Colin Kaepernick has a new #1 fan that will make you furious

Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American national anthem protests sparked a controversy that upset millions.

The NFL’s TV ratings dropped by at least 10 percent as fans left in droves.

But Kaepernick just gained a new number one fan will make you furious.

Former President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, tweeted his support of Kaepernick and his anti-American protests.

Ahmadinejad has officially joined the ranks of those cheering on Kaepernick’s protests against our men and women in law enforcement.

The Guardian reports:

Kaepernick was a quarterback in the NFL for six years. He stirred national debate by taking a knee while the anthem was played before games during the 2016 season, to draw attention to police killings of African Americans and other issues…

Kaepernick has also found backing from an unlikely source: the former president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. “The #NFL season will start this week, unfortunately once again @Kaepernick7 is not on a NFL roster. Even though he is one of the best Quarterbacks in the league,” wrote Ahmadinejad on Twitter on Monday.

No one suspects that Former President Ahmadinejad has any knowledge of American football.

However, it is no surprise that this former dictator is jumping at the opportunity to criticize the United States via Kaepernick’s protest controversy.

As a sworn enemy of the United States, Ahmadinejad makes for a natural ally of the disgraced football player.

While those defending the protests will argue that they are supposed to create a national debate over police brutality and shootings, it is clear that Kaepernick has a much more radical agenda.

Kaepernick has generated an air of anti-police sentiment across the country and is using the national spotlight to criticize the United States.

Ahmadinejad’s endorsement just makes these staged protests even more transparent.


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84 Responses

  1. Jerry says:

    Colin Kaepernick is a pitiable individual. He clearly despises this country. I don’t know the circumstances of his birth, but he is supposed to be of mixed race, and he was adopted by a white family, who provided him with all the so-called “white advantages.” He received a good education and excelled in football well enough to make it to the NFL. He was 2nd string until SF’s 1st string quarterback was injured. With the coaching skills of Jim Harbaugh he led the 49ers to the Super Bowl, but his performance in that game was second rate, like the 2nd stringer that he was. Later, when he lost Coach Harbaugh, he was benched again. Perhaps it was his Muslim girlfriend, but he had lost the limelight, so he pretty much slapped his entire past life of “white privilege” in the face. His parents supported him early on, but I wonder what they must be thinking now that their son has become a racist.
    The man’s football skills have always been limited, so giving him a job on an NFL team would be a charitable donation to an ingrate. He can’t make the team, and his behavior damages any franchise for which he would ride the bench. Nike was extremely foolish to let this guy have any effect on their new product. Now, because of their withdrawal, many Nike customers will no longer buy their products.

  2. herb portere says:

    Where would this scumbag be today if slaves were NOT brought to America?

  3. Joanne Thauberger says:

    Former President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Ha Ha Ha Ha. I think Nike bit off more than they can chew. I wonder how they like being associated with this guy? I bet they regretted this ad campaign even before Mahmoud chimed in. How quickly it went from bad to worse.

    • Jay says:

      If that is the best the partnership of Nike and Colon Kaepernick can do, Nike needs to find a believable and honorable message and Kaepernick should move to Iran !

  4. Carl J Lundstrom says:

    Who is the idiot at Nike that picked one of the most despicable, spoiled football players? I be that will cost them a lot in sales and the bottom lie. Not to speak of the people that have stock in Nike and now is getting rid of it. the only language they understand is the bottom line. There are so many fine players they could have used. Shame on you Nike.

  5. napacfo says:

    Is the K’s protest un-American, no. Is he anti-American, yes. Big difference. Protest is part of the American DNA. Remember the Boston Tea Party. Every voice will be heard. Nobody says they have to be the smartest voice in the yard. But that voice will be heard. That is the American way. Nobody says you have to listen, but you have the right to speak.
    That K picked the option of disrespecting the anthem and the flag for his protest, proves that he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Or is he. It proves that he is more concerned about his visibility than about the visibility of his so-called cause. When you say his name, what is the first thing that comes to mind, K’s flag kneeling or his SJW cause? My point.

