CNN host will leave you speechless with what he said on Election Night

Democrats woke up Tuesday expecting a blue wave.

But then votes started coming in.

And what one CNN host said on election night will leave you speechless.

The blue wave did not materialize.

Early returns in a key Kentucky house district showed Republican congressman Andy Barr fending off his Democrat challenger.

That signaled there would be no wave.

In addition, the first Senate returns in Indiana showed Republican Mike Braun would unseat Joe Donnelly and the Republicans would not only hold the majority, but that they would increase their numbers.

CNN’s Van Jones went on the air and expressed his dismay.

He described that the election returns were “heartbreaking.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Republican Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn is projected to win her Senate race against Democrat Phil Bredesen while Republican Mike Braun ousted Democratic incumbent Sen. Joe Donnelly in Indiana.

“This is heartbreaking,” Jones said. “It’s heartbreaking. The hope has been that antibodies would kick in. That this sort of infestation of hatred and division would draw a response from the American people, really in both parties, to say, ‘no.’”

“That does not seem to be happening tonight,” Jones admitted. “It’s not a blue wave but it’s still a blue war. We’ve gotta continue the fight forward.”

The night got worse for Democrats.

They won fewer House seats than anyone expected and the Republicans beat expectations in the Senate.

Liberals like Jones were ‘heartbroken’ because their dreams of a blue wave crashed when they ran up against Trump’s red wall.


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80 Responses

  1. Native Texan says:

    The democrats did not so much win the House majority as the republicans lost it. This may be a fine distinction and one may ask what is the difference? It is true the incumbent party has always lots seats in the House during a mid term election but this time the loss was primarily due to failures on the part of the republicans. They failed to do the job they were elected to do. They filed to get rid of the Affordable Care Act and replace with a reasonable health care plan. They failed to pass immigration reform and close the loopholes in our immigration laws, They failed to secure our boarders and build the wall. They failed to balance the budget and lower the deficit. They failed to cut government spending. They failed to cut federal funding for the abortion industry. They failed to stand up for the Constitution. They had next to nothing to run on. Their failures cost them the election!

    • M says:

      Native Texan,
      Okay GOP! What are we going to do about our failures?? The answer had better be: WE ARE GOING TO DO BETTER!

  2. Donald wills says:

    I hope that this never comes to be ,but we the people may have to take our country back!!!

    • ed says:

      Watch what happens in Florida (Governor & Senator) and Arizona (Senator) on the recount.

    • Jerry says:

      Hey Van Jones, you are an idiot not to know that you and your party have been repudiated by the American people. YOU NOR YOUR PARTY represent us. You are all about making yourself very rich off the backs of ignorant voters. So now, just go away! Zimbabwe sounds good. Bye! Bye! Moron

  3. Yes, it was heartbreaking that republicans did not retain a majority in the House of Representatives. If they had had more aggressive leadership and done the job they were elected to do they may have done so. Republicans have a tendency once they are elected to the House to sit back and do nothing, That has to stop!

    • paula mason says:

      yes and the gop got one of the biggest crooks in the country as seneter from utah..mitt romney..the mormon crook..hes nothing but trash

    • M says:

      E. E. Hartnett, So true that Republicans are not nearly bold enough in dealing with the Democrats. We are traditionally considerate respectful people. As we have seen, with today’s Dem libs this is not working. They will run over you and step in your face as they do. I don’t want to lower our standards to that level, I just want our guys and gals to grow a powerful backbone and a stiff upper lip (that’s a very old saying). We must push boldly forward and accomplish our policies and agenda.
      Oh, it hasn’t helped that our last two Speakers (Ryan and Boehner) of the house were as liberal as most of the Dems!
      We must choose better to lead the house.

  4. Jeffrey Thomsen says:

    We are obviously must free up the internet first.

  5. Ernst says:

    Van Jones is a whiney hiney hole – more evidence of not-well-disguised bias in the Clinton News Network.

  6. trapperwv1 says:

    Republicans better get their stuff together for 2020, 33 senate seats will be up for election and all 435 house seats . They can be taken for the Republicans if they do their jobs and also keep the pressure on the Democrats. Pressure by making sure they are held accountable for everything they do or don’t do.

    • Ed says:

      Isn’t this the same Van Jones Obama appointed to the Department of Education? The guy is a hater of Americans and what we stand for.

      • Lola Collins says:

        Jones is a communist, and I remember when valerie jarrett first heard of him that she was so impressed, and that is partly why obama appointed him. First of many communist he appointed.

