CNN just got news that could end their network for good

Fake news CNN is facing tough times.

They lost their go-to figure to attack when Donald Trump left the White House.

And CNN just got news that could end their network for good.

Fake news CNN put everything they had over the past five years into attacking President Donald Trump.

They promoted every anti-Trump hoax in an attempt to rip Trump from the Presidency, and ultimately put him behind bars.

While their viewership was dwarfed by outlets like Fox News, and even MSNBC, they held a steady base of viewers who ate up their propaganda every day of the week.

That is until Joe Biden entered the White House.

They lost their punching bag, and now have to find something else to talk about all day.

And with their refusal to attack Joe Biden, who is failing badly, there isn’t much for them to push in their coverage.

They spend the entire day talking about the same few stories, while ignoring real news, like Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recently released emails, and Joe Biden’s failing economy.

And as it turns out, even their left-wing viewers aren’t willing to stick around for their boring propaganda.

The latest ratings show that for the week of May 17, CNN was only able to bring in an average of 692,000 viewers.

To show just how awful those numbers are, their left-wing competitor MSNBC brought in more than double the average viewership, with 1.483 million average viewers.

And that same week, Fox News more than tripled CNN’s average viewership with a whooping 2.1 million viewers.

As for the most viewed hosts, both the top slots went to Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

Carlson drew in an average of 2.9 million total viewers.

While Hannity was in second, Rachel Maddow was in third, with the other two top five shows both being aired on Fox News.

In this ratings report, it showed every network except MSNBC losing a small percentage of viewers from previous weeks.

MSNBC’s small 5% increase in viewership can likely be attributed to CNN viewers fleeing the network for their competition.

Notably, the two hosts who were hit the hardest were CNN’s own Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, who had their lowest-rated week in the past year.

It is clear that CNN is facing hard times, and if the trend continues, all their viewers will flood to MSNBC.

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