Colin Kaepernick just admitted one stunning truth about his national anthem protest

Colin Kaepernick was the “founding father” of the Black Lives Matter protests sweeping America.

The former quarterback taking a knee during the national anthem became a symbol of the left-wing revolution trying to overthrow American culture.

But Colin Kaepernick just admitted one stunning truth about his national anthem protest.

For years Colin Kaepernick and his apologists in the Fake News Media and Democrat Party claimed kneeling during the national anthem was not a protest against America, but was done to highlight police brutality against black Americans.

Critics claimed that was a lie because Kaepernick could have protested at any time, but the fact that he did it during the national anthem when the flag was presented made it a protests against the American flag and everything it stands for.

After years of debate Kaepernick finally admitted what his critics already knew – that he hated America and was, in fact, protesting the flag.

On the Fourth of July, Kaepernick sent out a tweet attacking Independence Day as racist and a celebration of “white supremacy.”

“Black ppl have been dehumanized, brutalized, criminalized + terrorized by America for centuries, & are expected to join your commemoration of ‘independence’, while you enslaved our ancestors. We reject your celebration of white supremacy & look forward to liberation for all,” Kaepernick wrote.

With one Tweet, Colin Kaepernick undid years of the lies and distortions his supporters deployed to claim Kaepernick wasn’t protesting the national anthem or disrespecting the flag.

Nike – which signed Kaepernick to massive contract – offered no comment on Kaepernick claiming the Fourth of July was a celebration of white supremacy.

Joe Biden also stayed silent on this matter.

In recent days, voices on the Left across the board in the media, in elected office, and in sports have come out against the Fourth of July, Mt. Rushmore, and George Washington.

This is no longer a protest about police brutality. It is a revolution to remake America.

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99 Responses

  1. greg w says:

    Sit n spin Colin! Meanwhile life goes on without you. You arent “needed” in football. Football will do just fine without you using football as a platform to expand your thoughts. You washed yourself up! Might as well try to make it as a politician now my friend!

  2. Carson Tyler says:

    I, continue to be upset that I cannot play football in the NFL. Just because I am 82 years old doesn’t mean they should not hire me. The so called quarterback was not that good and yet he was still paid. I, wonder how his white parents feel not getting respect after taking him in from a broken home, caring for him. Another black demanding equality. Was Obama held back because of the past?

  3. Sarah Horne says:

    If Colin doesn’t like this country, I will be glad to help him pack. Nobody is forcing him to stay in a country that he hates.

  4. Dee says:

    I can not Believe how many very rich people (who were made Wealthy in America Hate this Country It baffles me I think the min this traitor started kneeling during the National Anthem He should have been FIRED by the NFL And’he should have been deported This nut is a rude and a trouble maker who hates this country His bio parents r black and his Adopted parents r white go figure lol

  5. Lazarus 111 says:

    Colin ( COLON) Kaepernutk needs a little intervention. Perhaps. DEMOCRATS are failing his right to Breathe.

  6. John_209 says:

    Pat Tillman is a hero, who volunteered to serve his country and was killed in action. Colin Kaepernick is an agitator who disrespects, insults and degrades the symbol of the entire country built on law and order, justice, and opportunity because he believes injustice was done. Portraying that this is a racist policy of the United States as opposed to an individual or group is simply a lie, not to mention an undeserved insult to not only the entire country but what it stands for. The American public is as interested in stamping out this injustice insofar that it exists as anyone, but does not tolerate being portrayed as racist when it is decidedly not. Either Kaepernick is too stupid to realize his form of protest is an overreach inappropriate for his cause, or he is willing to be used by other organizations whose goals are far more dangerous to this country and unrelated to his cause. I support at no level any organization portraying this country as racist, as founded on racism, or having ideals (symbolically represented by the flag) that are racist. I have no respect for those who do.

  7. fred daly says:

    let colin k. go live somewhere else since he hates it here & take NIKE with him!!

  8. Awe, girly man gets on his knees. Real men fight for what they believe in. Bow to no one. LOSER. There is no fence around the country making you stay here. Don’t like the country, but want it’s money. HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Steven says:

    And before that, black people were kidnapping white Europeans and forcing them into slavery. History is only in context if you reveal all of history. Picking and choosing facts to fit your narrative makes you look simple minded

  10. Tim Toroian says:

    If you really don’t like it, MOVE ***hole! If you find one better(ha), let me konw.

  11. Beverly Reed says:

    Send him back to Africa if he doesn’t like the flag. He likes the money he gets paid.

  12. Trudy Hand says:

    The 4th of July was because our country gained our Independence from England which was 13 colonies. if young people of today would study History,they would know that. Besides if you do not like it here you know where the door is. no one is holding you here!!!

  13. James Atkins says:

    Kaepernick is scum let him go to Cuba and see how he likes that. He hates America fine most of us despise his hypocrisy and certainly would not pay to watch him try to play football. He is a loser.

  14. IScream2 says:

    Kapernick, like Wallace and Obama, are half white. Why did they choose to be “black”? Perhaps going to Africa and transforming that continent would be a great idea for them…..

  15. Daxsdad says:

    The traitor needs to be deported to North Korea or China where his hate of America can grow unbounded by American law and patriotism. That goes for all BLM supporters and Antifa terrorists.

  16. John whitte says:

    Yes lets take us back to the good ole days where blacks had better opportunities and a strong work ethic its become to easy to stay in America and thrive deport them back to africa where life was way better for them in tribes

  17. Arthur Jurczak says:

    Colin (COLON) Kaepernick doesn’t matter.

  18. Bender says:

    Your right black people are trying to end our way of life everyone needs to arm themselves and protect the trailer court. Stay inside and guard the trailer. The country will be so much better if you guys don’t leave the trailer. We know your scared so get more guns you weak little men.

  19. Charles Swift says:

    Aw come on fluffy he was taking a knee because he was praying hoping that he would make at least three completions that game

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