CNN thought they had the smoking gun and then Trump sent them scurrying under a rock

CNN thought they finally found the smoking gun.

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani went on TV and dropped a bombshell about the Stormy Daniels case that many liberals believed was the evidence that would lead to Donald Trump’s impeachment.

But when all was said and done, Trump sent CNN and the anti-Trump media running for the hills when he blew up their scheme.

CNN has been pushing the story that Donald Trump may have broken the law when his lawyer paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 before the 2016 election.

Anchors, journalists and pundits have floated the idea Trump conspired to violate FEC regulations with the Cohen payment to Daniels.

CNN has also turned their network over the Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti, who has appeared over 60 times on CNN in the last two months.

These Trump-hating “journalists” jumped at Rudy Giuliani’s admission that Trump paid Cohen back for the payments to Daniels.

Liberals jumped for joy because they thought Giuliani admitted on air that Trump conspired to violate FEC laws by making an undisclosed in kind contribution to the campaign.

They also claimed this didn’t square with the President’s early April denial of any payment made by Cohen to Daniels.

Their joy was short lived.

Trump fired off three tweets revealing that he paid Cohen a monthly retainer for his legal services and that was where the money Cohen used to pay Daniels came from.

Trump also explained that this type of litigation was common for wealthy people and celebrities and he once again denied Daniels allegations.

Cohen acted to prevent public embarrassment for Melania Trump so since the payment was not solely motivated by a desire to aid the campaign, it does not violate FEC law.


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41 Responses

  1. George says:

    Trump 2020, keep on Draining the Swamp and Build the Wall.

  2. Fat sam says:

    Did I read somewhere that Stormy is to be unveiled in some dirty magazine ??? Who wants to see that??? I don’t want to think about what would look like

  3. Army Brat says:


  4. Chet- Suske says:

    This ridiculous BS has to stop- let Trump do his job! Oh, that’s right the dum dems & RINOS & MSM don’t want him to do his job-because he’s doing too good, so far. Makes them look worse then they are.

  5. Wayne says:

    If she entered into a non-disclosure agreement and was paid, she has violated the contract and legally must return the money. Wonder if that will be the next thing to happen.

  6. Ann says:

    CNN is such a farce! Every president we have had has had a mistress or an affair. The comment by Joyce Tabor expresses my thoughts exactly. I thank God daily for sending
    us this president.

    • Except, our beloved President, mr. Trump, he’s a perfectly wonderful, honest, human being, he takes his job, as president, very,very, seriously, he absolutely, does, because he’, I certainly believe, he was sent to us from God Almighty, folks!

  7. Joyce says:

    I am so sick of all this. This is one good reason why people are so turned off of the news outlets. What was her point for bringing these allegations out after all these years, after she was given money to go away, after she said it was a one time thing that was consensual. Oh, could it be to get money and to destroy trump. She should know that this crap is not only hurting him, it’s hurting our country. But, WTF, who cares about the country,, right? If Mr. Trump did this while in office, another story. If he did have a one time affair years ago, so what. At least he’s NOT, I didn’t have sex with that woman… oh, but the sick people who turned their eyes to what this sick rapist did, in and out of office, this pervert gave a new meaning to cigars. People who supported Clinton found this amusing and funny. Now these same people want to crucify trump, for something he maybe did years ago. They are the problem. Not our POTUS.

  8. Edd Bellett says:

    She is a Whore and tramp. C U – T is the correct word…. Love of country dosen’t compare with a man a woman. I had several wives who screwed over me! If the USA screws over me I will fight to right the wrong !!! Can’t say anything on facefook or twitter they love her. Can not even sign on !!! Thank you for staying FREE !!!

  9. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Point 1. Daniels is a WHORE.

    Point 2. IF the ‘event’ really happened, she was PAID!


    Soros, the clintons, who knows, but this is a PAID ASSAULT ON A SITTING PRESIDENT and nothing less.

    SO, the question of WHO IS PAYING HER NOW will be eligible for being charged with TREASON.

  10. Mike Baumgartner says:

    I think the Dems want to run Stormy for President in 2020. She has more credibility than any one else they have proposed. She would have a lot of experience when it comes time to start extorting money out of the taxpayer.

