CNN just delivered some devastating news to Joe Biden that petrified Democrats

Joe Biden’s Presidency was already circling the drain.

Now it could be over.

And CNN just delivered some devastating news to Joe Biden that petrified Democrats.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are abysmal.

But CNN – of all places – may have delivered the final death blow to Biden’s failing Presidency.

The latest CNN poll found just 41 percent of Americans held a favorable view of Biden’s job as President.

“The President’s ratings have fallen across the board, the survey found. Just 41% approved of the way he’s handling his job while 58% disapproved, a significant drop from his approval numbers in CNN polling last year. Just 36% of independents and 9% of Republicans approved. Although his approval rating still stood at 83% among Democrats, that was down from 94% late last summer,” CNN reported.

What should also worry Democrats is the fact that Biden has a little base of support and a healthy base of opposition, as nearly three times as many Americans strongly disapprove of him than strongly approve.

“Biden also continues to have more strong detractors than he does fervent supporters: 41% of Americans disapproved strongly of his performance as President versus 15% who strongly approved. Some of the shift in Biden’s numbers comes from a change in Americans’ partisan tilt: Republicans and Democrats were about at parity in the new poll, with fewer identifying as Democrats than in other recent CNN polling,” CNN also reported.

The final nail in the coffin for Biden as President came in the form of 56 percent of Americans not being able to name anything they approve of him doing as President.

“I’m hard pressed to think of a single thing he has done that benefits the country,” one respondent told CNN.

No politician can survive numbers like these.

And the depth of the opposition to Biden – the majority do not approve of Biden on any of the eight issues CNN tested – suggests any chance for a rebound is far-fetched.

Democrats looking at these poll numbers should worry.

The number-one indicator of the incumbent Party’s performance in the Midterm elections is the President’s job approval.

History and polling data also show that Presidents rarely recover from falling approval ratings in a Midterm election year.

And the current polling data as well as history positions the Democrats for a rough November.

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