Colin Kaepernick is getting an award that will make you sick

Nike’s new Colin Kaepernick ad campaign claimed he was “sacrificing everything.”

But the former NFL quarterback’s stardom has only risen among Leftists since his national anthem protest.

And now he’s getting an award that will make you sick.

Harvard University is set to honor Colin Kaepernick with the W. E. B. Du Bois Medal.

Breitbart reports:

Harvard University is planning to honor the former NFL quarterback turned anthem-kneeling activist Colin Kaepernick with a medal next month.

The university plans to honor Kaepernick and seven others with the W. E. B. Du Bois Medal, which the university considers its “highest honor in the field of African and African American studies,” in a ceremony on October 11, WBZ reported Thursday.

“The medal honors those who have made significant contributions to African and African American history and culture, and more broadly, individuals who advocate for intercultural understanding and human rights in an increasingly global and interconnected world,” the university said in a statement.

Past recipients included Muhammad Ali and Maya Angelou.

Before he began his national anthem protests, Kaepernick was benched for journeyman quarterback Blaine Gabbart.

His early success was little more than a flash in the pan.

But leftists put him on a pedestal because of his anti-American and pro-Black Lives Matter political views.

Besides his massive contract with Nike, Kaepernick remains out of a job.

But his attorney gave an interview saying the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots may be interested in signing him.


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139 Responses

  1. Gary Schaedel says:

    Kaepernick should take a knee but it shouldn’t be to the ground

  2. Robert Collins says:

    When I was young. We would go to the drag strip and race. Our cars did all the work. And for all the money spent, we would get ”class win stickers” if you took your class overall – – you won an $18.00 sticker. So if nike wants to give a uesless piece of crap a job and award. WHO CARES? After his 15 minutes of fame, he’ll just be another welfare recipent or criminal! And we’ll pay for him!

  3. el Dorko says:

    CK makes me sick award or no award.

  4. Robert Rouillard says:

    Instead of bowing the knee as he did he should have spent all his free time working with African American people in the cities most needed. His teammates would have pitched in plus many others would have assisted him in such a program. Then the National Anthem would have had a greater meaning for him that in this country we can help each other out, and yes even law enforcement would have helped to better the situation in such a program. There are many who are doing this kind of work with youth we just don’t hear about it. A humanitarian award is of greater value.

  5. cathylovesyou says:

    This Award is the “Because I am Black Award” Given to un American haters of our Country. Obama got his Pulitzer Prize for doing nothing whereby I don’t care who gets it next as it is a Phony. Is their an adult in the room not inclined to Kiss Black A.

  6. Mott says:

    Colon who? Have not watched nor bought ANYTHING that has NFL on it.

  7. Rosario Trifiletti says:

    I am a doctor super-specialized I get and send patients to Harvard. No more. It’s the least I can do.

    I know that RACE is a sociological construct. There is NO biological basis to race. I try every day to remember that, to view all people as instances of H.Sapiens and endowed with all the possibilities thereof. It’s very hard with today’s race baiting politics. No progress will be made unless we can train our minds to ignore the superficiality and get to the content of character. And Colin’s character leaves much to be desired.

  8. john says:

    The fact that this baboon is alive makes me sick!

    • Dicvk says:

      You and most of the others commenting here are a perfect examples of ignorant racists. And Colin is an example of a true American Patriot. He is getting the recognition he deserves, and you all can just crawl back into your holes and sulk about it.

    • You are damn right, this SOB doesn’t deserve the time of day. He has done more harm and doesn’t have brain enough to know it. He and oBONZO and his entire Cabinet have pushed race relations back to the 60’s and what they have done to the United States in everything is criminal. They don’t even deserve the time of day.

  9. I thought Harvard university was for the smartest and brightest minds. Where you learn to become doctors and lawyers and rocket scientists. Where you have to have a perfect score to be accepted. But now you can get and award for your skin color. Wow, there goes all the smartest and brightest minds out the door. Why don’t you change the name of the university from Harvard university to Whatssup university it is the right name for it now.

  10. ERIC MILLER says:

    If this guy hates America so much, why does he stay? Any country willing to have him?

