CNN host launched this smear campaign to get Sean Hannity fired

Anti-Trump forces in the media have Sean Hannity in their sights.

One anti-Trump and anti-Fox activist is springing into action.

And he hatched this scheme to get Hannity fired.

CNN’s Brian Stelter is a far-left activist who routinely peddles conspiracy theories on air.

He constantly pushes misinformation and conspiracies about Trump colluding with Russia despite providing no evidence to back up his claims.

Now he is trying to get Sean Hannity fired because he hates Fox News and does not believe Trump supporters should be allowed to hold platforms to defend the President.

Stelter went to town on the non-story that Hannity consulted with Trump attorney Michael Cohen on a few occasions on legal matters despite not retaining him as his attorney.

The CNN host speculated that Hannity’s headaches should cause Rupert Murdoch’s liberal leaning children to step in and take Hannity off the air.

He wrote in his Reliable Sources newsletter:

“With Hannity’s high ratings come huge headaches for Fox News. Especially right now. Here are some of the Q’s that Fox is not yet answering:

— Did Hannity disclose his Cohen connection to his bosses? When?

— On the air Monday night, Hannity said “my discussions” with Cohen “never rose to any level that I needed to tell anyone that I was asking him questions.” Does Fox management agree?

— In any case, why didn’t he disclose it to his viewers, just to be on the safe side? Alan Dershowitz chastised Hannity for this ON Hannity’s show Monday night…

— For that matter, why isn’t Hannity more upfront about all the times he speaks and meets with the president?

Who oversees Hannity’s on-air content and off-air connections? Is there a head of standards involved? Hannity seems to have an unusual, even shocking amount of autonomy.

Will Fox take disciplinary action against Hannity?”

— Admittedly I haven’t asked Fox PR this one, but it’s rattling around in my mind: Are the Murdochs really comfortable with all of this? Paging James Murdoch…

CNN and Stelter want Hannity off the air for good.

Mentioning James Murdoch was done intentionally.

He is known to be a liberal-minded globalist.

Stelter is trying to paint Hannity as a figure who would embarrass Murdoch in his worldly circle and nudge him into firing the popular Fox host.

By silencing Trump supporters, anti-Trump activists like Stelter believe they can control the narrative surrounding the President with no push back.

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71 Responses

  1. Walter says:

    Even if Hannity left Fox.. All he’d have to do is get a picnic table in someone’s backyard and probly good better ratings than f**ken CNN would have anyway..cause they SUCK.

  2. Eyesonyou says:

    CNN host launched this smear campaign to get Sean Hannity fired.
    CNN’s Brian Stelter is what you have to watch where you step when your out in a cow pasture .
    And the smell will worn you also .

  3. michael says:

    there is nothing wrong with someone exposing hannity for being the slimeball he is!!

  4. Mary says:

    Looks like Obamas radical Islamists communists terrorists. Satanic cults
    Grin of defeat.

  5. T Munson 15 says:

    Coprophagy news Network… And stelter should have a seven course meal

  6. J.D. Carpanzano says:

    Watching CNN flounder for ratings is such a pleasure!

    • Aline says:

      It’s such a pleasure to see that fat face! I’d love to slap it silly!
      You jerks WILL NEVER GET Hannity FIRED, NEVER! You are too mean and retarded! JERKS! Can’ty wait for your stupid cnn to fold, and you won’t find a job ANYWHERE all you liars!

      • Joeyounger says:

        I’d never go so far as to say “it’s a pleasure” to see his face, ever! Murdoch knows what CNN is trying to do, and the Hannity, Hannity, Hannity, Hannity cry will silence itself. We all know that the Left is floundering for relevance, and is searching for an identity it lost when they had Kennedy killed. Hannity cleared up a stupid scheme by the MSM to include him in the”witch hunt” Mutts got going on. Nobody’s buying this “conspiracy” crap anyway, and the MSM would do good to call off the scheme. It is a waste of time and resources and sooner or later they will pay for it!

  7. jim says:

    Storm is very close on the horizon.
    The “left” must be TOTALLY eradicated..
    In ALL walks of life in OUR country..

  8. Cliff says:

    Things could not be better for FOX NEWS. They have a chance to help save this country and are the only national media group who are in that position and the left knows it. That is why these attacks on people like Hanniity will continue. Go get them guys.

