CNN analyst crossed the line with what she said about Trump and his supporters

CNN attacks President Trump 24/7.

So you’d think they would’ve said it all by now.

But one CNN analyst went on air and said the most despicable thing yet.

GQ reporter Julia Ioffe went on Jake Tapper’s show to discuss the recent Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting.

She claimed that President Trump has “radicalized so many more people than ISIS ever did.”

Later in the program she doubled down by saying, “ISIS has like 10,000 members. I think the president has far more supporters who espouse an equally hateful ideology.”

You can watch the exchange below:

Before the show ended, Ioffe apologized for her “heated rhetoric” only to launch into a thinly-veiled attack essentially calling Trump supporters white supremacists.

This isn’t the first time that Ioffe stepped in it when “reporting” on Trump.

In 2016 she was fired from Politico for tweeting “Either Trump is f***ing his daughter or he’s shirking nepotism laws. Which is worse?”

Members of the mainstream media have nearly unanimously leveled some amount of blame on President Trump for the tragedy in Pittsburgh.

They ignore the fact that President Trump has a Jewish daughter (Ivanka) and son-in-law (Jared Kushner).

Meanwhile, ISIS – the most vile anti-Israel terrorist organization in the world – has been decimated under President Trump.

What do you think of Julia Ioffe’s comments?

Vote in our poll and sound off in the comments below!


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178 Responses


  2. Norma Garcia says:

    I don’t get it. The left is calling Trump and those who support him Nazis. It is a derogatory. However, their benefactor and beloved supporter, George Soros, actually was a Nazi. They espouse him and think he is such a good person. The left is certainly confused and so anti-American that they can’t see what their ideology would do in destroying the country.

  3. Mary Navratilova says:

    Time is up! I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just for pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra-leftist Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party U.S.A. and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. The Democratic Party and so-called Democrats want stand for anything that will harm the country in their quest to transform the United States into a totalitarian communist state. President Donald Trump is doing wonderful job of trying to do his best to clean up the mess of last administration! Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism. Go Trump! Vote Trump! Vote pro-life and pro-family Republicans!! The Democratic Party and so-called Democrats want to control your life, tell you what you need to hear, what to do and tell you how to live. Unfortunately some people are just too stupid to know the truth and their ignorant gullable minds are of the sheep nature, being more than willing to be led to a slaughter by the filthy dirty ultra-leftist wing ultra-liberal Neomarxist dogs. Please everybody, vote Republican and save this good Country! God bless America, the American People,the pro-life and pro-family Republicans! God bless President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for always doing what is best for the American people!

  4. Alan says:

    Everyone on CNN should be fired up to the CEO. None of the reporters report real news any more just repackaged anti-Trump Propaganda. The managers should not allow a bunch of liars on their staff. The same thing should be done with MSNBC too. People want to hear real news not a bunch of lies.

    • M says:

      Alan, Spot on, fire everybody at every single one of the MSM networks. I would like to be able to watch other networks because FNC, it appears, is gradually giving in to and going over to the “darkside”. Since all the new “powers that be” at FNC are liberal, within a short period of time there won’t be a dime’ s worth of difference in any of them. That makes me very sad.

  5. Ms. Ioffe, I hope you and I never cross paths, because you really need a slap up the side of the head, and I’m not to male-eccentric not to do it. Stupidity deserves to be put in it’s place.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      No, slapped up 1 side of the face and down the other, no tolerance for complete stupidity.

      • T-pac says:

        JUST ANOTHER KNOW NOTHING ” QUEEN FOR A DAY DIP SH___T ” HERE this week until the MsM moroons can find some other expert to bash MY PRESIDENT
        U BUNCH OF POS”s

  6. Eric Granberg says:

    I totally believe Trump creates more Vanilla ISIS terrorists than that anyone else creates terrorists.

    • M says:

      Eric Granberg, You are totally deranged and need to be institutionalized immediately. You are a danger to society and may become violent at any time. Your obsession with DJT is a symptom of your neuroses. You have lost touch with reality and must be treated. Get help now!

    • Don says:

      you dems incite violence , its like throwing crap at barn door ,it usally sticks ,so if your inciting a fight it will come so be prepared its comming

    • P says:

      Opinions are like a…. well like … everyone has one … some evidently have two… apparently as you do..
      The media, Hollywood, the Left, have hated Mr. Trump since he became President.
      Our POTUS could be serving up free ice cream to every child in 100 mile radius within him and SOMEBODY would find fault with he’s doing.

      He could serve himself an ice cream people would hate him for it!

      There’s no winning with the media or the leftists. Ever.

    • walked away liberal says:

      Thank you so much Eric, For Helping me to ‘WALK AWAY’ ___

  7. Bender says:

    Radicalized Christians are the biggest terrorism threat in the USA. They’ve committed more acts of domestic terrorism in the last decade than any other group. So feeding b.s. to these gun nuts just adds fuel.

    • J says:

      So name ANY act of terrorist violence a Christian organization in this country has committed. I am not very religious and am an independent voter who is unaware of any specific act you assert and would truly like to know.

      The only violence I have seen has come from democommie supported goons like antifa, black lies matter and other fringe useful idiots over the last two years because the Hildebeast lost. They show up covered in black with masks over their faces carrying bats, clubs, pepper spray and other weapons just to antagonize and repress people who are legally exercising their first amendment rights. They berate and belittle people just to create confrontations and then they run away like the cowards they are when things elevated. These scumbags are nothing more than the democommies version of Hitler’s brown shirts.

      If you continue to idolize and follow this party, you will find they are only using you for the useful idiots you are and that you are nothing more than a pawn for them to get their absolute power. When you are no longer necessary, they will get rid of you.

      Wake up and figure it out before you become one of their lowly, subservient subjects.

      • Susan says:

        Agree 100% and you are on the right track.

