CNN admitted Joe Biden lied to America with these three words

It’s not often for CNN to criticize a Democrat.

This is especially true during an election year.

But CNN admitted Joe Biden lied to America with these three words.

Joe Biden signed into law the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.”

The bill contained hundreds of billions of dollars in job-killing tax increases, hundreds of billions of dollars for Green New Deal style programs, and $80 billion to hire 87,000 new IRS agents.

What the bill did not contain was any meaningful attempt to get a grip on inflation.

Even CNN’s left-wing New Day co-host Brianna Keilar admitted this truth when discussing the bill with CNN’s far-Left White House correspondent John Harwood.

“This is the trouble — it’s not that this isn’t a big bill, John. It’s not that it doesn’t accomplish things that have not been accomplished before, haven’t been addressed in decades. It’s that it doesn’t live up to its name,” Keilar stated.

“No, it doesn’t live up to its name, let’s be real,” Harwood added.

Harwood said Schumer and Biden called the bill the “Inflation Reduction Act” as a gimmick to get West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin on board.

“They call it the Inflation Reduction Act as a marketing device in part to lock down the vote of Joe Manchin. To reassure Joe Manchin that they were focused on his issue,” Harwood stated.

Even Harwood was forced to concede that the bill might have some tiny impact on inflation ten years down the road.

“It is going to have a negligible effect on inflation. If it does anything, it might reduce inflation a tiny, tiny bit. But that’s not what it’s about,” Harwood added.

Harwood cut right to the meat of the matter.

The bill was imposing socialism on America by pouring billions of dollars into Obamacare and Green New Deal-style programs.

“What it’s about is climate, it’s about health policy, extending Obamacare subsidies, lowering prescription drug costs by letting Medicare negotiate and taxing big corporations. That’s the core element of the plan,” Harwood declared.

So-called “climate change” is a scam invented by the Democrats to impose controls over the American economy and cement the Green New Deal as policy.

In 2010, Democrats lost the biggest Midterm election landslide in history by ramming Obamacare through Congress and trying to pass a Cap-and-Trade regime to fight so-called “climate change.”

Democrats learned their lesson and packaged socialism under the false name of the “Inflation Reduction Act.”

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