  6. Ernst says:

    Colon Kaepernick and Mahmoud Ahmadinejadboth hate America. They should get along well together. Kaepernick disrespects American soldiers and law enforcement, and Ahmadinejad openly wants to destroy America. Not much difference. NEVER BUY NIKE!!!

    • russell remmert says:

      Ernst this is true

    • T-pac says:

      Yep ???????? NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH NIKE AND THE NFL for that matter. Will b going through my closets to remove any and all NIKE CRAP ???? and will b having a Little fire ???? to dispose of them
      USA USA USA USA ???????? ????????????????????????
      MAGA FOREVER!!!!!

    • Joanne Thauberger says:

      Hi Ernst

      Former President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Ha Ha Ha Ha. I think Nike bit off more than they can chew. I wonder how they like being associated with this guy? I bet they already regretted this ad campaign even before Mahmoud chimed in. How quickly it went from bad to worse.

  7. StarKiller says:

    I knew all along that this idiot’s protests had nothing to do with Black Lives Matter. It has always been a slam to the flag & our freedom. What he has done, has had more of an effect on tearing our country apart than the terrorists have been able to do. Colin is a terrorist & as we do with all terrorists, we either take them out or we stick them in a hell hole prison somewhere. So see ya Colin. Maybe you can trade your Nike’s for cigarettes in prison.

  8. James Chandler says:

    The constitution provides the right to protest peacefully. That being said, just because something is legal doesn’t mean that it should be done. Who else can go to their place of employment and wage any kind of protest, on company time? I am retired now, but during my 40plus years working I could have never done that. I worked in private enterprise, state government, and I am an air force veteran. If Kaepernick and these others feel that they have a legitimate reason to protest they should do it on their own time, and not at the football stadium.

  9. Ron says:

    Just wondered, did you hear or see any of McCains first family, his first wife he walked out on, or his children whom he also walked off and left for his rich wife, he was a real hero to them

  10. So now aj’s an expert in American football. He obviously is not up to date if he is. Kaepernick isn’t one of the best quarterbacks in the league and was benched because he had a poor record. He tried to rebrand himself as a political agitator and hasn’t been all that successful in that either. But I expect aj is not really interested in the nfl, I think he’s really more interested in giving us a shot. aj’s a POS.

  11. Heywood Jablomi says:

    Can The Great Clown Show get any more pathetic? Colin Kaperbolshevik as an NFL QB is a nonperson.

    Why do Kaepernick fans totally ignore his losing record of 1-10 and 2-6 in the last 2 seasons as a starter with a 59% overall completion rate, and act outraged that he didn’t get picked up by any NFL teams?

    Is it possible that mental damage caused by PED and perhaps other drugs have caused Colin to act out? I imagine you decide.

  12. Schulte says:

    Yes please move Colin and while you are gone we will not be buying any Nike products to pad you pockets with the kickbacks. Good riddance Good bless America

  13. Why doesn’t Colin K. just move to Iran, but if he goes he can’t come back. He was raised by good people and has made really good money, now he needs to shut his mouth.

  14. Jacob Quimpo says:


  15. Don says:

    Kaepernick is nothing more than an anti-American and a idiot coward. He should be banned totally from the NFL and all others given a chance to redeem themselves. Most of the others who are following this freak should b given a chance to redeem themselves. If they refuse, they too should be banned from the NFL.

  16. Marlopi says:

    It is not at all surprising that a corrupt, reprehensible Muslim leader would be on Kapernick’s list. He’s probably the only fan he has and he is not American, but then neither is Kapernick!

  17. Dale says:

    The main point is are Americans suppose to give a rat’s a** about what anyone from Iran thinks. NO!!! Kapernick is an embarrassment to all who died for that anthem and flag. If our country is so offensive then move. Maybe to Iran whose people have no freedoms.

  18. Tim says:

    I think these pretender protesters are a bunch of childish, racist idiots. If even “ONE” of even cared a little about the social demise of blacks, they would stop being used by the NFL like puppets and go to Chicago where hundreds of blacks are being shot each week and many are killed. They don’t give a Damn about other blacks. Simply Pathetic and degrading. I guess black lives don’t really matter to them.