      • ronald fischer says: gotten have said it any better then you did,you hit the nail right on the head what we are really seeing is the new SS Democrat Nazi Party,it’s the same thing that Hitler did to his own people in Germany in the 1930s now it’s happening here with the Traitors of the new SS Democrat Nazi Party that is trying like hell to bring down our country.

      • Wondering Woman says:

        J, you are right on the hatred being mostly one sided and also right on the berating and belittling, but it goes far beyond the democratic deep state establishment traitors, as it is the same DEMONIZING TECHNIQUES used by the same new world order organization used on the JEWS to manipulate the German people into thinking the Jews deserved to be slaughtered before the holocaust in WW 2 Germany This is also alleged to be where George Soros began his criminal career by identifying his Jewish people for the German brown shirts, and after they arrested them and hauled them off to the
        concentration camps, he looted their homes of valuables. Saw recently where some alleged he gave those stolen valuables to the Nazis, but prior to that allegation (which I doubt) it was said this was how and where he began amassing great wealth!
        Don’t know if the FBI has revised their characteristics to keep an eye out for to identify possible or probably terrorists, but a few years ago, they put out a pamphlet saying veterans, Christians, people frequently mentioning the Constitution (also known as American patriots), Christians or menitioning Jesus Christ frequently, whites, people who always pay cash and people with more than 3 days of food in their homes (also known as preppers).
        Analyze this closely and it looks like they want to eradicate all veterans first as they are the ones with combat training and would likely fight against them, and lead others in learning how to fight more effectively against the new world order. The next group to be eradicated would be the preppers who are more likely to be awake, more heavily armed and possibly some training in combat from civilian militias so numerous in the 80’s.

      • Wondering Woman says:

        Don’t know why they are calling this dumass useful idiot who is spewing the lies and propaganda of the new world order to demonize those they plan to dispose of, an analyst. IMHO, there is not enough money in this world to pay a sane person to act so inhumanely as they are. If she and others like her had a brain, a soul and any concern for their fellow human beings, they would not be accepting money to tell such atrocious lies and spread their propaganda for them. Whatever makes them go against teaching of the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule, they like the elitists behind the new world order, are all criminally insane and have definitely earned their eternity in HELL!!!!
        They seem to be so terrified of meeting the one they have working for, that they are throwing everything at OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP and all republicans supporting him, desperately trying to destroy us by any means whatever.
        This invading army heading for our border is another of the shadow government plots to try to destroy us before we can
        destroy them. IMHO, Trump, who Mark Taylor and others have said God chose to lead us against these criminally insane demons and as his campaign poster that said “I AM NOT FOR
        OUT OF THEM because they know it brings accountability that much closer.
        They are hoping against hope that WE will do the usual and let these illegal immigrants in and the purpose of letting them in is a last ditch effort to crash our economy, which Trump has been successful in turning aroung. Rumor was they were mad that their puppet to finish up what Obama started didn’t get in, but had given up on crashing the economy as long as Trump was in charge and resigned to an 8 year delay in their time line for taking over the planet – but this devious plot of the huge horde invading illegal immigrants, if it works as they hope will destroy the economy and give them a chance to recuperate and really go into high gear to take Trump down.
        However this battle we are in between good and evil is not just for American – we are the last holdout and if we go down – the people all over the planet go down with it. While it may sound cruel, we cannot let them win this particular battle! We must use whatever means it takes to foil the the new world order plan. WE CANNOT SACRIFICE THE 95% of the worldwide population these criminally insane elitists plan to slaughter in the 2nd holocaust that is planned for here, but will reach all over the planet, to save the few they have lied and fed propaganda to manipuiate them into doing what they want them to do. It is not our fault they bought the lies hook, line and sinker and put their selves and their families in danger – nor is it the fault of 95% of worldwide population at risk of being annihilated by these criminally insane elitists and their hireling puppets, being well paid to do their dirty work for them.
        Anyone else wondering why they staffed and stocked the FEMA camps underObama – after the JADE HELM exercises –
        which was a rerun of REX 84 under Reagan to test FEMA’s ability to round us up and detain us in the FEMA camps fro resettlement?? or whether those staffed and stocked FEMA camps have already been used under Obama and others to eradicate many or our homeless and some of those illegal immigrants before they decided to use them against us and started releasing hundreds to thousands of criminals back on the streets to create more hatred and animosity?
        It would be interesting to know if those cheap plasltic they purchased in massive amounts have been distributed into the FEMA camps and also interesting to know if there are any massive burial sites near the FEMA camps!

    • Jerry says:

      Why don’t you and Julia Ioffe, a Russian born citizen go back to Russia. There you can live your atheistic lives and not be troubled by us Christians? I have been a Christian for 70 years and you are of your father, Satan, John 8:44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

      Lies are his native language, just like you!

    • M says:

      No Bender, Your”kind” is the greatest threat to our Country. Antifa and blm plus Dem libs in Congress pushing for violence, etc. have done far more in commiting and promoting domestic terror than Christians and DJT could ever think of or commit! You should be ashamed, all of you!

  8. Hydro says:

    Please remove your site from my e-mail – have no time to write clean honest opinions only to getting a message I’ve already said it. I read and re- read every comment – no one said anything like what – I expressed.

    • Jan says:

      Hydra: That has happened to me, also! This is one of the reasons people vote for President Trump!

    • M says:

      Hydro, Wait, don’t go, I did see where they posted your last comment twice once at 4:17 and again at 4:20. Surely that’s what they sent you a note about. Don’t leave, we all need to hear from you. You are important!

  9. Luis Castro says:

    I’m glad most of the people in the
    USA knows better to believe all that lies coming from CNN.

  10. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Gee another journalist who hates President Trump; what a shock. Maybe we can find another ridiculous reason to blame President Trump for something equally not his fault. It is just getting really old really fast, the media blaming President Trump for everything wrong in the world.

    • Notalib says:

      I saw her and did not know who she was or paid attention to who she represented. She struck me as a person bashing Trump and about ready to break down and cry or have a nervous breakdown. I should have known she would be with CNN.

