CNN’s Interview about Kavanaugh’s Accuser took a turn no one saw coming

CNN allows Michael Avenatti to appear on their air at a moment’s notice.

He could not wait to appear on air to push his latest accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.

But this interview took a crazy turn that no one saw coming.

Avenatti appeared on CNN’s New Day.

He figured he was in for a softball interview.

Avenatti released a declaration from Julie Swetnick claiming she attended ten parties where Brett Kavanaugh helped get girls drunk so they could be gang raped.

But the allegations quickly fell apart.

CNN’s Alyson Camerota pressed Avenatti on the outrageous nature of his allegations.

Newsbusters reports:

“The claims your client makes are jaw dropping, and some of them frankly strain credulity. They don’t make sense to me,” Camerota bluntly put it, asking the lawyer to explain to their audience why his client would continue to attend parties where alleged drunken groping and gang raping was going on:

“How is any of this possible? How is it possible that if she saw any of these things she would continue to go to house parties like this?” Camerota asked the obvious question. Avenatti bristled at being actually asked a real question for once.

“Well first of all, my client is 100 percent credible!” he snarled. Avenatti claimed he wanted an FBI investigation into Swetnick’s story, and he had offered the Senate committee to question his client in a committee hearing.
But Camerota pressed Avenatti again to answer her question. “Just to my question, why would she ever go back? Why did she go to ten of those house parties?” she asked.

Americans can see the basic unfairness of the situation.

A publicity hound like Avenatti is using ridiculous allegations against Brett Kavanaugh to boost his profile ahead of the 2020 Presidential campaign.

The allegations he put forth were so wild that the New York Times reported they cannot corroborate them.


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141 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    I think Mr. Avenatti is a perfect candidate for the democrat party in 2020.

    • M says:

      Michael, I understand he may run for President and I so hope he does. Will be the easiest victory for the GOP ever! The Dems have a huge criminal element problem in their candidates already and Avenatti would be a bridge too far! Talk about voters staying home, YES! I can’t believe they would seriously support him, as the old saying goes, for dogcatcher! He will probably be disbarred at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, and will sneak away never to be seen or heard from again. Unless, he is arrested for pimping for his former clients.

  2. Robert Higginbotham says:

    The legal profession, namely lawyers, have a very bad, sometime despicable reputation thanks to trash like Avenatti. There are too many lawyers to start just watch all the ambulance chasers advertising on TV. Crumbs such as Avenatti make their reputation even worse.

  3. N says:

    We learned that Ford cannot remember:
    – Time/date/location of party
    – Who drove her to party
    – Who was at party
    – Who pushed her into room
    – Who drove her from party
    – Date/who paid for her polygraph
    – Grandmother’s funeral date?
    But “100% sure” it was Kavanaugh 36 yrs ago!

    • dale says:

      When you tell something that did not occur or you were too drunk or drugged to remember past fuzzy then credibility goes down fast. Many have reported that were raped remembered details to the details so real that it was if it were happening.

      If you are not drugged or drunk while in a car accident, the mind normally can remember the most minute detail of the accident itself. Sometimes the shock is so great that, in order to protect oneself from the trauma, a coma or memory blank out occurs. The data is so hidden only hypnosis can reveal the details.

      Ford had a questionable polygraph test if not used properly or falsely gives false results. Who gave it and how professional was the tester and was the tester testing the right info? Also was the tester paid off? All about the test was fuzzy also. Some details should be known. I would like to have hypnosis run on the lady – if she is lying she will reveal truth and details of what happened if she has a memory block. Hypnosis is dangerous and only professionals can do it because it taps the eternal spiritual mind of the person that never loses the info stored. One can tell the date and accurately tell all details. Such a test would give all the details to indict Kavanaugh if he was guilty or indict her for lying or placing Kavanaugh as the attacker when he was not and revealing who did IF such a rape occurred.

      Personally I really doubt she was raped and if she was she was so out of it to remember hardly anything let alone details on who and what happened while drugged or drunk.

      Personally I really feel that the whole thing was made up or exaggerated to the ninth degree.

      • LBB says:

        We need a new rule/law. If someone is accused publicly and cannot prove the accusation then the accused must be reimbursed by the accuser or the accuser must go to jail for at least one year depending on the gravity of the accusation and the damage done because of the accusation that is not proven. I be people will think twice before making accusations that are unfounded or even imagined.

        • dale says:

          I really like that, call it accountability to reduce or eliminate agenda driven accusations and hold people accountable for fraud and lies.

