CNN reported one leak that made everyone think Kamala Harris is now President

Many Americans are asking serious questions about Joe Biden’s capacity to serve as President.

Rumors are flying around Washington, D.C. as to Biden’s mental fitness.

And now CNN reported one leak that made everyone think Kamala Harris is now President.

Joe Biden made news on Friday when he told reporters the illegal immigration crisis on the southern border prevented him from lifting the cap on refugee admissions established by Donald Trump.

“We’re gonna increase the numbers. The problem was that the refugee part was working on the crisis that ended up on the border with young people and we couldn’t do two things at once. And now we’re going to increase the numbers,” Biden told reporters.

That sent off a frenzy of the Left because the last thing Democrats want is Biden admitting there is a problem at the border, which will only draw media coverage to one issue that could pose the biggest threat to Democrats Congressional majorities next year.

The White House tried to clean up Biden’s remarks by taking advantage of friendly media outfits like CNN.

But even CNN’s attempt to help backfired.

CNN reported that a Biden White House official told the left-wing network that Joe Biden does not speak for the Biden administration.

“The President’s use of the ‘crisis’ label doesn’t represent the administration’s official position, the White House said Monday in regard to a term that top administration officials have refused to say as the numbers of migrants surged,” CNN reported.

If the President calling the situation at the southern border a crisis is not the official position of the administration then that raises serious questions about who is actually in charge at the White House.

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