    • Hydro says:

      There are just as many reasons to fire Jake Tapper – he sat there with a smile and no opinion on her view – he evidently enjoyed the garbage spewing from her hard left liberal mouth – another set of Democrat reporters that need to be vetted report their opinions in place of just reporting the facts – they are on FOX and need to move to CNN IR MSNBC – they are Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith. They both defeated the President every chance they get – they both host the views of the Liberal left.

      • M says:

        Hydro, You are so right about C Wallace and S Smith being hard left! I had to laugh the other day Chris and Shep got hot under the collar at each other on Shep’s show. Shep is not as careful as Chris is in trying to conceal he is attempting to drill a hole in our heads and pour in liberal views. Shep was all disgusted and popping off about this and that and Chris was trying to slow the situation down but instead Shep got all mad and that didn’t sit well with Chris. I was laughing and thinking well, you don’t see that happen often. Was fun for me!
        Wallace is bad but, not nearly as smarta$$ed as Smith. Shepard Smith needs to GO from Fox, period! I don’t watch either one of them, just happened to see them the other day because I was busy and just had not changed the channel.

    • Hydro says:

      There are just as many reasons to fire Jake Tapper – he sat there with a smile and no opinion on her view – he evidently enjoyed the garbage spewing from her hard left liberal mouth – another set of Democrat reporters that need to be vetted report their opinions in place of just reporting the facts – they are on FOX and need to move to CNN Or MSNBC – they are Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith. They both derate the President every chance they get – they both host the views of the Liberal left.

  11. Travis says:

    Adults as naive of world events as Julia should be required to spend a minimum of three years in the U.S. Military.

  12. When did Little Julia get a real job ? It’s been reported she has a criminal record for prostitution.

  13. Pepito Avila says:

    The democrats and the media lost any cards to offer for the reading public. Now they are at it again saying president Trump is to blame for that shooting in Pittsburgh. What?? This lady newscaster at Fake News Network is infested with worms in her brain that twisted and distorted her point of views. This ailment aka Trump Derangement Syndrome had damage her neuro system.

  14. Harold says:

    This is another member of the Joseph Goebbels propaganda team spreading her manure. Most of the media today are nothing if they are not pathological liars and enemies of the U S A!

  15. Richard says:


    I am an Independent, age 65, the son of a Republican father and Democratic mother, so I see BOTH sides. I did not vote for Trump, I did not vote for Hillary either. Our good jobs being sent overseas are the root of what is undermining our economy, and THAT is at the crux of the election issue. ALSO, we are allowing our rampant emotion responses being whipped by both parties to affect our reasoning.

    I judge politicians by ONE criteria, JOBS and THE ECONOMY. If we have more living wage jobs in a good economy then many of the other social issues everyone gets so upset about will self-correct. Jobs and the Economy are the main issues of concern here.

    In the mid-term elections we need to disregard the issues being ballyhooed by both parties, IGNORE the president and concentrate on building a Congress comprised of delegates with the interest of one’s resident state primarily in mind. In the upcoming mid-term elections throw out the Extremists on BOTH sides!

    Depolarize Congress by splitting your tickets at the state levels and elect strong Moderates willing to do the down and dirty work of negotiation and compromise!

    What follows is my idea for how we can drastically reduce party politics and make Congress functional again:

    This stupendous memorandum of understanding resulting in an $83.7B for my state is very welcome. Yes it happened as part of the Trump administration (good), but more important to me is that it came about due to the BILATERAL actions by WV Republican Senator Shelly Moore Capito and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, both strong Moderates.

    This is a prime example for the rest of Congress to follow, rather than staying in their party end zones screaming at each other. I am an Independent, and our two Senators working together to pull this off for our state makes me also feel that the other states would do well to purposely elect delegates from each party so as to encourage if not force such bilateral actions as working together and compromise to eliminate the polarization and extremism in our government. Throw out the “my way or the highway” candidates on BOTH sides, those who are not willing to undertake the serious and hard business of negotiation and compromise that our form of government was based on. Otherwise all you will get is obstructionism from the opposing party.

    This is the way to use your vote to get Congress functional again.*


    Richard N. Cox

    Independent member, WV Senator Manchin’s Project Weirton task group

    Also re ENERGY solutions see this important new low cost clean energy technology coming online:

  16. Ron says:

    The Radical Left, aka the Demorat Party, has mastered the Marxist doctrine of accusing your opponent of doing what you are doing. Works well with brain dead useful idiots.

  17. omegatalon says:

    If CNN was a horse, someone would take out a gun and put it down because this network was the true oracle of the news; but now they’re no better than a glorified gossip column and like MSNBC haven’t spent a moment to examine the accomplishments Trump has achieved and how it was doubtful that Hillary could have done as much in such a short time.

  18. Peter says:

    CNN is a despicable news outlet that reports all the lies that’s fit to report

  19. Navy PO2 says:

    Democrats = Ding Bats

  20. Raymond says:

    Plain and simple as it gets..”Liberals are foul,and vicious” When they have no other defense they will use violence.This is their nature.You can not have a civil debate with them because they get loud,and foul with their mouths, because you do not agree with them..I have never known a liberal that is civil..Definition of a liberal: Foul,violent,and vicious human being

    • Franco says:

      Can you imagine the DEMIs Counterfeiters????
      What about Liver Lips Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Slick Willie’s Wench
      and of course the DUDE who shot Scalise???

      DEMIs are telephone tough guys!
      Let Antifa come to the South!!!!

    • Kathy says:

      It’s no wonder that decent Americans think that CNN SUCKS. They wouldn’t know how to report correct news if they tried. They are so full of themselves it’s disgusting. MAKES ME JUST TO HEAR THEM TRY TO SOUND INTELLIGENT. NOTHING BUT A NETWORK FULL OF LIES AND HATE.

  21. Carol J Hawkins says:

    I am so tired of the name calling and finger pointing, just report the news. You show your ignorance when all you can do is rant about one man. I refuse to watch the news anymore. They ALL lie.