  11. Gary says:

    This scumbag piece of pig droppings needs to go !! He is disrespecting everything about AMERICA. He better never ever kneel in front of me cause he will never ever walk straight again. If he were a real man he would go in the military and see how tough it is and watch your friends die violently. Come home to listen to crap like this and see if he likes art. Nike??? They are crashing cause no REAL AMERICAN will purchase their stuff. Their stock went up?? Yeah cause they had to buy back all the stock that people dumped

  12. Richard Hennessy says:

    With this award, the award loses all credibility. Like the Noble award to Obama.

  13. Chris says:

    To Billy Jackson: Have you every watched the news like CBS, NBC, CW, ABC. if yes there is evidence because many days a black person gets killed by a white officer. Then the white officer is found not guilty in court of killing the person which is not right-Most of the time not deserved according to the news. That is why I do not watch the news too often now. Too many shootings by police and there are also not guilty.

    • Tom says:

      There are not that many and how many that are shot have committed a crime let alone being disrespectful.

      When a cop says stop or directs me to do something, I listen. I don’t believe I am entitled because some idiot like Obama Bin Ladin says I am.

  14. Lester says:

    I feel bad for all the good American Colored people that appreciate their status and live the good life!!!!!!!!!! Colin is certainly not a good example for our young people!!!!!

  15. Sgt York says:

    Like Obama’s peace award it really means exactly nothing more than a award that was bought not earned.

  16. James C Green says:

    That scumbag traitor has done more to damage race relations than anyone in recent memory (besides Barry Soetoro). Captain Jim Green, A Patriotic US Veteran Who WAS Willing to Sacrifice Everything for My Country!

  17. Gary Dorgay says:

    Sacrifice??&!!…Men and women military & 1st responders SACRIFICE!!..Kaepernick is a coward!!…Very unfortunate he has Wisconsin ties…I am a Wisconsinnite..

  18. Eric Granberg says:

    Do any of you think that we should, oh I don’t know, maybe try TALKING to each other instead of name calling? Just an idea. I’ll start.

    I am a 67 year old American Air Force Veteran who loves our nation, and our flag, and believes Kaepernick has done nothing wrong.

  19. DENNIS says:


  20. Will says:

    Harvard is officially out of touch with reality. It’s sad so many have praised him for not standing for the Anthem. Kaep is NOTHING compared to Angelou and Ali.

  21. Sandra Thompson says:

    First off, I’d like to ask Mr. P, why he chose to kneel. Kneeling shows subservience to a King or any other superior. At least Jesse Owns put up his fist when he won the Olympics in Germany. This showed a man who was, even for that moment, superior to all. Mr. P however was bringing down himself and lead the others to say the anthem was greater than they could be. He’s not just a lamebrain, but in my estimation based upon his teammates, is pretty ugly.

    • Sandra Jean Thompson says:

      Sorry, Mr. K…

    • Eric Granberg says:

      Colin Kaepernick is an American, and as such, has freedom of speech. If white supremacists insist on the right to march in Jewish neighborhoods, surely Mr. Kaepernick has the right to protest minority mistreatment in his own way.

      • Tom says:

        There are not that many and how many that are shot have committed a crime let alone being disrespectful.

        When a cop says stop or directs me to do something, I listen. I don’t believe I am entitled because some idiot like Obama Bin Ladin says I am.

        Not in the job, religion and politics have no place there.

    • Tom says:

      His team mates should take it to him and the others. It is affecting their livelihood and the stock holders of the NFL.

