CNN’s Brian Stelter’s latest attack on Trump is his most absurd yet

Brian Stelter’s CNN show “Reliable Sources” claims to uncover the story behind the story.

But in reality his show just pushes anti-Trump conspiracy theories like when he openly speculated about First Lady Melania Trump’s whereabouts while she was in recovery from surgery.

And his latest attack ahead of the Trump-Putin summit was his most outrageous yet.

Brian Stelter claimed, “Trump simply cannot be trusted.”

Newsbusters reports:

Stelter kicked off the program by casting doubt over whether or not the President was trustworthy enough for us to believe his account of the one-on-one meeting Putin. “No aides, no note-takers. So, we’ll never really know what is said because, really, can we trust either man? No. We can’t,” he bitterly spat.

…CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd who asserted that Trump and Putin had a lot in common since they were both “propaganda machines”. “And Donald Trump has proven himself to be a tool, a Russian tool for spreading that misinformation and disinformation,” she declared. Stelter failed to mention she was a former Obama official, which meant her analysis was biased.

Appearing not at all bothered by the assertion and not one to miss a chance to attack Fox News, Stelter tried to slime Chris Wallace for being the one who managed to snag a Putin interview for the powerhouse network. “Exactly. He knows that Fox is the president’s preferred outlet. And he knows how to play his asset. And Donald Trump, either wittingly or unwittingly, is an asset of the Russian government,” Vinograd agreed.

Stelter is clearly projecting his own biases on the president.

If the media was just calling balls and strikes like they claim to be, they wouldn’t be airing non-stop negative media coverage of President Trump.

Even NPR recently had to admit in a recent headline, “Study: News Coverage Of Trump More Negative Than For Other Presidents.”

You can watch the clip from Stelter’s show below and decide for yourself. (h/t Newsbusters)


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96 Responses

  1. John Miller says:

    Stiller sucks… but so does CNN

  2. John Miller says:

    Stiller is just a dumb ass but I appreciate his part to destroy CNN !!

  3. fxuo2 says:

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  4. B J Gills says:

    Brian Stelter?!? I’ve seen his photo in passing on Fox News. I thought it was George Castanza!! Probably because he’s just one big joker! CNN….nobody takes them seriously! ????????????????

  5. Tonja says:

    JH…guess what buddie… who said I was a Democrat
    You are assuming just because I think Trump disgraced this country on national. There are people from all 3 sides who feel the same. Even many from the Rep side. The issue is now. This president doesn’t have a clue…back tracking on everything he says to suit the his actions. He has excuses for EVERYTHING.

    • JH says:

      If you had read what I previously wrote you would know I didn’t do any backtracking. I do not approve of how he handled himself and was specifically pointing out that Oscumma did something far worse and NOBODY called him to task for it for fear of being called another racist.

      As for calling you a democommie, your continued deflection and name calling is typical of many person’s who ARE devout members of the party of haters and repressors.

      • Tonja says:

        JH..what name calling….what I say is pretty mild to what I’m reading in here
        Look JH I’m not trying to be a jerk
        Everyone has their own opinions and thoughts on things. I just hate seeing this great country going through all this turmoil

        • JH says:

          I agree that the turmoil is a significant problem. However, this has been brought on and exacerbated by the extremely biased media and the democlowns failing to give any credit for the many positive things that have happened since Trump has been in office. Over 90% of what is reported is negative.

          Additionally , the democlowns have been on a continuous tantrum since their idol lost. They openly condone and support hateful actions and speech and are the most obstructionist group at this time in history. They continue to scream the sky is falling about everything and can say nothing positive or make any effort to reach middle ground for the benefit of this nation. They are as divisive as they were in the 60s with the likes of George Wallace and Lester Maddox when they completely opposed civil rights.

          Be honest, we have never seen republican or independent voters behave so badly or act so violently when the candidate they voted for lost. This is truly more abysmal than the faux pas of Trump’s and is driving many away from their party. They are behaving as badly as the Naa ZZZs in the 30s and 40s.

          As for right now, Trump did do a stupid thing, but it is correctable and doesn’t deserve the continuous hate mongering rhetoric that we have been inundated with by the media and the Dems. It’s getting as old as them screaming RACIST RACIST RACIST.