  4. Randy Burke says:

    I think this should all be forgotten,when I was in high school it was just a game to see how many panties we could get into & the girls were just as bad as the guys,the more they please the more popular they were this also goes back to when my parents were in school,games will never change

  5. Randy Burke says:

    I think thi should all be forgotten,when I was in high school it was just a game to see how many panties we could get into & the girls were just as bad as the guys,the more they please the more popular they were,this also goes back to when my parents were in school,games will never change

  6. Guenther says:

    Who pays for all this none sense, we the tax payers. I hope all of you contact your senator and ask to put a stop to this. Or have the democratic senators pay for all this garbage out of there pockets

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Where is the proof it was Kavanaugh?

      • Guenther says:

        No proof that’s just hearsay is this country run on hearsay ? What’s up with that ?
        Just a bunch of bit ties trying to be recognized . Lets just tell them to go home and hide in a hole and take Hillary with them

      • Chuck says:

        Better still why isnt this morally destitute bitch being charged as an accessory to the rapes she was an adult when this was happening and did nothing to help the victims or report the crime, not just once but 10 times my god she is even a worse human being than the rapists no statute of limitations in Maryland lets see here booked

      • marshmil1789 says:

        There has been NO proof it was Brett Kavanaugh. The only reason he is pointed out is that he’s a constitutional conservative up for a lifetime appointment to the US Supreme Court. Had Rahm Emanuel, Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy been up for this confirmation they would have been confirmed in a matter of minutes.

    • Sue Jackson says:

      Congress’s own Shelia Jackson Lee, aka never losses an opportunity to brow beat a white man and sometimes even a white woman in order to suit my racist agenda, was seen passing the male attorney of Christine Blasey Ford a thick envelope at the end of the day on Thursday. Wonder what was in the envelope? Maybe it was her resume or maybe her confession about how she was raped by judge Kavanaugh, or President Trump or maybe Lindsey Graham. Who knows what might come from a Democrats mouth since they know only how to lie and speak evil of any who do not bow at their feet.

      • Susie says:

        A pay off to the lawyer. I was it too. SJL was looking all.around her then whipped out the envelope and quickly handed it to lawyer standing up sort of behind ford and very quickly stuffing the #10 environment into the right side of his sportcoat…hen glancing around as if to see if anyone saw him do it. Maybe we should report that. Was Sheila Jackson Lee using taxpayer $ ? I believe that would be illegal!

  7. Kara Wright says:

    Those two are nothing more than out right creeps. They are as nasty as they come and it will be a cold day in **** when he can run for even dog catcher. He smells of nothing more than trash and when you see him with her you know what they are all about. I just wish the California Bar Association would jerk his licenses due to his actions of lies and the facts they extrudes crookedness. There is place for them and it is hotter than ****. They both are fakes and I just wonder where they get money to travel and cause trouble.

    • Inkpad says:

      lol California is probably paying him remember California hates trump and love illegal immigrants that’s big money for California

  8. Anything Avenatti is connected with is almost certainly garbage! Ten parties?

  9. Brenda says:

    I was groped at school in front of teachers; I was kidnapped and sexually assaulted on several occasions when walking home from school, and eventually date raped. I didn’t tell anyone, which is probably why the sexual assaults kept happening. not to mention, I was threatened.

    That was 40 yrs ago. When I talk about it now, I don’t cry. It’s in the past, I don’t dwell on the bullys. Now this Ford woman has pictures of her on the internet. I wasn’t surprised when she finally showed up after buying expensive clothes and dorky glasses to make herself look like a prim and propr librarian.

    She’s a liar as are all the other accusers.

    • Renata says:

      Brenda I am terribly sorry for what happened to you so long ago and how strong you were to keep it to yourself. There are probably thousands of women – and men – who have been in those situations so long ago, but to bring them up now is not right. If there were never any rape kits taken by the police for proof back then, there just doesn’t seem to be any proof now for Ms. Ford to come forward. Watch for the money trail!

      • D.A.N. says:

        I feel sorry for Brenda too. Because accusations made by this sleazeball lawyer take away from legit claims. As for the money trail, that has already been found in part. One of the lawyers is a known worker for George Soros. And also a Hillary supporter.


  11. David says:

    I am saddened to see how much hate there is on both sides of the political party’s. It used to be that you could disagree on different issues. And then remaine civil to those with a different viewpoint. The situation of politics today cause people of opposing party’s is vicious on bouth sides. This is tearing the country apart.

  12. ron says:

    Another thing we could do. Find out who the vulnerable Senators and HOR’S. If you know people in that state remind them to vote. If you can donate to their opponent. Write letters to the editor in that area. It might be more important than posting here.

  13. dennid says:

    avenenatti ! please do what you do best and go hide under that rock you crawled out from under !!

