CNN host will leave you speechless with what he said on Election Night

Democrats woke up Tuesday expecting a blue wave.

But then votes started coming in.

And what one CNN host said on election night will leave you speechless.

The blue wave did not materialize.

Early returns in a key Kentucky house district showed Republican congressman Andy Barr fending off his Democrat challenger.

That signaled there would be no wave.

In addition, the first Senate returns in Indiana showed Republican Mike Braun would unseat Joe Donnelly and the Republicans would not only hold the majority, but that they would increase their numbers.

CNN’s Van Jones went on the air and expressed his dismay.

He described that the election returns were “heartbreaking.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Republican Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn is projected to win her Senate race against Democrat Phil Bredesen while Republican Mike Braun ousted Democratic incumbent Sen. Joe Donnelly in Indiana.

“This is heartbreaking,” Jones said. “It’s heartbreaking. The hope has been that antibodies would kick in. That this sort of infestation of hatred and division would draw a response from the American people, really in both parties, to say, ‘no.’”

“That does not seem to be happening tonight,” Jones admitted. “It’s not a blue wave but it’s still a blue war. We’ve gotta continue the fight forward.”

The night got worse for Democrats.

They won fewer House seats than anyone expected and the Republicans beat expectations in the Senate.

Liberals like Jones were ‘heartbroken’ because their dreams of a blue wave crashed when they ran up against Trump’s red wall.

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80 Responses

  1. M says:

    Native Texan,
    Okay GOP! What are we going to do about our failures?? The answer had better be: WE ARE GOING TO DO BETTER!

  2. Native Texan says:

    The democrats did not so much win the House majority as the republicans lost it. This may be a fine distinction and one may ask what is the difference? It is true the incumbent party has always lots seats in the House during a mid term election but this time the loss was primarily due to failures on the part of the republicans. They failed to do the job they were elected to do. They filed to get rid of the Affordable Care Act and replace with a reasonable health care plan. They failed to pass immigration reform and close the loopholes in our immigration laws, They failed to secure our boarders and build the wall. They failed to balance the budget and lower the deficit. They failed to cut government spending. They failed to cut federal funding for the abortion industry. They failed to stand up for the Constitution. They had next to nothing to run on. Their failures cost them the election!

  3. Richard R says:

    Rob, I’m not sure you’re right here. There has to be upper law enforcement that will go after those that are raping our system and prosecute these actors. Nothing will happen until there are consequences for those who violate these laws. They are winning because we let them get by with it. Either there are no laws to protect our system or our party is to lazy to go after these people. They are robbing us blind and are being allowed to continue without the fear of prosecution.

  4. Jerry says:

    Hey Van Jones, you are an idiot not to know that you and your party have been repudiated by the American people. YOU NOR YOUR PARTY represent us. You are all about making yourself very rich off the backs of ignorant voters. So now, just go away! Zimbabwe sounds good. Bye! Bye! Moron

  5. ed says:

    Watch what happens in Florida (Governor & Senator) and Arizona (Senator) on the recount.

  6. Donald wills says:

    I hope that this never comes to be ,but we the people may have to take our country back!!!

  7. M says:

    E. E. Hartnett, So true that Republicans are not nearly bold enough in dealing with the Democrats. We are traditionally considerate respectful people. As we have seen, with today’s Dem libs this is not working. They will run over you and step in your face as they do. I don’t want to lower our standards to that level, I just want our guys and gals to grow a powerful backbone and a stiff upper lip (that’s a very old saying). We must push boldly forward and accomplish our policies and agenda.
    Oh, it hasn’t helped that our last two Speakers (Ryan and Boehner) of the house were as liberal as most of the Dems!
    We must choose better to lead the house.

  8. paula mason says:

    yes and the gop got one of the biggest crooks in the country as seneter from utah..mitt romney..the mormon crook..hes nothing but trash

  9. Yes, it was heartbreaking that republicans did not retain a majority in the House of Representatives. If they had had more aggressive leadership and done the job they were elected to do they may have done so. Republicans have a tendency once they are elected to the House to sit back and do nothing, That has to stop!

  10. Jan says:

    Had a chuckle at your post, “Just Bill!” As a CT resident, I was sad to see this once beautiful state fall again to the Dems! Slowly, but surely, we’ll get it back!

  11. Lola Collins says:

    Jones is a communist, and I remember when valerie jarrett first heard of him that she was so impressed, and that is partly why obama appointed him. First of many communist he appointed.

  12. Jeffrey Thomsen says:

    We are obviously must free up the internet first.

  13. Inkpad says:

    Now the democrats will try their hardest to block and obstruct Trump at every thing he wants to do to slow the economy or even destroy it as bad as Obama did just to blame Trump they are despicable and will sink lower than we’ve ever seen they care absolutely nothing about this country only about thier vendetta and regaining power even though democrats can not run this country they have proven that over and over again

  14. Ernst says:

    Van Jones is a whiney hiney hole – more evidence of not-well-disguised bias in the Clinton News Network.

  15. Ed says:

    Isn’t this the same Van Jones Obama appointed to the Department of Education? The guy is a hater of Americans and what we stand for.

  16. angelo says:

    AMEN<AMEN, thank you Phil.

  17. angelo says:

    i hope you’re mistaken, but i feel the same way, it’s the colleges. that have taken over our kiddies, poor babies might have to work with their hands like all those deplorables.

  18. retired investigator says:

    That sounds great to us Republicans but, you preach to the Republicans, there is enough cash in the Blue districts that keep them going, the Red districts are more and more being taken over by younger voters who have been raised and taught by Blue leaders in education, I think the word for them is “Sheepeople” and that is why boycotts against advertisers just will not work anymore

  19. retired investigator says:

    It really is simple if you look at the base of all MSM. Look up the ownership (Corp) and New England sticks out and that spells in Capitol Letters, Liberal Left Democrat ownership. Now if want to report the news you do not sell in Blue States. If you want to sell biased opinions, that does sell. Where do you get that, you hire news personal that can produce that product. Those persons believe in their product, their paycheck depends on success, not truthfulness. Nuff said.

  20. trapperwv1 says:

    Republicans better get their stuff together for 2020, 33 senate seats will be up for election and all 435 house seats . They can be taken for the Republicans if they do their jobs and also keep the pressure on the Democrats. Pressure by making sure they are held accountable for everything they do or don’t do.

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