CNN is going to hate to admit this brutal truth about Donald Trump

CNN is stuck in a downward spiral.

But the left-wing propaganda network still has not reached rock bottom.

And now CNN is going to hate to admit this brutal truth about Donald Trump.

Back in 2018, Trump said the corporate-controlled media would have to endorse him in 2020 or else they would all go out of business.

“But I think ABC, CBS, NBC, The Times, they’re all going to endorse me,” Trump declared. “Because if they don’t, they’re going out of business. Can you imagine if you didn’t have me?”

There was definitely a Trump bump for the media, as CNN saw record ratings in the 2020 election.

But just as Trump predicted, the network’s viewership cratered once he left office.

And in 2022, CNN saw its lowest ratings in history.

“In 2022, CNN averaged just over half a million viewers in total day, and just over 120,000 in the advertiser-relevant 25-to-54 year-old demo—its lowest-rated year in history,” Dylan Byers of Puck News reported.

In response to the massive drop in viewers, Byers reported that new network President Chris Licht tried to juice the ratings by instituting a merry-go-round series of hosts during the mid-morning and afternoon lineup.

“Licht unveiled a new dayside strategy that aims to infuse the often lackluster, desk-anchor format with what he described to Variety as a more ‘kinetic’ energy, with multiple anchors spending more time on their feet. John Berman, Kate Bolduan, and Sara Sidner will co-host a three-hour morning block from 9 a.m. to noon, while Jim Sciutto, Boris Sanchez, and Brianna Keilar will co-host another three-hour afternoon block from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The noon hour will continue to be hosted by John King, though sources familiar with Licht’s plans tell me his chair may eventually be given to Dana Bash, who is coincidentally his ex-wife,” Byers added.

Industry insiders snickered at Licht’s move and compared it to a last place Major League Baseball team keeping the same lineup intact and just switching everyone’s position.

“Either way, it’s hard for many industry insiders to see it as anything other than an ongoing rearranging of the deck chairs. ‘The lowly Pirates have switched their third baseman with their first baseman and moved their shortstop to second base while their catcher will now pitch and their pitcher will now catch. And the fate of the second baseman is undecided,’ one veteran television executive quipped. “And as with so much at CNN these days, the move is also a cost-cutting effort, since fewer shows means fewer production expenses. CNN may not be turning into Cheddar, but it is increasingly looking like early-era HLN in many respects,” Byers added.

CNN can shift all the hosts around it wants.

But the fact of the matter is that the network torched its credibility by waging four years of scorched-earth warfare against Donald Trump.

Conservatives will never trust CNN again while leftists no longer feel obligated to watch now that their boogeyman is gone.

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