    • I think since Mahmoud in Iran thinks Kaepernick is so great maybe we could convince Kaepernick that some one in Iran would like for him to come over and be their idol.

    • BERNI KOCZWARA says:


  19. Susan Dix says:

    I knew early on that this was about his Muslim girlfriend.
    He did it to please her. Now our sworn enemy is validating this traitor.

  20. napacfo says:

    The Colin Kaepernick story is a false narrative and Nike is perpetuating the fraud. K has not given up anything. He was a mediocre qb at best: he had a million dollar arm and a three dollar head. He could follow his first receiver, but not his second or third receiver, not a quality desired in NFL qbs. When K was exposed, he was benched. He pouted and fussed over it, and his antifah girl friend filled his head with hate-whitey sophisms, feeding his frustrations. He was not only unplayable, he became uncoachable, and finally he was disposable.
    With his tantrums, and kneeling, he became political, and ESPN made him promotable. Now come the band wagonners, piling on, and with that follows the money. If you can’t get TV exposure for playing, get it for kneeling. Exposure means attraction, and attraction means cash, lots and lots of cash in the ad business. Multi-millionaires can afford their whims. And K can afford to play this SJW game, endlessly. He can’t play football, but he can collect cash, lots and lots of promotional cash. He has not lost any ad revenue with his shenanigans, in fact he has gained. And Nike has only added to his fortunes.
    Sorry, Nike. You should stick to sports. Politics is a dirty business, and it does nothing to enhance your brand. But this is not your first promotional misstep. And I’m sure it will not be your last. If you are truly looking for someone to promote, someone who has given his all, Pat Tillman comes to mind. That promo would sell out almost immediately. Colin Kaepernick is not someone who has given his all. He is not someone whose sportswear I am motivated to buy. Wrong for your brand. Wrong for this family. When you want to inspire your kid, you say Tom Brady or Drew Brees. No One says Colin Kaepernick. No more Nikes in this house.

  21. lee says:

    lots of idiots protest AMERICA and say how bad it ls.
    NONE of them have the GUTS to move to a soloist , communist, idiot country.
    NONE of them idiots have balls. or brains.

  22. Jan13 says:

    Maybe Colon can move to Iran and start up an Iranian football league, supplied by Nike. They just have to make sure the game is over between prayer sessions.

  23. PatrioTEA says:

    Has anyone ever done a thorough background check on this Kaepernick character? Could he be a plant to disrupt and corrupt the sports world?

  24. Eyeball says:

    Maybe Mahmoud was thinking about European “football”? He obviously mistook C.K. for a GOOD quarterback. Oh….he has stock in “Just Blew It” Nike! Well, that explains it.

  25. Joe says:

    Maybe Iran can use a couple million pair of Nikes

  26. Chuck says:

    Whatever happened to hanging of traitors, or shooting them at sunrise? Need to bring that back. Kaepernick, Hillary, Slick Willy, Obama, Holder, Rahm, Brennan, Clapper, Ohr, Strozk, Page, Mueller can be the first candidates.

  27. EC says:

    Come on. Does anyone care what this has-been NFL dork does? Everyone should be happy that Nike was stupid enough to pick him up. They will keep him off welfare until they start losing big bucks.

  28. EC says:

    Does anyone care what this has-been NFL dork does? Everyone should be happy that Nike was stupid enough to pick him up. They will keep him off welfare until they start losing big bucks.

  29. Mike W says:

    ALL the anti-Americans support Colon Kaeperdink. You have to admit though he certainly has the right name.
    What does the colon do? Turns what was not needed or processed into s**t.

  30. Peter says:

    When the leader of Iran supports you, it should be a death wish. Proving crapernick is one of the lowest life forms on earth. Oh, and Tom Brady tweeted that he supports this low life too!