      Get rid of the deadwood

  22. Nikita63 says:

    The only award this SOB deserves is the fickle finger of fate award, more infamously known as the Digitus impudicae or the middle finger. I will present it to him personally as the lily livered COWARD he is as I am a 73 year old Vietnam Veteran who was in his youth and under the Geneva Accords, personal assistant to and protection for Medal of Honor awardee Chaplain Charles Angelo Liteky of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade Our Brigade Commander was at my time in country, Brigadier General Franklin Davidson, the 3rd Black officer to achieve the rank of Brigadier and the first to command a Brigade in Combat. General Davidson was one of the finest officers under whom I ever served and I am white and human as this dolt is something less who takes his citizenship for granted as he does the lives lost to allow him the freedoms to BE the copulating rectal cavities he and his fellow cowards are. They EARNED nothing that was not given to them by others when they make the money they do for playing a game and yet, using a universal venue to misinform impressionable children at NFL games and Goodell and OWNERS are WORSE for allowing their stadiums to be so used. They exhibit NO RESPECT for those in different uniforms making far less who GAVE them their sorry freedoms to be millionaires for playing a game 6 months of a year by sacrificing their freedoms, limbs, sight sexual function, blood and their very lives. I have as much respect for all of them as they have for all of US who so served: NONE AT ALL!They and their GREEDY owners make me physically ill and, if New England is CRAZY enough to employee this weasel, this lifelong fan who has not watched a game since the only time a few of them supported this jerk, will NEVER forgive any of them as in my military service I was required to assist during Medical Evacuations from the field in holding and comforting our severely wounded as they received the last rites of our Church as they lay dying, which many of them did. To hell with all of these slithering snakes and swamp slime. When their playing days are done they will likely all be that lowest of lifeforms: POLITICIANS!Colin Kaepernick already has a head start!

  23. Gregory Johnson says:

    Good to go Collin Kaepernick, May God Bless you because you are mad because How about Racism, Bigotry, Unequal Justice, SICK Individuals like U. Are these Un-American?
    He never turn his bad on his country.

    • David A. Fogal says:

      If Colin has sacrificed everything, he’d be DEAD right now. He must be careful in choosing words of sacrificing “everything” as our heroes have in the military Sorry, He Has NOT SACRIFICED EVERYTHING.

  24. Johnie says:

    Seems we’re at an impasse with Communist,

  25. Johnie says:

    Seems we’re at an impasse with Communist, Progressive, Socialest, Democrats? It’s time they be shown the door. We always knew that treason would be there choice.

  26. Joe says:

    Hey, Kaepernick and Harvard, I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts for this country in the Naval Amphibious Forces. Up Yours!

  27. Kenneth Boyd says:

    What makes this half-ni–er so special ?

    • truthistruth says:

      Hey, Kenneth, glad another right-wingneut shows their true racist colors. It must be hard to have to put on the fake rhetoric that you believe all men are created equal and had in the past to suppress you natural and ignorant racism. Were you in Charlottesville marching for white supremacy?

    • Drew says:

      Do U know the REAL definition OF the Word? I say No. Look it up Bi..h!

    • Tom says:

      Say it proud I’m black… and I’m loud!

  28. Dr. J.D. says:

    what the hell is all the fuss (?), awards are a dime a dozen anymore, so if one area gives an award to someone, it is not the University doing it, it is an area of Harvard. This whole posting is only meant to get the trump base all churned up again . . . over what? Will your life being any different if K gets an award – – a piece of shining metal and plastic you can buy for $50? When I used to work, they gave these cheap “awards” for years of service or some other minor thing – -I decided it was all nonsense, and bought my own awards and said even nicer things about myself. All the sudden, I was employee of the year EVERY year?

  29. Chuck says:

    The world has gone upside down! Evil is good and good evil. He Ivy League is a bastion of evil!

    • Donald C Bray says:

      So true Chuck,
      It seem’s to me that this country rewards evil and punishes good. Look at our “congress” for example. But the Bible for warns us of times like this. I just feel that if Mr K is so unhappy with the country that blessed him with millions, he should go back to Africa and enjoy the millions that Nike so foolishly payed him.

  30. MR-MRS ROBERT "BOB" ODOM says:


    • Drew says:

      Are U a Racist? Stand up and be Recognized for who U are. Don’t Hide behind Social & Racist Websites.

      • Tom says:

        Check yourself and what you have done for your country. Many were shot for being cowards.

        History doesn’t record everything or tell the truth either. I was there in ’68

  31. James says:

    Along with his other hardships I’d like him to give up his citizenship that he so vehemently dissaprove of. Heaven knows we won’t miss him.

  32. Freddy says:

    Harvard doing stupid s__t like this is why I will never hire a Harvard graduate.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      would you work for one? Seems you are a person who discriminates based on demanding they do all their actions based on what YOU believe;

      • w says:

        I am no Liberal. I don’t think throwing around a meaningless award is doing this country any good.