    • Inkpad says:

      Now the democrats will try their hardest to block and obstruct Trump at every thing he wants to do to slow the economy or even destroy it as bad as Obama did just to blame Trump they are despicable and will sink lower than we’ve ever seen they care absolutely nothing about this country only about thier vendetta and regaining power even though democrats can not run this country they have proven that over and over again

  7. chris says:

    Ya, he was a card carrying member of communist party and was floundering until he married into Carter family. He’s no dummy. Follow the money.

  8. Just Bill says:

    CNN presently is a pretty good place to snag a journalism position and the qualifications standards are pretty low. Wolf Blitzer as he ages is starting to look like a Basset Hound always looking like he might vomit when Republicans take a seat.
    Van Jones is a subject of CNN’s “upward mobility” program so you have to forgive him for his inept remark on the air. There were others in the pool CNN could have chosen from but there was a huge problem. One was a dumb blond and the other was one very qualified “Average White Man” that Barry Obama’s grandmother was terrified of.
    I know him from his whining in New Haven, Ct always crying about equality and by golly, they got there way and ruined a once beautiful city.

    • Jan says:

      Had a chuckle at your post, “Just Bill!” As a CT resident, I was sad to see this once beautiful state fall again to the Dems! Slowly, but surely, we’ll get it back!

  9. Kenneth Boyd says:

    Communistically ( Hope that is a word !) influenced jerk ! A lot of people would rather see the United States of America turn communist instead of prospering as we have with President Trump !

  10. Gail says:

    This man is the greatest example of a brain dead dumbed down idiot . He is and was part of the biggest hate based media outlet allowed to be on the air . No it was we the people who were shocked at how many ignorant Americans and dead people there are in America voting for their own demise . All of whom believe this kind of person !!!!!!

  11. Ccc says:

    This just shows how unbiased the Communist News Nutwork(misspelling intentional) really is, as long as things are going their way!

    • Christine says:

      What ever happen to reporters who are suppose to “just report the new” and leave their personal opinions to themselves. They are degrading to the opposition like we should have no say in the power to vote. We disagree with the way things have been handled by our leaders that is why we voted against you. What happened in this wonderful county of ours where everyone was entitled to an opinion without being persecuted or called names. There will be no peace in America until the democrats realize they are not the supreme leaders and everyone else can just go to hell and step aside and let them lead. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. DONALD TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT. GET USE TO IT.

      • retired investigator says:

        It really is simple if you look at the base of all MSM. Look up the ownership (Corp) and New England sticks out and that spells in Capitol Letters, Liberal Left Democrat ownership. Now if want to report the news you do not sell in Blue States. If you want to sell biased opinions, that does sell. Where do you get that, you hire news personal that can produce that product. Those persons believe in their product, their paycheck depends on success, not truthfulness. Nuff said.

    • Gretchen says:

      Why on earth do people care what CNN has to say. Just like that stupid nadler from east coast and swalwell from the lib state of cal. One can only hope the big one hits California and it becomes a island.

      • Linda Williams says:

        Unfortunately Gretchen, the land is moving north not out away. There are Conservatives here, but many like us are looking to move away from here.

      • Herb1949 says:

        A very small island.
        I was hoping that the global warming people were correct and the polar caps would melt because it would flood the coastal cities. Putting LA, SF, NYC, WDC, etc underwater would NOT BE A BAD THING.

    • Gretchen says:

      Why on earth do people care what CNN has to say. Just like that stupid nadler from east coast and swalwell from the lib state of cal. One can only hope the big one hits California and it becomes a island.

  12. Navy PO2 says:

    CNN = Crappy News Network. BOYCOTT!

  13. Rob says:

    What we have to do is Boycott everyone that advertises on CNN hit them in the pocket

    • jim says:

      Rob, Your idea to boycott the advertisers is RIGHT ON!!!

      • retired investigator says:

        That sounds great to us Republicans but, you preach to the Republicans, there is enough cash in the Blue districts that keep them going, the Red districts are more and more being taken over by younger voters who have been raised and taught by Blue leaders in education, I think the word for them is “Sheepeople” and that is why boycotts against advertisers just will not work anymore

        • angelo says:

          i hope you’re mistaken, but i feel the same way, it’s the colleges. that have taken over our kiddies, poor babies might have to work with their hands like all those deplorables.