  14. Michael Avenatti and CNN, synonymous in Bullsh*t.

  15. Sandra Thompson says:

    The Democrats seem to see The Constitution of America as collateral damage. Otherwise, what explains all of this? Are we looking at hysteria or at pure evil? As any student of history knows, leaders fill a void (good or bad) based upon the public’s view of what is “good.” Therein lies the problem in America right now. Judge Kavanaugh is being sacrificed on this alter.

  16. Jim says:

    Avennati is a scumbag, why would anyone give him the time of day?Judge Kavanaugh has a spotless record and is innocent. I don’t understand why everyone is missing the bigger picture here. Congressmen and Congresswomen who speak out against the presumption of guilt should be impeached, for in doing so they violate their oath of office to uphold, defend, and follow the rule of law as outlined in the United States Constitution. They have betrayed their oath of office and the people they are supposed to represent, and are not worthy or fit to govern. Any Congressman or Congresswoman who passes judgement on an innocent and blameless judge, deeming him guilty based on unproven/unsubstantiated accusations in a malicious and deliberate attempt to destroy his reputation and career in order to prevent his nomination to the United States Supreme Court for political reasons is a criminal worse than a rapist, because they have willfully and knowingly violated their oath of office and Judge Kavanaugh’s and the People’s Constitutional and civil rights, and should be impeached by their fellow Congressmen and Congresswomen for having done so. We the People should cry out and show our outrage, and demand these Congressmen be removed from our government. Chuck Shumer, Diane Feinstein, Hirono, Kirsten Gillibrand, and all others who take this stance should be impeached immediately, as they have betrayed the People of United States and their oath of office and are worse than traitors because they have knowledge of the law and yet chose to willfully violate it and the rights of Judge Kavanaugh and the People. They should be criminally prosecuted and sentenced to prison for what they have done and are doing, and there should be no forgiveness or parole. Because they have shamed and harmed our nation, let then spend the remainder of their lives in shame as punishment for the evil they have rendered. Judge Kavanaugh is blameless, and according to our Constitution is innocent until proven guilty. He should rightfully be officially voted into the Supreme Court in spite of the efforts of dishonorable and traitorous Democrats within Congress who have endeavored to slander and destroy his reputation and his career. It would be more than appropriate that he should sit in judgement of them and all who have falsely accused him and violated their oath of office. Write your Congressmen today, and demand they take action to impeach these loathsome and traitorous serpents who have chosen to tread upon the rights of Judge Kavanaugh and the People

    • Susan says:

      I’ am with you. I’ am surprised they will print ur comment. The western journal site won’t let me say anything like this. It was all clean ,no cussing ,but very real. Unafraid ? My big foot.

    • TJ says:

      Yada yada yada….

    • MARK TILLOTSON says:

      JIM- lumping scumbags in with Avenetti is horribly insulting to the scumbags

    • marleen davis says:

      How correct you are. Avennati is so dishonest he should be disbarred. He is a media hound and nothing more. I hope he gets his in spades.

    • Carl says:

      I agree w/everything you’ve said. All these ivy league lawyers w/no regard for constituional rights. All anout their lust for power. Coons even went to Yale law school w/Kavanaugh, were friends ever since. These ppl are truly evil. Watching them is repulsive. Whycan’t they punished? Slander them with lies and see how they like it.

    • Elaine B says:

      Very well written!! I agree & would like to know what we, the people can do? Perhaps a Go Fund Me page for Kavanaugh so he can sue the pants off the libelous Democrats?

    • Rxtek says:

      I agree, but the proper term is recalled and that should be secured by their constituents.

    • Frankie p Gatturna says:

      You Sir are a true american ! Iwish You were a congressman. For some reason those in power are afraid to act. There is so much corruption everyone is afraid to take a stance. It makes me sick. We ought to put them all on alcatraz. And let them rule the rock.

  17. buckwheart says:

    This attorney ( not a lawyer as he probably does not know the meaning of the word ) is nothing other than a true full blown scum bag that should be dis-barred immediately. Have NO time for such a jackass.

  18. Marlopi says:

    This person is such a low life he would have to travel up to get to HELL!!!!

    • T-pac says:

      This guy is a scum bag ????. My late father and brother were both attorneys . I the black sheep ???? of the family wasn’t but I know they both would say this Jack -A-Ss is a dishonest disgrace to profession of being an attorney- lawyer

      • Steve says:

        CNN and Avenatti, a marriage made in Hell. He should be disbarred. CNN is a joke. Only stupid Americans believe either one. And left leaning Americans are a definition of stupidity.