  22. Pam says:

    The Leftist Media has become so absurd that none of us should ever watch or listen to them again. They are a disgrace to news and journalism.

  23. Paula says:

    I guess she forgot that Maxine Waters told everyone that whenever and wherever they see Republicans to get in their faces and tell them what you think about them. She should have been fired for inciting violence. Another one told them to put their hands in their salad ???? and take their food ????.

  24. Richard Dice says:

    Red Wave Trump all the way

  25. Mark says:

    There is no limit to the hysteria. This incompetent, low IQ lefty is as void of rational thought as Alexandria Cortez. What a slimy worm ????.

  26. W. F. Roady says:

    CNN is a WASTE of electricity. They have ZERO CREDIBILITY! They have destroyed ALL WORTH they ever had to follow the DEMOCRATIC HATE PARTY, HILLARY and the left learning ” I hate America” group. IF YOU HATE AMERICA, VOTE DEMOCRATIC!

  27. Dr, JD says:

    This is a fake issue just meant to get conservatives upset and manipulate you to be vitriolic. I mean, what I gather from reading your posts is that you hate CNN and don’t watch it, so what do you care what one CNN journalist says anyway? I don’t watch Hannity or Dobbs, so I don’t get upset with whatever they say, because I don’t know what they are saying. I did listen once or twice but it was not for me.

    I have seen just as biased ideas expressed on this website by people – – constantly calling the Democrats stupid names, calling them evil, communists, and blaming them for every bad thing happenings in the world, even when it occurs outside America. Trump blamed Obama for founding ISIS, something that has been disproved over and over – -maybe he should be fired also.

    • Raymond says:

      What kind of doctor are you JD ? I sure am glad I do not have you for a physician.Because I would be afraid to have you operate on me with your liberal way of thinking.Anyone who thinks that Obama was a great man needs to be examined by a Psychiatrist.Maybe that is the kind of doctor you are.That would explain why you can not function properly in modern society

      • JackHandy says:

        And this is the True person in his words the dem party and libs stood behind for 8 years and still. 59 seconds. Turn Up volume. Post frequently.

        • JackHandy says:

          jd has a ph.d in ‘behavioral science’. No current license.
          (similar to dr Ford)

          • J says:

            And this is why the kids are so confused today. Bleeding heart jackwads like this spewing their demented bovine excrement.

          • M says:

            JackHandy, I will believe JD has a PhD when I see it. Until I see it he/she is pseudo Dr. and human.

          • JackHandy says:

            M. jd. mentioned status on a prev. blog. Should have
            copied. However, all blogs are ‘archived’ & ‘that post’
            is in archives. I Do NOT LIE _
            > ASK jd 0utright & wait for reponse.

          • M says:

            JackHandy, Whoa back, Jack. I did not mean to infer YOU were lying! Don’t understand why you thought that??? I think JD is just another lying Dem lib and I will believe the PhD when I see it. (Didn’t mean to get your little panties in a wad, sorry.) 🙂

          • JackHandy says:

            M. ! jd revealed ‘status’ 0n ‘another blog !!! & I SAID:
            ASK jd ‘Directlty’ – wait for ‘truthful Reply’ I Do NOT
            LIE and/0r ‘Fabricate’., EVER__ ‘Words’ 0UT of jd’s 0wn Mouth.
            M, dude. ‘it’s me’ – capish,no? Come 0n – you know ___ think.

          • JackHandy says:

            ps. you left Dan T. on RR To ‘fight’.
            > Get ‘it’ ? ‘code’ here. ___

    • Obama called ISIS a JV team and did nothing to “nip them in the bud”. They grew and killed thousands under his presidency. Obama never held a job in the private sector and had no viable qualifications for the presidency. Blamed Bush for his failures and takes credit for Trump’s successes. Our country was burning under his leadership. Worst president of the century.

    • J says:

      Figure this out – the clowns you support openly promote violence against anyone who doesn’t support their policies and agendas. Recent examples are Mad Maxipad Wasted calling for open attacks Trump cabinet members, Hilldebeast Clintstone recommending incivility against all who oppose your party and until they get in power again, Erectal Homeboy telling your peers to kick the opposition, a demoscum staff member recommending the guillotine for those that oppose your party, Nancy Paloozer stating opposition will be collateral damage if they don’t follow your agenda and your party takes over again, your party openly supporting antifa and black lies matter. These are just a few of the FACTS about YOUR party of inclusion and tolerance. And you wonder why they speak in derogatory terms regarding your “leadership” and your “illustrious” party? We are not the lemmings you so desperately want us to be.

      While Trump has called many in your party names like stupid and crooked, he has not advocated any acts of violence against anyone. Your party is the real purveyors of hate and violence and the people on this site, and across America, are sick of it.

      I do not condone violence against anyone for any reason. However, your party is clearly to blame for these recent vile acts because of your party members openly hate filled actions and the media support they get. You are only shoving more and more people away from your party because of your desperate acts and constant two year tantrums since you LOST in 2016. Hold your head up high and be proud for the end result of what your party has perpetuated. Your party is a disgusting disgrace to this nation.

      Everyone please get out and vote any and all members of this despicable party out of office.

  28. The demos don’t know where to turn because they are so desperate because they know they are loosing. Everything they tried didn’t work so now they are trying hate and everything they can come up with.

    • M says:

      Can’t believe you are still stooping to our level. Have no life, huh?
      That is the only reason any of you liberals would be on a conservative site, correct? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  29. Cynthia says:

    They will keep her on because they are making money from their advertisements. When the advertisers realize that they are obstructionists and lose their buyers, this will continue.

  30. Robert says:

    This is why I changed parties,these democrats of today are crazy. They think they are right 100% of the time. When in truth they are usually wrong. They have to much hate within them that makes them dangerous. They hate our president because he is doing great things that they could never do. They lost what they care most about their power thank God.