          • Tonja says:

            I understand what you are trying to say. When you talk about Dem and what the news is saying. I’m assuming you mean CNN who favors Dems.
            But then on the other hand you have FOX news who favors Reps. It’s a catch 22 situation all the way around
            One says Dems are jerks and the other Reps
            are the jerks. This is why I literally hate politics. No one gives on either side. The hatred tears me apart as an AMERICAN. Not a Dem or Rep or Indep, but as an American. We have a verbal Civil War going on with some violence as well. Wounds need to be healed on both sides and I hate using the word sides. Where suppose to be ONE nation under God. Yada yada. Ripping each other apart is not going to get us anywhere. It just weighs heavy with me and to see, hear and witness a good country lose all of its credibility just not what other countries but within ourselves.

        • Mott says:

          This “Turmoil” has been started by the media and sore losers that can not except that someone else has won, I myself think we would be in a FAR worse place if Killery had won, But hey, I’m just 1 voice…

          • JH says:

            You are far from alone. That is why there is so much angst. The media is controlled by those who wish to keep us under control and push their perverted/twisted agenda.

            The biggest problem is that the Dems have been on a two year tantrum because they lost and they can’t handle that. They have forgotten/ refused to adhere to their oath of office to follow and uphold the Constitution because it doesn’t fit in their agenda. They are openly inciting violence and harassment which is tantamount to sedition. They want completely open borders which leaves us totally open to terrorist attacks. Without true borders we are no longer a sovereign nation.

            The “leadership” of their party are nothing but a bunch of opportunistic, egomaniacal elites that only want to completely control us and contain us as their lowly subjects. We MUST defeat these American hating scumsuckers in the November elections in order to retain our rights and freedom.

            One of the good things coming out of this is that many are seeing them for what they truly are and are leaving their party in droves. Let’s hope they join with the rest of those who are opposed to the demoRAT party and thoroughly trounce them out of office by voting for anyone other than them.

    • Lori Heck says:

      It is you’re Democrat

  6. allen heart says:

    Pelosi is off her rails because Putin revealed that Hillary got $400,000,000 put in her campaign by Russians. You can’t accept foreign funding for a campaign. Even if the contribution might have been legal, the way it was earned was not. There is solid reason to believe that some US intelligence officers accompanied and guided its path. Brennan, for example? No matter what they have claimed, if they are not reporting this revelation widely, they are Deep State, the enemy of America.

  7. UNIQUE says:

    I find the Animal Channel to be more honest then MSM.

    • von Potter says:

      The ANIMAL’s are great but you have to admit that Stelter does remind you of Porky on the Disney Channel…..He and the NK leader could be brothers…..

  8. Mott says:

    I don’t “Trust” ANY of the “New’s” programs!

  9. Morons will go to the end of the world making excuses for other morons. It’s that simple.

  10. Ernst says:

    I hope Brian Stelter is being paid well, because he surely is making a farce of himself. No responsible entity will ever give him a job as a news person after his CNN antics.

  11. Rodger Shull says:

    cnn are a bunch of cry babies, liars and you just can,t pick them up and hug them, because you can not pick up TURDS by the clean end.

  12. Billy says:

    Get over it, he won fair and square and Hillery lost not fair and square.

  13. Tonja says:

    WTF….what does it take for you people to open up your eyes. I’m in total shock that after today’s so called summit you are still making excuses for him and always putting the blame somewhere else . This was a sad day and humiliating one one for the United States. I don’t care if your a Rep or Dem, this was a very dark day for the so called power of the world. Everyone wants to bring up things from years past. This is the present people. This President has made us the most hated country in the world. Say what you want about the past years. At least we were respected throughout the world
    Just a sad sad day for this country…

    • JW says:

      As an independent voter, I make every effort to choose and vote for the best candidate. Let’s get real here, we have not been respected by the majority of our so called allies. They only saw us as a source of cash and acquiescence. We have allowed them to step all over us in every way possible. We allowed lousy trade deals, paid more than our fair share for defense of their own countries and much more.

      To make things worse, Oscumma went on his world apology tour which further disgraced this country. He would did not take a stand regarding Russia’s invasion of two countries when the world begged us to step in. Oscumma tried, and failed, to shove TPP down our throats. He was more divisive than George Wallace in the early 60s. He was a complete joke of a president and should be ashamed to collect his 200k retirement check for the damage he inflicted on this country.

      I am very disappointed that Trump “believed” there was no collusion and he should have stood strong against this and he should be taken to task for this. But, the democlowns have a lot to be held accountable for on this since they were the ones who originally contacted the Russians to get dirt for their smear campaign on Trump.