        • Elaine B says:

          I’m beginning to wonder about the American Bar Association. They must be in bed with the Democrats! The evilness in this country is beyond belief!

          • D.A.N. says:

            The ABA had given Judge K their blessing for the SCOTUS. They don’t yank law licenses. That is up to the different State Bars. Being a sleazy lawyer from many States is not unusual as some States just do not police them. Remember it took the Court to yank Bill Clinton’s.

  19. bagster53 says:

    yes well republicans cave to the looney left again , personally i had enough of this phony women crap ,it’s replacing all the phony racisum crap, instead of investigating the guy , you better investigate the chicks ,who wants to bet they are lesbians, me too freaks and in radical feminist groups

    • Bandit says:

      It would be the DEMONcrats that are falling all over themselves over this, the republicans are now shining a very bright search light on these swamp creatures, if you go back a look at a few pics you WILL find fords lawyer in pictures with hitlery clintoonish, those two are thick as bugs on a bumper.

  20. Pat says:

    Avenatti is scum. He should be in jail. He didnt pay taxes for employes after taking them from payrolls
    swetnicks x boyfriend got a restraining order against her for threating her family. And really go back to these partys when she knows what has happened. Every one is jumping to these crooked laywers and
    Big bucks people who are paying them off for lying. Ford and said to the news paper she wasn’t sure it
    was him, Diane F. said she didnt know if she believed all. And even Fords good friend didnt lie for her.

  21. Jimmy Johnson says:

    A complete setup by the democrats and paid for by Hillary or Soros or both!! Hell taxpayer money probably paid for it. But it is all a sham and nothing more to try to stop Kavanaugh from getting in, but I’m trusting that he Will Be Confirmed through Christ’s ,AMEN!!!

    • Elaine B says:

      RADICAL REPUBLICAN PARTY started this petition to President Donald J. Trump and 2 others
      George Soros, an immigrant from Hungary, is using his vast wealth and influence to foment riots and strife in the United States. He has a long history of meddling in the internal affairs of foreign countries and is using the same tactics to destabilize the United States, where he was given citizenship in 1961. We call on the Trump Administration and State Department to revoke his citizenship, cancel his passport and shut down his organizations.

      • truthistruth says:

        Elaine, off on a conspiracy rant again? But if Soros was gone, who would you conspiracy right wingnuts gripe and whine about to each other? Who would you blame when you mess things up as the source of all your problems? You don’t want to accept responsibility that you and other right wingers including Trump, did this badly and messed up again.

  22. Alan says:

    He apparently only represents bad women

    • Dennis OConnor says:

      He is a turd tapered on both ends. Slime bag lawyer once over. H should be disbarred…….bet his mother & father o are proud of his nonesense… just watch….he will get his as they will get theirs….count on it

  23. Terry excellent post and and some of the RINOS should get some backbone and do what you said and quit hiding from the democrats and do their jobs. Our only weapon is to vote and get these spineless jerks out of office.

    • todd w. noss says:

      I agree 100%, these ” FAKE” Republican’s (R.I.N.O.’S) are Dividing our Nation along with the DEMONCRATS…….If we don’t get out to VOTE in NOVEMBER and VOTE for PEOPLE that are going to STICK UP for the AMERICAN PEOPLE, then this COUNTRY DESERVE’S EVERYTHING THAT IT GETS……..AND ANOTHER THING , I DON’T AND WON’T WATCH THE FAKE NEWS THAT COME FROM CNN, MSNBC , NBC , ABC, MSM, and CBS……THEY ARE ALL FAKE NEWS……..!!!!!!!!

    • jim says:

      I challenge ANY and EVERY DEMOCRAP to put themselves in the position that they have dropped like an atomic bomb on a FINE man, and how it has affected his family, and his position regarding this accusation,,,,,,,The Democraps have said that his “Ranting and Raving” was evidence of his guilt, and noone that was innocent would act that way!!!,,,,,,Well, I challenge every DEMOCRAP to be impathetic ( for those that are too STUPID to know what that word means,,,it means the ability to put yourself in the position of the accused! ! Now, I don’t expect the DEMOCRAPS to adjust their thinking, cuz that takes some effort. What I DO EXPECT, is each of them to put themselves in the position of Judge Kavanaugh, and THEN TRY TO UNDERSTAND THAT FALSE ACCUSATIONS SUCH AS THIS, COMING 36 YEARS AFTER THE FACT, BY SOMEONE THAT DOESN”T NAME THE PEOPLE THAT WERE IN ATTENDANCE<<<<THOSE THAT SHE DID NAME, SAID THAT THEY WERE NOT THERE< THEY HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAAT SHE IS SAYING< AND HAVE PROVED HER A LIAR, OUT FOR WHO KNOWS WHAT?????? MONEY, MAYBE CUZ SHE HAS PARTIED WITH HIM<AS SHOWN IN THE PHOTO! Now they are going to call in the FBI to further complicate things……how honest can the FBI be after the claims made before this slimey crap came up? I only hope that there is some KARMA floating around in the chambers and it reigns out kwikly and mericerly!jim

      • ted says:

        Ford could not fly to Washington so she said, but she admitted flying back a couple of times. She is just a big time lair.