  31. ELLIE says:


    • Geepee says:

      Yes, and president Trump served, right? Stupid boneheaded comment. McCain served, yet this idiot of a President constantly maligned him. This president has only helped to bring hate and discord to the forefront, as he knows fully well that Colin and the other NFL players mean no disrespect to the flag, it’s just another distraction while he screws the working class and make his uber rich buddies richer. Too bad the working class gets caught up in these issues and dont pay attention to pocket book issues that really affect them.

      • Robert Burke says:

        We do pay attention.That’s why Mr.Trump is our president.

      • Joanne Thauberger says:


        Yeah, right. What planet do you live on?

        It is the Democrats that bring hate and discord to the forefront. They do it for their own gain.

        Of course he means disrespect to the flag, he said so in his own words. The working class paid their hard earned money to watch a football game; not his childish behaviour that insults them as Americans.

        Yeah, he screwed the working class by creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, lowering taxes, raising the GNP by four percent. How horrible.

    • Debra says:

      Amen. Well said Ellie.

  32. Steveur says:

    The Colon should consider calling Mahmoud Imadinnerjacket and ask if he could join their Iran Revoluntionary Guard, now that he has become a noted figure to that basket of A holes, they would gain an additional A Hole. Nike could represent and claim Iran also, by making desert nike sand sandals.

  33. johnmark says:

    Kaepernick and all those who support him are anti-America and not worthy of any praise or mention in any news article. The left and the DNC are haters and worthy of disdain.

  34. Jack says:

    I’m sure that Colin Kaepernick is very ecstatic about the piece of garbage Ahmadinejad’s endorsement and support! TWO PEAS IN A POD!!!

  35. Paul Heyden says:

    How about that. C.K. has a real wonderful mutt in his corner. The mutt, former leader of Iran would have HIS Police beat the living hell out of anyone and everyone for daring to question him. In Iran, non supporters disappear all the time. IF we had that here, there would be NO sideline kneelers. Hypocrisy rules all POS’ on planet earth. Follow the yellow brick roall libs & No, just follow Saul Alinsky’s playbook, like obumma, soros and

  36. Calvin says:

    First of all: What part of NATIONAL football league do these people not understand? Second of all: People go to their games and get together to watch them on tv to get away from the stresses of life, which is why so many have now left,add to that the large number of veterans and their family and they still double down….they deserve to lose revenue and quite honestly, I believe they owe this country a deep and sincere apology. If they really wanted to make a difference they could start acting respectable themselves and set a positive example and encourage OBEYING THE LAW and respecting law enforcement.

  37. Frank says:

    We true American should boycott Nike and send that company to Iran with Kaepernick and all of his followers because those are worthless idiots that belongs in a trash can.

  38. thoughtful one says:

    I had a chanch to think about this overnight, and realized that Nike did not make this decision without thinking through all the options – -why risk all this anger from conservatives that could hurt your bottom line? Then I realized through some business experts, any exec who would make such a move that cost Nike money, would be fired. So, Nike thought this through, researched it, and made the decision to risk the outrage of the minority to cultivate their future markets, which will be much more diverse, YOUNG, female and people that don’t think like the GOP, which is the party of older white males. Nike is willing to risk losing your business so it can cultivate the larger marker support – -of what America is becoming, not what it USED to be.

    • Steveur says:

      thoughtful one, those who protest the Nike decision, hold the purse strings, over the young Useful Idiots that want the product. Grown Idiots that support Nike will not be enough to side track the loss that Nike will feel. A board meeting pertaining to losses will cause heads to roll for those that take the risk and profit will prevail over decision making. Nike put out a notice that the move was not harming the company, but failed to note that the move was just born and will build. The Kneelers will keep it alive the season is just starting with the NHL and the Iranian A hole, Ahma dinnerjacket did not help Nike.

  39. Frank says:

    All I can say is that sorry worthless idiot Colin Kaepernick and his followers are not really true Americans they should be exported to Iran where they can protest all they want.

  40. Heywood Jablomi says:

    Kapernick turned down an offer from Denver’s Ellway.