      However, he has spoken up to our “allies” and has given notice we will not be taken advantage of any more. This position is long overdue and if it pisses them off, so be it. They were never really our allies and
      he should put this country first. If we have to kiss the a$$es of another country so they will be our “ally” , we don’t need them. We do not need the leeches and strap hangers bleeding us dry while they continue to stick it to us and then complain because we demand fair treatment.

      • Tonja says:

        No matter what party you are or names thrown out was a sad, shameful, embarrassing, day for the United States….he does not represent the people who so called voted him in, he kisses our enemies butt. Treasently summit. Sad very sad and humiliating.

        • Robert Messmer says:

          Wrong President to be talking about ass kissing. Now (Thank God) Ex-President Obama bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia. President Trump looks them in the eye and shakes hands. Obama apologized to the world for our existence. President Trump says, America First. And even though you don’t wish to accept it, Donald Trump was elected in accordance with the US Constitution.

        • JH says:

          And Oscumma did a good job by kissing the a$$e$ of the world on his apology tour? Get a grip. That was the most treasonous humiliating degrading embarrassing and disgusting stunt any president has done, bar none.

        • Tonja says:

          We are living in the present people. Hey let’s go all the way back to Washington….REALLY??? Not ONCE did I see Obama, the Bushes or any other president in MY lifetime throw his own country under the bus. It was disgraceful, humiliating, and incredulous. I can’t believe that people can be so blinded. Putin gave him a soccer ball, great. Maybe he should grow a pair.

          • JH says:

            Again, and I am typing slowly to help you get it, Why is it that you ABSOLUTELY refuse to acknowledge that Oscumma’s world apology tour was not the worst? He degraded everyone with that shameful stunt yet you immediately go back to attacking Trump. I understand that Obozo never had a pair to begin with, but that was acceptable, right? Typical democommie response – deflect or call names, and you cover both every time.

        • OLDF VET says:

          you are not smart enough to understand the trump your mouth overrides your brain .learn before you speak . seems you only go by hear say ..OLD VET

      • OLDF VET says:

        Brian is a stupid twit you can tell by the dumb look on his face .if he has a brain it was put in back wards because no person in there right mind could look that stupid and say the things he say. see a dr brian OLD VET

  14. Ronnie Smith says:

    This guy is a Moron with no hair and sweet voice ! He needs to look at what TRUMP has already accomplished in 160 days .
    Oh Lordy , I know they are going to throw me out of this Conservative Tavern soon because I am mad at the Demon Rat’s and it’s so hard for me to be nice as most of my friends know and would agree . But clearly any Moron could see Trump was the best candidate for Making America Great Again , and that’s a fact !

  15. Joseph says:

    This little putz and the MSM and the swamp and the misplaced DOJ, FBI, and Obama minions are all POS! The DNC is more to blame than anyone for hacking and Mueller should be exiled!

  16. Jhn says:

    Lets compare. The idiots don’t know if Trump can be trusted, so they throw all the dirt they can dig up, real or just in their own minds, and usually found to be FAKE NEWS. Now lets look at what was exposed through an open mike., Obama tells Putin, Give me until after the elections and then I can do more. So, While I am confident that President Trump can be trusted, I realize the crazies want to produce all the doubt they can. So where were they when Obama promised Putin he would do more after the election, and the only reason we knew about it was that someone failed to shut the mike off. So regardless of who or what you are, you KNOW Obama cannot be trusted. But the idiots running the democratic party wouldn’t say s_ _ _t about that even if they had a mouthful of it.

  17. Cacs says:

    Brian Stelter is an idiot and CNN is biased against Trump. They should be removed from Television.

    TRUMPET 2020 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  18. Von says:

    Oh we will never know the truth of what was discussed between these two men, unlike the totally transparent disclosure of the Obama administration where we knew everything about everything that happened 24/7, right? Where was Obama the night of the Bengazi attack again, I forget? What was it that Clinton discussed with Putin during her Russian reset or what did Obama discuss with Putin when he visited him, I mean before that hot mike episode where he told him he’d be able to do more for him after he was re-elected?

    • Sandra Tyler says:

      Welll said ,I agree,Obama’s got a pass on most things!! He was the “ Media darling””!
      Saldly they are still bias in favor of the Dems!
      Sad network,I no longer watch , because I’m a conservative & respect our Presidents even tho I didn’t vote for them, the office is too alwaysbe respected, even if one dosent like the one in it!!

