CNN delivered bad news to Joe Biden that he didn’t want to hear

The rumor mill is swirling that Joe Biden is preparing to announce his presidential campaign.

The field of Democrats running for president is a giant mess and many pundits predict Biden would be an instant frontrunner.

But he just got some news that may have him thinking twice.

Biden has been teasing a 2020 campaign for months.

But a small army of candidates have already announced and are picking up their bases of support.

Room for additional candidates is running dangerously low.

To make matters worse, CNN asked a focus group of Democrat voters whether Biden should declare candidacy.

And none of them thought Biden should run.

The Hill reports:

The focus group’s dismissal of Biden is notable since the former vice president, who is expected to join the Democratic primary soon, has been leading a number of public opinion polls and is seen as the potential front-runner.

The Democrats gathered by CNN, however, said they weren’t interested in Biden. Some said they wanted a candidate who was further to the left.

“I think we need a bold, strong leadership, and you’ll find that in the progressives,” Democratic voter Carol Evans said.

“We had the standard-bearer for the kind of pragmatic centrist candidate in Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Donald Trump is now president. He is not your average political candidate, so we really need to try to think outside the box because, you know, it seems like the dude is made of rubber. Anything you throw at him just bounces off, there’s nothing that sticks,” said focus group member Michael Milisits.

CNN’s focus group rejected Joe Biden entirely.

Not only are there too many candidates, the Democrats rejected Biden for being too moderate.

The focus group stated that they wanted to nominate an even more radical candidate.

It’s no secret Democrats are moving further to the left.

However, Joe Biden is no moderate.

Biden’s long history in the Senate and White House prove that he is a radical leftist.

That is how much the party has shifted to appease its more radical wing of socialists and “social justice” advocates.

Biden being perceived as a moderate in the Democrat primary could doom his campaign before it starts.

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58 Responses

  1. A Seeker says:

    “Substance” is the WORD! Among all the people who are now holding our PUBLIC OFICES, who has SUBSTANCE? The equality of being a Person of SUBSTANCE IS MISSING within our current Society! Whose FAILT?

  2. adraper says:

    I agree 100%. If Congress’ job is to oversee the President, who is supposed to oversee the Congress and its members. They ARE NOT working for the American People. They are sending money to other countries, encouraging abortions, spending tax money for their own use, etc. etc. Come up with some facts that prove they are for America.

  3. The Biden-Clinton Crime Bill in 1994 has placed more blacks in prison than at any time in American history. Bill Clinton claimed “When he signed that piece of legislation it made the problem worse”…Now presidential candidate Biden is faced with the backlash of blacks whose votes he will need to get into the Oval Office—but immoral reality of this charade means Biden has to ask blacks to kiss is Old White Ass!

    Remember folks, Biden was the ranking minority member of the committee since 1981 that helped pass two bills establishing mandatory minimums for drug offenses. As Chairman faced with violent crime rates, a crack cocaine epidemic he is now faced with black men and women condemned to long prison sentences that he promoted…a pretty good reason he wants to revise the “3 strikes” enforcement … Biden is now calling this “Racial injustice.” To win the White House, Democrats will have to ADMIT THEIR PREVIOUS tough-on-crime-policies were a major mistake…

    During her second bid for the presidency in 2016, Hillary was surrounded by riots in Baltimore, she made an emotional appeal to overhaul an “out-of-balance” criminal justice system and end “the era of mass incarceration.” Hold your nose folks, here comes Biden with his Democratic machete to undue nearly 3 decades that has seen crime rates decrease in exchange for black votes… But it was Trump who released from prison, Alice Marie Johnson, a First-Time, Non-Violent Drug Offender… Blacks need to Remember that when they cast their ballots.

  4. Van40 says:

    Biden ran twice before and got only 1% and then Obama saved him to be Obama puppet.
    He is now too old (will be 78 in 2020) . He is a moron politician and can not achieve any thing.

  5. Aurelio Jose Rodriguez says:

    The question is not what a tiny group of liberals think, the question is : will a majority of American vote with the likes of those two muslims women, the bartender portorican from the bronx, the dope smoking, rap fan, former mistress Harris, and the fraud of Pocahontas? I never seen a larger group of losers. Dems are going to bury themselves in 2020, Trump will be re-elected and republicans are going to have an even larger majority in both houses.

  6. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Biden has been a moron for decades. He’s too STUPID to be anything but a tool of the left. DEFINATELY an idiot, I don’t know about useful.

  7. rand paul says:

    who ever runs for demacrat president will die..isis said they are comeing to kill them

  8. PatrioTEA says:

    Oh, that’s great! Why does he get away with it?

  9. PatrioTEA says:

    Got that right!

  10. PatrioTEA says:

    What? It’s the LEFT side that does that, not us on the right.

  11. PatrioTEA says:

    Here, here!

  12. George Dovey says:

    Looking in that Barry mirror again.

  13. Dee Mueller says:

    Your ignorance is beyond comprehension. Mentioning just one of your points: the border mess (families being broken up, children in cages, supposed dangers at the border, etc ) go back through several past administrations both Republican and Democrat. Amazingly those past administration also spoke for the need for a border wall and were allocated the money to build it but never followed through with the building of the wall . Go back and research words spoken by your wonderful Democrat “leaders” over the past years. Those alienated “allies” are just now realizing that the good old USA is no longer their “Nanny” who pays their share of the costs of trade, safety and security, etc. and are now stepping up to the plate to assume their own responsibilities. It appears that it is you, my friend, who is delusional about his leadership abilities and role. If you want to really look for present day greed, selfishness , treason, stupidity (the list is long) just look to the Democrats .

  14. mad scientist says:

    You are a moron like most of the democRATS!!!!!!!! because I am a former democRAT

  15. Mark says:

    I still remember the act Crazy Uncle Joe put on after Obama started his first term. Everyone thought he was nuts. All those silly things he said back then just to make sure he wouldn’t look the better of the two. Funny Uncle Joe. Just another crazy, dumb old white guy. Now he’s serious and wise. ????

  16. dlmstl says:

    The dinosaur cabal headed by SanFran Feces Nan had better quell this sprint to the Left or the Dems will get POTUS Trump in 2020 for four more years and possibly 3 more SCOTUS nominations. Their coalition of aggrieved groups is coming back to bite them, big time. It’s shaping up to be a three ringed circus with multiple clown cars.

  17. NJConservative49 says:

    I love to hear “triggered” snowflakes heads explode !!!!… LMAO !!! MAGA !! Trump 2020 !! Conservative Supreme Court for next few decades !!!

  18. Hawks/Eagles Fly. says:

    MARCH 7, 2019 AT 7:02 PM
    The ‘rumor’ re PEDO BIDEN for ‘top DAWG’
    Dem Nom. Couldn’t be better.
    > GO For ‘it’ PEDO JOE.
    >The videos Are Ev’ry Where & ‘Captured’.

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