        Frankly it seems that all of us are knee jerking our opinions. Not that any of them matter. The only reason any of this hits the press is because the media is looking for ridiculous reactions rather than thoughtful responses.
        To me, Kapernick is as deplorable as Obama. Both of them are un American as it gets. I am learning that it is better to shut my face, excepting these comments. I am sure I will get hit with all kinds of horse s@$t about how racist I am and blah blah blah. To be sure, none of this is anyones business, my self included. Non of this makes or breaks an y of us.

        • Drew Winzer says:

          How about Racism, Bigotry, Unequal Justice, SICK Individuals like U. Are these Un-American to !!?

          • Tom says:

            If you stop playing the race card, pretending to be entitled, assimilate after all these centuries and act equal instead of whining we would all get along better.

            Unfortunately a Master’s degree or PhD doesn’t change the one inside of you. It always comes out, you are what you are.

            Ebonics doesn’t help if you can’t communicate in the language you learned in school .

        • Eric Granberg says:

          That’s deplorable as Trump. Trump supporters are the deplorable ones.

          • Tom says:

            If you stop playing the race card, pretending to be entitled, assimilate after all these centuries and act equal instead of whining we would all get along better.

            Unfortunately a Master’s degree or PhD doesn’t change the one inside of you. It always comes out, you are what you are.

            Ebonics doesn’t help if you can’t communicate in the language you learned in school . I would rather be that then be a whiny, ungrateful and poor team player like Kapercorn

      • Tim says:

        Something’s are not allowed at the workplace. Stop coddling and trying to martyr this pos.

  33. W. B. says:

    His name should not be mentioned in the same paragraph as Maya Angelou & Mohammed Ali-they are/were great people. CK is a cowardly phony.

  34. e. jackson says:

    /Vote against radical liberals!! I am not one to honor them, anymore.

  35. e. jackson says:

    /Vote against radical liberals!!

  36. Rick says:

    Why should this surprise anyone someday the liberal will rule this country. Its a country full of IDIOTS….

    • Ric B says:

      Fester, complain,, gripe. Moan and gripe – – the trademark of the GOP. RNC pool shows the only ones who support Trump are men over 45 YOA. So, the GOP has changed from the “Grand Old Party” to “Gripey Old Pathetics.”

  37. Mrs. Robert Brown says:

    Did Maya Angelo or Martin Luther King, or Aretha Franklin receive this recognition.? They deserve it!

  38. Fred Behling says:

    Maybe the Police should be protesting all the assassinations and shootings against them because they are responding to a”911″ call made by someone they thought was in need of Police assistants, but instead get shot and killed by a “black” who hates Police. If you obay our laws, and if for whatever reason you get “pulled over, or questioned by Police or Sheriff Deputies, DO AS YOU ARE TOLD and you’ll experience a DRAMATIC drop in any so called “Police brutality”!

  39. Breaker 19 says:

    If they want to give an award to someone who has done a lot to help the minorities like blacks, latino etc. They should give it to Trump. Kapernick has done nothing for these people. Trump has done more than all the others combined.

  40. John Centonze says:

    I guess it doesn’t take much to get an award for African/African-American accomplishment!
    I could understand Ben Carson…but this piece of offal!

  41. Shirley Ann says:

    Harvard is reaching”Low” when any Award is bestowed on Kaepernick, but I’m not Surprised. The Du Bois Award is for What Great Accomplishment that this Saudi-Arabian Black Person has excelled in? So Far, he has only accomplished the Deed of becoming NIKE’S Water Boy! Is that Good Enough for the LEFTIES at Harvard?

  42. Skip says:

    The only award he should get is a boot so far up his ass he chokes to death on it!!

    • shirley says:

      HARVARD? Who are they? Isn’t that the school who hosts the Skull & Bones. Club? Sounds like pure poison.
      As for Kapernick, he has not gotten one dollar from me. He does not play, sit or stand, nor kneel for me. Respect me–respect my country!

      As for Comment or Skip: I disrespect the act, but respect the human actor. In disrespecting Kapernic’s behavior, don’t join him (or worse) by your rhetoric. Your words thrust in anger sounds too much like sodomy, which should be kept to the behavior of the Leftists. Let them go where they belong….but don’t go there with them!

  43. Chris says:

    If you were black and the police was right, the white police officer shooting the black person to death and then the court would find the officer not guilty-that is what they are protesing-not the flag. If police were found guilty of shooting black guys this protest would of NOT startted, but the police are always found inocent of shooting a black person to death-which is NOT RIGHT or JUSTIFIED!!!

