CNN just gave some bad news to its reporters

CNN has been the tip of the spear of anti-Trump media bias.

Their executives have said that all the negative Trump coverage has been a boon for ratings.

But CNN just let the truth slip about what they really think with this latest action.

A Harvard study revealed that CNN’s coverage of President Trump was 93% negative during his first 100 days in office.

Now, they could be rethinking their anti-Trump strategy.

Vanity Fair reports that CNN will be laying off as many as 50 people in the next several days:

But despite the so-called Trump Bump, CNN appears to be re-thinking at least some elements of its digital strategy. I’ve learned that CNN, a key property in AT&T’s planned takeover of CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, is targeting big savings on the digital side, with as many as 50 jobs around the globe scheduled to be eliminated this week, according to people familiar with the matter, who noted the exact number could still be in flux.

These layoffs are happening all during a time when unemployment is at historic lows.

It looks like CNN is finally facing the music after running with outrageous stories in attempt to undermine Trump.

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