CNN commentator just said the worst thing ever

CNN is a cesspool of anti-Americanism and Trump hatred.

The left-wing “news” organization found a way to reach a new low.

One CNN commentator went on the air and said the most disgusting thing ever.

CNN political commentator Angela Rye is in hot water over statements she made during a segment with Gina Loudon, who is on President Trump’s re-election advisory council.

Rye was ranting and raving about to so-called “lack of diversity” in the West Wing when Loudon pointed out she adopted a minority child with down syndrome.

Rye rolled her eyes is a sickening lack of respect and compassion for Loudon and her child.

But that wasn’t even the worst thing Rye did.

Rye then proceeded to claim that “America was never great.”

America has never been great. It is not great because people like you come on and lie for the president of the United States and tout, bring out your son as an example? You should be completely ashamed of yourself.

Hating America is ingrained in liberals’ political DNA.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo played to the left’s anti-American base when he declared in a speech that “America has never been great.”

A gaffe has been defined as telling the truth when you weren’t supposed to.

In this case, Rye and Cuomo revealed the truth about what liberals really think about America.

The left believes America is an immoral, unjust and racist nation.

Now liberals feel emboldened to express their hatred for the nation.

That should cheer up Republicans.

Americans will not vote for a party that regularly decries the country.

Hating America may play well in Manhattan or on CNN, but it is a sure fire political loser.

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