  31. michael says:

    trump is an absolute idiot and a huge moron, and by the way the antifa movement stands up for minorities that have been abused or worse by the authorities!! thank god november 6 is only a few days away and i will vote 100% blue and i am a gun owner and a 2nd amendment supporter!!

    • Tet Vet says:

      Michael, you are dumper than the dumpest demoncrat. Sorry,POS

    • TOM says:


    • Dude says:

      Michael, is that why antifa have to cover their faces because they stand for the minorities? You’re so confused and wrong. They are hate people…they do no good, Just cause more problems.

    • Paul nam67 says:

      Antifa is the left wing gang that only knows violence when they are told by Sorryass to go and attack someone. In the near future they will pay a dear price for what they do and it won’t be nice.

    • Dude says:

      Is that why antifa have to cover their faces because they stand for the minorities,Michael ?You’re so confused and wrong. They are hate people…they do no good, Just cause more problems.

    • Joanne Weidl says:

      Well bul!y ho to you! We all know anti faka stands for the violent and angry who are mad because Trump was elected! That Trump you tag as a moron and idiot deals with radicals and fakes the likes of you . He has made America great again !!! Bring on Nov ! Remember what happened in 2016!!!!!

      • Jimbo says:

        I can’t figure out how an idiot, etc,etc,etc can be a Billionaire, donate his salary back to charity or US Treasury to pay down National Debt as all these really lame brained retards claim. Darn, sure wish I was an idiot as such. Trump has more brains in the dirt under his little finger than all those dems put together including that ole prune face blackie who says to get in a Repub’s face. Gosh she is ugly, bet she wins the Halloween ugly contest.

    • Raymond says:

      Michael must have come into the conservative site just to try and upset the Trump supporters.News for you chief,it will not work,because this is a site for the humans,and not the animals.Go back into the liberal site where they can enjoy your stupid way of thinking.Because the decent people of America sure not not want to hear stupid comments like yours..You can never survive in this country with comments like yours..Vote 100% Red in November

    • Johnny says:

      you are also a liar. you dont own any guns and you don’t support the 2ns amendment. Antifa is a terrorist organization and violent. they hide behind some BS that they are helping minorities. They hide their faces they are the fascists.

    • vincenzo says:

      michael hacete traducir mi respuesta porque no se van a cagar y se comen su propia mierda

    • J says:

      Yeah, just like videos show of how “supportive” your members were to the widow of the NYPD officer killed on 9/11 trying to save other victims. You are nothing more than cowardly scum and are lower than klan members. Go home demoscum brown shirt, Hilldebeast is calling.

  32. Craig Murphy says:

    Really, do you expect anything different from CNN?

  33. George T Horvat says:

    No doubt in my mind that this woman’s mother had a “turd” instead of a baby when she was born. What authority does she have to judge me and to put words or thoughts in my mind. It’s time she was flushed!

    • Scott27 says:

      Yet you and many others on this site have no qualms about judging me and putting words or thoughts in my mind. And the “turd” thing… please. How old are you? And what does that add to any sort of reasoned discourse? Is that the sort of thing you teach your children?

  34. Secora says:

    I don’t think she should be fired because this is American and she has the right to free speech I do think she should be tar and feather and run out of town but that’s just me,and if you think about it the more these loney tunes keep talking the more they keep pissing republican off and the more we’ll get out and vote their butt’s out of office.

    • Stephen A Davis says:

      With position comes responsibility, yelling fire in a crowded theater is not free speech, it is illegal, and irresponsible. The liberals seem to not recognize this. They seem to be spreading fear, terror, and unrest, not good for our country at this time. We have an elected president who is trying to bring this country back to it’s heritage. It is time to get behind him, liberal or conservative, and work for improving this country’s status.

  35. Cheryl says:

    Wake up CNN. Do your job !! Youre bad enough reporting so much garbage, but this sorry excuse for a journalist needs to be fired. She is a sorry excuse claiming she’s a journalist. Fire her NOW !!

  36. Mott D Dorn says:

    She claimed that President Trump has “radicalized so many more people than ISIS ever did.” What have you been smoking? Surly you are STUPID to the bone!

  37. Lucy More says:

    Yes Julia should be fired she has no place in the media world as a journalist she has to be unbiased all the way regardless of your personal opinion. You are representing a view of whats happening not injecting your very unethical mouth piece that is not acceptable. Stay home woman you are not qualified to be a journalist get another job that you are good at !!
    You are so disrespectful of the citizens and the office of the President.

    • Carmen says:

      Journalism is dead. CNN ‘s license should be revoked as an example to all who does not follow suit to reporting honest news.

  38. Derrell Breaux says:

    This is there warning to Republicans!! VOTE RED ON NOVEMBER!!!

  39. Patricia says:

    So disgusted with the Leftists and the like. Whom are they to judge! Last I checked THIS was still a Free Nation. We still had Free speech. Which unfortunately gives them the right to say such garbage about Republicans.

    While unfounded , they still have the right. It’s astounding that so many , instead of actually trying to HEAR our POTUS , to truly LISTEN to his words and the meaning instead of judging because it’s him. They quickly blame him and the Rep Party and try to shut him down.

    If One heard what he had to say they may actually see Me Trump has only the best intentions for everyone in mind.

    Of course Liberals would have to get past their prejudices first.
    As long as there are people like this “ woman” spouting off I don’t much chance of that happening though.

    God help us all . Have mercy on us. ????

  40. Helga Miller says:

    Julia, it is you who is engaging in hate speech against the President and us, his voters and supporters. You should be charged with inciting violence against all of us and we want to see you prosecuted and out of our society. We think the MSM are the Hate mongers as they demonstrate every day now.