        • Susan says:

          In a court of law if you lie ,they think you lie about one thing you are in fact a liar! This is NEW COMMIE LAW they are trying to install in America.

      • truthistruth says:

        Jim, interesting thing about karma. Back in Clinton’s day, Kavanaugh was part of the Ken Starr investigation working for over FIVE years to find every piece of dirt they could on Bill Clinton – -from 36 years prior, until they finally impeached him. Then when the investigation gets turned on him for a couple of weeks, he is indignant, belligerent and crying how it ruined his life. But he never cared about doing the same thing going after Clinton.

        • Rxtek says:

          Ok, whatever

        • Frankie p Gatturna says:

          You Sir are a true american ! Iwish You were a congressman. For some reason those in power are afraid to act. There is so much corruption everyone is afraid to take a stance. It makes me sick. We ought to put them all on alcatraz. And let them rule the rock.

  24. Alan says:

    He apparently only represents whores

    • Larry says:

      No one else will hire him. He is so slimy no one else can stand to be around him. Bet even CNN/s woman had to bath to get the stink off of them

  25. John Greer says:

    To whom it may concern,
    It’s my understanding that:
    – Kavanaugh’s law school refused to support him.
    – The Jesuits at Georgetown Prep refused to support him.
    After watching Kavanaugh’s TANTRUM yesterday I’m not willing to support him either.
    Also, I object to Senator Grassley, et al’s attempt to RAM through Kavanaugh’s
    appointment to the Supreme Court without an FBI clearance AND hearing from
    at least the other two women who support Dr. Ford’s claims.
    Vietnam era veteran

    • Ed says:

      You undoubtedly suffer from dumbass disease. You’re like all the rest of these corrupt democrats. This man has had no proof that any of his actions warranted him and his family being drug through the mud. How would you feel if this was you?

      Vietnam Era Veteran!!!!!

      • Katie Preston says:

        You are SO right. He is a disgrace to the human race!! What a dirt-ball!.

      • Roger says:

        Thank you Ed, and thank you for your service, I am a Korean Era Veteran
        and am 86 years old an I agree with you, there are so many communist
        that have settled in our once great Nation who wish to destroy it. Well
        when the Muslims start chopping off heads, those that hate this nation
        and its just laws will get their due. I was a democrat most of my life until
        Bill & Hillary came on the seine, then I could not take it any more and
        changed to become a republican! By the way I served in the 82 Airborne

    • Carl says:

      Hey! That’s a nice brainwashing you got there. Go back for a little more from your buddies, Clinton, Soros, Schumer et al. The goofs like you lie so much that you eventually believe your own lies.

    • todd w. noss says:

      I agree 100%, these ” FAKE” Republican’s (R.I.N.O.’S) are Dividing our Nation along with the DEMONCRATS…….If we don’t get out to VOTE in NOVEMBER and VOTE for PEOPLE that are going to STICK UP for the AMERICAN PEOPLE, then this COUNTRY DESERVE’S EVERYTHING THAT IT GETS……..AND ANOTHER THING , I DON’T AND WON’T WATCH THE FAKE NEWS THAT COME FROM CNN, MSNBC , NBC , ABC, MSM, and CBS……THEY ARE ALL FAKE NEWS……..!!!!!!!!

    • Patriotpeg says:

      hey a.h., i would love to see how you’d behave after the things the commie left has done to Judge Kavanaugh’s family. i was raised a catholic. they raped children. should Judge Kavanaugh worry about what pedophiles support or not? the rest of YOUR TANTRUM is obviously antifa, #me too, commie leftyism or TDS. so who really gives a squirt what u r offended by?

      I am offended that conservatives r no longer safe in this country, because the likes of u have no respect for others. u r vile and weak. u only attack in groups. YOUR DAY IS COMING, traitor.

      Obviously, u smoked too much napalm, fool. where were u stationed?, in the hanoi hilton, along w/john mcblame? go to hell, a.h.