    • retired cop in Arizona says:

      You’re showing what color, black or red?

    • Jim says:

      Statistics show White Police shoot a lower percentage of Black people than Black Police officers.

      • Drew says:

        Do the Math Stupid!
        Lower Percentage of Black Officers thru out this Country will show Higher Percentages.
        From reading comments on this Website, it’s obvious that most don’t know it Refuse to know Why He & Others kneeled . A Peaceful Right to bring attention to the RACIAL ILLS of OUR COUNTRY .

    • Breaker 19 says:

      The police shoot black people when they have to, to either protect themselves or you or someone else. They shoot white people for the same reason. Your comment is rediculas.

      • Drew says:

        And U live in a FAKE World of your own. I bet U have Never, repeat Nevet had to deal with what Black People have endured ALL their Lives.

  44. Lola Collins says:

    This award From Harvard is nothing but a SLAP IN THE FACE” to patriotic Americans, AND to President Trump. Too bad students who want to attend Harvard might change their mines? Kaepernick is giving us all a ‘neener, neener’…OR, a finger!

  45. Norma J Garcia says:

    Any respect for Harvard that I might once have had, has certainly ended. This is just a reflection of the disrespect liberals have for America and anything patriotic, yet they continue to be elected. The Progressive movement truly is an enemy of what America stands for.

    • Inkpad says:

      Get out and vote in November remove all dems from any office we can

      • Bill B says:

        Colin Kaepernick , a self-centered , self-serving, pampered individual who failed in the open competition for 49er quarterback, choose to throw a tantrum by using a social issue as a crutch to intimate the NFL owners to give him a quarterback job. Really?????? At what point in his development did he fail to realize that performance is the basis of reality. He competed, he failed. He is not “entitled” to a quarterback position, in the real world just, because he “thinks” he should be. He is a disgrace as a n American, because he is using a serious social issue, one that he has had no effort to correct with all of his money, to protest. His arrogance and ignorance has defied the National Anthem as an insult to the American People and to all the rights and privileges that are our American Heritage established by our Founding Fathers.
        For those who think that Kaepernick has a valid protest are ignoring that the “rights and privilege’ of the Declaration and Independence and the US Constitution apply to ALL US Citizens and does not allow individuals to propose “rights’ that violate the rights’ of other Americans. The “right” of Kaepernick to an individual protest at a public assembly specifically established for an athletic activity violates the “rights” of all the ticket purchasing Americans to the “right” of assembly for the specific athletic activity. The conduct of the players, paid employees, on the field is the responsibility of their employers, the team owners. The team owners lack of control of their employees conduct for the National Anthem is a National shame, in that those in a position
        of public responsibility to provide public entertainment according to established rules and standards failed to correct this violation of American Standards immediately when it happened.
        If you agree, contact the owners and voice your concern!!

  46. Emery says:

    Football players that don’t kneel don’t have the guts to do what’s right for our (not Trump’s) country.

  47. Kenneth says:

    Originally, Harvard was a divinity school for men who believed in God, the Bible and who had faith. Now the school is filled with hard-core Liberals, Left-wingers, elitists and atheists, as well as diverse sub-groups.

    • truthistruth says:

      It is one of the finest schools in America, if not the world. Aren’t we glad how it changed and progressed!? People can still have faith and believe in God and go to Harvard, is it just more than a religious school now. Things change and America is becoming more diverse. Of course, not the GOP, but among the independents and Democrats . . . if you look at a GOP convention, you hardly see a minority or a woman. Must be hard for some who are used to seeing only white males at Harvard.

  48. Rodger Shull says:

    Well who ever nominated kaepernick, to win this award, must have a lot of stock in nike that they want to see go up. and winning this award it probably will, go up some, enough to make a few dollars on it or break even, because they will sell , and get out from under this bad stock pick.

  49. Thomas Goss says:

    SCREW Harvard and any asshole going there. This low life scum sucking bastard doesn’t deserve any award, what the son of a bitch deserves is to be dropped into Iran of North Korea and see how long his sorry ass lasts.

