CNN was just forced to admit something about Joe Biden that no one could believe

Joe Biden’s Presidency took a disastrous turn.

Not even the corporate-controlled media can cover for him anymore.

And CNN was just forced to admit something about Joe Biden that no one could believe.

In one day, Joe Biden suffered more defeats than many Presidents do in an entire term.

The Supreme Court struck down his federal vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 workers.

Inflation rose to its highest level since 1982.

Republicans unified in opposition around Joe Biden smearing anyone who opposes a federal takeover of elections as a domestic terrorist and a racist.

And Democrat Kyrsten Sinema took to the Senate floor and drove a dagger through the heart of Biden’s push to blow up the filibuster to allow for a permanent Democrat takeover of Washington, D.C.

CNN’s John King actually complained that Americans were frustrated that Biden could not pass more of his socialist agenda.

“The country is frustrated. His party is frustrated,” King said on the low-rated CNN morning show New Day. “We’re two weeks into a Midterm election year, a few days away from his one-year anniversary of inauguration, and it is black. It is very dark for him right now.”

Co-host John Berman took it a step further, noting that Biden is on a “losing streak,” as every aspect of his agenda stalled out.

“Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, tried to frame this yesterday by saying the White House is trying to do hard things, the Biden administration is trying to do hard things. That’s the business of governing,” Berman added. “The problem is they really have nothing to show for it the last couple of months. They are on a very big losing streak. They’re going to hate this framing, but the things they’ve tried to accomplish haven’t worked out and they’re having a hard time putting points on the board.”

Things are really bad for a Democrat President when the corporate-controlled media turns on them.

That is especially true for CNN, which positioned itself as the chief propagandist for the Left ever since Donald Trump first won office.

But Joe Biden’s Presidency has collapsed into such a spectacle of embarrassing failure that not even CNN can defend him any longer.

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