CNN turned on Joe Biden for one reason no one saw coming

For the first year of his Presidency, CNN functioned as “state TV” for Joe Biden and his agenda.

Now that changed.

And CNN turned on Joe Biden for one reason no one saw coming.

CNN host Jake Tapper cast a skeptical eye towards Joe Biden’s announcement of sanctions against two Russian banks and Russian oligarchs over Vladimir Putin sending troops into two separatist republics in Eastern Ukraine.

In an interview with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Tapper wondered why Biden didn’t impose more sanctions to try and stop Putin from invading Ukraine.

“Is it fair to say you want more, and you want more as soon as possible in terms of sanctions,” Tapper asked Kuleba.

“Absolutely. No sanctions will be enough until Russian boots withdraw from Ukrainian soil,” Kuleba responded. “That’s why I said in the press conference that we like what we saw today but it certainly won’t be enough. And this strategy has to be continued.”

Tapper then asked Kuleba if he thought these sanctions would deter Putin from launching a full-scale invasion into Ukraine.

“I mean, you like what you saw today, but do you think today’s sanctions will deter Putin from doing anything, from entering Ukrainian parts of the Donbas territory, from staging any other invasion of Ukraine, will it stop them doing anything at all?” Tapper asked.

Kuleba basically agreed by answering that more sanctions were on the way.

Tapper then questioned the timing of the sanctions, wondering if they would have done more good weeks or months ago.

“Do you think … President Biden should have imposed these sanctions weeks, if not months ago?” Tapper asked.

Not wanting to directly criticize Biden, Kuleba danced around the answer, stating that “there were good, legitimate reasons to impose sanctions on Russia for what it had done before and for its recent escalation,” but “this question becomes obsolete[.]” adding that “So, we have to be focused on today instead of analyzing … yesterday.”

It takes a lot for a CNN on-air talent to criticize Joe Biden.

But with network President Jeff Zucker out after failing to disclose an affair and CNN facing new management that appears to want to move away from being the leader in news for the Left, CNN could be on the verge of editorial change that sees a different tone in programming.

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