    • Charles Thurman says:

      John Greer, you would never support him, his outstanding rebuttal of the demon crats has nothing to do with your support and futhermore he does not need the support of certifiable IDIOTS of which you have proven that you are. GO drink some more kool aid, their is no, nada, none hope for you and your kind. TOTAL UN AMERICAN

    • Carolyn Bruce says:

      They have had so many bad priests that they couldn’t afford to take a chance.

    • scot_belle says:

      “Innocent until proven guilty”……..means nothing ……….to the liberal mindset of …”ends justifies the means”!!!! A simple statement of fact. Now, where’s your evidence to support your statements ….regarding supposed lack of support for Judge Kavanaugh? My own sources have shown me that …over the years, Judge Kavanaugh has passed SIX rather exhaustive FBI background checks. No issues found.
      Fellow Students in high number, as well as co-workers, have come out in his support.
      ALL…have been rather public….in their support.
      I am almost 70, and I have seen these “paid” and “unpaid” liars many times. They are very easy to spot ……….and they always trip themselves up. So far, ALL three have managed to follow this format.

    • Ts Shiv says:

      You cannot be as dumb as you sound. As for a tantrum, I’m sure you would be full of temperance and decorum if you were in his situation. You must not have anything to charish or ptetect. Hypocrite.

    • Jimmy says:

      Well you just cannot see clearly. That was no tantrum, that was pure heart!!

    • Don says:

      The FBI has already investigated him about 6 times, do you not have the common sense to think that something like that would have come out way before now, if you do not think so then you are a moron. He did not throw a tantrum yesterday, he did what every decent person would do and that is stand up for his rights and me I would have said one heck of a lot more to Dick Durban when he acted so high and mighty. I would like to dig into their past and present actions and see what skeletons come out. The problem with liberals and Demoncrats is they have a deep psychological disorder of insecurity especially when they lose.

    • George says:

      If the house and senate dems. did their job, she would have been interviewed in July not now. You don’t understand a FBI background investigation. The individual submit names of family and friends and anything that could affect him. The FBI than run a NAC, and then starts interviewing all those list plus any that they may have got from the interviews. What you are asking is a criminal investigation, since no federal laws were violated it is up to the local jurisdiction or the state AG. Also you have poor understanding , school can only comment on his school activities, if they have no record of this, they will not comment on it. Lastly the dems. had this since june and did not to anything until the of the day of the vote.. that makes this dirty an unethical politics.

    • Susan says:

      Facts get in your way don’t they. Six FBI reports. DONE.

    • Larry , RN, says:

      Vietnam era Vet? you did not say you were a Vietnam vet, I am a Vietnam vet, two tours. I You remind me of one of the dopers we had to deal with, dangerous, never fit for combat duty. Still a doper?

      • Buddy says:

        Using the term “Vietnam Era Vet” just means that the person did not actually serve in Vietnam … they just served during the “Era” that the Vietnam War was going on. I know – I was a Vietnam Era Vet … serving in Germany during the Vietnam War … but NOT in Vietnam ! So it is not incorrect to say that he was a Vietnam Era Vet … but he sort of threw the term out there kind of like he was trying to imply that he was an actual Vietnam Vet. People like me seldom even refer to ourselves in such a manner since we were not actually serving in Vietnam. Guess he just wanted to seem more than he really was !!! Do not give him much credence.

    • truthistruth says:

      Reading through the angry, nasty, insulting responses you had John, you can kind of see why people like Trump and Grassley tried to ram the vote through without an FBI investigation or hearing from the other 2 or 3 accusers. This whole mess was caused by Trump, and then rather than look that it was not being properly handled, many Trumpons resorted to their typical conspiracy BS and anger rather than asking themselves, but nothing like this came up in the approval of Gorsach. Some Republican Senators on the Jud. Comm, knew about other accusations on the way, yet continued to try to RAM it through to avoid hearing from Kavanaugh’s other accusers and classmates that show Judge K’s testimony was filled with falsehoods.

  26. Stephen Leon says:

    Has the nation forgotten the fiasco surrounding the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton. She was guilty as hell. The FBI can not be trusted. The deep state is everywhere and probably still exists within the FBI.

    • truthistruth says:

      Paranoid runs deep, into your life it will creep. It starts when you are always afraid (FBI, Soros, Deep State etc.) step out of line, they take you away.

  27. Guenther says:

    Are the Democrats paying him too

  28. Amelia says:

    That publicity hound joker Avennati-sleazy should be sent to either Iran or Russia or put in a cage thrown to the sharks with his fellow

    • has a clue says:

      If the bar association thinks Kavenaugh ought to be investigated one more time why havent they taken this fruitcakes law license away for life after this “my fraud is bigger than your fraud” episode.