  14. Rob says:

    He is a useless piece of crap.
    He’s nothing but CNN token black person, you know what though I blame the ownership of CNN that allows this crap they don’t care if their ratings are down they hate this president so much they will lose Millions to try and Destroy This president.
    But they will find out in the long run it will be them that gets destroyed

    • Ed Jackson says:

      I would, but I can’t stand it long
      enough to get to a commercial.

    • Richard R says:

      Rob, I’m not sure you’re right here. There has to be upper law enforcement that will go after those that are raping our system and prosecute these actors. Nothing will happen until there are consequences for those who violate these laws. They are winning because we let them get by with it. Either there are no laws to protect our system or our party is to lazy to go after these people. They are robbing us blind and are being allowed to continue without the fear of prosecution.

  15. Linda says:

    We can not trust the Dens
    The will go to the bottom of the swamp with slime dripping off them

    to win anyway they can
    After all they had pathetic teachers
    Obama and the Clintons
    Heaven help us!
    Please pray fir our country and our President,
    Stop the Dems now

  16. PHIL TRIMMER says:

    Here you have a JOURNALIST, (hahaha), whom is supposed to be neutral and report the news as it is, not make is snowflake comments. We do not give a crap what you believe, just report the damn news. But you won’t report that most of the hate is coming from the alt-left and Blacks. They are all so easily lead by the money of Soros. you hypocritical POS. You should loose your job IMMEDIATELY……….Every respectful conservative should hammer away until he is GONE, GONE, GONE……….

  17. Julie says:

    Be careful. Here in Florida the influx of voters who have left NY and NJ (all Democrats) are having a huge impact on the Republican vote. I don’t think it is going to be easy for our President to ‘Keep America Great’ in 2020. The Rinos in Washington are going to have to work harder to keep the momentum up and support Pres. Trump. It’s a pity they don’t have his energy and love of Country!

    • Alice Cokefair says:

      It’s not just the northeast influx, it’s also the 140,000 from Puerto Rico that came, and stayed, after the hurricanes. Happily the 42 House Repubs that retired cuts down on the RINO population and restores patriots to the House with every new Repub elected.

  18. Philip Hatfield says:

    Why are members of Congress acting like adolescent adults? Why not let any President regardless of party affiliations do the things they were elected to accomplish? There are mid terms, 4 years or 8 years so undoing those things that became objectionable, unworkable or unprincipled; verses creating gridlock. For me this allowing passage approach would make democracy more favorable system of government.

  19. Betty says:

    It was the “BLUE WAVE” not the “Red One” That “Flooded both the Goverment Senate & the House But it seems both CRAZY donald & all of his Asshole Kissing Supporters will believe only what they want to!

    • M says:

      Betty, You are low information Dem lib who has no clue of what happened on Nov 6. Please check with an adult to get true facts before making it obvious that you shouldn’t be trying to interact with adults.
      Shhhhh, go play with the other children.

    • David says:

      Betty, you are obviously the only asshole kisser. Kissing all of the far left commie liberal assholes. Get a life!!!

    • We could say the same about you communist loving demorats, we heard that the dimwits like to french kiss

    • Carlos says:

      27 House flips (Obama lost 63 in House & 6 in Senate!) and 5 Senate losses by Dems is no blue wave, imbecile, it’s a weak pee pee dribble, LOL! Trump can still nominate all the conservative cabinet members and judges he wants, as well as investigate the Hillary-Comey,Brennan, Strozk-Page gang of r treason!

  20. Lucy More says:

    Don Lemon, Van Jones, Coumo and the loud mouth Latina, must stop the name calling it is very unprofessional and shameful especially you are expected to be unbiased journalist. Please stop…after the midterm election behave like professionals…do your job and report the truth not your own opinion!

  21. Joan says:

    Why indeed, M. As soon as they hear something intelligent they just shut down. But we conservatives keep trying to educate them.

  22. Lucy More says:

    This political nonsense has to stoppp….The people are so tired listening to the broken records over and over everyday… please stop go on leave the President alone let him govern the country then if he doesn’t do to your him out in 2020. Please stop the mongering you are a disgrace to America.. the world is watching and this country is supposed to be better than any other country… The media has to stop the name calling of the President . You all has to respect the office and the majority who elected him…

  23. ML says:

    We the people should stop buying from those who support CNN.stop the advertisers!

  24. Karin says:

    Well, it is CNN (Clinton News Network). After all what did we really expect? Can’t take losing even if they win. BTW Fr. Tom Martin. My friend said he looked like “Mr. Potato Head”.

