CNN scored a victory that will have Donald Trump seeing red

CNN has one mission statement for the 2020 election – defeat Donald Trump by any means necessary.

And they just scored a critical victory that will help them make this a reality.

Now, what CNN is celebrating will have Donald Trump seeing red.

Tech censorship is one of the biggest issues in American politics.

Left-wing social media companies are quietly banning conservatives in an effort to rig the 2020 election.

Facebook was the latest platform to stomp their boot across the First Amendment when they banned pro-Trump media figures Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, Milo Yianmopoulos, and the website Infowars from their site.

Not only did they ban those individuals, but Facebook will also ban groups that support them, or even Trump supporters who share links about them.

The Daily Caller reports:

Facebook and Instagram de-platformed several notable “far right” figures and one left-wing anti-Semite on Thursday, which met opposition from several conservatives and free speech advocates on Twitter.

The platforms banished Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Paul Nehlen, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson and anything connected to Jones’ website Infowars.

“We’ve always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology,” Facebook told CNN Business via statement. “The process for evaluating potential violators is extensive and it is what led us to our decision to remove these accounts today.” Facebook also labeled the individuals “dangerous.”

This is CNN’s dream.

CNN’s higher ups decided that the best way to defeat Donald Trump is to control the flow of information the American people receive.

So they began a campaign to terrorize social media companies until they began banning Trump supporters.

CNN started with so-called “fringe” figures like Alex Jones, but if their efforts to lead ad boycotts against Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, or Tucker Carlson are any indication, CNN’s true goal is the complete and total ban on all conservatives from social media.

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