excelled, an NFL team may even have given him a chance.

But Kaepernick turned down the opportunity and proved that the only position he is interested in is that of a left-wing political martyr.

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137 Responses

  1. Tony Bell says:

    Kaepernick was use in an effort to destroy a great American passtime, thereby making progress in the jihad against America. Anyone that thinks otherwise has not done honest analytical thinking about it. Muslum’s Islamic faith states such measure are to be rewarded, read up on it. Also, look what they are doing in our government and elsewhere in our society. I can see the same type of treason happening with Cortez, Omar and Talib as recently happened with the air force officer Monica Witt. I do not trust any of them to have America’s best interest at heart, or an allegiance to our constitution. They have positioned in our government and society for nefarious reasons, and you can take that to the bank, We will be watching them very closely.

  2. Tim says:

    I think the NFL and the people who still support it deserve Kapernik. The NFL did not stand up for America when Kapernik and his friends spit on America in a racially charged antic to get their way. I could care less about the NFL.

  3. WCD says:

    What he did was a planned stunt. He knew he was going to crash and burn as a player so he orchestrated a stunt so he could sue the NFL . BIGGEST FAKE EVER.

  4. WAS says:

    What he did was a planned stunt. He knew he was going to crash and burn as a player so he orchestrated a stunt so he could sue the NFL . BIGGEST FAKE EVER.

  5. Ralph shelley says:

    He took a knee after he was benched! He’s a fraud!

  6. Ernst says:

    He actually went 1-10 in his last NFL season starts.

  7. Richard says:

    Krapydick don’t have the talent to play at a NFL level. Just look at the last season he played-HE LOST 12 GAMES that isn’t worth having him play. And he can’t lead ether.

  8. JACKIERAY says:


  9. JD says:

    Kwakiutl & Larry are both full of bs. They are about .00000001% of people that have served and are now serving that fill they have not been disrespected by what Kaepernick did. Anyone that shows this type of disrespect in there job should be fired at once. It would be way different if this was done on his own time not on his employers time and cost.

  10. Larry says:

    I agree. I’m a vet and I served in the military that fought for peoples rights which he did by taking a knee. All these people claiming disrespect just want something to complain about.

  11. Kwakou Shakur says:


  12. Kwakou Shakur says:

    That’s a LIE, I am a MARINE and I love Kaepernick.

  13. Babbo says:

    He’s nothing but trouble and the NFL would be crazy to take him back. Good riddance There are plenty of other good players who would not object to singing the national anthem or putting their hand over their heart.

  14. Walter Simons says:

    I haven’t watched football since they started taking the knee also. How can you take a knee and say you feel oppressed when you make millions for playing a game you love to play? As for that ass Kapperdink, I understand the stupid NFL just paid him 20 million dollars to settle a law suite from the dumb ass. What has happened to the NFL that they would do something so stupid as that?

  15. DJ says:

    It was a joke

  16. Doris Stanczyk says:

    As a patriotic Veteran I say give him t0 i Niki Everything I had with the Niki emblem went to the Sat Am trash -pick-up!!!

  17. Diane L Revard says:

    Is that all you have to say. Criticizing someone on their spelling. Shame on you.

    On the topic. He was a so so player who doesn’t deserve that much money. He’s a cry baby who needs to just go away.

    Craig stop picking on people.

  18. PO2 says:

    Kaepernick is an insult to every military Veteran! He can go to Hell and take Nike with him!

  19. guy says:

    Chicago should hire him to go to chicago & kill his brothers!!!

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