  25. Travis says:

    Apparently Van Jones is unhappy that America now has four & one-half million plus new jobs, 400,000 new manufacturing jobs, four million plus lifted off of welfare/food stamps lowest minority unemployment in history, lowest female unemployment in 60 years, a robust stock market, 4.2% GDP growth, a booming economy, the largest tax cut in the history of America, ending the Iran nuclear deal, stopped the climate change sellout, negotiating peace between the Koreas and negotiating four other better trade deals for America!
    He only wants vengeance for Hillary’s loss in 2016. What a shame that media companies keep such people employed..

    • Joe Maxwell says:

      The Democrats cannot allow Trump to succeed. That would put a lie to all they have been telling people. They are also telling people that humans are causing climate change that will make the earth too hot for living things. That has been proven a lie but their members still believe it. The sun is proving them wrong with the Grand Solar Minimum that will make the earth so cold in the next 10 years or so that food cannot grow on farms in North America & most other places around the world. Food will get so scarce that the prices will get so high that only the very rich will be able to afford it. I have set up a blog to inform people and provide solutions for survival. This Minimum will last for 35 years to over 100 years. You will have to grow your own food inside with grow lights. Go to my blog at and learn what to do. Those believing the Democrats will not prepare in time and may starve or freeze to death. Please help me spread the word to all you know & have them do the same.

  26. alan Pavon says:

    The reason I voted that it did not signal a Presidential victory for President Trump is that you never know what the Democrats can do to create lies. President Trump cannot let his guard down. I feel most Americans feel the Mueller probe has gone on LONG ENOUGH! He should be given a time limit (year-end would be appropriate) to divulge whatever he has or DOESN’T HAVE!!! We could be wasting taxpayer dollars for him to continue “FISHING”! I’m sick of it already! Jeff Sessions made a tremendous “ERROR IN JUDGEMENT” recusing himself. He paid the price yesterday BUT the country continues to be saddled with this probe!

  27. Cherie Matzek says:

    The hate and division is coming from Democrats!!! This is so twisted it is heartbreaking. But we must contact CNN and let them know where the hate is really coming from without being haters ourselves! Only God can give you that kind of ability…

  28. Calvin Sibert says:

    Has anyone else wondered why it’s perfectly okay for the manurestrream media to openly endorse/promote democrats on air with millions of viewers while at the same time Hannity and Pirro get rebuked for accepting an invitation on stage at a rally for republicans? The double standard is infuriating.

  29. Barbara says:

    h look at who is talking ——the friend of traitor obama

  30. John E Minnick says:

    The Democruds are already showing their true colors.
    They are far from interested in working with Republicans on any of the issues. All they care about is undermining Trump, and continue to harass Kavanaugh. All based on Dems’ lies.
    Go ahead, Democruds. Keep up your usual garbage. Give Republicans more ammo to use against you. This will be on YOUR sorry rear ends The only ones to blame will be your own slimy selves.

  31. GySgt. Lew says:

    This to CNN’s Van Jones (He’s just like Leonard Pitts of Miami) and all the other Biased Liberals, Resisted Democrats – you tried and Lost… Eat your hearts out- GO Trump 2020….

  32. Old Pioneer says:

    In all of my 77 years have I ever seen such a bunch of pompous, egotistical, over the top jackass reporters and celebrities!!! If we want the REAL news, we watch only certain programs on the FNC or RESPONSIBLE social media sites. We dumped cable and have an HD Antenna where we get over 80 channels of NON-POLITICAL, FREE entertainment (Air Antenna). Our family decided that CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and NPR are ALL trying to change the nations politics instead of reporting the REAL news which is very UN-AMERICAN. and those failing companies wonder why they are loosing so many dollars????

  33. 2bears says:

    # 1, Fuk CNN and their mouthpieces they call reporters ! There’s really only 2 news organizations
    in my opinion that are fair and balanced, OANN and
    sometimes Faux however they’ve lost some credibility in the last few years. Shep SUCKS (literally) !

  34. Richard Knoch says:

    When an admitted Communist like Van Jones is “heartbroken”, the next step is Mental Health Counseling or a direct move to his personalized Padded Room.

    • Herb1949 says:

      He sounds like he is about to lose it.
      I wonder if he lives in a state with red flag laws. If so someone should make damn sure that the police do a health and welfare check on him and remove any firearms or other dangerous weapons from his control.

