CNN’s Brian Stelter’s latest attack on Trump is his most absurd yet

Brian Stelter’s CNN show “Reliable Sources” claims to uncover the story behind the story.

But in reality his show just pushes anti-Trump conspiracy theories like when he openly speculated about First Lady Melania Trump’s whereabouts while she was in recovery from surgery.

And his latest attack ahead of the Trump-Putin summit was his most outrageous yet.

Brian Stelter claimed, “Trump simply cannot be trusted.”

Newsbusters reports:

Stelter kicked off the program by casting doubt over whether or not the President was trustworthy enough for us to believe his account of the one-on-one meeting Putin. “No aides, no note-takers. So, we’ll never really know what is said because, really, can we trust either man? No. We can’t,” he bitterly spat.

…CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd who asserted that Trump and Putin had a lot in common since they were both “propaganda machines”. “And Donald Trump has proven himself to be a tool, a Russian tool for spreading that misinformation and disinformation,” she declared. Stelter failed to mention she was a former Obama official, which meant her analysis was biased.

Appearing not at all bothered by the assertion and not one to miss a chance to attack Fox News, Stelter tried to slime Chris Wallace for being the one who managed to snag a Putin interview for the powerhouse network. “Exactly. He knows that Fox is the president’s preferred outlet. And he knows how to play his asset. And Donald Trump, either wittingly or unwittingly, is an asset of the Russian government,” Vinograd agreed.

Stelter is clearly projecting his own biases on the president.

If the media was just calling balls and strikes like they claim to be, they wouldn’t be airing non-stop negative media coverage of President Trump.

Even NPR recently had to admit in a recent headline, “Study: News Coverage Of Trump More Negative Than For Other Presidents.”

You can watch the clip from Stelter’s show below and decide for yourself. (h/t Newsbusters)

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96 Responses

  1. John Miller says:

    Stiller sucks… but so does CNN

  2. John Miller says:

    Stiller is just a dumb ass but I appreciate his part to destroy CNN !!

  3. fxuo2 says:

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  4. jim says:

    Obama amarxist mussy and ass kisser who should be in prison waiting to be shot for treason

  5. jim says:

    This little fat boy needs to be put in a straight jacket ,I think he most likely gives BJs to Schumer

  6. Lori Heck says:

    It is you’re Democrat

  7. B J Gills says:

    Brian Stelter?!? I’ve seen his photo in passing on Fox News. I thought it was George Castanza!! Probably because he’s just one big joker! CNN….nobody takes them seriously! ????????????????

  8. JH says:

    You are far from alone. That is why there is so much angst. The media is controlled by those who wish to keep us under control and push their perverted/twisted agenda.

    The biggest problem is that the Dems have been on a two year tantrum because they lost and they can’t handle that. They have forgotten/ refused to adhere to their oath of office to follow and uphold the Constitution because it doesn’t fit in their agenda. They are openly inciting violence and harassment which is tantamount to sedition. They want completely open borders which leaves us totally open to terrorist attacks. Without true borders we are no longer a sovereign nation.

    The “leadership” of their party are nothing but a bunch of opportunistic, egomaniacal elites that only want to completely control us and contain us as their lowly subjects. We MUST defeat these American hating scumsuckers in the November elections in order to retain our rights and freedom.

    One of the good things coming out of this is that many are seeing them for what they truly are and are leaving their party in droves. Let’s hope they join with the rest of those who are opposed to the demoRAT party and thoroughly trounce them out of office by voting for anyone other than them.

  9. Mott says:

    This “Turmoil” has been started by the media and sore losers that can not except that someone else has won, I myself think we would be in a FAR worse place if Killery had won, But hey, I’m just 1 voice…

  10. Tonja says:

    I understand what you are trying to say. When you talk about Dem and what the news is saying. I’m assuming you mean CNN who favors Dems.
    But then on the other hand you have FOX news who favors Reps. It’s a catch 22 situation all the way around
    One says Dems are jerks and the other Reps
    are the jerks. This is why I literally hate politics. No one gives on either side. The hatred tears me apart as an AMERICAN. Not a Dem or Rep or Indep, but as an American. We have a verbal Civil War going on with some violence as well. Wounds need to be healed on both sides and I hate using the word sides. Where suppose to be ONE nation under God. Yada yada. Ripping each other apart is not going to get us anywhere. It just weighs heavy with me and to see, hear and witness a good country lose all of its credibility just not what other countries but within ourselves.

  11. JH says:

    I agree that the turmoil is a significant problem. However, this has been brought on and exacerbated by the extremely biased media and the democlowns failing to give any credit for the many positive things that have happened since Trump has been in office. Over 90% of what is reported is negative.

    Additionally , the democlowns have been on a continuous tantrum since their idol lost. They openly condone and support hateful actions and speech and are the most obstructionist group at this time in history. They continue to scream the sky is falling about everything and can say nothing positive or make any effort to reach middle ground for the benefit of this nation. They are as divisive as they were in the 60s with the likes of George Wallace and Lester Maddox when they completely opposed civil rights.

    Be honest, we have never seen republican or independent voters behave so badly or act so violently when the candidate they voted for lost. This is truly more abysmal than the faux pas of Trump’s and is driving many away from their party. They are behaving as badly as the Naa ZZZs in the 30s and 40s.

    As for right now, Trump did do a stupid thing, but it is correctable and doesn’t deserve the continuous hate mongering rhetoric that we have been inundated with by the media and the Dems. It’s getting as old as them screaming RACIST RACIST RACIST.

  12. Tonja says:

    JH..what name calling….what I say is pretty mild to what I’m reading in here
    Look JH I’m not trying to be a jerk
    Everyone has their own opinions and thoughts on things. I just hate seeing this great country going through all this turmoil

  13. JH says:

    If you had read what I previously wrote you would know I didn’t do any backtracking. I do not approve of how he handled himself and was specifically pointing out that Oscumma did something far worse and NOBODY called him to task for it for fear of being called another racist.

    As for calling you a democommie, your continued deflection and name calling is typical of many person’s who ARE devout members of the party of haters and repressors.

  14. Tonja says:

    JH…guess what buddie… who said I was a Democrat
    You are assuming just because I think Trump disgraced this country on national. There are people from all 3 sides who feel the same. Even many from the Rep side. The issue is now. This president doesn’t have a clue…back tracking on everything he says to suit the his actions. He has excuses for EVERYTHING.

  15. OLDF VET says:

    Brian is a stupid twit you can tell by the dumb look on his face .if he has a brain it was put in back wards because no person in there right mind could look that stupid and say the things he say. see a dr brian OLD VET

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