CNN was furious about the one brilliant move Donald Trump made with his mugshot

Democrats thought Donald Trump having his mugshot taken would serve as the deathblow to his Presidential campaign.

But leftists had another thing coming.

And CNN was furious about the one brilliant move Donald Trump made with his mugshot.

Donald Trump embraced the fact that Democrats in Fulton County tried to humiliate him with a mugshot after arresting Trump on politically motivated charges stemming from Trump contesting the 2020 election.

The Trump mugshot definitely turned into a political statement.

Just not the kind Joe Biden hoped for when Democrats weaponized the justice system to try and end Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.

Democrats are pushing to put Trump on trial four different times before the election in the hopes of convicting and jailing him to get him off the ballot.

Instead, the Trump mugshot turned into a symbol of defiance by Trump supporters and Trump returned to Twitter to post the mugshot in an image that broke the Internet with how viral it went.

CNN’s Jake Tapper and Alayna Treene whined that the Trump campaign gamed out how Trump planned to pose for the mugshot and how the campaign planned to exploit the Democrats using the mugshot as political fodder.

Treene reported that Trump decided to mean mug for the camera and that the campaign would beat Democrats to the punch by releasing the photograph on their own terms.

“Right, well, Jake, the former President’s team had actually discussed, what they wanted that mugshot, to look like, prior to him going to the Fulton County Jail, and taking it. And the former President himself ultimately decided that he wanted to look, quote, ‘Defiant.’ That is something that his advisers have told me. And he chose purposefully not to smile,” Treene reported.

“Now, of course, you can tell that the former President and his team are taking a lot of attention to this mugshot. They’re sharing it. The former President just rejoined Twitter, also recently rebranded as X, to share that mugshot. And, I think, you can expect them, to fundraise off of it, as they have fundraised off of a fake mugshot, in the past,” Treene added.

“And so, from my conversations, with them, also on the ground, here, in Atlanta, they were happy with how that looked. Of course, that is what they are telling us. There’s always a different picture behind the scenes. I also know that Donald Trump, despite wanting to appear defiant, today, has been frustrated, about this process, was frustrated that he had to come, to Georgia, and go through another process, like this, yet again,” Treene continued.

The Trump team played it perfectly.

Spokesman Steven Cheung revealed the massive groundswell of support across the Republican Party for Trump as the campaign raised $20 million in three weeks since his last arrests and over $7 million in the 48 hours after releasing the mugshot.

“Close to $20m raised in the last 3 weeks, coinciding with indictment in DC and the Atlanta mugshot. $7.1m since Thursday (Atlanta mugshot). $4.18m yesterday (Friday) alone, the highest-grossing day of the entire campaign. Organic money has skyrocketed, especially after  @realDonaldTrump tweeted out the picture along with the website URL,” Cheung wrote on social media.


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