  11. Dolores says:

    I think Stormy Daniels is just out to make more money!

    • MM says:

      Yes ,she serve herself on the plate to get pay, & no one wanted her on the plate anymore so this the only way for her to make money

    • Joyce Tabor says:

      What trollop isn’t? It is their paycheck. They don’t want a real job. What a way to raise a child – especially a girl. ‘Yes, hunny, in a few more years you can take over for Mommy’. I am sure she is ‘paying’ her lawyer with ‘fringe benefits’. This is the mindset of most tramps. Some did not have a choice but Slutty Daniels isn’t one of them, she knew exactly what she was doing – go for the rich men and then black mail them. What a legacy.

  12. Joseph says:

    CNN is not a news organization or a viable media source. Stormy Daniels is a stupid pole dancer that cannot keep her mouth shut after falsely accusing Trump of an affair. CNN won’t cover the real news just the bawdy crappy stuff that has become their style. The media will end up in hell over their slanderous coverage and fake news hoaxes played upon Americans.

  13. Don says:

    What kinda crap are you putting out? Your frist poll, adds up to 101 per cent. And you aren’t even showing the f numbers. You have people that can’t count. Send them back to school.

    • RightWriter says:

      1) If they’re not “showing the numbers” how can you tell they add up to 101 percent?
      2) When percentages are added up they often total 101% because
      PARTIAL percentage points (say 40.2 + 30.6 + 30.5) all get rounded UP instead of some being rounded DOWN. That’s FIFTH GRADE ARITHMETIC, not even math! WHERE THE HECK WERE YOU????

  14. Mason says:

    Notice, CNN has completely departed from Russian Collusion, NOW it’s Stormy Daniels 24/7

  15. deerflyguy says:

    Sorry, Don, it’s “role” NOT “roll”!
    You’re the POTUS, Don!
    You can’t be making sophomoric mistakes like this.

  16. Mike W says:

    CNN is the smoking gun of corruption and fake news. But – in true left wing loon – Democrat fashion they try to shift that blame on to someone – anyone – everyone -else.

    • Rod says:

      The Obama administration is 100% responsible for all of this corruption, Obama is ultimately responsible and deserves to be jailed with Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Comey, and all the rest of the Deep State treasonists! All of these fake news outlets are also the fault of the Obama Administration and need to be shut down, or labeled as propaganda media outlets!

  17. Tim Toroian says:

    Two words, JFK and Teddy.

  18. MARK says:


  19. True Believer says:

    I’m soooo glad that Rudy is aboard to take care of these things. Pres. Trump is correct especially since he was wealthy and a celebrity – they all want a piece of the action, whore’s that is. It is really ridiculous that Pres. Trump’s past is all over the news and we don’t know anything about the Manchurian Candidate Zero. Maybe Trump should have sealed all of his records before running. I have asked Pres. Trump to not only unseal Obama’s records but also McCain’s as I want him to die in disgrace of having lead the public to believe he was a hero. I absolutely abhor liars.

  20. Tom Martin says:

    I frankly do not care who President Trump had sex with. It does not effect me one way or the other. My dad had affairs. I did not like it, but he was a better dad than most. No one is perfect. Regardless of his affairs in his own way he loved my mother and never left. How many preachers have been known to have affairs – many. Is it a character flaw – yes. Does it mean they are incompetent to run a corporation, be a politician, teach school, be a doctor, – NO.

    • Vincent Cane Jr says:

      very well said Tom

    • Joyce Tabor says:

      I am with you. So many Presidents have affairs – before, after and during like Bill Clinton. Hillary did not stand by her man, she could care less who he has an affair with. They are the Gruesome Twosome whose only love is power – doesn’t matter which one has it, as long as it is theirs. Obama will go down as the ‘President Who Wanted To Sell America To The Highest Bidder’ and Hillary as the worse Secretary of State EVER who STOOD BY HER MAN OBAMA to make millions off of those that funneled money laundering for the Clinton Foundation. McCain is a traitor in the highest degree. What a blight that entire administration was. We will be cleaning up the mess for decades.


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