      • John E Minnick says:

        More to the point, sounds like ol’ Van never “had it” ( a mind, that is) to begin with!
        None of these loony lefties can think for themselves!

  35. Lynn Goss says:

    what I don’t understand is how a reporter any reporter can be kept on the air with such a bias attitude I am not saying a news reporter or host cannot have an opinion or like one canidate over another..BUT this should not show in how he or she reports the news………………..otherwise it is no longer a NEWS report but a tirade on his or her own opinion.

    • M says:

      Lynn Goss, And the liberals wonder why DJT feels and knows, the MSM NEVER gives him a fair deal. It is a shame, real, honest journalism is really dead!
      Everyone who watches Fox News knows who is liberal, moderate, and conservative but with the exception of Shepard Smith, they do a good job of fair reporting. Shepard cannot contain his hatred and bias for President Trump. He does not fit in at Fox, am surprised that Fox continues to keep him, and am sure their ratings are down during Shep’s hour, I can’t watch him!

    • Dorothy says:

      Maybe we should quit reading the papers and quit watching these stations until they are fair and balanced.

  36. Fr Tom Martin says:

    Continue to believe it did and disappoint the greatest President this country has had in my lifetime in 2020 like like you did in 2018.

    It does not matter if we lost the House by one seat or five. WE LOST THE HOUSE AND THE LEADER WILL BE A DEMOCRAT.

    The majority on this site spent more time acting like children than adults. Yes, your stupidity lost this election, OBAMA LIKES IT IN THE REAR; OBAMA LOOKS LIKE A MONKEY, NO HE LOOKS LIKE A (fill in the blank). Michael has no class, the worse First Lady ever. It all may be true, but had nothing to do with this election.

    Cruz is an arrogant ass, but 10,000 times better than the fool that won. He had a Hispanic surname, he had more name recognition AND HE LOST. What happen Texas did you think he wou d pull a rabbit out his butt at the last minute and win.

    It is time to get serious before we lose our damn country!

    • M says:

      Fr Tom Martin, Every word you said is true except, didn’t Ted Cruz hold his seat? I have to double check that. I digress. ….
      I have been guilty of letting liberals aggravate me into getting sidetracked into junk that has nothing to do with the subject and am going to stay better focused. I have tried to address vulgarity because it is disrespectful. including to the person writing it. We could all, (or most everyone) stay on point as well as be calm. I know the liberals will not stop coming after us, we should ignore and not play into their hands. I know hard to do!

      • Debi Johnson says:


    • Randall Clark says:

      CNN are nothing more than a bunch of BLOWHARDS that don’t know their butt from a hole in the ground!!! And the diddle brains STILL wonder why the president doesn’t want to give them the time of day!!! SERIOUSLY?? Are they that DENSE???

    • Bill says:

      To Tom Martin: Cruz did win over Bimbo O’Rourke and as for the Dems taking over the House because of posts on this site is ludicrous. The Dems won because of the spineless weasels in the Senate. They had Republican Senate, House, and President. They sat on their butts for two years, did not repeal Obamacare, did not get the wall built, did not get rid of Dodd-Frank, did not reform immigration laws or anything else. All they accomplished was tax cuts and that was it. It will be decades before we have control of all three President, Senate, and House of Represenatives again. They all just blew an opportunity of a lifetime. They might as well all be Democrats for to do nothing is total failure.

      • Sharon says:

        All you stated is “sad but true”. We cannot become complacent over the next 2 years if we wish to keep President Trump in office, hold the Senate, and regain the House. Let’s fill this site with honest discussion and positive solutions to our great country’s problems, and do it without constant vulgarity and useless name-calling. Be vocal about your support. ” POWER TO THE PEOPLE!”, who stand strong for this great country, its Constitution, our freedoms and our laws. God be with us and bless the USA.

  37. Chris S says:

    I don’t know what the people on this web site smoke, the Democrats flipped the House by a substantial amount. How about telling the truth for a change instead of misleading your faithful followers.

    • M says:

      Chris, True the Dems won the house but they needed only 23 to gain majority and as of tonight they had gained 27 seats or 4 more than they needed. It is not uncommon for one side or the other to gain 50 or more seats at a time. So they have a SLIM majority, better for us conservatives to deal with in passing bills. Also , we made good gains in the Senate since there are only 100 senators. Dems also did not win nearly the Governor’s seats as they thought they would. Dang, why am I sharing all this good info with a liberal?

  38. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Did the Democrats underperforming signal an easy win for Trump in 2020??


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