  19. Rolando says:

    To answer your question Mr Kaminksi, The ONLY proof that the DNC was hacked is in the server that has NEVER been presented as proof that this took place…where is the proof that these voting machines were hacked into and votes changed? Wasn’t it your President ( Obama) that chastised Trump and said that he should stop with this conspiracy of Russian interference and get the votes instead?? That Russia tried and in some cases managed to change peoples minds thru the use of the internet….yes maybe.
    But remember, Hilary was going to win, so whatever knowledge Obama had of russian involvement was ignored. But here is the biggest problem , she LOST!!! So now the excuse is The Russians did it. So because of the FBI/DOJ, at what I would call an attempt at an overthrow of an Aerican president would you believe?
    To tell you the truth, Russia might be the only country we will defenetly need to deal with CHINA….the real enemy of the USA.
    We lost control of Siria/ lost crimere/ made Libia a mess/gave contro l of Iraq after TRILLIONS of dollars and THOUSANDS of lives by leaving too early/ almist destroyed Egypt by sucking up to the Muslim brotherhood/ where are all the guns from fast and furious?? Did they really leave the country or are now with the black panthers/ Antifa….Obamas ARMY!!???

    • ted says:

      Hillary’s personal computer was the target of every hacker in the world. Is she so stupid that she did not no any better? Was she trying to do her crooked money scheme, or was it every thing mentioned. There are a lot of EVIL people trying to destroy President Trump. Almost seems like they are working for the Evil prince of Darkness.

  20. Gary Hull says:

    How could you trust anyone with a cheesy grin like above, he looks like a woodchuck; how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if it is fake wood?

  21. Lulu says:

    Cmon do you think Obama was not apart of Clinton colluding with the Russians from the beginning which the dnc also helped pay for the dossier that went to the FISA court. And let us not forget the people that were harassed and beaten trying to go to Trump rallies. The Left has been evil to Trump and his supporters since day one. Obama did nothing but divide and separate this nation to the core. Obama deserves no respect and you are a fool if you actually believe cnn and the lefts propaganda. Where is the darn evidence that their are 12 Russians that interfered with the election. We or Trump can’t believe a word Mueller or the FBI/deep state say. Democrats/communist have had a long history of siding with Russia, don’t forget Kennedy is chummy with Russia and the fact that they were opposed to tearing down the wall. Also do you remember the speech Obama gave about the Cold War being over and Russia was not a threat. It’s sickening to try to put a finger on where 20 % of our uranium went thanks to the obuma admin. Wake up!

  22. K says:

    Does anyone else ALMOST feel sorry for Bri Bri? He’s such an annoying twit & he obviously thinks he is super smart!! I call people like him, “educated idiots”.
    I wouldn’t trust anything CNN has to say, not a chance. Keep in mind, I believe it’s Clapper that works either for CNN or as a “contributor”… You know, much like he did when leaking for the Obama admin..
    CNN could have had an opportunity to be a great news source, however, they apparently sold their soul to Soros & Clinton Cartel. Today, CNN isn’t reliable enough to ever be taken seriously by me or the masses in general. Aside from Soros’ money, only thing in their fav is fact they’re shoved down our throats in about every public venue with a TV.
    For me, I’ve begun asking places to turn the channel & if they will not, I usually am able to find a competitor that is elated to have my business & equally elated to turn the channel!!

  23. al says:

    DJTrump is an alien from outer space. He is taking over the world and cannot be trusted! Whaa! Whaa! Whiner!

  24. Rolando says:

    Brian reminds me of George Costanza from Seinfeld show, Fat and stupid…..have all these talking heads seen what happens to the press after the oppressors (communists) take over. Is easy to be a leftist when you are living on this side of the pond…TRUMP 2020!!!

  25. Why doesn’t Trump believe his national security and intelligence advisors that Russia meddled in the 2016 election and meddled in his favor? I wonder if Trump asked Putin to permit the extradition of the 12 Russian officers indicted on Friday?