  9. Jose Perello says:

    I said yes, based in the terrible start. Hannity misled Fox News and now is in conflict with his own (and Trump’s) lawyers. The Murdoch brothers and advertisers will have the last word.

    • Ben says:

      Stelie is a DEMORAT ,what would you expect from the FAT MORON??!

    • alrf says:

      Jose…..please explain what conflict are you mentioning conflict between Hannity his and Mr. Trump lawyers……….Jose you are in too much CNN.CBS and NYT……………I think both you and Brian Stelter are in great need of a brain enema.
      ***************************QUAERE VVERUM*************************

    • jim says:

      I don’t know. Proof?
      Don’t be a “lefty” = intentional rumor and gossiping to besmirch etc anything “opposing” their “thinking..

  10. Matt says:

    CNN should be taken off the air.

    • Bill Wilson says:

      I seriously doubt whether most people would even notice. Years ago CNN was a great source of news but then the network became nothing but shills for Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Warren, Sanders. etc. Instead of maintaining high and fair standards for reporting the powers that be at CNN allowed the network to sink into the cesspool of ultra-liberal politics. From all reports the network is bleeding viewers faster than rainfall in a hurricane. It has been several years since I tuned into CNN and will be longer still before I do so again.

    • jim says:

      Communist news network and the like should ALL be eradicated.

  11. Pete Williamsonb says:

    Stelter epitomizes Trump Derangement Syndrome. In his case, I pray the syndrome is terminal, because you can’t fix stupid.

  12. Ernesto says:

    Hahahahaha another sewer crap, Racist, Radical, Jealousies from the way, way, LEFT, DEAD, FALSE, INCRIMINATED, SEWER CRAP, CNN IDIOTS!! Nothing to worry about …. as the saying goes, the TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!! And as we all know, sewer crap keeps on flowing down the drain …. and sewer pipes!!

  13. Mike H says:

    This guy is a total idiot. CNN is now unwatchable. Years ago this used to be a good network. What happened. Now they’re in bed with the Clintons and the Obamas and all the other idiot communist.

  14. Susan says:

    CNN has zero credibility they are the original
    VERY FAKE NEWS! This twerp is such a little sissy

  15. Jon says:

    CNN is fake news and no one watches them anyway so who cares what they say . DOWN WITH CNN AND THE FAKE NEWS .

  16. Sandra says:

    Did Sean have anything involvement in paying off Stormy or in then candidate Trump’s smutty remarks? Since the answer is NO, who CARES about Hannity’s relationship with Michael Cohen!

    PS – (I may be a Trump supporter, but I did not appreciate his locker-room remarks.)

    • CinciJim says:

      The smutty remarks that I assume you alluded to were uttered l-o-n-g before Donald Trump even considered being a candidate for POTUS; 2005 to be exact. I’m not condoning it, just clarifying.

      • tgw says:

        I agree. But what he is getting done is commendable . We pretty well new about his remarks before hand. But draining the swamp
        outweighed by far remarks,

    • Joeyounger says:

      Your offense is well noted by many other women who also voted for President Trump… The fact that Hannity never was a “client” in the first place makes this “news” yesterdays, thrown out, buried. Let me say that I’m sympathetic to your issues with President Trump, his vulgarity, and familiarity with women was certainly an issue that cost him votes in the election. I’m glad that yours was not one of them.

  17. Jerry says:

    CNN should fire Stelter. He is one of thr reasons why so many viewers abandoned CNN

  18. OMEGA 2 says:


  19. Pastor Gene Adcox says:

    What is that little minded man doing on CNN? My opinion and not my church!

    • Joeyounger says:

      Who else can they get for a time slot that is becoming harder and harder to fill? I’m sure God won’t take offense at your having an opinion outside of your congregation.

  20. Ann says:

    This jerk from CNN is no better than all of the others on CNN. That network is such a
    joke! Sean Hannity has a large fan base and no way will Fox get rid of him.. That jerk Brian Stelter has no fans. And like all of the other jerks on CNN Good riddance to you all.

  21. Dennis says:

    He looks like a snake oil salesman with that grin of his

  22. Lenny G. says:

    Stelter, what a dirtbag. No other explanation needed>

  23. I mean seriously, look at the guy, can you take a face like that seriously? No, neither can I. These people have such self-inflated egos they can’t stand being wrong. And how wrong is this idiot?

  24. Jack says:

    I say we could take every NON FOX NEWS show off the air and no real person would miss them. I personally NEVER watched the news before I started watching FOX programs. All the others just try to peddle BS !!! Complete waste of time and money.

