Colin Kaepernick made one stunning announcement about his football comeback

Colin Kaepernick has been out of the NFL for two years.

Since then, the question of if he will return to the league hovers over the game like a toxic cloud.

But now everyone will have their answer as Kaepernick made one stunning announcement about his future.

The brand new Alliance of American Football league kicked off its season last Saturday.

And they were looking to make a splash.

They tried to pull off the biggest coup they could by offering Kaepernick a chance to play.

But Kaepernick turned them down by demanding an insane 20 million dollar contract.

CBS Sports reports:

Colin Kaepernick still hasn’t gotten an offer to play football in the NFL despite his ability to be a starting-caliber quarterback in a 32-team league that often lacks 32 starting-caliber quarterbacks, but he did receive interest from the Alliance of American Football, which kicked off its inaugural season this past weekend without Kaepernick’s involvement.

On Thursday, AAF co-founder Bill Polian told Lindsay Jones of The Athletic that CEO Charlie Ebersol spoke with Kaepernick to gauge his interest in playing in the eight-team spring league.

On the one hand, playing in the AAF would be an opportunity for Kaepernick to prove that he’s still good at playing quarterback. On the other hand, it’d be understandable if Kaepernick feels as if he doesn’t need to prove he’s still good at playing quarterback considering his credentials.

Kaepernick’s decision takes the air out of the idea that he wants to play football again.

The AAF offered him a chance to prove to all his critics that he could still play quarterback at a high level.

If he excelled, an NFL team may even have given him a chance.

But Kaepernick turned down the opportunity and proved that the only position he is interested in is that of a left-wing political martyr.

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137 Responses

  1. BigMikeU says:

    I dont think he hates Serbia my friend,DJ .I think that he thinks Colin “the asshole” K. would hate it in a cold place and we over here in America think any part of Russia is cold and Communist which we all here think is a bad thing……Change my mind on that if you can but i think he just feels Kopperdick and he called him would hate the cold weather?lol

  2. Michaela Zdinak says:

    Very well said

  3. DJ says:

    Why do you hate Siberia so much ?

  4. Larry Sawell says:

    He already has a form of brain damage.

  5. larry outlaw says:

    Kopperdick is nothing but a piece of scum, send him off to Siberia.

  6. Charles says:

    Folks the reason colin turned down the AAF is it would show how little his talent really is. It would also cause him to lose his self-imposed pedestal that he has erected for himself and actually work for a living.

  7. don flanagan says:

    Please excuse my mis-spelling on a previous comment section. I get so angry at all the anti-american statements that when I’m typing, my thinking is faster than my typing.

  8. DJ says:

    Amen….. Last time I was there I saw many grieving widows and family members.

  9. trapperwv1 says:

    He’d just use it to become transgendered , he damn sure isn’t a man.

  10. trapperwv1 says:

    He’s not wort 2-4 cents, he is why blacks have problems today. He is a scourge on the black race world wide.

  11. Chuck says:

    Am tired of C.K. and the NFL. Will not watch anymore.

  12. DJ says:

    Most educated people figured out it was a typo…. it’s called auto fill and I didn’t catch it. I humbly apologize before you

  13. Bud says:

    Colin is un-american and doesn’t represent any thing of American football, maybe a good water boy or dummy for hitting. He’s a loser who has been a overpayed cry baby? Just like not supporting Nike by not buying their stuff-boycott!

  14. donald flanagan says:

    Helen Haslam: Please pack a suitcase and follow you idol, Kasperninny, out of the country. But I only as one thing of you and Kasperninny. Stop in Washington, D.C., and go to the cemetary in Arlington, Va. Look at the hundreds of head stones and American Flags over all our courages men and women who have died in defense of their country and also giving you the right (though you’re wrong), to spout off anti American propaganda. While there, get down on your knees and thank them all. Then, you and Casperninny head out of town.

  15. DJ says:

    “HERE “ Thank you, was caught up in the moment

  16. Sam Oliva says:

    The NFL died of Colin cancer.
    Kaepernick should be allowed to play only if he’s guaranteed to get CTE.

  17. Harvey D Schneider says:

    Dick Bentley>> Hope that your comment was given as sarcasm rather then as praise!

    If it was meant to be praise since he is not by any stretch of the imagination is he a hero you may be delusional . Maybe you meant to state ZERO which is closer to the TRUTH then hero!

  18. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Were you educated in the Hood, south central or whatever is the center of the toxic cesspool in Los Angeles, we’re is a contraction of the words “we” and “are.”

  19. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Sorry! DJ but grammar that bad cannot go uncriticized, “You heard it hear,” the correct term is here.

    Those many existing on numerous planes of existence with mastery over none of their surroundings on any of them scrambled brainwave mindless fools thrive off of condemning people for what in this case amounts lousy grammar.

  20. Harvey D Schneider says:

    Curious that his birth certificate was made out incorrectly. It was meant to be Colon and somehow was entered as Colin.

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