CNN just made an absurd prediction about Trump’s health

Donald Trump recently had a physical exam.

He was given a clean bill of health by his doctor.

But that didn’t stop CNN from trying to drum up hysteria with this outrageous prediction.

CNN’s Brian Stelter rolled his eyes during the 2016 campaign when Trump supporters questioned Hillary Clinton’s health.

Despite obvious evidence – like Hillary fainting after a speech was cut short and several coughing spurts – Stelter called these conspiracy theories.

Now, CNN is signing a different tune.

CNN’s resident physician, Dr. Sanjay Gupta declared Trump to be “borderline obese.”

And he took it a step farther predicting Trump could have a “heart attack or heart disease” while in office.

Since the Russia investigation has come up empty, CNN is now pushing the narrative that Trump is “unfit” for office.

At the President’s request, his doctor performed a cognitive abilities test.

Axios reports:

“The White House briefing began with a readout of President Trump’s vitals from Dr. Ronny Jackson, who conducted the routine physical examination. “The president’s overall health is excellent,” Jackson said.

The bottom line: After the examination, Trump’s doctor is confident that the president will complete his term in the Oval Office “with no serious medical issues.” How is Trump healthy despite his diet and lack of exercise? “He has incredibly good genes. It’s just the way God made him.”

Trump requested a cognitive exam during the session. Trump scored 30/30 on a test of his cognitive ability — “The Montreal Cognitive Assessment” which screened for Alzheimer’s and dementia, among other illnesses. “I have no concerns about his cognitive ability,” Jackson said.”

In a normal environment, this would put the final nail in the coffin of rumors that Trump is “mentally unstable.”

But the fake news media is so consumed with Trump Derangement Syndrome that they won’t back down.

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21 Responses

  1. OLDF VET says:

    if you do not like him why are you still here OLD VET.

  2. OLDF VET says:

    what do you expect from a side walk DR. .a no nothing fool .OLD VET

  3. Anne Latella says:

    That was a very dumb remark by Dr. Gupta “Trump could have a heart attack while in office.” As a matter of fact anyone could have a heart attack including Dr. Gupta! Now here is a Doctor playing a guessing game on a person’s health.

  4. Judy S. says:

    Chance, I too am glad our President is in good health! It is my recollection that he does not partake of alcohol or other mind-altering substances. That is important for any national leader.

  5. Carolyn Meece says:

    Those with criminal agendas feel they can keep beating a dead horse. They are divorced from reality and suffer from “Tunnel Vision”.
    “Boys & Girls, Superheroes in the Doll Corner”, let’s pretend you are this and I am that. When I go wha, wha, wha you have to come running and that makes you my robot. Robots, Puppets, and “Zombies” and why they need their “Zombie”. Their fantasy world is full of “Red Herrings”, pot calling the kettle black, game and shame trips, Money Laundering, RICO Acts, greed, a grandiose sense of purpose, Soviet-style system, etc.

  6. Stan L says:

    He also has the U.S. presidency. You can always reject pay raises brought by Trump’s federal tax reductions. Just write your cheque to “U.S.Treasury Department” and be sure to notate your U.S. tax number. (that’s the same as your S.S. number)

  7. Stan L says:

    President Trump tagged CNN with the title “Fake News” well before he conferred the recent “Fake News Award.” CNN asked for it, but didn’t calculate that the President would counter with an attack upon CNN’s mythical “integrity” which it may never shed.
    As I previously have stated, Trump is a big guy, he can lose 5-10 lb. at will. He seems to have a wealth of energy, which he’s dedicated to making good his campaign projections.
    My first presidential vote was for President Eisenhower, I go back a long time as regards voting. Trump is dedicated, he has been besieged by haters that are even worse than those who constantly attacked President Reagan. They didn’t stop Reagan and they won’t stop Trump. Many of these haters will be individuals who’ll receive more pay resulting from Trump’s reduction of Federal Wage taxes. That recent tax reduction had no chance of becoming law with Obama, but what do the haters know anyway? The hate was a trend after their candidate,Hilary, was beaten by Trump. Now, that hate is just plain ignorant.

  8. Ed Donohue says:

    Quite true about Trump ! He is obese. Who said he even had a heart.

  9. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    I do understand your point, but there are better sources for actual news, than the Enquirer too.

  10. Chance says:

    I’m glad Mr. Trump is in good health! I’m looking forward to voting for him in 2020,again! I never watch CNN, if I want the real news I’ll read the Enquirer, before I listen to their one sided fake irresponsible chatter. Grow up, Children!

  11. Stan L says:

    All true, sir. But, Gupta’s half-baked prognosis is exactly what was needed by CNN’s “true believers” who are detached from reality.
    In the meantime, Trump aggravates all of them by doing “the right thing” for America.
    Everyone wins that way! We Trumpsters see the beauty of an economically sound America, and CNN’s subscribers can continue swallowing CNN’s lies and distortions. And, the U.S.A. will march on to more respect.

  12. SUSAN DANI says:

    well, the FAKE NEWS again showed themselves to be TOTALLY STUPID ,OUT OF TOUCH W REALITY, and DISCUSTING !!!!!!

  13. Stan L says:

    I have thought that President Trump had gained a few more pounds than he needed. He can lose those pounds, they are not a permanent gain.
    Insofar as Dr.Gupta, he is miraculous! He was able to know all about Trump’s state of health using the same vision I used….but he’s a “Doctor,” except that he hasn’t practiced Internal Medicine, but knows Trump will have a heart attack. That must have satisfied CNN’s requirements for Gupta, as an occasional expert. But, Gupta not only thrilled CNN with his empty, but authoritative-sounding words, but he has talked his way into a regular ounce by ounce assessment which he can do regularly for CNN. After all, CNN needs it to be considered officially intelligent by CNN’s steady subscribers.
    Gupta can do nothing for CNN TV broadcasters, for their kind of “fake news distribution” CNN needs to negotiate with a Psychiatrist who will tell the truth and nothing but the truth to CNN’s liars. Just a precaution so CNN’s liars can still be able to spew their distortions while still consciously knowing the truth.

  14. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Apparently; it seems he didn’t listen to the numbers presented, for crucial tests’ results as indicators of probability of problems.

  15. Robert Pavlick says:

    Of course Dr. Gupta does NOT have the President’s health records to go on, so is he just basing his assumptions on the “borderline obese” “diagnosis” ONLY ???? Bill Clinton may be the correct weight, but he looks like “Death warmed over” !

  16. cc says:

    CNN is absurd.

  17. jOE mINOTTI says:


  18. Richard says:

    DEAR DR. GUPTA, what a line of BULL CRAP with out even examining nor talking with the PRESIDENT! Never liked you so until you have had the chance, ” NEVER HAPPEN ” to examen the PRESIDENT i suggest you shut your trap as you are not VIABLE ON THIS SUBJECT!

  19. michael floyd says:

    President Trump is the GREATEST President of all times!

  20. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    CAPT Jackson provided NUMBERS and VALUES on the tests he ran; he also admitted Trump is on the cusp of obesity, but has him on an healthier diet with the help of Melania and the WH chef. He said they’re discussing an exercise regimen as well; but that his “numbers” are good except the LDL which is high. His numbers ARE good; so get over it.

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