  25. Rodger Shull says:

    Well then it is time for Hannity to SMEAR BACK. Wipe some deep stinky dirt on Stelter , and rub it in DEEP.

  26. gene says:

    does cnn have any real honest reporters seem the answer is no they do not. should we believe anything from cnn no

    • Bob L says:

      Negative 👎🏻 nothing more than liars. All of them …… liars

    • Aline says:

      Not only they are EXTREMELY BIAS, they lie about everything pertaining to President Trump, they think their crap doesn’t stink!
      Hannity, go for it my friend, WIPE THE FLOOR WITH THESE JERKS! You have grace, class and lots of brains, which I’m sure, are qualities that don’t exist in the demoCRAPers/ libTURDS! WIPE THE FLOOR WITH ALL THESE JERKS!

  27. Tim Shepperson says:

    This little pipsqueak (Stelter) is a useless POS.

  28. Herbert DRew says:

    Brian Stetler is a disgrace to the journalistic profession. He is a no talent hack that even cnn should be ashamed of allowing on the air.

  29. Joe says:

    Fail is what you clowns do best.

  30. Nick says:

    The only way that CNN could ever be #1 in news is every other network went belly up. I
    don’t think that is going to ever happen. The only one I have seen is the that our great President called dumder than a box of rocks.
    That I think was Don Lemon “Head”

  31. Daniel says:

    If Hannity is disciplined or taken off the air, I am done watching FOX. I am so sick of the anti-Trump BS that comes from Washington and the media, I could spit nails. I support Sean Hannity and I support my President. The rest of these people need to just go away. What business is it of ANYONE’S who Sean Hannity chooses to speak to, about anything? It is NO ONE’S business.

    • Esther says:

      Absolutely agree!

    • Glen Haas says:

      Absolutely correct. We should boycott Brian Stelter and get him fired. These are stupid people who even attempt their smear compaigns. People need to work on positive aspects for the American people and you cannot ever succeed when smearing others.
      Why do these people have any audience since it is so easy to see through them and they have nothing to offer to true Americans except chaos.

    • Walter says:

      Even if Hannity left Foc.. All he’d have to do is get a picnic table in someone’s backyard and probly good better ratings than f**ken CNN would anyway..cause they SUCK.

  32. Arnie says:

    Laughing so hard it’s not funny! Brian Stelter is lucky if he has 10% of Hannity׳s viewers. Even those that watch CNN think Stelter is a moron. Brian Stelter is a desperate man fighting for survival on a network, that’s if the deal with AT&T fails, whose ratings are below the history channel.

    If the deal with AT&T goes through, most if not all of CNN’s personalities will be looking for a job. Bottom line, Brian Stelter is the bottom of CNN’s barrel. A certifiable psychopath!

  33. Watch the Rise and Fall of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

  34. Bruce Sanford says:

    Sorry, I don’t know this guy because I NEVER watch CNN, and from the polls I’ve seen, not many others do either. It’s amazing that it is even still on the air considering the number of times they’ve been proven WRONG in their FAKE reporting , or should I say making up, the news. I have to laugh whenever I see another attempt at faking the news in the favor of the illiterate liberals. WHY is the FCC allowing these idiots to continue to put out downright LIES?

  35. Ellen Dale says:

    Stelter is a FOOL as is all of CNN, MSNBC, MSM and THE VIEW, except Maghen McCain….She is the only sain one on that ghastly show…..She has to much class to be there….Sean Hannity will go no where….He is to profitable for Fox…..He speaks the truth….Fox better be very careful where Sean is concerned….If he goes they will lose a lot of viewers…..Now getting back to Satan himself, Stelter…..He should go as CNN is in enough trouble with ratings…..I believe in karma…..All of these naysayers better be careful…..

  36. douglas says:

    Constantly NOT NEWS (CNN,MSM) is now completely Irrelevant in any/all regards. Instead of pandering to what’s left of their ‘Base’, they ought to be worrying about their DIM future. Don’t even ‘go-there’ for a laugh any longer because now it’s all just sickening, backstabbing jackals babbling for posterity. They remind me of a Nat-Geo scene of a bunch of Hyenas trying to tear a piece of meat off a lion….and LOSING! They think Americans are as stupid as THEY are!