  41. Far-left writer Julia loffe is an palestinian troublemaker and behind the synagogue shooting She should go in jail

    • M says:

      Lindita, Your comment comes closer to the truth than any of the lying filth Julia Loffe regurgitates. Her tongue will turn rot and fall out soon. 🙂 🙂

  42. Karin says:

    There is no way that she has any knowledge of Trump Supporters. If she did take the time to actually talk WITH instead of TO some of us, she might just have a mind melt down. I started believing in D. J. Trump on his speech to say he was running for the office of the Presidency. He put the kibosh to PC and that told me that he was open to debate (true) instead of hammering one particular ideology into the minds of those with half brains. I suddenly was not afraid of being mauled by those that I DO NOT agree with. Now I am very vociferous. Whew!

  43. enchanted says:

    Vote like a pirate on election day. RRRRRRRRRRRR

  44. Mary Navratilova says:

    I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender  ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just for pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra-leftist Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party U.S.A. and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. The Democratic Party and so-called Democrats want stand for anything that will harm the country in their quest to transform the United States into a totalitarian communist state. President Donald Trump is doing wonderful job of trying to do his best to clean up the mess of last administration! Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism. Go Trump! Vote Trump! Vote pro-life and pro-family Republicans!! The Democratic Party and so-called Democrats want to control your life, tell you what you need to hear, what to do and tell you how to live. Unfortunately some people are just too stupid to know the truth and their ignorant gullable minds are of the sheep nature, being more than willing to be led to a slaughter by the filthy dirty ultra-leftist wing ultra-liberal Neomarxist dogs. Please everybody, vote Republican and save this good Country! God bless America, the American People and President Donald Trump!

  45. Dan says:

    Totally an idiot who evidently hasn’t heard the Democrats who have initiated incivility.
    Hillary,Obama, Sharpton, Waters, Holder.

  46. Barb says:

    Julia loffe, how dare you call names, when it is clear that you are desperate to keep dems destroying this country… I am a PROUD deplorable NEW republican…..Get over it, Mr Trump is OUR President…God Bless Mr Trump and THIS Country….If you don’t like, don’t let the door hit you on the way out..If you need help packing let me know…….LOL Time to crawl back under your rock!!

    • M says:

      Barb, Welcome home, we’re so glad to have you. Hope you brought all your family and friends. We need them with us also!

  47. michael says:

    trump has without a doubt radicalized his supporters to the point to that they will commit violence even murder!!

    • DRLJR says:

      You might want to look at who is actually promoting violence and engaging in violence and not whom the media CLAIMS is promoting and engaging in violence. It is the “Left” or “Progressives” engaging in violence and promoting violence. And violence is a tool that history shows is regularly used by the “Left”. And if President Trump’s supporters chose to use violence the “Left” would learn a harsh lesson. But President Trump’s supporters are not ideologues incapable of using reason and logic.

    • Dave S says:

      Hey Michael. Who is conducting all the violence you see on television. It isn’t Trump supporters. It’s the anarchists who consider far left ideology as gospel. They, and you are, just plain nuts.

    • DANIEL CEDRONE says:

      Totally an idiot who evidently hasn’t heard the Democrats wdo brees incivility.

    • NoMoreMarxistsInDC says:

      President Obama: The police acted stupidly! We support Islam (a/k/a ISiS). ISIS is the J.V. team. Whites are bitter clingers; they cling to their Bible and guns. How about nothing happening to Antifa and Black Panthers intimidating and assaulting white voters going to the voting booths. How about blacks (Antifa) in Portland trying to drag a senior citizen out of his car and smashing his car with a pipe? How about Antifa demonstrations where buildings and businesses burned in Portland and in San Francisco? Southern Poverty Law Center identifies New Black Panther Party as a terrorist hate group. Etc., etc., etc. I don’t see whites doing this. Why is that???? Because they are too busy working, supporting their families and paying taxes for all you left-wing Deadbeats to sponge off of.

    • Dan says:

      You are an iduot. It isn’t the Republicans with
      Antifa….harassing people in restaurants..It is
      your sorry excuses for humans…Pelosi..Waters..
      and more….

    • mark says:

      you need yo get your nose out of the fake news ass.

    • Magoo says:

      You are absolutely stupid. How dare you make such a idiotic statement.

    • M says:

      michael, Why is the world would you say such a crazy irresponsible thing? You know better than what you wrote! Even taking into consideration the deranged pipe bomb idiot who was protrump, you will then have to consider the lunatic that killed the Jewish worshippers and police he certainly was a liberal. Then you have Dem lib sponsored antifa, blm, and other groups. Let’s not forget Maxine Waters, HRC, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, shall I go on? No? I’ll stop if you stop the filthy untruthful rotten garbage oozing from your mouth. You should be ashamed!

      • truthistruth says:

        M, you are in error. the guy who killed the Jewish worshipers was a Trump right-winger also who thought Trump did not go far enough against the Jews. Focus on Charlottesville – – the Neo-Nazis and the KKK (some both) were white supremacists and chanted anti-jewish chants — but supported Trump. When Trump refused to condemn white supremacists, Nazis and KKK, he sent a message that he was not going to stand up against hate group members. Trump constantly attacks the press and calls them “the enemy of the people” – – which is unpatriotic (since they are protected by constitution) but in error, since Trump clearly means only the media that does not kiss his butt. If Trump cannot handle the heat of the job of presidency, he should get out of the kitchen.

        Next, 35,000 Jewish people of Pittsburg signed a petition asking Trump not to come to there right now, because of his support of white supremacists, and because of the funerals. They asked he not come until afterwards, since they have religious reasons to do funerals right away. Rather than respecting what they ASKED, Trump is going through with what HE WANTS as usual.

        • M says:

          truthistruth, As usual you wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you in the a$$.
          Antifa was born and grew up during your Lord and master’s eight years of failed terms, as did blm.
          You liberals blame DJT with every bad thing you can think of, some of which never happened, DA!
          Your comment reads like a
          fiction novel.

        • Patricia says:

          Our POTUS has every right to dress down the press . There are too many times it is Fake News. Some people will believe anything as long as it’s put out by a particular news station.