    You know what, and I said this a while ago: Colin had his chance to be here. We offered him a contract. He didn’t take it. And as I said at my deposition—and I don’t know if I’ll be legally able to say this—but he had his chance to be here. He passed it.”

    As an athlete Kapernick who appeared to be a rising star plateaued ability wise. This is not uncommon in the NFL Quarterback world. Quite frankly NFL is a team sport. Anyone who harms the team has to go. Kapernick using his racial makeup to score MSM points will in the end hurt his chances of caching on with a team.

    There are forums available where one can express their heartfelt opinions. NFL game with paying customers is not that place. Why harm the business that enriches one immensely? Kapernick. Rebel without a clue. Just my opinion.

    • Charles says:

      The Former President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, tweeted his support of Kaepernick and his anti-American protests. As I Said Former support for a Racist Bastard that supports the Illegal’s and the terrorist groups that hate the USE and the Police, and all of the other law enforcement officers to the point of wanting to kill them and this has happened way to many times now, he need to be locked up and if this continues he should be expelled from this country. His Former President would love to have him, as far as ability if you have no class or ethics you also have no ability to be anything but trash. Screw him and the NFL Stand or walk the un-employment line. This is the only choice that should be offered, Did the NFL lose enough money to grow balls? I will never watch or support any of the companies that sponsor this Crap, Nike Boycott Damn Right, Forever!!!!!!!

  41. Mo says:

    I have never been a Nike customer in the past and with what they have now done in hiring this anti-American piece of garbage, i never will be.

  42. Dan Gibson says:

    Kaepernick … A great Quarterback? ummmmm — NO. He was adept in running his college offense, but never has caught on to the NFL offensive schemes that have been put in front of him … a QB can only improvise at the top level as a last (or near last) resort. Doubtful this player will make any further impact at the professional level. So let’s get that straight — OK ??

    Yep, I have some political sidebars to share — but not now.

    • Steveur says:

      Dan, never a great Quarterback, just a pick from the college scouts for his performance in school. His millions have been made riding the bench and is still unproven as a star quarterback. His professional level has now turned to destroying the NHL by his “proven” performance to alienate. You gave a straight insight post, agreed.

  43. Mike says:

    Kapperdick said he gave up everything for taking a stance.Well,what about all the brave military,police and fire fighters who have given their lives for what they believe in.

  44. Janet says:

    Colin has another fan (is that #2?). They deserve each other!

  45. Joe says:

    The NFL can go to HELL!

  46. Joe says:

    The NFL can go to HELL!

  47. Marc says:

    Fly over hiroshima and nagasaki and return all the nikes , insensative bastards oh and drop the kapster there also

  48. n wilson oliver says:

    Let’s look at a few aspects of Kaepernick’s original premise–Cops killing blacks. How many of these “assassinations” were the result of no hostile or wrong-headed initiation by the victims?! Let’s see, the BLM story of the “eye witness” to Michael Brown’s killing said Brown had his hands raised in surrender. Even such an unbiased source as Eric Holder admitted it was a lie–

    The black community regrettably does NOT reveal that black lives matter–they kill each other at a rate far beyond their population numbers would suggest. UNTIL they show respect for themselves and their communities, THEY will die in disproportionate numbers–and many of those dying are victims caught in crossfires! So long as they present a clear and present DANGER to law enforcement, THEY will likely be the victims. WHITES, ASIANS, LATINOS, ESKIMOS, ANYONE who does NOT follow the orders of the officers on duty when apprehended, are FOOLS who risk their own lives, period.

    But a subtle factor I have perceived in conversations with young, educated individuals is their propensity to one way or another blame WHITES for any failure of Blacks. I pointed out to one female graduate in the liberal arts that some of the worst tyrants in the world are African heads of state. The genocides in West Africa, the tyranny of abuse to the poor by the leaders, chronicled. Oh, yes, she admitted. Because they took lessons from the whites! Right.

