CNN was forced to admit this simple truth about Donald Trump and Joe Biden

CNN spent four years waging war on Donald Trump.

And no corporate-controlled outlet poured more into electing Joe Biden than CNN.

Now CNN was forced to admit this simple truth about Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

There is no bottom to the collapse of Joe Biden’s approval rating.

A New York Times/Siena poll showed Biden’s job approval sinking to 33 percent.

On Anderson Cooper’s CNN show, polling analyst Harry Enten discussed the state of Joe Biden’s polling collapse.

Enten pointed to Monmouth University polling, which in July of 2021 showed Biden’s disapproval rating at just 33 percent.

12 months later Biden’s disapproval rating shot up to 58 percent.

Enten told Cooper that last year inflation was not the dominant issue in American politics.

“A year ago, no one was saying inflation was a concern outside of [economist Larry Summers],” Enten began. “Now, it is a clear number one issue, and we see this clear correlation as more people are concerned about inflation, Joe Biden’s disapproval rating climbs ever higher.”

Cooper then asked Enten about the historical nature of the floor falling out from underneath Biden.

“How does President Biden stack up against other Presidents at this time in [his Presidency]?” Cooper asked Enten.

Enten responded that Joe Biden was the most unpopular President at this point in his Presidency in the history of American polling.

“Yeah, so we can look at both Joe Biden’s disapproval rating on inflation and Joe Biden’s disapproval rating overall, and what we see is his disapproval rating on inflation is topping 70%. His disapproval rating overall is still in the 50s. But, if you compare that to every single other President at this point in their first term throughout polling history, this goes all the way back since the 1940s, he is the worst on both,” Enten stated.

Enten added that inflation was the main cause of Biden’s plummeting approval numbers.

“The reason he is worst overall is because inflation is eating his Presidency alive at this point,” Enten added.

For years, CNN gloated at polls showing Donald Trump’s approval number in the low to mid 40s.

Trump maintained that level of support despite serving in the face of a Deep State coup and the corporate-controlled media fabricating negative stories and conspiracy theories to try and drive him from office.

Joe Biden has no such excuse, as he entered the Presidency with the Deep State and the corporate-controlled media on his side.

And now even CNN admits Joe Biden is way more unpopular than Donald Trump.

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