          If it had BO all hell would have broken loose until someone would have withdrawn a statement.
          Since it’s DJT nobody gives a rats patootie.

          I simply cannot understand why anyone would want to see a sitting President fail at his job.
          I didn’t particularly care for Mr Obama.
          But I supported him because I didn’t want a failing Nation.
          I have more Pride for my Country then some of .these…….. well I do .

    • JIM says:


      • Ric B says:

        Venom, anger and loathing – – the hallmark of Trumpers. Antifa arose in response to the Nazis (anti-fascists) and Trump’s fascism policies. They are wrong to use violence as is Maxine Waters, so how is Trump and his followers wrong also??? You sure did not show Micharl to be wrong, but proved his point.

        • M says:

          Ric B, Antifa and blm are children of BHO!

          • M says:

            snark, Thanks for the BHO link. Had never seen THAT before. Wish I knew where, when, and to what group he was speaking. Hard to fathom he would allow that to be videod. Why was it not all over FNC. Wow, what a weapon that should have been, NO?

          • snark says:

            Doesn’t matter. who=what-when where.
            YOU SAW/HEARD ‘ it’ . A someone ‘taped ‘it”
            >Hawks/Eagles FLY ‘Above’.
            >POST . Frequently.

          • M says:

            Snark, I have decided all these Dem libs are in a near comatose state due to a few too many bad drugs! They are delusional, paranoid and having hallucinations. If their brains were not fried they might recover from DTS! Whatcha think, buddy!

          • snark says:

            M. A ‘brief ‘ here, Is Difficult. Yes, you ‘on track’ re
            ‘CERTAIN type drugs’ ‘they’ Take. & Minor levels
            ‘infiltrate’ 0ur Entire Society. 0NLY Reason ‘left’
            protects PPH (planned parenthood) IS FOR Blood &
            Extracting CELLS for ADRENOCHROME.___
            > Pepsicola/Cadbury/SierraMist toname a few, ARE
            Heavily Involved in Such Atrocities. Save this blog, i will
            come back w/ V. Upsetting Reality link. Meantime Do Your
            ‘homework’ re the big ‘A’. ps. THIS IS ‘Real ‘stuff’. Most ppl
            can’t take ‘it.’ MUST Be Total STRONG & ‘ask’ for ‘Guidance’
            from the Big ‘G_D’. The ‘fact’ That this Info Isbeing ‘exposed’ –
            UPSETS the ‘left AGENDA’ In a MAXIMUM Way. & What ‘WE’
            Are Witnessing TODAY. Eventho’ Many MayNot ‘understand’
            WHY. (ps. this jd person + others you see here, ARE ‘totally ‘sucked’ in) on a small level. THE ‘biggees’ in Gov.’/Hollywood/
            googie/facebook ARE at the ‘point’ of NO RETURN. ( & continue
            to Influence some ‘masses’. Tomorrow or whenever, i will post
            a ‘devastating’ Truthful link. So Stay here, till i get it done.

          • snark says:

            M. Read & Weep.
            >0ne reason ‘why’ ppl ‘addicted’ to certain foods.
            >Copy/Paste if necessary.

        • Terry L says:

          Antifa is a FASCIST TERRORIST organization that PROMOTES violence and openly attacks those exercising FREE SPEECH especially when it contradicts DEMOCRATIC propaganda with actual facts.

          They did not come into existence to fight venom,anger or loathing they in fact SPREAD THESE as they attack people over POLITICS in an effort CHANGE this nation from a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC into the FASCIST state democrats have wanted for years. (The legal definition of TERRORISM is using violence in an attempt to effect political change the very platform of those falsely using the name anti fascist as they promote and use fascism to attempt this violent change in America)

          Trump spoke out against violence, he spoke out against the FALSE STORIES the media has irrefutably been proven to spout in some cases even having to FIRE their own when the real facts came out.

          Democrats have called for VIOLENCE, HARASSMENT, and DISCRIMINATION against people for nothing more than NOT BEING DEMOCRATS.

          Several of them OPENLY called for violence against MILLIONS OF US CITIZENS for nothing more than their POLITICAL BELIEFS or expecting DUE PROCESS OF LAW when someone is accused.

          ANTIFA was the VIOLENT terrorists who came to answer the DEMOCRATS call for violence against INNOCENT people for nothing more than holding the POLITICAL BELIEF that the US CONSTITUTION should be adhered to and OBEYED by the government.

        • snark says:

          M. Here ya go. Read & Weep.
          ‘VOMIT WARNING’:Boycotting Cannibalism: Foods Containing Dead Fetal Cells Senomyx: Aborted Fetal Cells to Enhance Flavor in Food Products! SQ;THIS IS FALLEN ANGEL GENETIC CANNIBALISM, DNA RESTRUCTURING…IN MY RESEARCHED OPINION!
          >0ne reason ‘why’ ppl Are ‘addicted’ to some foods.

    • Helga Miller says:

      How? By his tweets? They are reactions to the Dems and the MSM hate speech for him, his family and supporters every single day. He has been called every vile name and some we are not even familiar and we have taken notice. Where were you when these dreadful murders happened under Obama and there were hundreds of them? Did you or the MSM ever blame him? Obama pitted black against white and injected himself before all the facts were even known! Your Trump hatred makes you say the darndest things!!M

    • P says:

      What? Have you lost your marbles? Wait yes you have …. found them! You sold them @the pawn shop!

      You have that basawkards all along it been the leftist promoting violence, in anyway shape and form, murder, school shootings, running over people ( BLM in the streets) beating people, running people out restaurants, shutting down free speech on campus’ , on public venues, even calling the police on kids!

      It wasn’t republicans doing all of this.

