CNN just gave some bad news to its reporters

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  1. Rich C. says:

    I would say all of the above, but maybe I shouldn’t say anything because I do not watch them anymore and never will again.

  2. Robert says:

    CNN has a number of MORONS who don’t know S_ _ T from shinola. Most jerkoffs reporting on cnn are nasty and an INSULT to REAL AMERICANS and the USA !!!

  3. Mr.B says:

    I would say, all of the above. CNN has lied about this president in a way that I have not seen since the days of Gerald Ford. When President Ford slipped coming off Air Force One, OOHH he’s clumsy, he’s a reetard and so on. These people are trying to pull the same propaganda smear campaign with President Trump. If CNN went off the air tomorrow it would have only itself to blame. Let’s hope it does.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Ford was kind of a natural born klutz; that wasn’t the only time it showed up in his term in office. But that doesn’t make him a bad person or POTUS; just a klutz. That’s far different than what they’re all doing with Trump, which is blatantly LYING about him and everything he says or does.

    • Janusz says:

      CNN remind me Russian “Pravda” news.. I don’t see difference

  4. Do you know what the leters C NN stand for ; CNN=CERTIFIED NUTS NEWS?????? Why don’ t they lay the whole CNN news program off and write it off as a “tax loss for it has an “American people loss for sure”???….

  5. Bob Hunt says:

    I believe that the best thing to happen in 2018 would be the demise of the super liberal CNN!

  6. Beaty morgret says:

    CNN I call Clinton news network just as crooked as crooked Hilary

  7. James says:

    CNN they have spread lie after lie, and have ended up with egg on thier faces each time, they think that they can sway elections by reporting lies about candidates and then get away with it. Well it has come back to bite them!!!! Sorry that these people are losing their jobs but when you tell lies long enough you get caught. Time for some true unbiased reporting, as Sgt. Friday used to say “only the facts please”. CNN has forgotten that.

  8. Beulah Nix says:


  9. cliff says:

    CNN – MOST DECEITFUL, LYING, FAKE NEWS COMPANY NEXT TO MSNBC! I only hit their channel by accident..then I have to go wash my hands ..because I feel dirty … Glad to see the truth is hitting them HARD!!!

  10. Leo says:

    There disgusting to watch.

  11. karen zawack says:

    I voted “something else” but really wish there was a “all of the above”. CNN has been showing it’s Un-American diatribe ever since their “Messiah” Obama was running for President. After that, anyone who said anything, even with facts have been abused. They are not a news network anymore, but a propaganda outlet for “Remaking of America”. I feel their license should be revoked. I understand that everyone has an opinion, but they have been caught promoting lies, which then turns to allegations and have hurt many innocent people, while protecting the guilty.

    Freedom of the Press, by our First Amendment is to enlighten the American citizens with facts, not turn out propaganda against the Constitution.

    • Glen Haas says:

      Totally agree. The aggregate of all of the above is a composite the summarizes CNN’s continuous attack bias with virtually no technical support with real facts. It not just the single thing. If this were the case, then there would be good times to watch CNN; however, nearly any time our TV scanner crosses the CNN channel, we are appalled by the outrageous comments.

    • David Atherton says:

      Agree 1000%

    • william heard says:

      I totally agree and wish there had been an ” all of the above ” answer .
      I wonder what will happen to all the moderators when it is PROVEN they are ALL WRONG and they are on the outside looking in !!!

  12. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Looks like the vultures are coming home to roost? Wish they’d included a list of the recipients of this layoff….

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