CNN commentator just said the worst thing ever

CNN is a cesspool of anti-Americanism and Trump hatred.

The left-wing “news” organization found a way to reach a new low.

One CNN commentator went on the air and said the most disgusting thing ever.

CNN political commentator Angela Rye is in hot water over statements she made during a segment with Gina Loudon, who is on President Trump’s re-election advisory council.

Rye was ranting and raving about to so-called “lack of diversity” in the West Wing when Loudon pointed out she adopted a minority child with down syndrome.

Rye rolled her eyes is a sickening lack of respect and compassion for Loudon and her child.

But that wasn’t even the worst thing Rye did.

Rye then proceeded to claim that “America was never great.”

America has never been great. It is not great because people like you come on and lie for the president of the United States and tout, bring out your son as an example? You should be completely ashamed of yourself.

Hating America is ingrained in liberals’ political DNA.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo played to the left’s anti-American base when he declared in a speech that “America has never been great.”

A gaffe has been defined as telling the truth when you weren’t supposed to.

In this case, Rye and Cuomo revealed the truth about what liberals really think about America.

The left believes America is an immoral, unjust and racist nation.

Now liberals feel emboldened to express their hatred for the nation.

That should cheer up Republicans.

Americans will not vote for a party that regularly decries the country.

Hating America may play well in Manhattan or on CNN, but it is a sure fire political loser.

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124 Responses

  1. john says:

    All of these naysayers should be trying to get into whatever country they think is so much greater than our country the great united states of america and make so room in our great country that think so much of our country they are breaking our laws striving to gain entry into our country

  2. BigJoe says:

    I hope the fools that still stand behind the democrat party are proud of themselves. They are complicit in trying to bring this great country down and their leaders are laughing at their ignorance. When they scream “Russian collusion” they have no idea that by continuing the denigrating of this country that they are the ones that are colluding. Russia wants nothing more than a failed America and these idiots are handing it to them on a silver platter. The rest of us cannot and will not allow them to do this and will take whatever means necessary to put an end to their efforts. We especially need to start with the Hollywood personalities that organize the little minds that are enamored by their celebrity. This process will not end pretty but it will put an end to the vile anti-American sentiment of the left.

  3. Richard McClure says:

    For you Folks who haven’t been following the Business News Time Warner is NOW owned By AT&T lock stocking and Barrel as of 06/15/2018 don’t expect any Changes for at least a year or two after it’s under the Cox Media control Group.

  4. STEVE FLOWERS says:

    The LEFT and their HATRED, ANTI AMERICA and attacking the PRESIDENT is a disgrace. These people who go the air with their disgust are products of what has been silently going on in our colleges. Yes, for the last 60 years our colleges have in inundated with the teachings of ‘COMMUN IST PROFESSORS! The ex leader of Russia NIKITA KRUSEV? Stated in the UNITED NATIONS IN THE 1950’s THAT HE WILL TAKE OVER AMERICA WITHOUT FIRING A SINGLE SHOT. TODAY WE ARE WITNESSING THAT COMMENT WITH THE TEACHING WITHIN OUR COLLEGES. THE YOUTH OF TODAY ARE COMING OUT OF THESE ONCE PROUD EDUCATING SCHOOLS WHERE THEY HAVE BEEN VICTIMIZED OF THE LEFT IDEALISM!

  5. CNN is totally untrustworthy!

  6. Remember Volkswagen paid a heavy fine for lying about thier diesel engine emisions.
    Fictional carburators, secretly hidden from the public by” Big Oil”are one of the greatest scams in history. No device can overcome the laws of thermodynamics.

  7. Richard McClure says:

    I’ve been CALLING it that since TED sold it to Time Warner back in 1995 Time Mag. was always a Commie Pravda RAG.

  8. Jim says:

    Very well spoken Brenda, save this country from the horrors that have happened in the old countries, like was fought for in the Second World War – .

  9. Bill Norton says:

    Correction LIE TO GOD

  10. john431 says:

    America has always been great. Yes we have had a few dark spots, but than every country has had a few. We were great , are still great and always will be as long as we can get and keep these progress liberals out of the government.

  11. Richard McClure says:

    If she Doesn’t Like America Maybe she and others should Move to South Africa where the Govt. just told Every Legally Registered GUN owner to Relinquish their 400,000 weapons. What Ethnic group do you Think owns the most Legally Registered weapons? This Country is rewriting it’s Constitution to strip The Property Right of this Group and purge them from South Africa by Any Means. That includes Mandela’s Favorite Tactic of Placing them inside of Gasoline Soaked Tires and Lighting them while their still Alive. JUST HER KIND OF PEOPLE!

  12. I don’t get it, If you don’t like MY Country then get your ass out. Why do I have to listen to you cry about everything? Just go, you won’t be missed. I’m really getting sick of you people talking bad about MY Country. Get the freak out, it’s that simple. Miss Rye you are 1 ignorant liberal and you need to crawl back under that rock you crawled out from under. To roll your eyes just showed people who you really are. I hope KARMA kicks you right in the mouth.

  13. Ken made in Ameria says:

    I watch abc ,cbs, nbc , and some fox, oan, and cbn you need to watch some of the biaest one so you know what to watch out for coming from the left.

  14. MD Patriot says:

    I like Communist News Network, too.

  15. Joe says:

    CNN = Crappy News Network!

  16. russell remmert says:

    I am with you

  17. russell remmert says:

    you are subject to a mental evaluation brenda

  18. russell remmert says:


  19. russell remmert says:

    a good statement watch video border town

  20. Bad dude says:

    Yes I think America is great, those that don’t should travel to a third world country and live there for a month and see what goes on there and what few rights those people have.

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