    • Bandit says:

      Put that cage in say 1,000 feet of water cut the lines holding it to the surface and let the thing sink into the abyss, just to see how long it takes to get out.

  29. Valerie says:

    God is in control but we must pray for not just for ourselves for non believers too.

  30. Mike W says:

    Avenatti is a “shyster’s shyster” when you look at him you see a lawyer who’s career and life is spinning out of control. He owes money everywhere – his wife divorced him – he owes his partners money and he is taking on very low class clients with no real case – I guess it keeps gas in his car.

  31. TC says:

    Good for you Allison, he’s been needing someone to call his bluff for a long time. Good job.

  32. Carol Murray says:

    Only a demented person would keep going to such parties…sick immoral females

    • cliff says:

      exactly right.. she went to 10 of these and still did not report it to the police.. right.. she’s just an member of the rape team after the 1st one.. she is taking victims or just watching.. thus a guilty person.. she needs to be in prison based on her own words.

    • Dennis OConnor says:

      He is a turd tapered on both ends. Slime bag lawyer once over. H should be disbarred…….bet his mother & father o are proud of his nonesense… just watch….he will get his as they will get theirs….count on it

  33. dale says:

    Wow a good reporter of news at CNN, the reporter’s days are probably shortened for not going along with the fake controlled news agenda. However, even fake news sometimes does report news accurately to con people into following them – especially when it is to their advantage to keep face on the obvious. The best deception is coming across as a friend while most actions prove differently.

  34. Carlos says:

    I tweeted Avenatti and told him he’s a bottom feeding, POS scumbag who represents whore who f**k for $ and vermin.

  35. Kim peterson says:


  36. Irtish Lad says:

    Kavanaugh should be a Supreme Court judge immediately. To hell with all these
    sleezy democrats. Anybody with a average IQ can see thru the dem’s dirty plans. They just
    want extra time for the midterm elections hoping some low IQ dem would get elected

  37. doc says:

    This was NOT a “she said-he said” She said- with no evidence, no distinct information- where, when, how, nor witnesses (including A denial from hr best female friend) He said- with evidence of his recollections based on a detailed calendar/diary of the time in question- backed by hundreds of people- mostly female, who knew him then & who know him now. She was a pawn of the Democrat machine- that withheld “evidence”- (her letter) She was a known activist, who scrubbed her social media records before this “testimony” (her claims- with emotion, but NO proof) Her “lie detector” test was a 2 question joke- (same question twice)- which she has poor recall of- date, circumstances-where, who paid? But, she has recall of 35 years ago? There is such a thing as bad memory- if you repeat a “false fact” over & over in your mind- it imprints as memory, even if false. (The MSM uses this daily) I believe she was/is a victim of her on mind/memory (& may have been abused at some time in her life) & the Democrat party that chose to take advantage of her, as a last minute effort to derail Judge Kavanaughs’ appointment. (AND ruin his fine record & family,as well. SHAME!)

    • Bandit says:

      The way she/it talks she/it shows signs of having an early stroke of some kind or type, and yes I did have a stroke a good many years ago. But as for this creature she remembers nothing because nothing happened to her, her entire line of questioning was ripped to shreds by Kavanaugh and his having detailed records of where he was and what he was doing at the time.

    • andre von Schoenebeck says:

      I watched the whole hearing from Germany till 1.30AM what a circus. Initially I was impressed by Dr. Ford’s statement. But I began to doubt her when she virtually read every word from her notes? Where these notes the reason for delaying the hearing over and over again so she could practice or Sen. Feinstein could concoct the whole story? When the republican senator questioned her regarding the lye detector test and asked for accompanying documents the panel had not been given, Dr. Ford became visibly agitated. For me a clear sign that there was something she whished to hide! From than on I no longer believed her story. When Judge Kavanaugh started his defense it became clear to me Dr. Ford’s story is only a story to destroy this upstanding Man!

  38. Joe says:

    I wish I was about 20 years younger. I would really enjoy beating the crap out of Michael Avenatti!

  39. Mo says:

    First Stormy Daniels and now Julie Swetnik, this man has no respect for the Law, only what he can do to smear President Trump or his choice to the Supreme Court. Makes one wonder just how uch is this costing the DNC and George Soros? When will this fool loose his Law License? It is clear that he has nothing but a smear campaign to represent.

  40. Betty says:

    Wake up GOP, this is a planned sham. You are to easy on them. Are you afraid of fallout???? Or are you a part of it. You give in to them and let them LIE, LIE, LIE, ETC. and do nothing. You have allowed the Commies, AKA Democraps to spew all their lies, laughing at you, putting forward DEMOCRAP women to bring down a good man. I can assure you God is watching and he is going to make you a real HELL, when you all arrive. He knows of your corruption, lies, etc. You probably do not believe in GOD, but millions of us do!!! We look forward to all of you and those lying women, burning in hell forever!!!