    • Guy Edgerton says:

      I totally agree with you the only one that deserves that award is President Trump and he should be getting the Nobel Peace Prize for talking with Korea. There’s no more missiles flying overhead

  50. Michelle Stretar says:

    People at Harvard probably still watch football since the players started kneeling on the flag in protest too. That just shows how much some people know, care or respect anything-even their country. I don’t have time or respect for any of them or the game any longer!! I think they all are paid too much to begin with.

  51. CG says:

    If your kid goes to that college take him out, shows that they are a liberal whinnie queer college that is on the satanic democratic agenda. No one there NO COLLEGE

  52. Fr Tom Martin says:

    I am not surprised at all. So, it is now okay to disrespect the symbol of your country to accomplish your agenda which may be right or wrong . You do not compromise one good thing to accomplish something else you may thing is good. His personal crusades should have been done on his on time. People pay to see him throw a football not to see or hear about his personal beliefs . In the Philippines two weeks ago they arrested over 14 people who refused to stand when the Natiional Anthem was played in the theater. The law in the Philippines states you will stand. A country is nothing without its citizens having pride in it. If you do not like a law get it changed the right way. Many parents have fought and gotten laws changed or written because their children did not get justice . I am not against his cause but, I am against the way he protested his cause. We were all forced to watch if we paid money for the game a man disrespect a symbol of what many good and decent men and women fought and died for.

    • Judi Faulkner says:

      This is a bunch of bull. All of these kneelers and liberals need to be sent to the front lines of battle to defend our
      Country. They would probably turn and run. I will never buy any Niki product again and anyone that loves our America should do the same. Better yet they need to be permanently removed from our United States of America. The NFL needs to be taken diwn to put up with these low life performances.

  53. Richard M Crooks says:

    He deserves it in so many ways, the Public Doesn’t understand what he was trying to accomplish or to stupid to understand why.

    • Robert Dimmock says:

      The only award this idiot deserves is a one way ticket to any communist country in the world. He dosen’t deserve anything but a kick in the rear end.

    • Mork Jungle says:

      He’s a tool.

    • Glen Palazzolo says:

      All he has done is disrespect the country that gave him everything that he has, And the people who died to give it to on.

    • Breaker 19 says:

      We understand all right. That’s the problem.

    • Breaker 19 says:

      We understand perfectly what he was trying to do. That’s the problem. You and him are the stupid ones, if you think we don’t understand what he was trying to do.

    • truthistruth says:

      Richard, thanks for the effort, but you will never get through to these people. Listening by Trumpettes, like with corrupt Trump, is not part of the program. These people love to gripe, and complain, and whine like they are in a world-class event. Like Trump who exclaimed when running for prez, that he knew more about ISIS than even the generals . . . . they think they know it all. And it is not because they are stupid, it is because they choose to remain ignorant, like Trump, and arrogantly believe they are smarter than much more accomplished people.

  54. Raymond Martucci says:

    I’m not surprised by this since they gave us Obama and other nonsense, kapernick and Harvard are meant for each other. This is one college that should stop getting federal funds and let the democracts themselves pay for it. Kapernick when getting this award pucker up cause that is exactly what you are doing kissing ass

  55. Rick says:

    Didn’t Harvard give us Fidel & Barack. Now their trifecta with this numbskull ! Beautiful !

  56. FedUp says:

    My dog just made a giant poop in the back yard. Don’t you think Harvard should give him an award? I mean, both are nothing more than sh**!

    • Ric B says:

      Exactly! Maybe 70 years ago, awards were given for meritorious service. But in today’s world, kids get awards for just showing up. Bench warmers for losing teams get awards. It seems this whole post is “much to do about so little” – – it seems too many of you just love to gripe and whine and complain . . . like a group of old curmudgeons.

  57. Jack Chapman says:

    As a veteran of Service for our country, I will never watch another game Kaepernick playing. There was no need for the disrespect this multi-millionaire showed towards those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. I thought the entire thing was reprehensible and this guy doesn’t deserve the support of any American. I do respect the freedom we have to protest, but how has this person ever “serve” our great nation?

  58. Richard Lee Beltzhoover says:

    Harvard is so dishonest, they have a statue of John Harvard’s brother and not John!

  59. Timothy K. Toroian says:

    If they start asking to have more Civil War statues taken down I’m going after people like W.E.
    Harvard IS full of it.

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