CNN confessed one truth about impeachment. Here’s why Democrats were red with rage.

Democrats needed to look no further than fake news CNN to see how much trouble they are in on impeachment.

Five days into the Senate impeachment trial and Democrats find themselves on the ropes.

And that’s because CNN confessed one truth about impeachment. Here’s why Democrats were red with rage.

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi gutted Adam Schiff and the Democrats’ claims Donald Trump abused his power by asking the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden for corruption.

Bondi detailed how Burisma paid Hunter Biden $83,000 a month to sit on their board of directors at a time when the Ukrainian government had an open investigation into the company for corruption and Hunter’s father was in charge of the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy.

To every fair minded American, this looked like a corrupt bargain between Burisma and the Bidens to buy their way out of trouble.

And that is exactly what happened as Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin later dropped the investigation.

Even fake news CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was forced to admit that Bondi turned in a strong performance demonstrating how “sleazy” the arrangement between Burisma and Hunter Biden really was.

“I thought Attorney General Bondi did an effective job of showing how sleazy the hiring of Hunter Biden was. I mean, there is no way to dress that up,” Toobin said. “He was given a great deal of money for a job he was unqualified for, and the only reason he got is because he was the Vice President’s son.”

One of the foundations of Donald Trump’s defense was that the President was well within in his rights to ask Ukraine to investigate possible corruption on the part of Joe and Hunter Biden.

The Fake News Media tries to swat away this defense by claiming it is a “conspiracy theory” to claim the Bidens did anything wrong in Ukraine.

But as Attorney General Bondi proved in painstaking detail, there was something fishy going on with regards to the arrangement between Hunter Biden and Burisma.

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28 Responses

  1. Edmond X. Ramriez says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember that Joe bragged on video how he held-up money from the Ukrainian government until they fired the investigator of his son’s Burisma job?

  2. Sandra says:

    Bidens did a lot wrong and if anyone denys it they certainly have issues with confronting the truth.

  3. zee says:

    Kudos to AG Pam Bondi… Thank you.

  4. Pastor-Phil Biggs says:

    No one is mentioning the fact that the greater portion of the funds paid to Hunter Biden and his partner Devon Archer went to Joe. Hunter and Devon were added to distract from the fact that Joe sold his services to a foreign corrupt business. When Joe had the prosecutor fired or you won’t get the billion dollars the oligarch who had fled the country was able to come back as if the 5 billion dollars stolen from the Ukrainian people was acceptable. Joe was paid 900 thousand dollars for the few words it took to see the prosecutor’s life ruined to protect a criminal. The exact same thing is happening is Democrat cities across America as criminals are allowed to get away with murder and allowed to walk free. We the people must begin by standing up to this level of stupidity. End the Democrat hold on America.

  5. steve says:

    I know that dishonesty isn’t just on the demacrap side , but it seems much more prevalent on that side of the isle, more so than on the Republican side. I guess sleeze is a prerequisite to being a demacrap.

  6. laughin atyou says:

    Well if we listen to the lefties it does not matter what Clinton or bush did. It only matters if you get caught and they are working hard on having the Biden’s not get caught. There is a reason for working this hard to protect the Biden’s. They are not protecting the Biden’s

    There was another person on the phone call that got the Ukrainian investigator fired. That other briberous criminal was B. Hessian Obama. the Democrats have to save Obama because they are pinning their hopes on Michelle Obama being the presidential Candidate that either beats Trump or Beats the person after Trump. they need Michelle squeaky clean. Having her husband labeled as a criminal will end that dream for the liberals / Democrats.

    This fight for impeachment is all about saving Michelle Obama for the future of the party. Without the hope of Michele Obama the Liberals / Democrats are left with the freaks and weirdos your hearing about today. The Democrats know that lying lizzardeeth Warren, Drooling Bernie, Bribing, pedophile Joe, and the rest of the silly democrat crowd can not win. none of them are presidential material even with an all out effort to advertise them as the cool thing to vote for three weeks before the election.

    So they have to protect Biden to protect Michelle Obama.

  7. renato says:

    PAM BONDI gave a solid hard evidence regarding JOE/HUNTER BIDEN what else this lunatic
    democrats want to hear or see as evidence. some people never thought the most corrupt are the
    lunatic democrats from JFK he used the IRS as a weapon to the REP. then same thing with BILL/
    HILARY used the IRS as a weapon but nobody beats OBAMA he used the DOJ/FBI/NSA/CIA
    he weaponize all of them to SPY on TRUMP and TRUMP still mange to WIN that election in 2016
    and now the lunatic democrats still using the same tactic that the OBAMA used like the whistle

  8. Old wolf says:

    The corruption always starts at the top . It’s not hard to see how Joe set up his kid .but tell the truth what president didn’t . The Clintons did . Their daughter had a 900,000 a year job from one of Clintons donater . Little bush got help from big bush to get into office . They all do it . But when they get caught is another story , like old Joe did . as befor they want to burn the one proving it rather then the one breaking the law . Funny how that works . Is that guy still in Russia because of telling on hillary ? There’s a great example of how that works . But then hillary saids … laws are for poor people …

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