CNN’s White House reporter showed his true colors with this statement

CNN’s senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta is no fan of President Trump.

Acosta gone on one anti-Trump rant after another on CNN’s air going as far to say, “you are watching a presidency go off the rails.”

But his latest statement revealed his true intent behind the constant attacks.

Jim Acosta bills himself as a “hard news” journalist.

He says he’s willing to ask the tough questions to hold the Trump administration accountable.

But at a recent Washington, D.C. event for fellow reporters, he called on his colleagues in the press to cross the line.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

During the inaugural Poynter Journalism Ethics Summit, which is “intended to focus on strengthening political reporting and increasing trust in the media,” Acosta commented on his behavior while reporting, behavior that has been criticized by some of his own CNN colleagues.

Acosta seemed to speak for all reporters, saying they are not part of the “resistance,” but added, “When journalists are attacked, journalists have to resist.

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump called up journalists to be more fair by calling out “fake news” being pushed by left-leaning media outlets including CNN.

Instead of heeding Trump’s calls, the national media has pushed their own boundaries even further left.

Major news networks now unabashedly claim they’re part of the “resistance” against our president.

They attack President Trump’s agenda at every turn, hoping to stop him from implementing his America First policies.

That culminated recently when ABC “journalist” Brian Ross released a report that seemed to prove Trump colluded with Russia during his presidential campaign.

Ross’ report was celebrated by anti-Trumpers like Joy Behar, host of ABC’s The View.

Behar hurriedly read the breaking “news” report on air and jumped out of her seat thinking this would be the end of Trump.

But it didn’t take long to prove the report was blatantly false.

The fake news report left out the fact that so-called “collusion” with Russia happened after the election.

And that Trump’s administration was trying to work with Russia to defeat ISIS.

What do you think? Has the fake news media officially gone off the deep end?

Answer our poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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9 Responses

  1. James Rubright says:

    Pull his pass for White House briefings. He is not here to learn but he is there to disrupt. This is not the time in history to be doubting the President and reporting in a manner that can be described as campaigning for democrat candidates.

  2. DUANE says:


  3. ed says:

    hes a jerk enough said

  4. John W Charlton says:

    I am so tried of the democrat ,they can not do any thing that they have to do for American with out hating Trump first. that there top of the list thing to do so democrat first thing is Trump. American can just wait till they are done with Trump to do what there for. so I think we the people can see the democrats do fore move year of do nothing hear come bernie sanders GOD help us

  5. John Barna says:

    Since when is creating doubts among our citizens a proper journalistic objective. What happened to truth?

  6. johnny3906 says:

    Acosta has a very sick mind!

  7. Valentina says:

    Acosta has a lot of mental issues and has a hateful obsession for president Trump but since he’s so mentally ill, he cannot see that 90% of Americans hate him and half of them wish his kids would suffer before others if democrats get in power again and start killing Christians and Jews for Islamic migrant replacement called NWO this idiot ignoramus scumbag Acosta is still not aware of and wish his kill Dad to be raped by these migrants like they do in Europe if he knows where Europe is and by the way, all Europeans are educated and know where America is !!! He is the scum of journalism

  8. Stan L says:

    Acosta shows up at briefings for one reason; his losing battle with Sarah Sanders. It could be that if he doesn’t act like an instigator for other leftist partisan “news” people, whatever value he has with CNN would be “zero.” But, that is CNN’s problem because obviously they are pledged to creating whatever doubts they can create among the American people.

  1. March 6, 2018

    […] self-righteous ranting. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Patriot Pulse has previously reported on Acosta’s unhinged and clear political […]

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