CNN’s Brian Stelter’s latest attack on Trump is his most absurd yet

Brian Stelter’s CNN show “Reliable Sources” claims to uncover the story behind the story.

But in reality his show just pushes anti-Trump conspiracy theories like when he openly speculated about First Lady Melania Trump’s whereabouts while she was in recovery from surgery.

And his latest attack ahead of the Trump-Putin summit was his most outrageous yet.

Brian Stelter claimed, “Trump simply cannot be trusted.”

Newsbusters reports:

Stelter kicked off the program by casting doubt over whether or not the President was trustworthy enough for us to believe his account of the one-on-one meeting Putin. “No aides, no note-takers. So, we’ll never really know what is said because, really, can we trust either man? No. We can’t,” he bitterly spat.

…CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd who asserted that Trump and Putin had a lot in common since they were both “propaganda machines”. “And Donald Trump has proven himself to be a tool, a Russian tool for spreading that misinformation and disinformation,” she declared. Stelter failed to mention she was a former Obama official, which meant her analysis was biased.

Appearing not at all bothered by the assertion and not one to miss a chance to attack Fox News, Stelter tried to slime Chris Wallace for being the one who managed to snag a Putin interview for the powerhouse network. “Exactly. He knows that Fox is the president’s preferred outlet. And he knows how to play his asset. And Donald Trump, either wittingly or unwittingly, is an asset of the Russian government,” Vinograd agreed.

Stelter is clearly projecting his own biases on the president.

If the media was just calling balls and strikes like they claim to be, they wouldn’t be airing non-stop negative media coverage of President Trump.

Even NPR recently had to admit in a recent headline, “Study: News Coverage Of Trump More Negative Than For Other Presidents.”

You can watch the clip from Stelter’s show below and decide for yourself. (h/t Newsbusters)

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