  48. Rodney says:


  49. loffe is just ANOTHER AIR HEAD BIMBO

  50. bob says:

    I do not know about anyone else on here but my wife and I and everyone we know voted for the President because he says things that we wanted to say for more than 8 years but we do not have a platform to say it.
    Most of the time he is a lot more polite then I would be to the media and the democrats
    We are not his followers or radicalized supporters we are fellow patriots and stand with him as he stands for us.
    All of the American loving patriots I know have been saying that the MSM is like a propaganda machine of our enemy during war time. The president is correct.
    The media talked about the lies the President told at his Houston Rally last week and I was at that Rally after waiting 26 hours to get in.
    He told the truth and about 18000 other people agreed with me.

  51. Louise Boolman says:

    She is a disgrace to the human race and likes to put sickening comments about the president and his daughter as well as americans. I support the President .Calling us white supremacist shows her intelligence or lack of it.CNN you need to fire her!You are an insult to the human race and our ancestors.I hold nothing against any nationality or religion but I clearly think this woman crossed every line imaginable.

  52. DANNY NEUBIG SR. says:

    This woman should be fired by CNN and barred from spewing her lies, but since this is America she has free speech. To accuse our president of the things she does, proves she is IGNORANT. I support the President, and find it insulting that she calls me a “WHITE SUPREMACIST” is derogatory and defamatory. I am part Native American and hold nothing against any nationality or religion. If I could afford to I would file suit against her for this despicable act, and truly hope her and CNN get suited for billions.

  53. M says:

    Julia Loffe is a pseudo journalist parrot. Her empty head knows only Liberal propaganda. She should be an embarrassment to liberals. I cannot believe CNN is desperate enough to allow her to appear on air even with the likes of Jake Tapper.
    It is disgraceful for her to be allowed to spout this outrageous untrue slanderous garbage about President
    Trump and those of us support him
    and his agenda. To compare DJT to ISIS is like comparing Loffe to a white supremacist. Both comparisons are idiotic and cruel. I wonder if Loffe can say “slander and libel”? All these Dem libs need to be more selective of their words. Words matter and they should have learned by that by now with the backfires they continually have!

  54. BajaRon says:

    It got dark at my house tonight. Yours too?!

    I’m sure it is Trumps fault… And so is CNN so it must be true!

  55. Cathylovesyou says:

    Julia Loafofbread, doesn’t understand you can’t radicalize mentally ill people they are in a different world. The guy that shot Scalise wasn’t radicalized he was plain nuts. The school shootings, the guy that shot President Reagan all nuts. Julia I am getting suspicious of you anything we should know from your last check up? Clapper should have had the class not to let you go on but CNN we all know what they stand for, and it Ain’t good.

  56. Richard R. Pope says:

    Wow and they wonder why they are called fake news. Communist News Network!! Enough said??
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  57. Randall says:

    If Trump supporters are becoming angry and hateful, I would point the blame at the lying, hate baiting fake news analyst like this delusional Bitch!

    • Janyce Spikes-Myers says:


    • truthistruth says:

      Oh Randall, be sure to blame it all on someone else, just like Trump does. But go back – – before Trump even thought about running for office, he began the HATEFUL lies about Obama. Now he admits the Obama birth certificate was from Hawaii and even told Jared that he knew it was false, but just used the lie. Trump has been using false stories since he was a kid. But the other false hate story was about Obama’s grades, he bet were bad, but that was not true either – – no one gets into Harvard Law School, THE best Law school in the country, with bad grades. No one becomes editor of the law review without sterling credentials.

      Fast forward a little for Trump’s first speech when he announced – -the first thing he does is call Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals – – pure racist hate speech. Trump is constantly degrading people, even of his own party, and rather than focusing on bringing America together after the worst terrorist attack on Jews in our history, is out bad-mouthing the press and spent the whole day yesterday bad-mouthing Gillum who is running for governor of Florida. Trump MOCKS a sexual assault victim and previously MOCKED a disabled journalist. Trump is supposed to be setting the right example and tone, and he fails miserably at both.

      • M says:

        truthistruth, Don’t you have some food stamps burning a hole in your pants or purse? Why don’t you run down and buy something, heck just anythig! You should also apply for one of the more than four million jobs that have been generated by new or growing companies since DJT was sworn in.
        You need to let mature
        reasonable adults share
        information for awhile, ok? Ok!
        🙁 TROLL ALERT!!! 🙁

        • Randall says:

          truthistruth, Read Saul Alinsky much? Blame others for that which you do. Hell, your hero Hillary did her college thesis on Alinsky’s writings.
          Let’s face it. Liberals want civil war. If Liberals wanted peace then there would be peace. If Conservatives wanted war there would be no more Liberals.

          • M says:

            Randall, You are in rare form today. What a sterling comment to truthistruth! Love it, love it, love it! 🙂

  58. Joyce says:

    The people have spoken…100% say to FIRE her!!!!!!!! This is what I say: FIRE the CRAZY RADICAL LIBERAL AIR-HEAD B_TCH, IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!! CNN also needs to fire EVEN MORE of the RADICALS on their network!!! They have become a CESSPOOL of RADICAL LIARS and TROUBLEMAKERS!!! We are SO sick and tired of them….ship them ALL, along with the RADICAL LIBERAL DEM. politicians, to some corrupt Third World country… and see how they fare!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!

  59. Jack Gajda says:

    CNN and its employees/associates are so far to the left they can’t even see the middle anymore…

  60. Angela Casella says:

    For Loffe to say that, she has to have a lot of hatred for conservatives. She’s condemning all of President Trump’s supporters and that’s insulting. The truth to the matter is, everything she’s accusing Trump of, the radical left is doing. The media is suppose to be unbiased and report the truth, but the main stream media #fakenews only reports what fits their agenda. Now who’s radicalizing, and for these insults, on the American people and our #POTUS, she should be fired.

  61. Shelly says:

    Anyone who offends a liberal is automatically fired. I want Loffe fired for offending me. The media blames Trump for everything, but it is the left enacting the exact violent retoric it blames others for. Fire her now. She is dangerous for America. She is not fit to be speaking the truth to the American people.

  62. James P Hutchins says:

    Fire this journalist she is a liberal clown puppet who is irrelevant to the American people.

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