    • K says:

      The biggest reason he doesn’t see fit to believe his “so-called” intelligence briefers May be because Obama stood before AMERICA in one of his “lie to the people” readings & basically said – NO WAY RUSSIA OR ANYONE CAN TWIST OUR ELECTIONS. He went on to say, I suggest MR Trump stop whining & start getting votes.
      In addition, I am from Indiana. The thought that Coates is the lead of “Intelligence Comittee” is a hysterical joke. Not only is Coates corrupt, I seriously doubt his level of intelligence. Even if he has a moderate IQ, my guess, he’s not brave enough to speak truth but rather is beholden to the establishment and maybe even the Clinton Cartel or any other bad actor that may have some juicy dirt on him!! These guys/gals, they get addicted to the power & they don’t easily surrender it. Coates got beat once & I hope it happens again during his next election cycle.

  26. San Jose Mike says:

    The “reporters” on CNN actually make me nauseous. It is quite interesting.

    I have spoken with others who have the same response. CNN might be a recommendation for poison control centers,

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  27. srw says:

    It is time to have the media and the politicians to have proof and not “rumor”…. often times rumors they made up to plant a story. Harry Reid would spread horrible rumors about his enemies all from the floor of Senate so he could not be sued. When asked for proof it was always he just “heard” this… it was up to the victim- the person he was trying to destroy to prove his innocence. Recently a Dem destroyed the reputation of a navy Dr to stop his appointment to the Head of the VA. These people need to pay for their lies.

  28. Geri says:

    The crybaby because you didn’t get to see what Putin and Trump were talking about and if you did it would be fake news anyway you would make up lies that Trump said this and Putin said this and they’re going to do this you CNN you know what you suck big time suck

  29. breaker 19 says:

    Diane Obama did not deserve the respect he got. He was the worse president this country has ever seen, from George Washington until now. I hate to admit it, but I voted for him in the first election, but sure didn’t in the second. I’ve regretted voting for him the first time, after I realized that he didn’t care anything about the American people or this country.

  30. Buckwheat says:

    Well isn’t strange. CNN indicates that “we” can not trust President Trump. What a total joke. It is CNN that we can not trust. I have more faith and support for President Trump now than ever before. CNN just as well pack it in and close up shop as they are nothing for total jerks and worthless.

  31. The country is so involved into investigating Russia trying to effect our election but it made NO difference in the outcome. Yes, they should held accountable, NOW how about the US involvement into Israel’s election by the Obama’s Admin. When does the government start an investigation into that illegal activity..???

  32. Bill says:

    Do the U.S. a favor make sure your show “Reliable Sources” is live. Then while sitting there pull a real gun from your jacket put it in your mouth and pulled the trigger. Please make sure the gun is loaded.

  33. Brian Stelter is a disgrace to New person he is a fat lair and he doesn’t know anything about telling the truth even if it hit him in the face ! Brian you are one of many reasons why CNN is in the toilet for ratings . Brian get over the hate that you have for our President and start telling the truth that you are working for the Democratic Party and why don’t you tell the American People that you are a Hillary Clinton Lover & that’s the truth !!!!!

  34. Louis Taylor says:

    I had to get past him looking like a mule eating briars to be able to laugh my way through the usual FAKE news !! lol

  35. CaptTurbo says:

    Very Fake “News”.

  36. Ron says:

    CNN and most of the media is not and has not been about news for a long time now. They are nothing but the propaganda arm of the radical left, just as Pravda was the propaganda arm of the Soviet Union Communist Party. Exactly the same!

  37. Beth says:

    Brian is a disgusting vile little so called man. He is so bias it’s to the point of ridiculous! He has a case of SEVERE Trump Derangement Syndrome and will never get over it! He spreads so many lies about our President that they should be banned from Television altogether! Idk how they have Any viewers left when they NEVER tell the truth about anything anymore and they don’t even have sources anymore it should be illegal to do this because it is hurting the country!!

  38. John Evans says:

    Ha!! Here’s a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black!! Brian Stelter claiming that President Trump can’t be trusted? Who cares what this progressive liberal leftist TWERP thinks? By the way, does anyone watch CNN any more? I have never seen such a collection of dumbed-down, teleprompter-reading, hateful, self-serving , hypocrite bigots in my life!! They can’t stand that their Savior Obama is gone and Queen Hillary got her butt kicked by President Trump!! But it sure has been fun to watch!!

  39. Joe says:

    CNN’s Brian Stelter has a grin like a cat on a gut wagon!

  40. James P Hutchins says:

    The clinton news network is not trustworthy. They lie all the time.

    • Diane says:

      So does 45. If his lips are moving, he’s lying.

      • Dash says:

        Aren’t you talking about Barack Obama?