  41. Fr Tom Martin says:

    She kept going back because she liked it. She obviously has very low morals . That is why it is so easy for her to lie

    • Tony says:

      Yes said! She is probably a sex addict. I’ll bet if she LETS the FBI investigate her background that is what will come out. Sin can entangle people very deeply to where they don’t believe they are sinner.

      • Ric B says:

        Yes, kind of like Catholic priests who like to ACT like they are standards of moral authorities except they overlooked the continual child sexual abuse of over 1000 Catholic children in Pennsylvania alone. Or those priests who act “holier-then-thou” and judge this woman as having low morals while they PRETEND to represent the teachings of Jesus?

  42. Ken of Mo says:

    Have not heard one actual piece of evidence or a witness to any of this . Three woman all the same out come nothing. Need to vote Yes on Kavanaugh!

  43. Aquina Bradford says:

    FACT: Since there is absolutely NO corroborating evidence of any kind, either way, in the Kavanaugh matter –:

    THEREFORE, it might be wise to enlist the famous scientific premise for making the wisest “guess” called Occam’s Razor, which is the theory that “All premises being equal (which they ARE), the simplest explanation tends to be the right one”. So, rather than using emotions or politics to decide how we “FEEL”, here is another way to try to balance the scales: Ask yourselves THIS –:

    A. Is it MORE likely that a 15 year old teenager (36 years later) with no proof as to corroborating witnesses, date, time, place or police record of the event, decides to suddenly come out of the closet against a judicial candidate for the Supreme Court of the United States?

    B. Or, is it MORE likely that this whole political “circus” – which not only accomplishes the delay before the Midterms and the ensuing bad publicity for POTUS and the Republican Party, but the permanent elimination of Judge Kavanaugh as the “deciding Conservative vote” in any Supreme Court cases, with no time for POTUS to put forth another candidate — is a fully-orchestrated “set-up” by the Communist Democratic Left who are desperate for the takeover of the House and Senate, and ultimately for full governmental power and control over the People of this country?

    If I may, I’d like to cast the first vote under Occam’s Razor –: I vote “B”

    • Delmar Bromm says:

      Why would any reasonable young lady go back a second time, much less a third, fourth, etc, etc. This is ludicrous. Also, as with so many accusations, unbelievable!

    • thoughtful one says:

      Or how about: C. this professional Dr. Ford was assaulted by a stumbling drunk Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Ford, and that there are quite a few witnesses that provide evidence, especially at Yale, that Kavanaugh has a drinking problem and that when he drinks, he often becomes belligerent and attacked these women (not woman) who have accused him? And unwilling to accept that more evidence was showing very bad things about Kavanaugh, that Republicans tried to RAM it through until a few sensible Republicans had a change of heart?

  44. Barbara Cook says:

    Avenatti continues to want to keep his name in the news NO MATTER WHAT! He believes he should always stick his nose in someone else’s business.

    Avenatti, is a Disgrace, to butt in where he has no business in the FIRST PLACE!

    These news stations needs to quit giving any time on their channels, all he is doing is meddling where he has NO BUSINESS in the FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every person that accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual abuse, no one can corroborate any of the allegations.

  45. DENNIS says:


  46. M says:

    Terry Rodwell, Great comment, I agree wholeheartedly!
    #WalkAway to the Republican party,
    we want and need all of you!

  47. Terry Rodwell says:

    Kangaroo Court – Mob Rule – sickening, power-hungry, Communist Democrats!

    If JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF descended downward into the middle of this Senate Kangaroo Court and called the accuser of Kavanaugh “a LIAR”, the LEFT – after recovering – would call it an “electronic illusion” and continue on, unaffected, with their insidious POWER TRIP.

    America’s religious organizations and God-loving congregations had better begin taking some immediate action — before the Midterms – by asking themselves this life-changing question: “Is THIS the America we are willing to lie down like SICK DOGS and ACCEPT for ourselves, or for our children and grandchildren?” I just pray the answer is NO.

    Get on the stick people. VOTE!!!! You know how to stop this insanity.

    • truthistruth says:

      I would hope many of you venomous, vitriolic people had your say, that you might feel better and ready to move forward. But is is very doubtful since most of you hold on to your venom, hatred, and love to whine and complain all the day long. I saw virtually no posts that said – – well, let’s move on and make the best from the situation that exists, and I see that IF the FBI probe shows we are right, we will do much better at the midterms than if we did not give the evidence a full hearing.

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