    Tyrants and criminals come in all colors BUT to ignore any race’s transgressions and not hold them responsible, is racism! Pure and simple. Just like the recent deaths of the bike riders in a Taliban controlled area, who chose to believe that their starry-eyed peace visions would reveal to the world how innocent these terrorists really were, they DIED because of the lies they had been taught by Leftist academics who in their ivory towers propagate myths of Kumbaya when in fact there are many evil factions in the world, and a disproportionate number can be found in Muslim and African nations. That is not racism, that is fact!

  49. minnie says:

    Richard, There wasn’t anyone who wrote on here said anything about him being black. That has nothing to do with what we said, you are the one that had to play the race card. His protest is and has been getting attention from other countries, specially Iran. It is an Anti-American protest. If he doesn’t like America he should go where he feels appreciated, and quit complaining. How do you think he is surviving after not working all this time? Sure would like to know that.

  50. Richard M Crooks says:


    • Mike says:

      Black has every thing to do with it. Most of these s called Millionaire athletes have been pampered all their life and given everything, Education Money fame ect. Yet they think the black man is still suppressed by the white slave owner. Well in a way they are. the Democrats keep them slaves (Black & Poor) Slaves to the welfare system. Watch the nightly local news and see who is doing all the crime 12 or better to 1 is blacks commuting crime and killings. You say Police Brutality poppy cock. Over a 20 to 30 year career of a Police officer he/she can make only one mistake and they are DEAD a very long time. Show me one black person that is not racist … You can’t there is no such person. Disrespect fr the Flag started with the Obama’s. Watch hw they refused t respect the Flag and the Anthem. They are/ were a disgrace to the USA. Read their books , they hate the USA.

    • John Pobiedzinski says:

      Not about the protest. It is about the venue he choose to make his point. Keep politics out of my entertainment. Take family to games to forget about mine and the world’s problems for a couple of hours. Plenty of other ways these overpaid players could of accomplished their political grievances. Also did I miss all these protest’s during the off season

    • Steveur says:

      Richard, why don’t you tell us and set us straight about what this is all about with the poor victim? You might explain why he is “right” and what is he a “victim” of, besides a self inflicted wound?

  51. minnie says:

    Well, when it comes right down to the truth, his protest has nothing to do with the flag or police or black lives or all that stuff. The truth is, IT IS ANTI-AMERICAN. That’s the name of his protest. His number one fan, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, former president of Iran knows that too. About time it is said and put right out in the open. Go Nike, hope you go broke.

  52. He is a racist and an anti- American. He should move to N Korea or somewhere else. He is not welcome here.

  53. Linda says:

    Maybe Colin Kaepernick should go to play for Iran. After all they respect human rights, right? NOT!
    He had no right to jeopardize the league for his own political gains! He was on the job working for the league..Do it on your own time!
    Look what it has caused! So very Conceited and Stupid on his part!
    I hope that he enjoys Iran. He belongs there! He deserves Iran!
    Don’t want him back no matter how good he can play ball! He has certainly burnt this bridge!

  54. Rodney Orr says:

    when clolon crapperprick to his knee for the first time, I changed channels!!!!! when other started doing the same I got rid of my nfl sunday ticket!!!!! I now have Dish and I by pass every game that they do show!!!!!! I got rid of every piece of nfl gear that I had except for one, and that is a Signed jerse by “Mean Joe Green”, but I don’t display it either like I use to, and no disrespect to Mean Joe either!!!! Just tired of these little kids that get mad because mommy or daddy said “NO”!!!!!! Anyway, I thought that this ass was leaving the United States!!!!!!!!!

  55. Bill says:

    Screw Colin and all the other assholes who disrespect our flag and national anthem. Let them go plant their face in Mahmoud’s crotch.

  56. Perry Perno says:

    I will contribute to buy that flaming a__hole a ticket out here

  57. NavyDoc says:

    Absolutely PATHETIC…
    Got rid of ALL my nfl gear & well, never did like nike anyway!
    Both will eventually, rue the day-they went against the American people!

  58. Oat 35 says:

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the NFL, every football player who takes a knee against our country and Colin Kaepernick can all go to hell, hopefully Americans can drop another 10 or 20 % TV ratings and bring all of these anti Americans to their financial knees.

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