        “The Worst President in History”

        If you want your health plan, you can keep your health plan. You know the Fraudulent Kenyan
        Traitorous President, who gave money away to Iran,
        the “I’ll talk to you later Putin.” After the Election, I’ll have more flexibility Obama. Yeah, that Obama!

        • Diane says:

          Ummm, he was voted the best president in our lifetime. Nice try, though.

        • K says:

          100% agreed. Anyone who believes Obama was Best Pres in History must be also smitten by Soros. Soros is the primary funding instrument used to fuel this line of BS.
          Personally, i think that if the full truth finds its way out, Obama will go down as the most corrupt – we already know he was worst Pres..
          for our Great Country, that’s a sad fact. It’s sad because so many people believed his blatant lies AND they were personally hurt by his tactics of division. He did not empower folks to work for a living but instead he encouraged govt dependency.
          He lied with a silver tongue and he had, still has, a goal of destroying our democracy & America as we know it.
          I feel terrible for those unwilling to see the path of leaders like Obama, it a dangerous way to believe & detrimental to your freedom.

      • Kep says:

        PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS ELECTED TO DO. Unlike ALL liberal communists, who see lying as a virtue, President Trump has kept his promises.

        • Diane says:

          He wasn’t “elected” by the majority of Americans and only was because of Russian interference. Todays meeting in Helsinki was a fu*king disaster! Have never seen an American president go against 15 intelligence agencies and stand with an adversary and a murderous dictator! Should change his motto to Making Russia Great Again.

          • Johne Simpson says:

            Girl you are an idiot.

          • Diane says:

            His behavior was nothing but treasonous. Can you imagine if Obama behaved in this manner? You right wing nutcases would start impeachment tomorrow! Trump should be impeached immediately.

          • JW says:

            Get over it the queen pig Hildebeast LOST!

          • JW says:

            Get over it the queen pig Hildebeast LOST! You need a Tabasco sauce enema to clear your head.

          • Diane says:

            Then why is even Faux Almostnews critical of today’s meeting? Hmmmmm. (Your posts aren’t worthy of a reply. What are you….10?)

      • Bob says:

        Must have learned that fromm 44

    • Franco says:

      HA! HA! HA!
      This dude with his Chicken Lips always has something NEGATIVE to say!
      Where was this Rat when the FBI advised President Obama about the Russians
      interfering with our elections?
      Where was he when Obama had Susan Rice, the go to gal, have every one stand down?
      Where was Knot-Head when Vladimir took Crimea and the best Obama could do was to
      whimper his DISAPPOINTED!
      Vladimir stated that Obama better get over it because he was not giving Crimea back!

      THIS COUNTERFEITER JUST KEPT HIS PIE-HOLE CLOSED when this all took place!!!!!

  41. Grizz Mann says:

    CNN is Certainly Not News.

  42. Randy Miller says:

    I believe in the first amendment. You should be allowed to voice your opinion. But when it comes to outright lying, making up false stories, every last on of these so called reporters should be held liable for slander and defamation of character. At the very least fired without hesitation.

  43. Timothy Toroian says:

    Brian, you have a one on one with President Trump and we will believe him when he says he chewed you up and spit you out. If you think he made a deal unfavorable to the U.S. I have toilet paper to roll into a dunce hat for you. Oh, and it’s used.

  44. Alan says:

    CNN has become the anti-Trump propaganda network. Has CNN said anything good about president Trump or said anything positive about Trump? If CNN is a major network that reports facts, we should have heard a few positive things about Trump from them. I do not believe a president can be all bad. All presidents have had people who did not like them or approve of their policies but, no president can be so bad that a major news network like CNN claims to be should not have said some positive things about him. If their was nothing good about Trump, he would never have won over 17 other Republicans in the primaries or the white house.

  45. ellen schloss says:

    WTF is wrong with CNN you are talking about the president of USA. y ou are fools all of you. learn to respect people especially our president. you disgust me and a lot of other people. I remember you did the same crap when you were in Israel . CNN is worse than the national enquirer.

    • Diane says:

      I’ll give 45 the same respect that he gave President Obama. Zilch. Nada.

      • JW says:

        Take 44 a watermelon and apologize.

      • Jhn says:

        The LIAR #44 did NOT deserve any respect, He was an educated idiot that was too in love with Islam to have ONE rational thought. And he will never be anything other than the Worst president in history. Jimmy Carter I am sure is happy he came along.

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