CNN wants “white Christians” like Marjorie Taylor Greene removed from the Republican Party

The Democrats, the Fake News Media, Big Tech – the entire Radical Left – is waging a war on Christian conservatives in America like never before.

They’ve already started banning Trump supporters and conservatives from virtually every social media platform in the entire world.

And now CNN wants “white Christians” like Marjorie Taylor Greene removed from the Republican Party.

It’s no secret that the Fake News Media flat-out hates evangelical Christians, especially those who support Donald Trump.

And they know no bounds when it comes to contriving arguments to paint Christians as a bunch of racist, sexist, bigots.

But CNN just took their attacks on Christians to a new level, essentially blaming “white Christians” for all of America’s problems, including the riot that occurred at the Capitol on January 6.

“The imperative for resistance over cooperation, even when futile, fueled Trump’s denial of his defeat and the deadly US Capitol insurrection by his supporters that was replete with Christian iconography,” wrote CNN reporter John Harwood in a recent article titled “‘White evangelicals’ dominance of the GOP has turned it into the party of resistance.”

And according to CNN, the real reason for concern is that “white Christians still hold unchallenged dominance within the GOP,” representing “two-thirds of rank-and-file Republicans . . . and more than 90% of Republican senators, House members and governors.”

That’s why they want to purge folks like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who CNN called the “symbol of House Republican combativeness,” from the Republican Party, claiming that “white evangelicals” “embrace the idea of physical resistance [violence].”

But CNN didn’t stop there with their attacks on “white Christians.”

They also alleged that racism is the reason why “white evangelical Republicans who accept Trump’s election lies” are trying to convince “the national GOP push to restrict voting procedures.”

Of course, CNN attacking “white Christians” is nothing new.

After all, Christians are the most persecuted religious group in all of America.

The Fake News Media, America’s institutions of higher learning, Big Tech, and Hollywood all go out of their way to demonize and attack Christians at every opportunity.

And now they’re trying to use the January 6 riots as an excuse to further silence and censor Christian conservatives in America.

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