  37. ernaldo says:

    Leftists can’t win in the arena of ideas, all they have is the politics of personal destruction. Nitwits like stelter stick to the Alinsky script as ordered by his masters, and are not averse to beating a dead horse. Pitiful demotards.

  38. Terry Bement says:

    Stetler is just jealous that Hannity makes MUCH more money than he does. You can see it in the questions he asks. Hannity does NOT need to tell viewers all his business, and who he talks to. Cohen looks to be a friend, not just a lawyer, otherwise he would have been charging Hannity for his time. Stetler needs to go find a save space to cry in, he is a POS.

  39. A. von Kleif says:

    The Communist News Network hires only fools. This is one of the top fools.

  40. Gail says:

    The Communist National Network is useless and is full of morons like this .I say put locks on the doors and call the place where these idiots operate out of an asylum .

  41. Richard Hall says:

    Take CNN off the air,they are fake news

  42. Richard Hall says:

    Take CNN of the air, they are fake news.

    • Ken says:

      Worse than fake news. It IS communist propaganda and lies trying to further the liberal communists agenda of destroying America.

  43. Roy says:

    Just another loser at CNN-Crummy News Network just trying to bring AMERICA down to their level and that’s never going to happen. Face your just SCUM and a FAKE WANNA BE REPORTER.

    • charlie says:

      I want Stelter removed for all the Blatant LIES and innuendoes and SLANDER he does on a daily basis. FIRE his ARSE NOW! Hannity asked his friend real estate Advice! ADVICE on REAL ESTATE. No payment, no invoice, just as his friend! This is another head hunt just like Mueller and the MSMS for Trump! Our Democracy is totally under attack! The Soros/Clinton/ Obams CARTEL hard at work!

  44. SFENGR says:

    CNN tired this on their new Showcase show back in 98, entitled Operation Tailwind, which exposed a Special Forces/ Special Operations Group (SOG) mission in Laos. CNN accused SOG of trying to kill American Deserters with Sarin gas during the operation. Peter Arnett and two producers were behind this BS story, and Special Forces revealed the real operation and the fact that the Air Force did not have Sarin gas in the theater of operations – the majority of which had been destroyed post- WW II. The resulting fire storm caused CNN to cancel the show and fire Arnett and two producers. The members of the Special Forces teams that had participated in the real Operation tailwind could not reveal the entire mission, since it was classified; however, enough was revealed so that CNN was totally embarrassed.
    It appears that Mrs. Setler’s little boy Brian is about to get the same treatment, and the fans of Sean Hannity will come to his rescue, if necessary, but in all honesty, with CNN on the ropes as it is, it may not be necessary! DOL,

  45. Joanna says:

    Another cnn employee who coukdnt tell the truth about anything if his life depended on it..They are the ones who never get facts on anything; just make up sh for ratings and mad @ fox …Always untruthful and they know it … Sick individuals..

    • Joeyounger says:

      The MSM is so terrified right now of our President that anything that remotely has something that denigrates him, the spend countless million s of dollars trying to stir up garbage: 1. The Russian/Trump collusion scandal is going nowhere, 2. Stormy Daniels story has just about run out of steam, 3. Trump impeachment can never even get off the ground,…and night after night all we hear is this same crap.
      1. We just launched 105 cruise missiles at Syria severely limiting their ability to use chemical weapons on their people. It was a crippling blow to the Trump/Putin love story the democrats are pushing, but not one MSM outlet spent an inordiant amount of time on that!!

      2. The Stock Market was up over 300 points, and not a very significant amount of time was given to that news story either. On election night every MSM network dwelt on the Stock Market and the fact it was falling so sharply, for much of the broadcast when it was apparent that Trump was going to win.

      3. How much time does the MSM spend reporting on job growth?

      4. How much time does MSM spend reporting on the 2nd quarter of 3% growth in our economy? For the 4th time!!!

      5. How much time does the MSM spend reporting on the fact that our nations credibility is finally being scrutinized and respected by our allies?

      6. How much time does the MSM spend reporting(…………………..fill in the blank)

      Give us a break CNN, your credibility has never waxed lower than it is…your sense of fair and honest reporting no longer exist, and you anger and frustrations against President Trump is duly noted, so try to be a little less obvious that you want to see him hurt. The people of this country don’t need you, you need us, remember that when you put your broadcasts together…get back to doing your jobs, instead of someone else’s.!

  46. Andy says:

    This Guy looks as phony as a tree dollar bill,With that sh–t eating grin.

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